What is the Digital Worth Academy

What is the Digital Worth Academy

What is the Digital Worth Academy exactly? Will it help you achieve your dreams? Can you make money with it?

If you are here, these are the questions going through your head right now. Because you want to learn the best way to tap into all the money you hear about other people making online.

If only you could tap into this money, you could make your life dreams come true.

So, you need training. And you ended up here. Lucky You!

Over the years, the online marketing industry has developed into what it is now. An empire of opportunity seekers looking to establish a job replacing income.

To live where and work wherever you want. To have more money than you know what to do with.

(This is definitely the reason I started my affiliate marketing journey online 🙂

You also have marketing gurus who all claim to have the BEST training software or platform to get the job done.

These so-called “best” training courses and affiliate marketing platforms are EVERYWHERE. Which makes getting started as an affiliate marketer complicated. Overwhelming at times.

We would know. We’ve reviewed many of these options.

From time to time, we manage to find an affiliate marketing course that doesn’t suck. One that doesn’t promise you a lot of false hope.

The Digital Worth Academy turns out to be one of them.

This product teaches you profitable skills in slow strides. Where you could be a high-earning affiliate marketer in a few years. (That’s pretty honest!)

If honesty appeals to you, then continue to check out this Digital Worth Academy Review!

What is the Digital Worth Academy Review

What is the Digital Worth Academy, DWA for Short

The Digital Worth Academy is a collection of training, software, and coaching to teach you how to build profitable high authority websites.

DWA focuses on three core steps:

  1. How to find low competition corners inside 8 big niches
  2. The steps to build a small blog that turns into a large money-making content platform
  3. Ways to use white hat and highly effective SEO systems to build long term traffic

The end goal for all Digital Worth Academy students is building websites with reoccurring affiliate commissions and eventually selling the websites for a profit.

Brought to you by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young are the creators of the Digital Worth Academy.

Andrew and Sara are two internet marketers who have been in the business for two decades.

Andrew started in affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization focused on free, organic traffic. Sara is known for her training sessions on internet marketing and earning within a matter of hours.

As advertised on the Digital Worth Academy website, DWA is “the complete online course and software tool suite” used by the two creators to grow their authority sites with no frustration.

DWA shares Andrew and Sara’s methodology through a series of instructional videos. It also includes custom software tools to help you work more efficiently in building your authority websites.

If you can trust a slow and steady process, you will appreciate this particular affiliate marketing training product.

The Digital Worth Academy Overview

Product Name: Digital Worth Academy

Product Creators: Andrew Hansen and Sara Young

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, Affiliate Marketing Tools, Affiliate Marketing Coaching

Strategies: Affiliate Authority Websites, SEO, WordPress Websites, Affiliate Programs

Product Objective: Train you how to build small, high quality, content driven WordPress websites that earn income by advertising and affiliate marketing

Price: $797 one-time payment

Free Trial or Free Version: No

Upsells: Yes, Keyword Research tool for $37 a month

Similar to: The Authority Site System, Affilojet Pack, Wealthy Affiliate

Who is it for: Anyone looking to learn how to build predictably profitable authority websites

Inside Look of Digital Worth Academy

To understand what you will learn inside Digital Worth Academy, check out this video of the cool keyword research functionality.

You’ll learn how the keyword research tool shows you how much money you could make with any topic. Definitely worth checking out if you are the least bit interested.

What Makes Digital Worth Acadamy Unique?

They will buy your site if you don’t make any money!

If you can show that you’ve followed the system exactly as described and still haven’t made money, Andrew & Sara will arrange the purchase of your website with you privately, entirely separate from your initial purchase of Digital Worth through CLICKBANK®

Most training courses or affiliate marketers do not offer this type of offer.

Andrew and Sara are very confident that you can make money with your website if you follow the steps and direction of the training.

Otherwise, they would not offer to buy your site. They could lose tons of money this way.

Digital Worth Academy Product Details

The number one goal with Digital Worth Academy is to build income-producing authority sites using Andrew and Sara’s unique combination of processes and software tools.

The Digital Worth Academy course and software suite has 4 main components — the affiliate marketing training course and 3 custom-built software tools.

The training and software work together to reduce your research time, labor-intensive tasks, and all obstacles that would prevent you from building a successful affiliate site.

Here’s what Is included in the Digital Worth Academy, if you decided to buy it.

The Digital Asset Blueprint Training Course

The Digital Asset Blueprint is the online training course. It includes 6 sections, 30 modules, and 150 instructional videos. The series of training will guide you through the process of building a money-making authority website.

You will learn personal techniques and the exact methods that Andrew and Sarah have used and developed throughout their 12 years of experience. These are the same methods they use to make money from the 100+ websites they have created.

For ultimate training, the Digital Asset Blueprint training course is organized in 4 steps to success.

The Digital Asset Blueprint Part 1: Picking Markets and Products to Sell Them

The Digital Worth Academy’s Digital Asset Blueprint part 1 is a lesson on how to select a profitable niche and choose the right products to sell.

You will choose from a preselected list of 8 specific niche markets with the highest earning potential. You will also learn how to find an existing interest that will allow you to establish your own niche authority and start generating income.

The Digital Asset Blueprint Part 2: Making Your Authority Site with WordPress

The Digital Asset Blueprint part 2 teaches you how to create websites that are eye-catching and professional.

You will learn how to choose the right WordPress themes, which plugins to install on your page, how to set up proper tracking to monitor your traffic, how to make sales, and execute good on-site optimization.

Building an affiliate website is not as hard as you may think is, thanks to WordPress. WordPress is THE preferred website builder by affiliate marketers today because it’s easy to use.

To see how easy WordPress is, check out these step by step instructions on how to build a website with WordPress.

The Digital Asset Blueprint Part 3: Making Money with Content

The Digital Asset Blueprint part 3 teaches you how to create engaging content that will convert a higher number of sales.

You will learn the importance of content layout specifics like where to place your affiliate links and which types of texts and images generate clicks.

You will also learn how to map out a content plan so you can publish quality content on a regular basis. And what if you are not confident with your writing skills? You are in luck.

This section also includes reliable ways to outsource content writers who will deliver quality work for you.

The Digital Asset Blueprint Part 4: Getting Rankings and Traffic from Google

The whole Digital Worth Academy business is founded on the principle of white-hat strategy, tactics, and organic traffic.

In the Digital Asset Blueprint part 4, you will learn sustainable ways to get your content ranked on Google and generating traffic to your website.

This training section will teach you how to still get clicks even without a high ranking.

You’ll learn strategies like how to optimize your website’s internal linking structure and how to generate backlinks from other authority websites for higher rankings in search engines.

Commission Wizard Software Tool #1

Commission Wizard Software is one of the three tools included in the Digital Worth Academy online course and software suite.

The Commission Wizard helps you find the right products to promote for the highest earning potential.

This tool works by searching through millions of online products in a particular category. The search results help you find the best products that can make you the most amount of money! (Who doesn’t want that?)

Profit Calculator Software Tool #2

The Profit Calculator Software estimates how much you can make with specific products.

The rates in the Profit Calculator Software are estimated and not guaranteed. But the figures will give you a better idea of how much money you can make with every product you decide to promote.

The better decisions you make in the beginning can help you make more money in the long run.

Diamond Keyword Miner Software Tool #3

The Diamond Keyword Miner Software is the third custom-built tool. It was built to help you find the best keywords to target. The idea is to save you time and money by taking out the guesswork of which keywords will make you money.

The Diamond Keyword Miner Software works by finding narrowing down a big list of keywords into a smaller list with the most money-making potential.

Coaching and Support

The Digital Worth Academy comes with a coaching program component as well. Sara, Andrew and a team of coaches will be there to guide students through the setup process. The support comes live webinars, one on one chats, support desk, and the Private Facebook group. The goal is to help you succeed through networking and relationships.

What is the Digital Worth Academy Features

  • Online Training Videos
  • PDF Transcripts
  • Product Research Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Profit Estimator Tool
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Support

How Much Does Digital Worth Academy Cost?

The Digital Worth Academy online course and software suite is available for a one-time payment of $797.

The entire package is valued at $1788 as it includes lifetime access to the Digital Asset Video Blueprint training course, full PDF transcripts of all modules and unlimited access to the included software tools: Commission Wizard Software, and DKM Elite Software.

Additional Price Details You Should Know

  • Free Trial Available? No. (30-day Money Back Guarantee)
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? No
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? Yes. Keyword Research software.

Additional Digital Worth Academy Details

Here are additional details you should know before buying Digital Worth Academy.

Always Open Enrollment

Digital Worth Academy is a web-based training course. This provides you the flexibility to learn at any time, anywhere. DWA does not restrict their enrollment. This means you can join at any time.

You need 10 weeks to complete the program, so join when you can commit to the time.

  • Availability: You can join anytime
  • Enrollment Status: Always Open

What is the Digital Worth Academy Refund Policy?

Digital Worth Academy offers a 30-day money-back, 100% no questions asked guarantee. The 100% refund takes the risk out of buying DWA. If you buy and decide you don’t like it, just reach out to support within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund.

Digital Worth Academy Support Options

If you get stuck anywhere in the process or training, you can reach out to the Digital Worth Academy dedicated support team whenever it’s most convenient for you. The support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you will have no problems getting support when you need it most.

You will also get support from the course creators and other members in the private Facebook community. You can get advice and support from members who have been where you are and know exactly what you are going through.

Digital Worth Academy Support Details

Digital Worth Academy FAQs

With any multi-hundred dollar training investment, it is completely natural to have questions before you fork out your hard-earned money. Here are the questions people ask most.

Is the Digital Worth Academy right for me?

Like what Andrew Hansen and Sara Young repeatedly tell you on their Digital Worth blog, the Digital Worth Academy is right for you if you are:

  • Looking to set up a profitable online business
  • Need a step-by-step approach to succeed in your business
  • Willing to put in the work, time and continuous investment

How soon can I start making money with Digital Worth Academy?

Making a profit with any training program depends on how committed you are to making it work. It can take a year or more to start seeing life-changing commissions. But no two affiliate marketer journies are the same.

Every affiliate marketer will see different results when it comes to timing.

It personally took me about a year and a half to make my first sale. So know you’re in this process for the long haul. (Because your efforts will pay off nicely in due time.)

However long it takes, keep at it! You will eventually crack the code and making money. Many people give up before that happens 🙁

Are there extra costs on top of the training?

Yes. In addition to the DWA training course fee, you should be prepared to spend:

  • $11 for a domain name
  • $5 per month for web hosting
  • $37 a month for their recommended research tool
  • Approx $42 a month (exact prices will vary)

What if I don’t have any web or online experience?

The Digital Worth Academy was created for the absolute beginner. You will learn everything you need to know to make your site become a money-making business.

What if I get stuck during the program?

Once you are a member of the Digital Worth Academy, you get access to their 24/7 support team. You can ask for help any day, at any time. This ensures you will get the support you need to build a successful online business.

What You Should Know Before You Buy DWA

Digital Worth Academy has a lot of similarities with other online training courses we have reviewed as well.

Every course promises to teach you how to earn income from an online business, so you can do what you want with your life. Quit your job. Work from home. Work from the beach. (Whatever your dream is…)

I like the Digital Worth Academy because they focus on long-term business foundations.

You learn how to build an authority affiliate website that can last you a lifetime. Then once you get monthly reoccurring revenue, you can sell it for a profit.

You will also learn white hat SEO and free traffic techniques, which is sustainable for your online business long term.

Digital Worth Academy is not for you if…

  • You prefer black hat techniques and shortcuts

Authority sites take time to build a following for a reason. Because you gain trust from Google with great content to prove you are knowledgeable about your topics. You will achieve this trust over time with quality content, backlinks, and strategic site promotion.

  • You are not willing to put in the work

As much we all want to start earning as soon as we launch our websites, the authority website strategy doesn’t work that fast.

You have to be willing to go through the training. And put what you learn into action. Repeatedly. Over and over again.

  • You can’t commit yourself to the program

Building an authority site can take at least 6 to 12 months before you see any money.

If you are looking for faster results, You should consider learning paid traffic strategies and single page websites. Or just sticking with your day job!

Digital Worth Academy Pros & Cons


  • Step-by-step coaching from Andrew Hansen and Sara Young
  • Lifetime access to the modules and software tools for your website
  • Teaches you how to build an online business from scratch
  • Promotes white hat techniques for Google rankings
  • Provides full PDF transcripts of all modules
  • Offers an affiliate program
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Authority websites take time to build before you start making profits
  • Most people give up before they can life-changing see results

What is the Digital Worth Academy Affiliate Program

The creators behind Digital Worth Academy know how important it is to have affiliate marketers promote their products. So yes, DWA does have an affiliate program. You can make commissions by referring others to learn how to make money online too.

Pro Tip: The Digital Worth Academy is one of the many training solutions you can recommend.

Digital Worth Academy Affiliate Program Details

Digital Worth Academy Alternatives

You should have a good understanding of what is the Digital Worth Academy. I like this affiliate marketing training course because of the solid and white hat strategies taught and the included software suite to help you make better decisions.

If you are looking for an honest legit affiliate marketing training program, DWA is a recommended option.

If you want to see other products like Digital Worth Academy, check out these suggestions below.

These alternatives teach you the same strategy – how to build an authority website.

Authority Hacker will teach how to build profitable Amazon authority websites that can generate 5 to 6 figures a month. You’ll learn from two guys who sold their last authority website for some amount near $500,000. (Exact figure cannot be disclosed.)

Affilojetpack is another training course that will show you how to build a successful affiliate website. Mark Ling is a veteran affiliate marketer who ditched being a pizza boy years ago. He built Affilojetpack with the DFY, Done-For-You, concept in mind. Choose from 17 niche packs to get your affiliate websites up and running faster. For more info, check out my Affilojetpack Review.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build Amazon Affiliate websites and other affiliate programs. This affiliate marketing training and toolset is the cheaper alternative to Authority Hacker. WA also comes with a built-in community support system which most solutions just offer access to an external Facebook Group.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Review – The Easy Button for Affiliate Marketing?

What is the Affiliate System Review

Thanks for checking out this what is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Review!

In this day and age, most people want to work LESS. And make MORE.

You know the ole’ sayings…

“Don’t work harder, work smarter”.

“Do MORE with less time”.

There is nothing wrong with these wants.

We are all spoiled rotten by technology these days.

Modern technology is the reason we want “easy” buttons.

Everywhere! For everything!

So, when it comes to affiliate marketing, why wouldn’t you want the same?

Fortunately for you, technological advancements are being made in affiliate marketing 🙂

Other affiliate marketers are creating cool software, training, tools, and platforms to help you do MORE with less in affiliate marketing too.

This is where 12 Minute Affiliate comes in.

This, what is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Review is a must-read if you are looking to do affiliate marketing the easier way.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Review

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

12 Minute Affiliate is a DFY affiliate marketing solution that strives to do most of the work for you.

All of the campaign building work is done for you.

Hence the product name, the goal is to get you set up with an affiliate campaign in just 12 minutes.

​You will leverage the 12 Minute Affiliate plug-and-play system to have your affiliate promotion ready to start promoting within minutes.

No need to choose the affiliate offers, create high converting funnels or write the copy.

Heads up: I am a real affiliate marketer. I may make affiliate commissions on purchases from some of these links. This is good news for you. At least I practice what I preach 🙂 Learn more here.

12 Minute Affiliate Overview

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Product Creators: Devon Brown and David Sloan

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Software

Strategies: DFY, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Solo Ads

Product Features: DFY Funnels, Funnel Creator

Product Objective: Enable anyone to launch affiliate campaigns quickly.

Price: Basic Membership: $47 per month or $397 one-time, or Gold Membership: $97 per month or $797 one-time

Free Trial or Free Version: No

Upsells: Yes

How 12 Minute Affiliate WorkS

The 12 Minute Affiliate System works by connecting you with pre-created sales funnels recommending specific affiliate products.

All you need to do is:

  1. Create an affiliate account with ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrier Plus
  2. Setup your autoresponder (the email marketing tool you want to use)
  3. Choose an existing funnel with pre-built landing pages promoting a particular affiliate product
  4. Customize the funnel with your affiliate links
  5. Buy traffic from the built-in Solo Ads feature

Supports 3 Very Specific Niches

One thing to keep in mind is, the DFY system is built for 3 niches:

  1. Health
  2. Make Money Online (MMO)
  3. Personal Development

All of the funnels and copy promote affiliate offers in one of these three categories.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Walkthrough

See how this DFY system works for yourself. Here’s a great inside the platform walkthrough of how 12 Minute Affiliate works.

The Affiliate Marketers Behind This DFY System

Devon Brown, Owner of 12 Minute Affiliate

The 12 Minute Affiliate was created by Devon Brown and David Sloan.

Devon Brown has been an internet entrepreneur since 2007.

Aside from internet marketing, he is also a public speaker and coach in personal development and dating niches.

Devon developed 12 Minute Affiliate with David Sloan, a fellow affiliate marketer.

12 Minute Affiliate Reviews From Other People

12-Minute Affiliate reviews on Leadsleap.com

4.5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews)

  • Jonny – “You literally just choose the type of traffic you want (niche specific), choose how many visitors you want and then send them.” A few months into the program, he’s seeing a good turnover of visitors to his site. His only issue is with the Basic Membership where you get the landing pages, product recommendations, and email templates but for only one of the niches of your choice instead of 3.
  • Jamie – Jamie thinks the 12-Minute Affiliate is the easiest program for newbies in affiliate marketing. With this product, there is no need to create campaigns or advertise to potential customers because it does the job for you. It automates your affiliate link and helps you earn your commissions on autopilot.

12 Minute Affiliate Product Details

Everything You Get When You Buy

Now that you’ve watched the walkthrough video, let’s dig further into the products you get when you buy into the 12 Minute Affiliate solution.

This what is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Review will cover the specific details for each product.

Getting Started Quickstart Checklist

When you first sign up to 12 Minute Affiliate, you will be presented with the Quickstart Checklist.

12 Minute Affiliate Quickstart Checklist

The Quickstart checklist is designed to get set up and start creating your first affiliate product sales funnel campaign.

Just follow the steps in order, and start getting leads for potential commissions.

DFY Funnels

12 Minute Affiliate DFY Funnels

A good funnel that works (one that makes sales that is…), can be a complex step for beginner affiliate marketers.

The 12 Minute Affiliate done-for-you funnels come with a pre-created email opt-in page, bridge page and an easy way to add your affiliate link.

You can customize the page contents as needed.

DFY Emails

The beauty of the 12 Minute Affiliate System funnels is they connect with your autoresponder (aka email marketing tool.)

When someone provides their email in the pre-created opt-in form, they will be added to your email list.

Then you can send them additional emails over time, and sell them more products.

The 12 Minute Affiliate done-for-you emails provide you instant email content to send to your subscribers.

No need to figure out what to write or how to say it. You just leverage what is already created for you.


12 Minute Affiliate System Custom Funnel Creator

The E-Z Funnel Wizard allows you to create custom funnels using the pre-created email optin pages and bridge pages.

Just follow the wizard steps, and create a unique funnel in minutes.


Because you won’t get any sales without traffic, a key component to 12 Minute Affiliate is the built-in traffic generation component.

12 Minute Affiliate has partnered with traffic providers.

These providers will send out little advertisements to their lists, to generate leads for you. This process is referred to as solo ads.

  • You select the type of traffic you want based on your niche
  • Choose the amount of traffic you want based on your budget
  • Add the URL to your sales funnel option page
  • Confirm your order

Keep in mind, these solo ads are additional costs. You will pay every time you place an order.

The goal of the built-in DFY option is to make getting traffic easier. After all, you need traffic to make any money as an affiliate.

The Success Library, Bonus #1

The Success Library is one of the three bonuses you get when you buy the 12 Minute Affiliate System.

Valued at $497, the Success Library gives you access to personal development and self-help training programs with a total of 15 titles.

There are a variety of topics on balancing your life, ending procrastination, unlocking your true potential, and other similar topics.

This training series is specifically designed to help you be more successful with your affiliate marketing business.

The Free Traffic Guide, Bonus #2

The Free Traffic Guide is the second bonus product that comes free with 12 Minute Affiliate.

Valued at $97, the free traffic guide teaches you 16 ways to effectively generate free traffic to your website.

You will learn how to get free traffic from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, from other people’s blogs, and by simply posting pictures online.

Hot Product Promos, Bonus # 3

The third 12 minute affiliate bonus is the Hot Product Promos.

Valued at $997 per year, it enables you to promote products that are currently trending and have the most earning potential on the market.

These products can be across various affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus.

You can insert your affiliate links from different networks into the pre-built sales funnels offered by 12-Minute Affiliate.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Features

  • 10 Done-for-you Affiliate Funnels
  • Professionally Designed Landing Pages and Graphics
  • Landing Page Hosting To Keep Them Live Online
  • 80 Professionally Written Follow-up Emails
  • Funnel Wizard to Create Funnels in Minutes
  • Done-For-You Traffic with Solo Ads
  • Private FacebookCommunity

12 Minute Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need prior experience or training in affiliate marketing before signing up?

No, you do not need any prior experience or training before signing up for the 12-Minute Affiliate program.

This product is designed for beginners in mind.

The ability to choose from pre-created designs, copy and landing pages take the guess work out for you. And save you tons of time.

2. What’s unique about the 12-Minute Affiliate program?

The main differentiator is the done-for-you content.

Unlike other affiliate marketing training programs where you just learn what to do, 12 Minute Affiliate actually puts you to work.

There is an array of templates to choose from and customize as needed.

3. Can I earn money as soon as I join the system?

While this is not impossible, making money highly depends on taking action.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System does not promise to make you money in 12 minutes.

It promises to help you create a campaign ready to promote in 12 minutes.

You will need to drive traffic to your affiliate offers in order to make money.

The testimonials of people who have purchased 12 Minute Affiliate along with solo ads have seen customers added to their email list within a week.

4. Can I get my money back if I change my mind about the product?

12-Minute Affiliate comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you feel the product is not delivering its claims, you can get your money back no questions asked.

12 Minute Affiliate Price

12-Minute Affiliate offers two membership plans:

  1. Basic $47 per month or $397 one-time payment
  2. Gold $97 per month or $797 one-time payment

The difference between the two plans is how many niche categories you get to promote affiliate products within.

Basic Membership

The 12 Minute Affiliate Basic Membership plan allows you to choose one of these three niches:

  • Health
  • Make Money Online (MMO)
  • Personal Development

You will then promote affiliate products within the one niche you choose.

So, if you want to promote health-related products, then you would choose the health niche.

If you are interested in promoting products like 12 Minute Affiliate, then you would choose the Make Money Online niche.

Gold Membership

The 12 Minute Affiliate Gold Membership plan gives you access to all three niches. No need to choose. You get them all!

$9.95 Trial

Not sure which plan to buy?

You can try out either plan for $9.95. You will get 14 days to test out the 12 Minute Affiliate System for a discounted price.

After the 14 days, you will be billed the monthly cost of the whichever plan you chose.

Additional 12 Minute Affiliate price details:

  • Free Trial Available? No
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting? Yes, for an additional cost
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? Yes

12 Minute Affiliate Upsells

When you sign up for the $9.95 trial, you will be presented with a few upsells to add to the basic or gold plans.

3X Your Results Blueprint $39.00 – Additional training to learn how to improve your results by at least 3 times.

Done-for-You Setup $67.00 – Get your account set up for you. Have the 12 Minute Affiliate team do the work for you.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System Review Enrollment Details

Unlike some affiliate marketing training products, 12 Minute Affiliate System does not restrict enrollment. You can join this system whenever you want.

However, keep in mind that some bonuses may be only offered for specific periods of time.

  • Availability: You can join anytime
  • Enrollment Status: Always Open

12 Minute Affiliate Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your 12 Minute Affiliate monthly subscription at any time.

If you are subscribed on a per-month basis, you can cancel before the next billing period to avoid being charged another $47 or $97.

If you are on the 14 day trial period, you can cancel before the two-week period ends to prevent being billed the monthly cost.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Refund Policy

12 Minute Affiliate offers a 60 money back refund period.

If you are not completely satisfied with 12 Minute Affiliate, you can request your money back within 60 days of your first purchase.

You will also cancel your membership and any recurring payments at the same time.

To request a refund, submit a refund request by using the contact option found on the platform. Or send email to support at support@12minuteaffiliate.com.

12 Minute Affiliate Support Options

Should you encounter problems when you join the program, with regard to your membership fee payments, or if you need any kind of support from fellow 12-Minute Affiliate users, you can get support in a variety of options.

Know Before You Buy

Before you consider buying 12 Minute Affiliate, here are a few important things to know first.

You will need to buy more traffic than you think

The Done-For-You traffic product does not guarantee leads or sales. It strives to get you clicks.

And not every click is going to subscribe to your email list or buy your affiliate product. Only a percentage of your clicks will convert into a lead or a buyer.

Say you buy 100 clicks with only 10% subscribing to your list. That is only 10 people. To get 100 email optins with a 10% conversion rate, you would need to buy 1000 clicks.

Free traffic will reduce your costs

Plan to learn ways to drive free traffic as well.

You can leverage the free traffic guide.

Just know this will take time for you to execute.

But can be worth it because you can reduce your costs spent on solo ads.

Be prepared to learn how to improve your sales funnels

While the 12 Minute Affiliate System gives you done for you funnels, its good to learn how to improve them in the long run.

Making small changes to copy, images etc. can sometimes help increase conversions.

Once you try out the sales funnels as is, be prepared to start making changes to them over time to see if you can get better results.

Marketing is not something you set and forget. You will always be testing new ideas to set new records.

Who Should Not Buy 12 Minute Affiliate?

If you are wondering if 12 Minute Affiliate is for you, here is who it is NOT for.

You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

12-Minute Affiliate does not offer a get rich quick assurance or guarantee.

You cannot expect to simply wake up one morning with tons of money in your bank account.

Although much of the work is done for you, the 12 Minute Affiliate System will not actually make you money if do not invest time, effort and money.

If you are not prepared to keep investing your time until you get results, 12 Minute Affiliate may not be right for you.

You do not have a budget for paid traffic

You will have to pay for the Done-For-You Traffic.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System provides you with the ready to go funnels. The traffic is an extra cost.

Definitely take advantage of the free traffic bonus guide. You will learn ways to get traffic without having to pay for it.

Although, paying for traffic can provide quicker results (when done right, yet still no guarantee.)

If you don’t like the idea of having to spend more money within the system, then the 12-Minute Affiliate program might not be for you.

You want your own website

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is built on landing pages. Also called one-page websites.

You are not building a website with 12 Minute Affiliate. You do not have your own website domain. You don’t own the landing pages.

The benefit of 12 Minute Affiliate to do all the work for you. But they own everything, not you.

Wealthy Affiliate and Affilojetpack are better solutions for building out websites. They both provide website hosting and training on how to build a website with WordPress.

You want completely custom funnels.

The 12-Minute Affiliate comes with pre-made content and funnels. It is built on the Done-For-You (DFY) concept.

Which means, you can not build your own funnels from scratch.

If you want more customization options, then you choose a funnel builder tool.

Builderall and ClickFunnels are two popular choices today.

12 Minute Affiliate Affiliate Program

12-Minute Affiliate Pros & Cons


  • Custom-made funnels are readily available upon signup
  • It has a quick and easy setup process
  • You take 100% of commissions earned within the system
  • Offers an affiliate program


  • The done-for-you templates do not guarantee sales
  • Traffic directed to your affiliate links is based on how much you are willing to spend
  • There are no options for organic traffic
  • It does not offer training in affiliate marketing
  • You don’t get your own website

To Buy or Not Buy?

My what is the 12 minute affiliate system review strived to show you what comes with this product.

So the next logical question is, should I buy 12 minute affiliate system or not?

I think it’s worth a test drive. You can try out 12 Minute Affiliate for 14 days, for the cost of $9.97.

Just keep in mind, that you will need to pay extra for the traffic.

Your costs will the cost of 12 minute affiliate + monthly ad costs to drive consistent ad traffic to your affiliate offers.

Or, you can consider a DIY product like Wealthy Affiliate. (It’s a cheaper option where you do the work to get free traffic, instead of paying for it.)

Get more information in the 12 minute affiliate alternatives list below.

12 Minute Affiliate Alternatives

To see 12 Minute Affiliate compares with other solutions, here are other similar options to consider.

These alternatives are also in the DFY category, which offers pre-chosen affiliate offers and pre-built funnels:

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is another DFY option. It cost more but includes Webinar technology for an additional step in your sales funnels. (Webinars are known to increase sales.)

ClickBank Breaks the Internet Review

CB Passive Income Elite is another option within the price point of 12 Minute Affiliate. CB Passive Income Elite gives you a DFY (Done-For-You) system with already created landing pages, pre-chosen affiliate offers and email campaigns.

CB Passive Income Elite Review

Additional Alternatives that costs $47 – $49 a month:

Wealthy Affiliate is a DIY option that will teach you how to build Amazon Affiliate websites. Although Wealthy Affiliate comes with built-in tools to make the process easier, it is not DFY. You will need to design your websites, write blog posts and create your own email funnels. WA comes with a built-in community support system that is better than having to access an external Facebook Group. Bonus: Wealthy Affiliate comes with a free trial so you can try it out completely free. Wealthy Affiliate Review.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

ClickBank University is an alternate affiliate marketing training course that teaches you how to drive Facebook ads to affiliate offers on ClickBank. You can also learn how to create digital products to sell on ClickBank as a vendor. Clickbank University 2.0 Review.

Got Questions?

Just ask them below. I don’t bite 🙂

What is Builderall Review? 30 Tools For Marketers. 100% Commissions for Affiliates.

what is builderall review

Hey! Thanks for checking out my what is Builderall Review!

This is a Builderall Affiliate website. This is not the official Builderall Website and Builderall is not liable for the content or offers on this current website.

It’s your Affiliate Marketing Informant here. To inform you of everything, you need and WANT to know about affiliate marketing!

Here, we take a look inside Builderall. 

“The  Most Powerful Platform on the Marketplace” – Builderall

Builderall claims to be the best digital marketing platform in the world. 

Builderall also claims to be for anyone who wants to achieve online success.

Entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, business owners, agencies, you name it.

Are these claims true?

Is Builderall a good tool for you to buy?

Do you really need the Builderall platform as an affiliate marketer?

We will take a very in-depth look inside everything you need to know in this what is Builderall Review.

I’ll tell you about the Builderall product details, pros, cons, frequently asked questions, other people’s reviews, differentiators, alternatives, the affiliate program and more.

Ready? Let’s dig in.

What is Builderall Review

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an All In One (AIO) digital marketing platform for affiliate marketers, businesses and agencies. 

With more than 30 digital marketing tools included, Builderall enables you to market your business, products, and services through digital technologies like the Internet, mobile devices and apps. 

You can use Builderall to:

  • host websites
  • build membership sites
  • create online stores
  • send out emails
  • launch webinar sales funnels
  • send out SMS campaigns to mobile devices
  • and a whole lot more!

As an affiliate marketer, you can use Builderall tools to:

  • host websites for your affiliate products
  • create webinars to educate and sell your affiliate products
  • and even build out your affiliate program

Having all of these marketing capabilities accessible from one dashboard saves you time AND money. 

No need for a separate website builder, landing page builder, funnel manager, autoresponder, webinar tools, etc. (Which add up to thousands of dollars or more.)

Pro Tip: This toolset may be advanced for very new affiliate marketers. However, some affiliate marketing training courses teach some of the strategies that the Builderall digital marketing platform supports. If you are up for learning, Builderall will reduce the number of tools you need to promote the heck out of your affiliate marketing products.

Heads up: I am a real affiliate marketer. I may make affiliate commissions on purchases from some of these links. This is good news for you. At least I practice what I preach 🙂 Learn more here.

What is Builderall Review Overview

Product Name: Builderall

Product Creators: Erick Salgado, CEO/Founder

Company Headquarters: Orlando, Florida, USA and The Netherlands, Europe

Product Categories: Digital Marketing Tools

Strategies: Websites, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Webinars, SMS, Chatbots and more

Product Objective: To help you promote your online business and make more sales.

Product Features: (Too many to list here. See product details below)

Price: Free $0, Builder $19.90/m, Marketer $29.90/m, Essential $49.90/m, Premium $69.90/m

Free Trial or Free Version: Yes

Add-ons: Yes

What Makes Builderall Unique?

Builderall’s Digital Canvas Funnel Builder. 

The Digital Canvas Funnel Builder allows you to create and manage complex sales funnels all in one place.

With Builderall, you can connect the multiple components of your marketing strategy together (in one platform).

All inside Builderall, you can create and connect together:

  • Websites
  • Custom landing pages to start a funnel
  • Include email opt-in form to capture email addresses
  • Show upsell, downsell and thank you pages
  • Kick off an email campaign with a series of emails 
  • Show bridge pages between your web page and your affiliate offer (recommended strategy known to convert better than just sending people directly to your affiliate offer)

Today’s standard is to use multiple tools to make your funnels work. 

Most digital marketing tools do not offer everything in one place like Builderall.

Most tools focus on doing one specific thing really well. 

Example: ClickFunnels is a popular funnel builder that makes it very easy to create funnels. Elementor is a popular landing page builder that makes is super easy to creates really awesome landing pages. Just these two tools alone cost $1200 per year.

Builderall offers all of these capabilities and more! For less than $1,000 a year.

If that number scares you, then you haven’t been in online marketing very long.

See Builderall for Yourself

Check out this cool Builderall introduction video.

You’ll see all the cool marketing strategies and campaigns you can create in one place. 

Pro Tip: You can Builderall out completely free. You can start by building a website. You don’t even need a credit card. Yea. Check it out.

Builderall Products

30+ Builderall Digital Marketing Tools to Execute Beginner and Advanced Marketing Strategies Online (Which Essentially Can Help You Make More Money)

Builderall comes with a bunch of digital marketing apps

As mentioned early, there are 30 different tools you can use to market your business or anyone else’s business. (Just think running an agency…) 

Builderall was designed to take care of every online marketing need you may have. 

You will find the 30 Builderall Platform tools organized in these 6 categories:

  • Builders – Tools that help you build websites, landing pages and apps
  • Email Marketing – Tools that help you build, manage and execute email campaigns
  • Engagement – Tools that help you engage with people on your website, Social and SMS
  • Design – Tools that help you design web pages, landing pages, magazines, PDF downloads, videos, webinar presentations, etc.
  • Reports – Tools that help you track website performance, user experience, and SEO performance
  • Admin – Tools to manage the workings around your Builderall account and website domain names 

Now, if you are ready…

Let’s deep dive into every digital marketing tool that comes when you buy Builderall. 

(Be prepared…its A LOT!)

Note: You have to buy the most expensive plan to access every Builderall tool listed below. Lower cost plans will give you access to some of the tools. More details in the Builderall pricing details.

Builderall Dashboard Overview

Before we dive into the written product details, watch this video.

It will walk you through the Builderall dashboard and all products visually so you understand the product list below better.

Cheetah Website Builder

Cheetah is the newest and latest website builder by Builderall.

It allows you to create websites connected to different types of pages and funnels. 

The Builderall Cheetah Website Builder best features are:

  • Drag and drop functionality for easy website building and landing page creation
  • Responsive functionality to adapt to mobile devices
  • 135+ pre-designed templates or the option to create your website design from scratch

Pro Tip: At the time of this review, the Cheetah Website Builder doesn’t currently support blogging. The Blog feature is scheduled for February 2020.

Pixel Perfect Builder

Pixel Perfect Builder is the old original website builder product by Builderall.

It’s a completely different tool to build websites.

(And it’s pretty confusing to have two website builders in your dashboard.)

The Builderall Pixel Perfect Builder best features are:

  • Supports the ability to build a blog
  • Offers pre-designed website templates to choose from

Pro Tip: Pixel Perfect Builder doesn’t support responsive (mobile) support which is SUPER IMPORTANT these days. Hence, why Builderall built another website builder 🙂

I expect this builder to be discontinued at some point (no longer offered). It’s costly for Builderall to support similar products that help you achieve the same result. They are likely trying to get the new Cheetah builder to have all the same features as the old Pixel Perfect builder, so you don’t lose any features you need to be a successful online marketer today.

Canvas Funnel Builder

Canvas is a funnel builder platform by Builderall.

Builderall Canvas allows you to connect different types of pages and steps together to create sales funnels.

You can create a sales funnel “flow” for your buyers to give their email address in exchange for a free download, be presented with an offer page, go to the cart page to buy the offer or see the thank you page if they decline the offer. 

This Canvas Funnel Builder tool strives to make creating sales funnels easy and even fun!

The Builderall Canvas Funnel Builder best features are:

  • 20+ pre-designed sales funnels
  • Ability to choose funnel templates targeted for a specific result:
    • Generate leads
    • Sale products
    • Host a webinar
    • A/B Testing

Pro Tip: Good sales funnels are known to help sell more of your products and services. As you can see, there are different types of funnels you can use to achieve different results. Getting tools that make the funnel process easy is definitely something to consider as you grow as a marketer. Fortunately, Builderall includes tons of training to teach you how to use each type of funnel.

Mailing Boss Email Marketing Automation

Mailing Boss is an email marketing platform by Builderall.

This a tool that supports the ability to send emails to your customers and potential customers. 

Mailing Boss supports setting up automation and workflow campaigns.

You can do things like schedule a series of emails to be sent after someone opt-ins into your sales funnel to get the free giveaway.

Using automation takes the work out of doing this manually for every person that subscribes to your list. (There’s no way you scale this over time by yourself manually.)

The Builderall Mailing Boss Email Marketing best features are:

  • 40+ email templates
  • Drag and drop workflow campaign builder
  • Automation rules and support
  • Responsive builder to look great on smartphones
  • Email scarcity timers to limit the availability of your offer (this is known to increase conversions)

Try Builderall Completely Free for 14 Days

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

CRM is the Builderall Customer Relationship Management platform.

This CRM tool allows you to manage your relationship with your customers.

You can do a variety of activities such as track your leads and track who’s your buying your products. 

The Builderall CRM tool will capture the contact when someone fills out a form on your website. That lead’s information is captured in your CRM app to monitor and re-market to overtime.

The Builderall CRM best features are the ability to:

  • Collect information about your current and future leads
  • Manage relationships with your customers
  • Learn more about your target audiences
  • Understand how to best cater to your customer’s needs

Professional Webinar Builder

Builderall’s webinar builder is a professional webinar builder app.

The Builderall webinar builder makes it easy for you to do live webinars, recorded webinars, present engaging content, engage with your attendees, analyze the results and follow up with your webinar attendees. 

Builderall’s Webinar Builder best features are:

  • Ability to do live presentations or upload pre-recorded videos for presentation
  • Schedule webinars to run on autopilot with repeat and replay options
  • Webinar chat functionality so people can ask questions during your presentation
  • Access controls including public or password protected webinars
  • Easily stream live webinars on YouTube or Facebook

eCommerce Online Stores (Powered by Magento)

Builderall eCommerce is an online store builder that leverages Magento.

Magento is a popular open-source e-commerce platform that allows companies like Builderall to help people like you build an online eCommerce store. 

With Builerall eCommerce, you can:

  • Create a shop online
  • Build and manage product catalogs for store
  • Track orders, sales, invoices, and shipments
  • Manage product sales and customer orders
  • Manage store configurations through the admin area
  • Easily access to support options for help

The Builderall eCommerce best features are:

  • Everything you need to run an online shop
  • Training videos to learn how Magento works
  • Built-in templates for websites and product pages
  • Advanced configuration options e.g. destination, locale, timezone, etc.

Digital Magazine Builder

The Digital Magazine Builder is a tool that enables you to create a flip-through digital magazine on your website.

You don’t have to be a programmer or designer because the digital magazine builder does the work for you.

With the Digital Magazine Builder, you can either save your digital magazine to a downloadable PDF or embed it directly onto your website.

Then you can drive traffic to your magazine through your email campaigns and social media.

The Builderall Digital Magazine Builder best features are:

  • Lets you create an interactive magazine easily
  • Choose from pre-designed magazine templates (or design your own)
  • Choose preferred language for the magazine
  • Layered content for easy page creation and design

What are you waiting for? Try Builderall Completely Free.

eLearning Platform

The eLearning platform allows you to create your own online digital courses to sell.

This is a popular online marketing strategy these days because you make more money per sale. 

Compared to affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products for a % of the sale, you get all of the sales when it’s your own product. 

It is SO easy to create digital courses today. And people buy these courses because they seek information and desire for change in their own lives.

When you create a course with the Builderall eLearning platform, you can tag it as an open course, so other users can access without registration.

You can add categories for each of the courses for easier organization. You can add lessons for each training module.

You can also create the course in many different file formats such as YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Amazon S3, HTML Page, HTML Code, PDF document or Soundcloud Audio.

The Builderall eLearning platform’s best features are:

  • You can create and host an unlimited amount of courses
  • Easy course edit and management capabilities
  • Enable your course for the entire Builderall Community to access
  • Supports multiple course file formats
  • Built-in language translation options

App Builder 

Builderall’s app builder allows you to create iOS/Android App apps for your users.

You can easily publish your app to Google Play Store, The Apple App Store, or Amazon App Store. 

Aside from app creation, the App Builder also displays data for each of the apps you have created.

Information includes the total number of visits, the total number of installs, and the percentage of installs from each app store.

These numbers are important to gauge the success of your apps, and to figure out how to get better results.

The Builderall App Builder’s best features are:

  • Create iOS/Android apps (Powered by Siberian)
  • Publishing to all major app stores — Apple, Google, and Amazon
  • App performance data

Video Wrapper

Builderall’s Video Wrapper tool enables you to make videos in just two minutes.

Videos these days are known as great options to increase organic traffic to your website. 

With the Video Wrapper tool, you can upload any pre-existing video you have from your computer or any free video you have downloaded from the web and edit it within the platform.

The Builderall Video Wrapper best features are:

  • Lets you add subtitles to the videos on your website
  • Allows you to customize the dimensions according to your preference

MockUp Studio Editor

The Builderall MockUp Studio Editor tool functions as design software and a photo editor rolled into one. 

You don’t need to use Photoshop separately when you have a design tool integrated within the Builderall platform.

You can create mockup images, videos, and other types of content.

You can easily create content for your website, social media, free downloads, and more.

The Mockup Studio Editor comes with several templates that you can use for a magazine or sample layouts for various devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

It reduces the work for you trying to figure out the required dimensions for each channel, so you can be sure your designs are always shown properly on each.

The Builderall Mock-Up Studio Editor’s best features are:

  • Multiple templates and design mock-ups 
  • Supports design for every device and marketing collateral
  • Comes pre-figured with dimensions for every social media channel and platform

Now’s Your Time! Today is YOUR day.

Animated Video Builder

The Builderall Animated Video Builder allows you to create animated sales videos.

This tool supports the animation of elements and characters to create unique videos that distinguish your business and brand from others.

The Builderall Animated Video Builder best features are:

  • Library of pre-created animations, static objects, props, and markers to use for your animations
  • Ability to upload your own graphics, music, sounds, etc.
  • Built-in layers to make cool videos with multiple elements in one video
  • Different transitions to create cool effects with different elements in your video
  • Text to speech functionality for video voiceovers

Floating Video Builder

The Builderall Floating Video Builder offers a unique video viewing experience for your website and landing page visitors.

You can choose to float your existing created videos anywhere you want on your web page.

The idea of a floating video allows the video to float on top of your web pages.

The video is detached from the page to continue playing while your site visitors navigate your content and website.

The Builderall Floating Video Builder best features are:

  • Ability to place the video wherever you want it to float on the page
  • Add buttons to the video to encourage clickthroughs to a special offer
  • Can remove video backgrounds for more focus on one object
  • Continuous video play, mute the sound and more

One downside to the floating app builder is that you need to download your video to your computer first. 

You can’t create a video in the Animated Video Builder, have Builderall store it and choose the video for the float functionality. 

You have to download the video to your computer first and then upload init to the Floating Video Builder tool. 

This is not the desired user experience as the files from the video creator tool are not instantly connected to the video floater functionality. This disconnect requires extra steps on your part.

Facebook Chatbot Messenger

The Professional Messenger Chatbot lets you automate communications using Facebook Messenger. 

Using Facebook chatbots is a popular marketing strategy these days because it allows you to communicate with people where they are.

On Facebook.

And Facebook chatbots act on your behalf to automate messages to your Facebook page subscribers to help you generate new leads for your business.

Within the Builderall Facebook Chatbot platform, you can create specific messages for specific rules based on the actions someone takes or doesn’t take. 

You can also preschedule a series of automated messages to go out on a schedule or push messages out as you go. 

The Builderall Facebook Chatbot’s best features are:

  • Leverages the Facebook platform to find new clients and customers
  • Automated chatbot functionality allows prompt responses without you 🙂
  • Consistent communication with your Facebook Page fans and followers
  • Connect and manage multiple Facebook pages

Viral Share Page-Locker

The Builderall Share Locker generates pop-ups to create viral traffic for your business.

Share locker essentially blocks access to your website until someone shares, likes or both on Facebook.

You can create 3 different types of pop-ups in Share Locker:

  1. Basic Popup to encourage likes to your Facebook page and or shares on Facebook
  2. Popup with AppID for an added configuration
  3. Interceptor popup on your website that requires the user to like and/or share the content on Facebook before they can access the website content

The Builderall Viral Share Page-Locker’s best features are:

  • Control what action is required, e.g. like a Facebook page or share content on Facebook
  • Control what content is shared, e.g. image, title, description, different card types, etc.
  • Add different popups to any web or landing page
  • Ability to drive more traffic to your website from Facebook

Script Generator

The Builderall Script Generator is actually a pretty unique tool.

The Script Generator is a copywriting tool that generates different types of copy for you to use throughout your digital marketing campaigns.

You simply create profiles of your target customers which are called avatars. 

Then choose from a variety of content scripts including headlines, emails, webinars, ads, SMS, sales letters and more. 

The different avatars help you easily create different copy that speaks to different types of people. It’s actually really quick and simple!

If you don’t have any idea what to write for all the different mediums to communicate with your customers, the Builderall Script Generator is perfect for you. 

The Builderall Script Generator’s best features are:

  • Pre-created scripts for various niches
  • Pre-created scripts for all the different marketing methods 
  • Edit capabilities to customize the content specifically for your business needs

Social Autopost 

The Builderall Social Autopost tool is designed to help you schedule content to your Facebook pages.

This app will save you time by allowing you to schedule days, weeks and even months of content in advance.

The Builderall Script Generator’s best features are:

  • Supports publishing to multiple Facebook pages
  • Content scheduler to automatically post content in advance
  • Ability to apply different rules for sending and messages

Test drive Builderall Yourself. No committment attached 🙂

Social Proof Pop-ups

The Buiderall Social Proof tool helps you increase conversions by displaying recent activity on your website and products. 

When a visitor on your website sees someone else has bought your products, they are more likely to trust what you have to offer.

You can use this Social Proof tool in clever ways.

You can show when people have purchased your digital course. You can show when people have reached out via the contact form. 

The benefit of social proof is to show you and our products can be trusted. More trust can result in more sales.

The Builderall Social Proof’s best features are:

  • Ability to customize the button with different formatting elements
  • Different color theme options for button or pop-up
  • Create different pop-ups for different pages
  • Easily add them to any website page

SMS Messaging

The Builderall SMS Messaging tool allows you to send bulk text messages to your customers’ phones. 

SMS is another way to stay in front of your customers and potential customers for continued sales.

The SMS Messaging’s best features are:

  • SMS Price Guide to estimate potential costs
  • Ability to manage SMS campaigns like email campaigns
  • Group people and messages into different categories 

Note: SMS messages require additional cost. Message cost depends on the country they are sent to. There’s a price guide in the platform to help you estimate costs.

Instagram Autoresponder

Builderall’s Instagram Autoresponder allows you to set up automatic replies comments and mentions made on your Instagram Business account.

The goal is to help you do more with less.

By having the Instagram Autoresponder reply for you, you don’t have to do it manually. (HUGE timesaver to be interacting with people across multiple channels.)

You can set up different replies that are published along with certain keywords.

For example, you can setup a reply to include a link to your beginner’s guide when someone comments with the words “how can I start with affiliate marketing“, or one word like “start”, “begin”, starting”, etc. 

Then you can set up a completely different reply for other keywords such as “advanced”, “improve”, etc.

The Builderall Instagram Autoresponder’s best features are:

  • Ability to set up different replies for comments and mentions
  • Customizable comment reply messages for different keywords
  • Automated responses which save you time from replying to every comment manually

Note: The Instagram Autoresponder tool only works for Instagram Business accounts. This tool does not work for personal Instagram accounts.

WordPress Integration

The Builderall WordPress Integration allows you to create and manage a WordPress Website from the Builderall platform. 

Creating websites on WordPress is a popular website builder for affiliate marketers today. (WordPress currently powers 35% of the web.)

The open-source collaboration of WordPress themes and apps makes it easy to build a website with any design and any functionality you want. Easily without knowing code. 

The Builderall WordPress Integration best features are:

  • Quick and simple integration in just three clicks
  • Ability to leverage the Builderall marketing tools with your WordPress Website
  • Ability to leverage a really popular website management platform

Related: Check out my step by step guide on how to build a website with WordPress.

Local Directory Builder

The Builderall Directory Builder is where you can create a directory list on your website.

A directory can be used to advertise a list of companies, services or products.

 You can charge companies money for these listings to be on your website and drive traffic to their products.

Or you can create a directory of your favorite affiliate products with your affiliate links to drive traffic to other people’s products.

Either way, directories can add additional revenue streams to your online business.

The Builderall Local Directory Builder’s best features are:

  • Create and manage multiple directories
  • Manages your customers and ad listings in one place
  • Management and configuration options

Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

Presentation Studio

The Builderall Presentation Studio is an online digital slide creator tool.

Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides, the Builderall Presentation Studio allows you to create presentations that can be hosted online.

These presentations can be used for a variety of purposes such as presenting on a webinar, recording a video or even uploading to SlideShare.

The cool thing about these presentations is they are hosted online via a web URL.

You don’t need to download these presentations on your computer.

To share your presentation, you simply just share a web link. 

The Builderall Presentation Studio best features are:

  • Embeds completely interactive websites as a slide
  • Embeds playable YouTube videos by just entering a video link
  • Offers 3 different slide transition options
  • Makes presentations viewable online as a webpage
  • Removes the need to download presentations and view from a separate viewer

Click Map Tracking

The Builderall Click Map tool is a website heatmap tool that shows you where people are clicking on your pages.

You will learn where they click most and how they scroll around your site.

These insights help you understand what people are engaging with and what they are not.

You take this knowledge to do more of what is working, and less of what is not. (Which is known to increase conversions (actions) which can result in more sales.)

The Builderall Click Map best features are:

  • Tracking any type of web page (e.g. website page, email opt-in, thank you page, bridge page, etc.)
  • Filtering different time periods to accommodate seasonal traffic patterns
  • Learn what people like so you can replicate more of it for higher conversions

SEO On-Page Report App

The Builderall SEO On-Page Report App is a reporting tool for improving your website’s SEO performance.

It analyzes your pages and provides a ranking grade. The higher the grade (e.g. A), the better the chances of ranking for that keyword. 

The Builderall SEO On-Page Report App checks your SEO performance against 35 different factors.

Each factor is a contributor to ranking high within search results.

Each report provides you with a detailed analysis to see what can be improved.

You will be able to learn about each ranking factor so you understand how to achieve high rank with all target keywords.

The Builderall SEO On-Page Report’s best features are:

  • Checks against 35 different SEO ranking factors
  • Tells you the areas that can be improved
  • Incorporates more information to learn about each ranking factor

5 Day Training Bootcamps

To help you learn, Builderall offers multiple 5 Day Training Bootcamp series.

There are currently a total of 13 different training series to choose from. Each series covers a topic a detail over the course of 5 days.

Here are the current topics for these 5 Day Training Bootcamps series:

  • How to Create Membership Areas with Builderall
  • How to Sell Physical Products with Builderall
  • How to Use Webinars to Promote Your Business
  • YouTube Organic Marketing
  • Facebook Organic Marketing
  • Fiverr Gigs with Builderall Tools
  • Making Your List Work for You (Email Marketing)
  • How to Automate Your Business with Chatbots
  • The Power of Sales Funnels
  • Becoming an Affiliate on the Builderall Marketplace
  • Building a Lead Magnet Funnel

Facebook Ads Course

In addition to the 5 Day Bootcamp Trainings, there is a special training course for Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads Course comes with 10 different training lessons covering how to advertise on Facebook. 

You will learn how to set up your Facebook Business page, ads account, ad templates, choosing audiences to target and how to properly target based on traffic temperatures. 

This Facebook Ads Course by Builderall is a good starter course for learning how to drive paid traffic to your website and offers for conversions and sales. 

You just read 3200 words about every product that comes with Builderall. If you are still here, you should definitely give Builderall a try! If my writing doesn’t convince you, then I have no idea what will.

Builderall Features, Tools and Training

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Website Builder
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Webinar Software
  • Webinar Hosting
  • Landing Pages Builder
  • Landing Pages Hosting
  • A/B Testing
  • Getting Started Training Videos
  • Campaign Performance Analytics
  • Website Performance Analytics
  • Website Heat Maps and User Experience Analytics
  • Hundreds of Training Videos
  • Downloadable User Guides for each product
Builderall Product Training Resources

How Much is Builderall? 5 Plans to Choose From

Builderall currently offers five different plans ranging from $0 – $69 per month. 

You can choose the right plan for you depending on your budget and how many tools you need for marketing your business. 

Here’s a breakdown of each Builderall price plan:

Free Plan – $0 per month, $0 per year
The free Builderall plan comes with one free website. This is a great plan to try out Builderall to see if this digital marketing platform is right for you. Note: Your free website will include a message at the top that promotes Builderall, in exchange for free website hosting.

Builder Plan – $19.90 per month, $238.80 per year
The Builderall Builder Plan removes all the Builderall advertising that you will find on the free website. You get access to a small set of Builderall products, 3 websites, 100 email subscribers and live chat support help. With the Builder plan, you can do digital marketing activities such as create sales funnels to sell your products, create membership websites, create scarcity timers and create your own affiliate network. 

Marketer Plan – $29.90 per month, $358.80 per year
The Builderall Marketer Plan gets you to access to more features and more Builderall products. You can host up to 5 websites, 5,000 email subscribers along with all support access options. The Marketer Plan includes additional marketing tools to allow you to manage your customers in the CRM system and send SMS messages to mobile devices. 

Essential Plan – $49.90 a month, $598.80 per year
The Builderall Essential Plan allows you to host up to 15 websites and 15,000 email subscribers. The Essential Plan adds additional marketing apps to allow you to create WordPress Websites and leverage chatbots on Facebook and your website.

Premium Plan – $69.90 per month, $838.80 per year
The Builderall Premium Plan is the most expensive plan offered by Builderall. The Premium Plan comes with every marketing tool within the Builderall platform. 30 total. You need this plan to get access to the Magazine Builder, Webinar Builder, Live Streaming Tools on Facebook and YouTube, e-Learning Course creation and Directory Builder. The Premium Plan also gives you access to the 15+ premium sales funnels for different niches and more target audiences. Whether you are promoting Builderall as an affiliate or promoting marketing services to other businesses, you can save a boatload of time with these pre-built funnels.

Additional Builderall price details:

  • Free Trial Available? Yes, 14 Days
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? Yes, (Forever) Free Plan
  • Consulting Services Available? Yes, there are Certified Builderall Consultants that can help for an additional fee
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? Yes, SMS messages, See additional Builderall products below for more details

Builderall Enrollment

Some affiliate marketing training products are open for specific periods of time. Others are open for enrollment all the time. 

For Builderall, the Builderal Enrollment period is open all the time. This means you can join Builderall any time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Builderall Enrollment status: Open
  • Availability: Always Open

Another example of an always-open enrollment affiliate marketing solution is Wealthy Affiliate. You can join Wealthy Affiliate at any time. And you can try it out for free anytime.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is another similar solution where enrollment is currently closed. Enrollment periods are open only a few times of the year.

Builderall Cancellation Policy

Builderall offers a completely free 14-day trial to try out the platform. A credit card is NOT required.

If you decide to purchase a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. There are two ways to cancel your Builderall Membership plan:

  1. Email support at contact@builderall.com
  2. Choose the cancel option inside your account settings on the Builderall platform.

Once you cancel, your Builderall plan will remain active until your renewal date. After your renewal date, your account will be switched to the forever free plan without limited products and capabilities.

Builderall Refund Policy

Buiderall offers a refund option for any monthly subscription plan within the first 30 days of purchase.

After 30 days, you will only be allowed to request a cancellation for the following month.

If you do request a refund within 30 days, be prepared to provide a reason for your request. Source: Builderall Terms of Use.

The Builderall team wants to learn from your likes and dislikes for potential platform improvements.

To request a refund, simply reach out to contact@builderall.com

Pro Tip: Try Before You Buy. You can try out the entire Builderall platform completely free. The 14 Day Trial comes with access to all 30+ tools so you can try it out, without putting a credit card number down.

Builderall Support 

Builderall is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing platforms in the world and we understand that it can be very complicated at first glance due to the amount of information and possibilities. To make it easier for you to get started and progress with Builderall, we have developed a number of support options to make your job easier! – Builderall

A lot of thought has gone in supporting every customer of Builderall.

When you buy Builderall, you get these support features to help you out when you need it most:

  1. Quick training
  2. Tutorial videos
  3. Facebook support group
  4. Online Support Website with the ticket system
  5. On-demand tutorials
  6. Certified partners

Here are the actual support channels for you to get help from:

  • Website: Support https://support.builderall.com/#aid=1146438
  • Chat: Yes
  • Phone: +1 800 794 8076
  • Email: contact@builderall.com

For pre-sales questions, HR concerns and business relations, email: contact@builderall.com.

For financial issues, create a ticket on the support website.

Builderall Login

Here is where you log in to Builderall.

(Save this link in your website browser for easy reference later.)

Builderall Reviews

So far, you’ve heard what is Builderall Review from my point of view.

But don’t just listen to me.

Here’s what other people say about Builderall.

Builderall reviews on Leadsleap.com

5 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

  • Daniel – Daniel thinks Builderall has all the tools he needs to run a successful business. He likes that the creators listen to what the users say and take action when necessary.
  • Gabriella – Thinks Builderall is high-quality and extremely valuable, and it has multiple benefits and an affordable price.
  • Pierre – Pierre likes Builderall for delivering so much content and capabilities for a business. All the essential tools in marketing such as the built-in app creator, site builder, video creation, Facebook integration, drag-and-drop website builder, and sales funnels are included for a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Builderall reviews on Trustpilot.com

5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews)

  • Barbie – Builderall’s affordability allowed her to reduce her monthly marketing expenses and reinvest her savings in other money-making channels. Over a year and a half into the platform and she has been able to build high-conversion funnels, selling her own products.
  • James – Before joining Builderall, James had to purchase over 10 tools together, costing hundreds of dollars a month with mediocre results. Since he started using the Builderall platform, he has seen better results for a fraction of the price.

Builderall Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money with BuilderAll?

Yes. But only if you actually put in the effort to market your affiliate products with a user-friendly website and quality content. Paying for clicks does not guarantee sales because, in the end, your income still depends on your marketing skills’ ability to convince people to buy.

Is Builderall good for an online business starting out?

Builderall is a good option for anyone who plans to do their own digital marketing. Builderall makes the tool part easy by offering you many marketing tools under one place for a very affordable price. You can start out with a basic plan and upgrade to more tools over time, as you need them.

Try Builderall Out Completely Free (Click Here)

Is Builderall a good option for a new e-commerce business?

Although Builderall has several tools to help you build a successful online business, it does not have comprehensive training in marketing and e-commerce. You will need additional training on how to build online stores, drive quality traffic to them and create easy buying experiences throughout your website. 

If you haven’t already, sign up for the free trial. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain before committing to a monthly plan.

What is Builderall affiliate?

A Builderall affiliate is someone who promotes the Builderall product for a percent of the sale.

When people buy Builderall from the affiliate’s link, the affiliate gets a commission for referring the sale. 

Find Out How to Get 100% of the Sale (Click Here)

Can I Build a Blog in the Cheetah Builder?

No. Not yet. The blog app for the Cheetah builder is still in development at the time of this review. You have to use the Pixel Perfect Builder to build blogs for now. 

Builderall Pros & Cons


  • Email marketing app, with more than 300 dedicated servers which guarantee a high inbox rate 
  • Great for business owners who want to do their own marketing
  • Good for people who help other people build businesses online
  • Supports VA (Virtual Assistants) to support multiple accounts under one login
  • 100+ free training videos on YouTube 
  • Global supports from 100 countries and counting
  • Ability to customize your dashboard with the only the products you want to use (and ability to add more apps as you grow)


  • This platform will require time to learn since there are so many products and features
  • Building every tool under the sun does not allow the perfection of one tool
  • The Floating Video Builder doesn’t allow you to choose videos created in the video builder
  • Cheetah builder doesn’t currently support blogs (targeting release February 2020)
  • Outdated or broken videos in some of the product training areas 

Endorsed by David Sharpe, owner of Legendary Marketer

If you are not aware of Legendary Marketer, LM is another affiliate marketing training and digital marketing training course.

The owner of Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe, is stated to have made multi-millions of dollars through his internet marketing skills.

In July 2019, the Builderall team announced a sales partnership with David Sharpe.

Dave is responsible for the sales of Builderall as the Director of Sales.

He will help develop marketing strategies and support products that will benefit you as a user of Builderall and as a Builderall affiliate. 

To have Dave behind Builderall is pretty huge from a credibility standpoint. 

Check out this video where the Builderall team introduces Dave, his new partnership and what you can expect from Builderall going forward. 

Other Products

In addition to the Builderall platform, there are other products and programs you take advantage of. 

These additional products and services (for additional costs) will allow you to take your Builderall knowledge and marketing campaigns to the next level. 

Builderall Certified Partner

Builderall offers a certification program for anyone who wants to gain a high level of expertise using the Builderall platform.

This special program teaches the “hows” and “whys” of every single feature you can find on the platform.

You’ll find an interactive learning system to really learn the ins and outs of Builderall. 

The program costs $2,000. When you complete the Builderall Certified Partner program, you are given access to an Exclusive Channel for business partners.

As a business partner, you are able to launch your products on the platform with Builderall as the affiliate. You can also sell your services to help other small companies and digital agencies learn how to use Builderall, for a significant fee 🙂

The Builderall Certified Partner program allows you to increase your revenue by adding additional streams of income to your online business.


Inboxpath is a special Builderall tool that improves your email deliverability by up to 50%. 

The main purpose of the tool is to ensure that your emails make it to your subscriber’s inbox and not the spam folder.

Inboxpath has three main features:

  1. List Cleaning where the email list is verified to guarantee that all emails are working
  2. Inbox Monitoring to gauge if your campaign has what it takes to reach the inbox even before you send it
  3. Reputation where your domains are constantly monitored to make sure they are not blacklisted

Inboxpath is available for a one-time fee of $97 with lifetime access.

Solo Ads (Traffic Source 1)

Solo Ads offers packages for Builderall users to generate traffic to your website from real people. 

There are 5 different packages available: 

  1. 200 Clicks – Basic Package for $156
  2. 400 Clicks – Silver Package for $380
  3. 1000 Clicks – Gold Package for $740
  4. 1500 Clicks – Platinum Package for $1,080
  5. 2000 Clicks – Titanium Package for $1400

Once your order is confirmed, Solo Ads will begin directing traffic to your page within 72 hours. 

In most cases, traffic starts within 24 to 36 hours upon confirmation of purchase.

Solo Ads Special Offer (Taylor Your Best Life)

Another option for Solo Ads is the Taylor Your Best Life packages which are available in four different types and price ranges. 

  1. The Starter Pack comes with 100 clicks for $95
  2. Advanced Pack with 250 clicks for $235
  3. Pro Pack with 500 clicks for $465
  4. Traffic Avalanche with 1,000 clicks for $920

With the Solo Ads Special offer, you will get other features such as a traffic report, statistics and a zero bot guarantee among others.

TYBL Solo Ads tracks all clicks using the Click Map Tracking tool and provides a detailed statistics report to customers once the order is fulfilled.

A good solution for learning how to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate is:

ClickBank University is an alternate affiliate marketing training course that teaches you how to use the ClickBank affiliate program. At just $47 per month, you can save money on the training to spend on your ads for driving traffic. Clickbank University 2.0 Review.

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall does have an affiliate program. You can make money by promoting Builderall to others who may need it.

Here are the Builderall affiliate program details:

  • Offers an affiliate Program: Yes
  • Program Cost: Free 
  • Commission Rate: 30 – 100%

Learn how to make 100% Commissions with the Builderall Affiliate Program 🙂

Free Builderall Training

Another thing that makes Builderall unique is the amount of training they have for you. 

They have training everywhere! 

They have created hundreds of training videos to help you learn. Through these videos and free training, you can get a better idea of how Builderall works.

On their website, YouTube and inside the platform. 

Get to know Builderall more…

Check Out Builderall’s Free Trainings Now

No account sign in or credit card required 🙂

To Buy or Not Buy?

Whether you should buy Builderall or not depends on where you are within your online marketing journey. 

The better questions to ask are:

  • Do I already have some basic understanding of marketing? 
  • Am I interested in learning the ins and outs of marketing? 
  • Am I completely new to this whole online marketing and affiliate marketing concept?

Builderall is ideal for…

If you want to expand the number of marketing strategies you can do, then Builderall is worth considering. 

  • Builderall is ideal for anyone interested in doing different types of marketing campaigns to grow your business to the next level. With Builderall, you build a website, add social proof pops, incorporate email marketing, chatbots on your website and Facebook, do webinars, build complex sales funnels and more.
  • Builderall is really ideal for anyone who wants to sell marketing services to other businesses. As an independent freelancer or a small agency group, you can use the Builderall platform to do marketing for other businesses.

Pro Tip: You won’t find another digital marketing platform like this for the price. The most expensive plan is $69 a month, which is less than $1000 a year. Expect to pay $2,500 or more a year to buy separate tools that do all of these marketing activities available to you inside Builderall.

The Downside to Builderall, Every Platform Has Them

A few things to note if you decide to buy Builderall:

  1. Learning Builderall will require time, patience and action. 
    1. If you are not ready for this process or in a hurry to make sales now, then you are not ready for Builderall.
  2. There are some issues within the platform. 
    1. You will find some broken training links, platform functionality errors, and imperfections. The overall quality of every product is ok but not perfect. This caveat is due to Builderall trying to build every product in one platform, instead of perfecting one product really well. So, expect to deal with a few platform glitches. No software or training is perfect!

Builderall may not be ideal for…

If you are completely new to online marketing or affiliate marketing, I would not recommend the Builderall 30+ products. 

  • Builderall may be information overload for complete beginners
  • You do not need every tool when you are starting out
  • Recommended practice is to learn one marketing strategy really well, then learn another, one at a time

What you need is really good training in online marketing and affiliate marketing. 

You need to understand:

  • How marketing all works
  • Why people buy solutions
  • And how to make affiliate marketing work for you

Builderall lacks in-depth training on digital marketing, online marketing, and affiliate marketing. There is some high-level affiliate marketing training on YouTube. But the training does not go very deep. 

The Builderall training is more extensive on how to use the Builderall platform. After all, you need some training to learn the ins and outs of 30 different marketing tools.

But before you jump into tools, you should really be learning about digital marketing strategy. 

  • Learn when to use a floating video and not
  • How to nurture cold leads to warm leads through carefully built sales funnels
  • Learn when gate your content (require action before you show content which is what the Viral Share tool does) or not

If you are just starting out, my personal recommendation is to take a simpler approach. Start out small and learn one marketing technique. Then learn additional strategies slowly over time. 

Builderall Alternatives

There are other products that are similar to Builderall. 

However, keep in mind that Builderall does offer the most complete set of tools in one place. These Builderall alternatives only offer a subset of digital marketing tools. You get more tools with Builderall. But you get better affiliate marketing training with these alternatives.

Two solutions that offer really good training on how to build affiliate authority websites are:

Authority Hacker will teach how to build profitable Amazon authority websites that can generate 5 to 6 figures a month. You’ll learn from two guys who sold their last authority website for some amount near $500,000. (Exact figure cannot be disclosed.)

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build Amazon Affiliate websites and other affiliate programs. This affiliate marketing training and toolset is the cheaper alternative to Authority Hacker. WA also comes with a built-in community support system which most solutions just offer access to an external Facebook Group. Wealthy Affiliate Review.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Tell Me What You Think!

Now that you’ve read this what is Builderall review, what’s your opinion or additional questions?

I’d love to hear where you are at with your online marketing and affiliate marketing journey.

Just leave a comment below.

The Super Affiliate System Review - Your Path to Unlock More Freedom And Stability in 2020?

The Super Affiliate System Review

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the Super Affiliate System Review!

In the world of affiliate marketing today, you can’t expect to make any money if you don’t have traffic.

And, getting traffic is harder than it used to be.

So, the question is…

How do you make traffic happen, especially if you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing?

You undergo training, of course!

With the number of online training courses on affiliate marketing, it’s difficult to pick the most effective one for you.

One affiliate marketing training course that has an interesting reputation is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. Also referred to as SAS.

Unlike other online courses that focus on building out authority affiliate websites, the Super Affiliate System teaches a more advanced money-making method.

Paid Traffic.

In the Super Affiliate System Review, we’ll take a deep look into SAS and see if this course is right for you or not.

The Super Affiliate System Review

What is the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is an online affiliate marketing training course that aims to teach you effective ways to build a successful online business.

Its current version is an offshoot of the Internet Jetset System and Super Affiliate System 1.0 and 2.0, all of which are created by John Crestani.

Super Affiliate System Pro 3.0 offers a step-by-step approach to picking a niche you want to pursue, choosing products you wish to advertise, launching product campaigns, and generating passive income from your page.

But unlike the earlier versions of the course, this particular Super Affiliate System focuses on traffic from paid ads.

It takes about 6 weeks to complete the entire course and includes more than 50 hours of recorded video training.

Who is John Crestani?

And why should you devote my 6 precious weeks to him?

John Crestani is a leading internet marketer who has been featured on various websites such as Forbes, Affiliate Summit, Yahoo Finance, Inc., and Home Business.

John specializes in internet marketing, business development, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and conversion optimization among other fields in marketing.

He claims to have earned $2.9 million from affiliate marketing.

Heads up: I am a real affiliate marketer. I may make affiliate commissions on purchases from some of these links. This is good news for you. At least I practice what I preach 🙂 Learn more here.

The Super Affiliate System Review Overview

Product Name: Super Affiliate System 3.0

Product Creators: John Crestani

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, Digital Product Creation Training

Strategies: Affiliate Marketing Training, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Paid Ads

Product Objective: To teach you how to create paid ads to make money from promoting other people’s products.

Price: $997 one-time charge or $397 x 3 payments per month

Free Trial or Free Version: No

Upsells: No

Additional Costs: Paid Ads

Similar to: ClickBank University, CB Passive Income Elite

Who it is for: Anyone who wants to learn advanced marketing strategies to make money from paid advertising.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review Walkthrough

To get a better idea of what Super Affiliate System is about, check out this “Blueprint” introductory video.

Here is the Super Affiliate System to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online

Super Affiliate System Product Details

Super Affiliate System 1.0 and 2.0 Versions

The Super Affiliate System has gone through two revisions to aid affiliate marketers in establishing their brand.

Anyone who had purchased the earlier versions of the Super Affiliate System was automatically grandfathered into the 3.0 pro.

The Latest Super Affiliate System Pro 3.0 Version

The Super Affiliate System Review Product

If you were to buy the Super Affiliate System Pro 3.0 Pro today, here is what you would get in the package.

The training is broken out into “6 weeks” of training.

Each week, you will learn new strategies, tips, and tricks to building out an affiliate marketing business.

6 Week Training Modules

  • Week 1 – Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche
  • Week 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills
  • Week 4 – Facebook and Google Advertising
  • Week 5 – Youtube and Native Advertising
  • Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

1. Super Affiliate System 3.0 Week 1 – Setup

The first week focuses on teaching you how to become an actual affiliate marketer.

In Super Affiliate System 3.0 week 1, you will learn:

  • About various affiliate networks, you can choose from
  • The concept of making your first commission (It’s a great feeling when you make your first commission 🙂
  • How to build presell pages
  • How to set up an ad on Facebook

2. SAS Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche

The second week focuses on personal development. This module is great for anyone who has previously tried and failed at online marketing.

In Super Affiliate System 3.0 week 2, you will learn:

  • How to choose the right niche
  • Which affiliate offers that could work best for the niche
  • Practical tips to help become a more competitive affiliate marketer

3. SAS Week 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills

The third week focuses on copywriting and the whole content creation process.

In Super Affiliate System 3.0 week 3, you will learn:

  • John Crestani’s 17-step copywriting method
  • 5 key points essential to a profitable ad
  • A special lesson from copywriting wizard Ronnie Sandlin

4. SAS Week 4 – Facebook and Google Advertising

The fourth week focuses on creating Facebook and Google advertising campaigns that work to generate clickthroughs to your landing pages.

In Super Affiliate System 3.0 week 4, you will learn:

  • How to navigate the complex system and policies of Facebook and Google to avoid:
    • Getting your campaigns rejected (This happens all the time…)
    • Having your entire account shut down (This also happens all the time…)
  • Why paid traffic is equally essential as organic traffic

5. SAS Week 5 – Youtube and Native Advertising

Week number five focuses on Youtube ads and native ads for additional ways to make money from your pages.

In Super Affiliate System 3.0 week 5, you will learn:

  • How to set up Youtube ads
  • How to integrate native advertising (Taboola, Outbrain, etc.)
  • The secrets to profitable video ads

6. SAS Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

Towards the end of the course, you will learn how to take your skills and campaigns to the next level. The idea is to make the most money possible with your efforts.

In Super Affiliate System 3.0 week 6, you will learn:

  • How to use survey funnels for a more higher Facebook ad conversions
  • How to hire and manage media buyers
  • Additional insights from real case studies and examples

7. Limited Time Bonuses

  1. Free Traffic – Costs $0 to Get Started 
  2. $1,245 in Ad Credits (FREE!)
  3. Buyer Data for Artificial-Intelligence Ad
  4. High Ticket Commissions Training
  5. Case Studies to go from $0 to $50,000
  6. Extra Login For Spouse/Biz Partner
  7. 1-on-1 Call With John Crestani


The Super Affiliate System training comes with resources to support your learning. Leverage these to help you put the training in action.

  • A list of buyers data to help you target customers who would most likely buy your product
  • Ad templates to plug and play in different ad networks
  • Pre-built landing pages to use
  • Easy acceptance into select affiliate networks
  • Access to the Super Affiliate System community for support

How To Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online

Super Affiliate System Features

  • Online videos
  • 50+ hours of training
  • Downloadable audience files
  • Ad Templates
  • Weekly webinars

Skills You Will Learn with Super Affiliate System

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis
  • Research
  • Paid Ads

The Super Affiliate System Review Pricing

What does the Super Affiliate System cost?

The Super Affiliate System costs $997 – $1191. It’s valued at $4,985 for the training, knowledge, and resources you get.

You can choose between two pricing options:

  • One time payment of $997 ($194 savings from payment plan)
  • 3 monthly payments of $397, Total cost of $1191

Super Affiliate System price details:

  • Free Trial Available? No
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? No
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Costs: Yes. Website hosting, domain name, and paid ads.

Before You Buy Super Affiliate System

You need to know that you will have additional ad costs on top of your training cost.

Paid ads require out of pocket investment until you figure out how to create ads that make your money back.

Although Facebook Ads can be very profitable and faster than the SEO strategy, the trial and error learning process can be expensive in the beginning. 

Your potential ad cost can vary greatly.

Be prepared to spend at least $250 – $1,000 before you make any money back.

(And that’s not guaranteed! It may take you more to be profitable.)

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

If you are looking to earn money without actually having to work for it, this option does not exist. (Hate to break the news to you…)

Additional SAS Product Details

When considering buying the Super Affiliate System training, here are additional product details you should know. 

Super Affiliate System Enrollment Period

  • Enrollment Status: Open
  • Availability: Always open 

There is no limit or time restriction for you to join the Super Affiliate System.

You can take the time to research and think about it before investing in this product.

Super Affiliate System Cancellation Policy

There’s no cancellation need if you pay the one-time course fee.

If you purchase with the 3-month payment plan option, you can cancel before the next payment due date to prevent any more charges.

Super Affiliate System Refund Policy

Super Affiliate System offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase date.

Super Affiliate System Support Options

When you buy any product, you want to know you will get good service and support when you need it. The team behind the Super Affiliate System will be there to support you.

Here are your support options with SAS:

Super Affiliate System Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Super Affiliate System for?

This course is ideal for anyone who can handle learning multiple marketing strategies and technologies at once.

You don’t need to be an expert. But you do need to be able to handle a lot of information and different technology platforms at once.

Paid ads are considered an advanced marketing strategy. Because there is a lot that goes into making an ad successful. And the ad part is just one component to your sales funnel. It takes some skill to make the entire funnel work to get sales.

Ads can be a great return on investment, but not usually after testing a bunch of ads until you create one that is profitable.

As a complete beginner, you should be prepared to lose money before you make money on ads.

This course isn’t for you if:

  • You are not prepared to pay additional money on ads
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

If you want a cheaper training option, consider learning how to get free traffic from search engines. This is referred to as SEO.

While organic traffic is cheaper to start out with, it can take time to start earning money. You have to publish a lot of content and allow time to build trust with the search engines.

What do I get for the purchase?

When you purchase the Super Affiliate System training course, you get instant access to John Crestani’s lessons on paid advertising, affiliate marketing strategies, methodologies on how to run a successful ad campaign and support resources.

The entire training course lasts for 6 weeks for around 50 hours where you will be taught how you can create an online business from scratch, how to create content for your landing pages, and how to generate money from your affiliate offers.

Do I have to buy anything else besides the Super Affiliate System?

Yes. In addition to the training course and resources, you will need to have a:

  1. Hosted website – average cost is $60 a year for basic hosting plans
  2. Domain name – average costs is $10 – $15 a year
  3. Ad costs – the number can vary greatly

Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

No. The $997 price is a one-time fee.

You do have an option to pay over 3 months instead of all at once. But once you pay in full, you will have no more monthly fees.

Super Affiliate System Reviews

If you prefer reading unbiased testimonials from people who have actually enrolled in the program, here’s what some of them have to say:

Super Affiliate System Reviews on Trustpilot.com

3 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

  • Visualgirl_Dub – She didn’t like that it was difficult getting a refund for the course.
  • Devon – Devon claims that the product Super Affiliate System does not deliver its promised result which is being able to leave your job to become a full-time affiliate marketer.
  • Rohan – Rohan flat-out says this is the worst company without further substantiating the claim.

Super Affiliate System Reviews on Leadsleap.com

5 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

  • JC Hernandez – This course is more suitable for the people who already have experience with affiliate marketing and want to scale up their existing business, or those who won’t mind spending a couple of thousand dollars on the training course and the advertising.
  • Richard – One thing I liked about this 6 module program is that the first week’s content focuses on helping you start making some cash right away by learning the basics.
  • Renzo – I made my first commissions online after taking actions of what my mentor taught to me.

Super Affiliate System Pros & Cons


  • A good amount of training for the price (6 weeks at about 50 hours)
  • Doesn’t require you to create or sell your products (Affiliate marketing removes that barrier since you just promote other people’s products)
  • Taught from a very experienced marketer so you learn from results, not theory
  • Comes with a list of buyers data and ad templates to help you get started faster
  • Learn high-value skills like how to make paid ads work


  • Requires more money to invest in ads
  • Initial cost investment could be around $2,000 – $3000
  • Paid ads are complex marketing strategies

Other Products by John Crestani

John Crestani also offers other training courses and webinars to help budding online marketers get started in the business.

How to Earn a Six-Figure Side-Income Online

As the name suggests, How to Earn a Six-Figure Side Income Online is a short course designed by John Crestani to teach his audience the essentials in establishing a side business that generates a significant amount of income. It’s a free webinar suitable for people who are looking to earn extra without quitting the jobs they love or giving up on other businesses.

How To Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online

The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint is a digital guide that talks about practical ways to thrive in the affiliate marketing business. It’s free and sent via email when you sign up for the Super Affiliate System newsletter. This free guide is not as in-depth as the actual training course. But you get a high-level overview and general introduction to affiliate marketing.

Internet Jetset System

The Internet Jetset System is one of John Crestani’s first products. The Internet Jetset System served as the foundation of all his other online courses, including the Super Affiliate System. This product is no longer offered.

Work At Home Secrets and Scams

Work at Home Secrets and Scams is a book written by John Crestani as a guide for aspiring home-based workers. In this book, you will learn John’s tips on how to succeed in a home-based business while also saving yourself from losing money on scams.

Grab Work-At-Home Secrets & Scams

Super Affiliate System Affiliate Program

Does the Super Affiliate System offer an Affiliate Program? Yes.

If you like what the Super Affiliate System does for you, you can recommend it to other people. (And make a nice commission for the referral 🙂

Super Affiliate System Review Conclusion

Hopefully, the Super Affiliate System Review has helped you understand the different options you have to learn affiliate marketing today.

The Super Affiliate System is definitely a legitimate product. It’s made John Crestani a lot of money.

As you saw from the Super Affiliate System reviews, some people have benefited from the course while others have not.

The ultimate key to your success is to take action on your investment.

Whether you invest in the Super Affiliate System and learn how to make money online through paid ads.

Or you choose to learn a different business model, like building an authority website and making money from free traffic from search engines.

Both business models have pros and cons.

Paid traffic is tricky because it requires you to spend more money upfront to make money. Affiliate authority websites and SEO cost less but require more time investment and effort to see the money part.

John Crestani is a smart guy. If you buy his course, you will definitely learn some very valuable, high money-making skills.

You just need to be willing to invest the time, energy and more money to make his course work. If this intrigues you, then do it! Stick with it, and don’t look back.

Super Affiliate System Alternatives

If you are looking for a cheaper affiliate marketing training course option, then check out these SAS alternatives.

ClickBank University is an alternate affiliate marketing training course that teaches you similar strategies as the Super Affiliate System. At just $47 per month, you can save money on the training to spend on your ads.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

CB Passive Income Elite is another affiliate marketing training course that is similar to Super Affiliate System and ClickBank University 2.0. You will learn to make money from promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate. CB Passive Income Elite gives you a DFY (Done-For-You) system with already created landing pages, pre-chosen affiliate offers and email campaigns.

CB Passive Income Elite Review

Wealthy Affiliate is a third affiliate marketing training course option. You will learn a different affiliate marketing business model that doesn’t require as much upfront cost. You can buy 3 years worth of training and website hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, for the same price of the Super Affiliate System course.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Got Questions?

Feel free to leave them below. I’d love to hear from you.

CB Passive Income Elite Review – The DFY Way to Make Money Online?

CB Passive Income Elite Review

Hey! Thanks for checking out my CB Passive Income Elite Review!

Let’s face it.

There are SO many affiliate marketing training courses available to you today.

Seriously. Way TOO many!

CB Passive Income Elite is just ONE of what seems like hundreds of options you can choose from.

And, CBIE claims to have helped 2,892 customers make money online. 

The big question is, can you be success number 2,983? 

CB Passive Income Elite Review

What is CB Passive Income Elite Review?

CB Passive Income Elite is a combination of affiliate marketing training and tools for ClickBank Affiliate Marketing.

This product teaches you how to earn money by recommending other people’s products, aka affiliate marketing.

You will learn how to leverage the ClickBank affiliate program and promote ClickBank products as an affiliate.

This training is similar to ClickBank University, created by different ClickBank affiliate marketers.

The CB Passive Income Elite training program focuses on these strategies:

  • Email marketing
  • Social traffic

Who’s behind this course and why it matters?

Patric Chan is the creator behind CB Passive Income. He is a top earner on ClickBank.com. 

You will learn the same affiliate and marketing strategies that Patric uses to be a super affiliate himself.

Heads up: I am a real affiliate marketer. I may make affiliate commissions on purchases from some of these links. This is good news for you. At least I practice what I preach 🙂 Learn more here.

CB Passive Income Elite Review Overview

Product Name: CB Passive Income Elite
Product Creators: Patric Chan
Product Categories: DFY, Affiliate Marketing Training, Landing Page Builder
Strategies: Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, Solo Ads, Facebook Ads
Product Objective: To help people make money from promoting ClickBank affiliate products. 
Price: $497 one time payment (Currently offering a discount for $297)
Free Trial or Free Version: No
Upsells: Contentaire Private Label License Package for $97, L1nk Track for $11.60
Additional Costs: Email marketing tool, Paid Traffic (Solo Ads, Facebook Ads)
Similar to: ClickBank Breaks the Internet, ClickBank University
Who it is for: Anyone who wants to learn advanced marketing strategies to make money from promoting ClickBank products.

CB Passive Income Elite in “Just 3 Steps”

CB Passive Income Elite Review Details

The CB Passive Income System claims these are the 3 key steps to making passive income online:

  1. Create a webpage with a free give away to capture the email leads
  2. Produce free high-quality content for your subscribers
  3. Promote ClickBank affiliate products to your subscribers to generate affiliate commissions

The CB Passive Income System is built with these steps in mind. 

It’s built on the DFY (Done-For-You) concept to include exact webpages and email copy with pre-chosen affiliate offers. 

You take all of the pre-created content and just focus on one thing.


In the training, you will learn how to drive traffic to those offers so you can make affiliate commissions.

With the CB Passive Income System Elite system, the idea is that you don’t need to:

  • Find affiliate programs to promote
  • Create your own landing pages
  • Write email copy and sales letters
  • Offer customer service
  • Create or manage a website

These steps are already done for you. 

Free Online Workshop

Now is a good time to learn more from Patric.

Check out this free online workshop to learn more about the strategies taught inside CB Passive Income Elite.

In this free workshop, you will learn:

  • Patric’s 3 secrets to CB Passive Income’s success
  • The untold truth for the top four niches and what you need to know about them before you choose them
  • Which niches people are NOT spending high dollars on
  • The most effective type of marketing (according to Patric Chan) to make the most amount of affiliate commissions
CB Passive Income Elite Free Online Workshop

What makes CB Passive Income ELITE Unique?

There are 4 things that make CB Passive Income Elite different from every other affiliate marketing training product out there. 

1. Patric Chan is a ClickBank Platinum Award Winner

Patric Chan is one of the few most successful marketers earning from ClickBank today.

He won the prestigious ClickBank Platinum award in 2020. Which means, he’s in the top 1% of ClickBank earners.  

If you want to learn from someone who does affiliate marketing himself, then Patric is a good choice. 

Pro Tip: CB Passive Income is just one of the many digital products Patric has created. You can grab his free 100-page book and video training on how he earns a 100% profit margin from the digital product business model. Grab this while it’s free. Book currently sells for $14.99 on Amazon. 

Patric Chan's Free Book and Video

2. CB Passive Income has been around for 7 years

A digital product that is still in existence after 7 years is a good sign! 

Due to people’s high expectations and super-fast development of technology advancements, a crappy product just won’t last.

CB Passive Income has been around since 2013. There have been 6 different versions of CBI over the years.  

CB Passive Income Evolution Timeline

Here’s the timeline for CB Passive Income evolution period:

  • 2013: CB Passive Income 1.0
  • 2014: CBI 2.0
  • 2015: CBI 3.0
  • 2017: CBI 4.0
  • 2018: CBI 5.0
  • 2019: CB Passive Income Elite

In 2019, CB Passive Income ELITE was born, which is the most improved version yet.

CB Passive Income Elite Eliminates Previous Complaints

CBI Elite completely replaces all of the previous versions. 

The biggest complaints with CB Passive Income were:

  1. All of the content had Patric Chan’s branding (emails came from Patric Chan)
  2. You didn’t keep the leads for continued revenue generation (Patric captured all of your leads)

The latest ELITE version has eliminated these complaints. 

The newest elite product offers you more personalization and branding options than previous versions. And the emails will come from you and stay with you. 

You also get additional coaching and training options, which were also not included before. 

Pro Tip: Continued improvement over time is a good thing for you. Because this means you are getting taught the latest marketing strategies and leveraging the latest technology advancements.

3. The #1 Affiliate Marketing product in ClickBank

CB Passive Income was previously listed as the #1 Affiliate Marketing product in ClickBank.

This means it was the highest-selling ClickBank product in the internet marketing category.

Being #1 is quite an accomplishment, considering there 1000’s of internet marketing products on ClickBank.

One of the biggest reasons for this is, the original CB Passive Income product was built around promoting CBI as the affiliate product.

You were taught how to promote this product to people who want to learn how to make money online. 

The latest ELITE product allows you to promote more affiliate offers than just the CB Passive Income product.

4. A DFY Clone System with Software

CB Passive Income Elite is not just a training course.

Not only will you learn how to promote affiliate products, but you will also get tools, templates, and guides to clone the exact systems Patric uses himself. 

This is where the Done-For-You (DFY) comes in. 

It enables you to replicate Patric’s system and duplicate his techniques and methods, that have put in him the top 1% of ClickBank marketers. 

You will be provided with pre-created landing pages, sales funnels and email swipes to help you start promoting affiliate offers faster.

All of this can lead to making affiliate commissions faster.

CB Passive Income Elite Review Product Features

The CB Passive Income Elite product is organized into 5 components

Each component consists of training, tools and/or content to make CBIE what it is today.

Here’s a closer look inside what you get if you buy CB Passive Income Elite.

1. Affiliate Marketing Training

The first CB Passive Income Elite component is training

You will learn the basics of how affiliate marketing works and how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers to make sales. 

In CB Passive Income Elite component #1, you get these four training modules:

  1. Elite System Walkthrough – Get your business up and running within 7 days
  2. Monetization Strategies – Learn how to make money online with ClickBank and other methods
  3. Proven Traffic Formulas – See Patric’s traffic sources, ads and swipe files for targeted traffic
  4. Next Level Affiliate Strategies – Gain insights on advanced affiliate marketing strategies for increased commissions

This training component takes four weeks to complete.

Once you complete the four training modules, you will receive four additional online coaching classes.

2. Done-For-You Webpages

The second CB Passive Income Elite component is pre-built web pages

With done for you web pages, you do not have to create your own web/landing pages to promote your affiliate offers.

 You will literally clone Patric’s personally designed web pages that have made him money. 

In CB Passive Income Elite component #2, you get:

  • 4 pre-designed, pre-built, ready to go web pages to use
  • Built-in free content offers to entice your traffic to sign up to your email list
  • Included web hosting so these pages are accessible online
  • Performance and conversion tracking for your page
  • White Label branding so the pages will be from and by you

The done for you websites save you time, which allows you to start promoting your offers faster. 

3. Done For You Content Giveaways

The third CB Passive Income Elite component is the Content Engine Software

You will be given access to 50 reports and ebooks you can customize with your affiliate links. 

These reports and ebooks are used as a giveaway in exchange for a person’s email address.

With done for you content, you do not have to create content to giveaway to your email subscribers. 

This step is already done for you. You choose from Patric has already created.

In CB Passive Income Elite component #3, you get these content engine software features:

  • 50 DFY reports and ebooks to giveaway 
  • Content promoting internet marketing and online (MMO) business niches 
  • Pre-chosen affiliate products within the content
  • Easy customization to brand with your own website URL
  • Customized with your ClickBank ID if it’s a ClickBank product

4. Email Swipe Files

The fourth CB Passive Income Elite component is the Email Swipe Files Library

You get access to a library of 200+ emails pre-written emails. 

With done for you email content, you do not have to write your own emails to send to your subscribers after they opt-in to receive content from you.

You just use what Patric has already created and uses within his own email lists. 

This step can save you lots of time and money that you would spend on these tasks otherwise. 

In CB Passive Income Elite component #4, you get:

  • 200+ pre-written emails 
  • Easily copy and paste in your email marketing software
  • Included affiliate offers to promote
  • Included free reports to give away for free

5. Done-For-You Funnels

The fourth CB Passive Income Elite component is the done for you funnels

If you think funnels are complicated, this product component is designed to help make this part easier. 

 You will literally clone Patric’s personally created funnels that he uses himself. 

With done for you funnels, you don’t need to do this step yourself. 

In CB Passive Income Elite component #5, you get:

  • Pre-built funnels to use
  • Instant connection to the pre-designed web pages 
  • Show any of your own preferred “thank you” page

6. Limited Time Bonuses

Buy CB Passive Income Elite today, and you will also get these additional bonuses, valued over $4,000. 

  1. Access to the Private Facebook Group Access – Get help from other CBIE’ers when you need it most
  2. Marketing Page Builder 2.0 Tool – Click & build website builder to create your own webpages
  3. Social Strategic 2.0 Online Class – Learn additional strategies and secrets of Facebook ads
  4. Solo Ads Sellers Rolodex – a list of 100 email ad sellers to drive traffic to your email sign up offers
  5. CB Super Affiliate Coaching – 60 additional training videos to learn how to become a ClickBank Super Affiliate
  6. Free upgrades for 2 Years – Access to all upgrades that happen over a 2-year time span

A Side note: The CB Super Affiliate Coaching program is suppsedly selling for $997 at superaffiliate.training. But that website domain is not working at the time of this review. So hard to tell if this is actually true. Some of the content on this page is already out of date. 

7. Basic Email Autoresponder

Since you learn how to make affiliate commissions through email marketing, you will be encouraged to purchase email marketing campaign software. 

An email service provider or autoresponder can cost you anywhere from $10 – $35 a month. This service will be an additional cost on top of the purchase of the CB Passive Income Elite training product. 

If you do not already have an autoresponder, you can use the provided AutomationCart Responder.

You’ll get 10,000 email broadcast credits for free. Once you’ve sent 10,000 emails, you’ll be required to pay additional costs for continued service.  


  • Training Videos
  • Support PDFs and guides
  • Web page builder 
  • Web page hosting 
  • Done For You Content
  • Basic Email Campaign Autoresponder (with limited free credits)

See CB Passive Income Elite For Yourself 

Watch the walkthrough video. Patric takes you inside the product for a personal tour of how it all works.

CB Passive Income Elite Review Product Demo

Once you click the image above, scroll down to the middle of the page to find the walkthrough video.

CB Passive Income Elite Pricing

With all of these training components and included DFY tools, how much does CB Passive Income Elite cost?

CB Passive Income Elite is advertised to be valued at $25,000. The claim is that it would cost twenty-five grand to build this type of product today. 

Notice, he didn’t say how much he spent to build CBIE. Patric just gives you the estimated value of the cost of the product. 

Pro Tip: Custom software development prices vary from $2,000 to $250,000. (Source: Quora.) It takes specialized skills, technology and people to build a technology product. Although, building technology is so much easier today than it was 10 years ago, there are still costs involved. 

For the price you will pay, here is what CB Passive Income Elite costs today:

  • Regular price: $497 one time payment

However, there is a discounted price at the time of this review. 

  • Current discount: $297 one time payment 

And if you go to the cart, start to click away, you’ll receive another offer for:

  • Special 3 month offer: $99 for 3 months

Special Note: These prices can change at any time. The discount and special offers can expire at any time. Patric Chan is always experimenting with prices and special offers to see which ones make more sales. 

Additional CB Passive Income Elite Price details:

  • Free Trial Available? No
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? No
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? Yes

CB Passive Income Elite Review Upsells

As of right now, there are two additional digital products you can also buy. (In addition to CB Passive Income Elite.) 

You will see these products listed on the checkout cart page. 

  •  Contentaire Private Label License Package: $97
  • L1nk Track: $11.60

Contentaire Private Label License Package Upsell

Contentaire Private Label License Package is a digital product add on. You learn how to make money from selling courses and ebooks online. Contentaire Private Label License Package includes 700 pages of templates, swipe files, checklists, case studies, training manuals, and idea starters to help you create an info-product. 

Contentaire Private Label License Package currently sells for $397 on creatingoffers.com. But Patric Chan offers you a discounted price of $97.

L1nk Track Upsell 

L1nk Track is another digital product add on. You get a link tracking tool that helps you track your clicks, split test your offers and GEO-redirects. 

L1nk Track currently sells for $29 on 1nk.com. But Patric offers you a discounted price of $11.60.

Pro Tip: I personally would not buy these add on products right away. You can always add these products later if you decide you need them. 

Additional CBIE Product Details

When considering buying CB Passive Income Elite, here are additional product details you should know. 

CB Passive Income Elite Enrollment Period

The availability of this affiliate marketing training course is always open. You can join at any time. 

  • Enrollment Status: Open
  • Availability: Always open 

You can take the time to research and think about it before investing in this product.

CB Passive Income Elite Cancellation Policy

If you pay a one time cost, you don’t need to cancel anything. 

If you choose an option like the 3 months at $99, you will need to cancel your payment before your 3 months end. To cancel your subscription, you have to email Chris or contact the support team through the online portal.

CB Passive Income Elite Refund Policy

CB Passive Income Elite program provides a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. 

CB Passive Income Elite Review 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you buy CBIE and decide its not the right product for you, you can contact the support team to request a refund within thirty days of your purchase. 

CB Passive Income Elite Support Options

CB Passive Income Elite Login

The login address for CB Passive Income Elite is:

You need to buy the product in order to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CB Passive Income work?

Here are real CB Passive Income Reviews from other people who have purchased CBI.

  • Brendan says CB Passive Income worked for him. He used some of the paid traffic and free traffic methods explained in the videos. Brendan had some success with CBI.
  • Collin purchased CB Passive Income. Without using paid ads, he was able to get 4 email sign-ups in 2 days.

Lead source: Leadsleap.com

What Type of Affiliate Products will I Promote with CB Passive Income Elite?

You will be promoting Internet and Online Marketing related products. You’ll also have the option to promote CB Passive Income Elite to others for affiliate commissions. 

This is the one thing you need to know before you buy. If you are NOT interested in promoting Make Money Online (MMO) products, then CB Passive Income Elite may not be right for you. 

CB Passive Income Elite Affiliate Program

Does CB Passive Income Elite have an affiliate program? Yes. 

Affiliate Program Details:

Pros & Cons


  • The Done For You Concept 
  • You are not starting from scratch
  • Can launch affiliate campaigns quicker
  • Includes training and tools in one place
  • You learn advanced marketing skills


  • You will be promoting mostly internet and online marketing products
  • The advanced marketing strategies taught are hard for complete beginners
  • You will be trained to buy Solo ads and Facebook ads to drive traffic (additional costs)
  • Your true out of pocket costs are higher than the initial $297 price (because of the suggestion to buy ads for quicker results)

Should You Buy or Not Buy?

The marketing strategies that CB Passive Income Elite teaches, can work.

Whether you actually make money with CB Passive Income Elite or any affiliate marketing program is ultimately up to you. 

With CB Passive Income Elite, you will be learning a lot of different marketing skills all at once. (e.g. email marketing, landing pages, sales funnels, solo ads, and Facebook ads).

Learning these all at once is a bit complicated. So CBIE strives to help you by providing ready-made content for you.

I personally do not recommend these strategies for a complete beginner.

The number of components you need to connect together just to make a sale can be a bit overwhelming at first.

But regardless of what I say, the decision is ultimately yours.

CB Passive Income Elite Alternatives

If you haven’t made your mind up about CBIE, take a look at these other affiliate marketing training options.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is another DFY option. It is 10 times more expensive but includes Webinar technology for an additional step in your sales funnels.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet Review

ClickBank University is an alternate affiliate marketing training course that teaches you similar strategies as CB Passive Income. At just $47 per month, you can save money on the training upfront to spend on your ads.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

CB Passive Income Elite is another affiliate marketing training course that is similar to Super Affiliate System and ClickBank University 2.0. You will learn to make money from promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate. CB Passive Income Elite gives you a DFY (Done-For-You) system with already created landing pages, pre-chosen affiliate offers and email campaigns.

CB Passive Income Elite Review

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a third affiliate marketing training course option. You will learn a different affiliate marketing business model that doesn’t require as much upfront cost. You can buy 3 years worth of training and website hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, for the same price of the Super Affiliate System course.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Got Questions?

Feel free to leave them below. I’d love to hear from you.

Solo Build It Review – If You Are Interested in Becoming a Solopreneur in 2020

Solo Build It Review

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my Solo Build It Review!

It’s your Affiliate Marketing Informant here, informing you of everything you need and WANT to know about affiliate marketing!

If you are looking to develop and grow your own online business, then you have come to the right place.

Here, we take a look inside Solo Build It! by SiteSell.

Solo Build It! is an online marketing training and tool platform for people who want to be Solopreneurs.

Solopreneur: An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running a business single-handedly. S/he might hire contractors on a project-by-project basis, but retains full responsibility for the running of the business.

Urban Dictionary

For Solo Build It, we’ll answer questions such as:

  • Is Solo Build It worth the money?
  • Can you make money with Solo Build It?
  • Can you be a successful solopreneur with Solo Build It?

We will take a very in-depth look inside everything you need to know about Solo Build It! by SiteSell.

We’ll review product details, pros, cons, frequently asked questions, other people’s reviews, claims, differentiators, alternatives, the affiliate program and more. 

The goal is to understand if Solo Build It! can really help you grow a profitable online business, or not.

Warning! This is not a short or LITE review. It took more than 5 days just to write this one review.

(There is a LOT to cover.)

If you are serious about learning how to make money online and want to consider Solo Build It as an option to help you do this…

This review will be the most thorough Solo Build It Review you’ll probably ever read!

And the only one you need to read…:)

If you’re ready, then let’s get into this detailed SBI Review!

Solo Build It Review

What is Solo Build It?

Solo Build It, also referred to as SBI, is an All-In-One (AIO) online business builder, that shows you how to make money from websites.

Not a website-builder —
It’s a web business-builder.
– Solo Build It!

Formerly known as Site Build It, Solo Build It is a members-only platform that offers a web builder, website promotional tools and training on specific monetization strategies to make your websites profitable.

SBI focuses on a 10-step process to build an online business the right way. Because they state that creating a website is the easy part.

Which is true…

There are so many choices of website builders today.

It IS really easy to create a website today! So everyone has a website. Which makes the internet competitive.

(There are 200 million websites online right now according to Internet Live Stats.)

Making money from your website IS the harder part.

So, SBI provides training for the harder parts of website building which include:

  1. Research and planning stage
  2. Creation of high-value website content
  3. Traffic-building
  4. Monetization

Solo Build It Review Overview

Product Name: Solo Build It!

Product Creators: Ken Evoy of SiteSell Inc.

Product Categories: Website Builder, Affiliate Marketing Training, Digital Product Creation Training

Strategies: Affiliate Marketing, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels

Product Objective: Provide you with the training, tools and support to build a website that generates revenue.

SBI! $29.99 monthly or $299 annually
SBI! for WP! $17 per month or $149 a year

Free Trial or Free Version: No

Upsells: Yes. Name Park It! for $11.99 per year.

Similar to: Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall

Recommended for: People who want to be “solopreneurs” and learn how to make money online with a website and free traffic sources.

Solo Build It Video Walkthrough

Watch this short video for a quick run-through of how Solo Build It works.

You get a better understanding of what you can expect from SBI and how it can help you build an online career as a solo entrepreneur.

Watch This Solo Build It! Introduction Video

What’s Unique About Solo Build It?

Solo Build It offers three unique training processes and concepts you won’t find in any other online marketing training program.

First is the SBI! Action Guide (AG).

The Action Guide is Solo Build Its unique 10-step training program for building a website. It will guide you through each step of the process you need to take. It will also teach you how to use the built-in SBI tools to support your website build over time.

Second is the CTPM process.

CTPM stands for:

  • Content – Create In-Demand Content
  • Traffic – Attract Targeted Traffic
  • Presell – Presell Those Visitors
  • Monetization – Monetize PreSold Traffic

CTPM is the detailed step by step process for building out a website that actually makes money.

SiteSell was the first to recognize the natural process of CTPM and has incorporated this method into the Solo Build It training foundation.

SBI states that C  T  P  M is the proven way to build any business online.

Third is BAM!

Photo Credit: SiteSell.com

BAM! stands for:

  • Brains — having knowledge and passion about your chosen niche topic
  • Attitude — positive, even in the face of occasionally feeling overwhelmed
  • Motivation — a strong desire or willingness to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed.

The idea behind BAM is Solo Build Its ways of describing qualities you need to succeed at building a successful online website business today.

Bring BAM and you will succeed. – Solo Build It!

Solo Build It Products & Features

Solo Build It offers a unique AIO (All-In-One) solution which means you get training along with tools and an inside community support forum.

The idea behind SBI is to not only teach you what you need to know but also provides you with the tools you need all in one place.

So when you buy Solo Build It! by SiteSell, you actually get a lot with your purchase.

Here are all of the products that come included for the money you spend.

(Warning again: it’s A LOT! : )

Brainstorm It! 4

Brainstorm It! V4 is Solo Build It’s proprietary brainstormer and keyword research tool. You use Brainstorm It to choose niches and keywords for your website.

Photo Credit: SiteSell.com

The keyword tool generates hundreds of unique results based on your areas of interest, all of which are potential concepts for your online business.

If you don’t have an idea what topics to choose for your website, Solo Build It has you covered with the Brainstorm It! 4.

Brainstorm will help you find a niche if you can’t identify one on your own. It also helps you choose the highest potential niche, based on such factors as:

  1. Profitability
  2. Competition
  3. Monetization potential

Search It!

Search It! is like a search engine within Solo Build It. It functions the way a search engine does by generating results for what you search for.

If you are looking for free images to use, trying to gather more information about your competitors, or looking for niches that are talking about your website, Search It! is the tool for you.

Name Park It!

SBI’s Name Park It is a domain registration tool. Name Park It! allows you to “park” or reserve a domain name that you plan to use later.

For a minimal annual fee of $11.99 per domain name, you can enjoy redirects to your actual domain and subdomain.

With Name Park It, you can buy and manage all of your domains from within Solo Build It. And, you can easily set up re-directs to other domain names to drive traffic to those websites.

Name Park It is to be used for future websites, ideas, products and services that will all be part of your brand. Or a completely new brand.

Site Designer

Whether you’re a genius in web design or only know a few tricks, Solo Build It supplies you with dozens of design options for the look and feel of your website.

Site Designer is a visual website editor that eliminates the need to know how to code.

Solo Build It! Site Designer Templates
Solo Build It! Site Designer Templates | Photo Credit: SiteSell.com

Choose from pre-designed templates or use SBI!’s built-in tools to start from scratch.

Each design is customizable to your preference and the branding you would like to pursue. The user interface is easy to use and is suitable for all types of devices.

If you have your own HTML tool that you would like to use, you can also upload it onto the Solo Build It system to use on your website.


BlockBuilder is a website page builder that teaches you how to build web pages that work for both humans and engines.

BlockBuilder works the same way WordPress does, but with all the plug-ins already built within the system.

You do not need to install separate plugins or widgets because BlockBuilder provides it all for you.

BlockBuilder works along with Site Designer to build out content (aka pages) for your website that people want to read and can rank in search engine results for free traffic.

Content 2.0

Content 2.0 enables every visitor to an SBI! website to create web pages (with text and images) on the site.

The goal with Content 2.0 is to help you add content to your website without having to write everything yourself.

Each new page a visitor adds is automatically linked within your site for optimal search engine results.

Content 2.0 follows the same idea as to what happens on social media networks. You allow visitors to help you build your website by creating and uploading new and fresh content for you.

(That’s exactly why Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are what they are today!)

Site Health

Site Health is a new Solo Build It tool that ensures your website looks great and functions perfectly.

It’s a virtual system administrator that scans your website to find broken links, images, and other potentially damaging sources with the click of a button.

Site Health also generates a report and sends you alerts so you can fix the problems right away.

This helps you maintain a professional image and improves your website’s ranking in search engines.

Traffic-Building Systems

Traffic-Building Systems is a suite of traffic-building tools to ensure your website is attracting free traffic from search engines.

The combination of tools to help you optimize your website content for search engines and track the progress over time.

You get data on your traffic performance and click analysis to understand how folks are interacting with your site, along with insights on adjustments you can make to increase visitor monetization over time.

If your content is not ranking in search engines, there is a tool that will offer you suggestions on what to do about it.

Email Newsletter Publishing with MailOut Manager

Solo Build It offers a set of “trust-building” tools to help develop trust and confidence from your website visitors.

MailOut Manager is an email newsletter publishing tool that allows you to create custom newsletters for your website’s visitors and potential customers.

You add a sign-up form to any of your website pages, capture their information and have the system send out your pre-created newsletter for you.

Mailout Manager includes features to keep you compliant with data protection regulations and inform you of the likelihood of your newsletter being flagged as spam content, so you can make the necessary corrections.

MailOut Manager also generates a report on the number of subscribers who actually open your newsletter.

Form Build It! / Autoresponders

With Form Build It, you create surveys and polls within your website or create sequential autoresponders that you can deliver to subscribers on schedule.

Each form has an option you can include that lets your visitors sign up for your newsletter with one click of their mouse.

Social Button Integration

Solo Build It allows you to promote your social media pages within your website.

The Social Button Integration tool allows you to build up your social communities by making easy for people to follow you on social media!

Easily add a Twitter Follow and Pinterest follow button with one click.

And watch your social communities grow!

SBI! Action Guide (AG)

The Solo Build It Action Guide introduces you to a 10-day journey that guides you to the success of your business.

The Action Guide is your step by step training guide. It shows you how to use everything in SBI in a simple, easy to follow the framework.

This is particularly helpful so you don’t get lost in the many tools offered by the software.

It has 10 “days” for 10 different steps in building a website and eventually profiting from it. Each chapter focuses you on the needed elements to build out your online business.

The Solo Build It Action Guide training is available in written, video and mobile formats.

Solo Build It Review Features

General Features:

  • 80+ modules
  • Videos and tutorials
  • Built-in tools
  • Community Forum

Brainstorm It! 4 Features:

  • Site Concept Finder
  • Blueprint It!
  • Advanced Brainstorming
  • SiteSell Supply
  • Site Info
  • Alexa Integration
  • Niche Choose It!
  • Search It!

Site Designer Tool Features:

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • Name Park It!
  • Email

Block Builder Tool Features:

  • Customized Mobile UX
  • Use Your Own HTML Tool
  • Content 2.0
  • Page and Image Manager
  • Regular and Automated Blogging
  • Reusable Blocks
  • Site Health

Traffic-Building Tool Features:

  • Analyze It!
  • Automatic Search Engine Tracking
  • Automatic Search Engine Pinging
  • Automatic Search Engine Sitemap Creation
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • Traffic Stats and Click Analysis
  • Private Traffic Headquarters

Email Newsletter Publishing Tool Features:

  • General Data Protection Regulation Compliant
  • SpamCheck!
  • Newsletter OpenRate

Autoresponder Tool Features:

  • Blog It!
  • Socialize It!
  • Face It!
  • Facebook’s Open Graph Tags
  • Pin It!

Action Guide Features:

  • Intro: The Big Picture
  • Day 1: Master the All-Important Basics
  • Day 2: Develop Your Best Site Concept
  • Day 3: Brainstorm More Profitable Page Topics
  • Day 4: Investigate and Plan Monetization Options
  • Day 5: Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name
  • Day 6: Build a Site that Gets the Click
  • Day 7: Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources
  • Day 8: Develop Relationships
  • Day 9: Know Your Visitors
  • Day 10: Monetize

The 30 Minute Solo Build It! Video Tour

If you have the time, you can see all of these products in action with this 30-minute tour video.

The Solo Build It! Video does a good job of using real-life examples so you can understand how the process will work for you.

Watch the Solo Build It! Video Tour

Solo Build It! Pricing

So, you made this far in this Solo Build It Review. (Great job BTW!)

It’s time to answer the most important question you probably have been asking yourself (and me through reading this article).

How much does Solo Build It cost?

Solo Build It offers two different SBI products:

  1. SBI! (Original) $29.99 per month or $299 a year
  2. SBI! for WP! $17 per month or $149 a year

SBI! (Original Product)

SBI! is a monthly plan that costs $29.99 a month or a yearly subscription that costs $299. You can save $60 a year with the yearly subscription.

With SBI!, you get all of Solo Build It’s training, tools, and support for these prices. This includes building your website on Solo Build It’s in-house website builder product called BuilderBlock.

Then there is a cheaper option. (Well, sort of…)

SBI! for WP!

SBI! for WP! is a lower cost monthly plan that costs $17 a month or $149 a year. You can save $55 a year with the yearly subscription.

SBI for WP allows you to build your website on WordPress, and not use Solo Build It’s inhouse website builder.

This option was added to support the current times of web building expectations among other affiliate marketers and online marketers alike.

WordPress is a very popular website builder these days. 35% of the websites online today are created with WordPress.

So the SBI for WP is offered to appeal to these marketers as well.

Pro Tip: SBI for WP appears to be cheaper. But it’s not! Here’s why.

SBI! for WP! does NOT include website hosting. It also does NOT include access to all the SBI tools. You can’t use Brainstorm It!, Search It! and several other SBI proprietary tools.

So with SBI for WP, you have to:

  • Pay additional costs for website hosting (average costs $35 – $50 a year)
  • Manage your website hosting outside of the SBI platform
  • Purchase and manage a domain name outside of SBI
  • Use other options for tools similar to Brainstorm It and Search It

Which SBI product is right for you?

If you have never used WordPress before, then I recommend the original SBI product for $29.99 per month or $299 a year.

The reason is:

SBI! removes the complexity of having to manage your website hosting outside of the platform. It also reduces the need for you to learn how to use WordPress, in addition to Solo Build It!

SBI! is better for beginners because it reduces the number of tools you have to:

  • Learn how to use as you get started
  • Use to build and manage your website over time

Additional Solo Build It cost details:

  • Free Trial Available? No. (But you do get a 90-day Money Back Guarantee)
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? No
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Costs? Yes. Optional. Name Park It! domain for $11.99 a year

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Solo Build It for?

Solo Build It was specifically made for people who are looking to start their own online business to gain financial independence.

That could be you, your closest relative, your roommate from college or the guy you sat next to on the train. It’s for the stay-at-home parents, students, teenagers, and retirees.

Solo Build It is designed for anyone with a great business idea that they want to share with the right market.

It’s also for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are having a hard time getting started with their business idea because they’re overwhelmed by the amount of information on the web and don’t know where to start.

How does Solo Build It work?

Solo Build It follows a framework divided into four different categories — Content, Traffic, Presell, and Monetize. It works by making sure that your website is not only beautiful and interactive but also has substantial content. It also ensures that traffic is generated correctly and that it leads to the monetization of your product.

SBI has plenty of features for each of these categories, all working together to achieve one goal: making your business profitable!

What are the benefits of a Solo Build It! subscription?

With a Solo Build It subscription, you gain access to all the tools and features of the software for one cost.

Solo Build It includes what you need to succeed in one single cost-efficient package.

Frequent releases and product updates are also included in your membership fee, so you have access to the latest and greatest tools and new features.

What if I encounter problems mid-way through?

The Solo Build It team understands that no successful business was built overnight.

Hence, SBI has a support team that provides 24/7 assistance to help you out along the way.

On top of the SBI support, you can get help directly from fellow SBI users through the exclusive community forum.

Solo Build It Enrollment Period

Some training programs are only offered at specific periods of time, to help the owners manage the members who buy the product. Limited time enrollment periods restrict the time periods you can buy and join.

Most SaaS, Software as a Service, tools are open all the time, so you can join any time.

Solo Build It! by SiteSell is considered a SaaS product. So, you can join Solo Build It and the community whenever you want.

Enrollment details:

  • Enrollment Status: Always Open
  • Availability: You can join anytime

Solo Build It Refund Policy

Can I get my money back if I cancel my subscription? Yes.

Solo Build It Review Refund Policy

You do have to actually buy Solo Build It to try it out.

But, Solo Build It offers a 90 day, three-month, risk-free trial.

You are guaranteed your money back if you cancel your membership within the first 90 days. No questions asked.

Pro Tip: Solo Build It is one of the very products these days that offers other payment options besides a credit card. You can actually order by phone, fax or mail a check. (I mean who still does this anymore? LOL!)

Solo Build It's Review Offline Payment Options
Solo Build It’s Offline Payment Options

SBI Cancellation Policy

What if you buy Solo Build It and realize it is not the right training and tool product for you?

If you signed up for a monthly subscription, you can always opt-out before the next payment cycle so your card won’t be charged. This is great because you don’t need to commit to a longer contract right away.

But even if you sign up for a yearly subscription, you can choose not to renew before your year-end date.

Solo Build It Support Options

I like the number of support options you get with Solo Build It!

Not only can you pay for your membership in different ways (online, phone, fax or mail), you have a variety of options to get support when you need it most.

SBI offers 24/7 support by a specialized support team by phone or contact form. You can also get help from other SBI members through the Solo Build It! Forums anytime.

Solo Build It Support Options

Solo Build It Reviews

Looking for other Solo Build It Reviews? What do other people really say about SBI?

The Solo Build It Reviews seem to be a bit mixed. You have some people that love SBI. And some that don’t.

The reality is, there is no such thing as a “perfect” training solution. Different products will appeal to different people for different reasons.

So let’s take a look at the Solo Build It reviews. Here’s what other people are saying about SBI.

Solo Build It! reviews on Trustpilot.com

4 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot (8 total reviews)

Positive Reviews:

  • Birgit – Likes how SBI is not about building a nice looking website. It’s about learning how to build a lasting, successful business online.
  • Sanet – Believes that Solo Build It! has the most secure web hosting with no hackers and no downtime, outstanding technical support and ongoing training and education worth the monthly costs.
  • Mark – Mark has been an SBI customer for 16 years. He believes the tools work better than advertised.

Negative Reviews:

  • Kristi Gaylor Linauer – 99.9% of the positive reviews of this product/company that you see online are written by affiliates or people who stand to gain financially from Sitesell.

Solo Build It! Reviews 2019 on G2.com

4 out of 5 stars (1 review)

  • Small Business Owner – Thinks the tool is very efficient and great for someone with entry-level experience with building websites.

SiteSell Affiliate Program

Solo Build It does have an affiliate program. It falls under the main company behind SBI!, called SiteSell Inc.

Here’s what you need to know as a Solo Build It affiliate:

  • Offers an Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Commission Rate:
    • 60% commission on new Solo Build it! and SBI! for WP annual sales
    • 200% commission on new Solo Build It! monthly sales
    • 100% commission on new SBI! for WP monthly sales
  • Program Cost: Free
  • Commission Return: Checks are mailed monthly or deposited via Paypal
  • Affiliate Program Link: SiteSell Affiliate Sign-up

Solo Build It Pros & Cons


  • It comes with training, tools, and support. No other purchase is necessary.
  • You learn 15 different website monetization strategies
  • Training is provided in both written and video formats
  • Web Hosting is included in the package
  • Offers a domain platform
  • Has a Keyword Research tool available
  • You get access to a community forum with other SBI users
  • The program is very affordable compared to other similar products on the market
  • 24/7 Support
  • Offers an Affiliate Program


  • Does not offer a free trial
  • You can only build one website with your membership
  • No live chat support
  • No private coaching


Is Solo Build It worth the money? Should you buy it or not?

So, I am going to let you make that decision for yourself.

Like I said earlier, some people love SBI and some people don’t.

Here’s what I will say.

I personally use Wealthy Affiliate to build my affiliate websites, learn new affiliate marketing tips, tricks, and skills, and to network with other affiliate marketers.

But I’m not hating on Solo Build It!

You actually get more built-in tools with Solo Build It (for a cheaper price) than you do with Wealthy Affiliate.

Just keep reading if you are still here.

The Reason Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

I like to recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you can try it out with no credit card commitment upfront.

Wealthy Affiliate comes with a free 7-day trial AND a free starter account. (No credit card required)

You can try out all WA platform features completely free for 7 days. Once the 7-day trial is over, you get to keep your account through a free starter account with a smaller set of the platform’s features.

You can even build out a free starter website with the free plan. (Two websites actually and the free plan never expires.)

If you decide you want more features, you can upgrade to the Wealthy Affiliate premium plan for $49 a month, $39 a month for 6 months or $359 a year.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate IS more expensive than SBI, doesn’t include an integrated email/autoresponder tool and offers a different set of built-in website management tools for you to use.

Plus, you will build your website on WordPress so you will have to learn how to use WP too.

Solo Build It is a good investment for the low costs of $29.99 a month or $299 a year.

If you think SBI is a good fit for you, plan to make the most out of your first 90 days so you can get your money back if you decide you don’t like it.

To help you do more research, I’ve included additional SBI resources for you to read below.

Solo Build It Resources For You

Another unique thing about Solo Build It is they have tons of information on their website. The more I researched for SBI info, the more information I found.

(Like seriously, the information and learning just kept going and going…I must have counted like 20+ pages attached to their website homepage.)

So, to make it easy for you to research Solo Build It (and decide if this training solution is right for you), I collected all the SBI! resources for you in one place.

You can take a look and learn more about Solo Build It! yourself.

Other reads you might like:

5 Components to Good Affiliate Marketing Training

Reviews for other products that are similar to Solo Build It:

ClickBank University 2.0 Review – The Right Training To Make Your First Affiliate Commission?

ClickBank University Review

Welcome to my ClickBank University 2.0 Review.

If you are here, then you may be looking to find the best affiliate marketing training. Perhaps, you’ve already heard about ClickBank University and want more info.

If you are asking questions like:

  • Is ClickBank University worth the money?
  • Can you make money with ClickBank?
  • Is ClickBank University the right training for you?

You are in the right place. I will answer all of these questions and more. 

This ClickBank University 2.0 Review will take a very in-depth look at everything you need to know, including what you need to know before you buy.

Ready? Let’s go 🙂

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University is a digital training course to teach you how to use ClickBank, a well known digital product marketplace. 

ClickBank University Training on how to use ClickBank
Learn how to use ClickBank with ClickBank University Training

At ClickBank, people can buy any product. Affiliate Marketers can recommend any product for a commission. And product creators can create products to be sold on ClickBank for affiliates to promote and consumers to buy.

ClickBank University 2.0 is the second version of the training course, which was updated a few years after the first-course release. 2.0 included updates to the strategies and methods used for promoting ClickBank products today.

This training product focuses on how to:

  1. Make affiliate commissions from ClickBank products as an affiliate marketer
  2. Create and sell products on ClickBank as a product creator

For more general information on ClickBank, check out: What is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

Heads up: I am a real affiliate marketer. I may make affiliate commissions on purchases from some of these links. This is good news for you. At least I practice what I preach 🙂 Learn more here.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review Overview

Product Name: ClickBank University

Product Creators: Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz, co-founders of ClickBank University

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, Affiliate Offers, Digital Product Creation Training, ClickBank.com

Strategies: Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing

Product Objective: To help people learn how to make money from ClickBank.com

Product Features:
– Affiliate Marketing Training
– Digital Product Creation Training
– Community Network & Forum
– Landing Page Builder (Additional Cost)

Price: $47 per month for just the CBU 2.0 training

Free Trial or Free Version: No

Upsells: Yes. ClickBankBuilder $594, Advanced Training $97, + More

Similar Tools: Wealthy Affiliate, Affilojetpack

Pro Tip: I got a coupon to get 50% off my first month of CBU 2.0. Keep reading below to find out how. (While the coupon lasts.)

ClickBank University 2.0 Review Scorecard

A rating from 1 – 5 (1 it sucks, 5 its awesome) 

  • Training = 4 – There’s plenty of training for the price
  • Usability = 3.5 – Mulitple logins and the need to unlock training
  • Support = 4 – Plenty of ways for you to get support
  • Performance = 5 – All training loads quick, no access issues

Introduction Video

Want a break from reading?

Check out this 1-hour introduction video for ClickBank University. You will learn more about how Justin and others use ClickBank to generate income.

(But fair warning, you don’t really get to see the product…)

ClickBank University Introduction Video
ClickBank University Introduction Video

ClickBank University 2.0 Product Details

What do you get when you purchase the ClickBank University training? And is it worth the cost?

When you purchase ClickBank University 2.0, you get a good size library full of products. Here is what is included in this product training set. 

CBU 2.0

CBU 2.0 is the first product you’ll see when you buy ClickBank University. ClickBank University 2.0 is the main starting place for your training that includes two separate training courses.

8 Week Affiliate Track course

ClickBank University Affiliate Marketing Training
ClickBank University 2.0 Affiliate Marketing Training

The Affiliate course is an 8 week ClickBank Affiliate Mastery training course. In this course, you will learn everything from the basics of how affiliate marketing works on ClickBank to specific traffic strategies to send targeted people to your ClickBank affiliate offers. Choose this training if you are new to affiliate marketing and you do not want to create your own product yet. 

12 Week Publisher Track

ClickBank University 2.0 Product Creation Training

The Vendor course is a 12 week ClickBank Product Publishing training course. In this course, you will learn everything from the basics of how digital product creation works to how to get your finished product published on ClickBank. Choose this training if you create your own information publishing business and leverage ClickBank affiliates to promote your product for you. 

Pro tip: Ideally, you eventually take both courses and execute both strategies to maximize your revenue potential from ClickBank.com

Here are additional training courses and support products, in addition to the CBU 2.0 training.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review Training Courses
ClickBank University 2.0 Training Courses

Market & Customer Research

The Market & Customer Research is a dedicated crash course for doing market research. You will learn how to define who your ideal customer is, what their pain points are and what they want. Do this step right and you will help drive more affiliate commissions to your pocket!

Facebook Ads Course

The Facebook Ads Course teaches how to use Facebook Ads to make money online. In this course, you will learn how to set up a Facebook ad, incorporate Facebook pixels for retargeting, create Facebook audiences and scale ad campaigns. You will learn the basics of how to drive traffic to your affiliate product offers by using Facebook. 

Copywriting Guide

The Copywriting Guide is a downloadable report that reveals the hidden secrets to getting people to do what you want them to do. Copywriting is the art of getting someone to do what you want them to do. In this course, you will get a downloadable 77 tips guide to teach you how to create compelling, high converting copy that can help you get more sales. 

Pro Courses Traffic Vault

The Crash Courses are 12 mini-course strategy sessions presented by top ClickBank affiliate marketers and vendors. Each course covers a specific strategy in detail. The course presenters are from various people who the strategy to support their ClickBank success. You will learn tips and techniques from these one-hour bite-sized mini-courses.


An entire section of tools for you to use throughout your affiliate and vendor journey with ClickBank. Each video trains you how to do a specific task with a specific tool. You’ll find a variety of tools and use cases here. Everything creating your own custom graphics with Canva to creating sales letter videos with Camtasia.

CBU Forum

The CBU Forum is ClickBank University’s private member forum area. Use the forum area to get help, feedback, and advice from other CBU members. You can easily find information in specific categories or search for a custom topic to find information and help when you need it most.

Weekly Live Q&A

Each week, the CBU team hosts a 1 hour long live Q&A session. You can get your questions answered and learn from other people’s questions. Each week is recorded so you can view it when it’s convenient for you. 


  • 7 Training Courses
  • Downloadable training support materials
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
  • Live Training Webinars
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Private members support forum
  • Access to the Private Facebook Community
  • Discount to paid ClickBank events

Core Skills You’ll Learn

The core skills you will learn with this training product are:

  • Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank products
  • Digital Product Creation on ClickBank
  • Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your offers
  • Landing Pages and Funnel Creation
  • Email marketing to build trust your own fanbase
  • Copywriting skills to create copy that converts
  • Buyer conversion techniques to increase sales

ClickBank University Pros & Cons


  • Step by step training video modules
  • Organized in easy to follow micro-steps and goals
  • Strategies taught by different experienced marketers who know strategy well
  • Good for learning how to leverage ClickBank’s affiliate program
  • A significant amount of training for the price


  • You will be hit with many upsells when you sign up
  • You have to manage 4 separate accounts (CBU Training, ClickBank.com, CBU Forum, and ClickBank Builder require separate logins)
  • The CBU 2.0 training weeks 4 – 12 are locked. But you can request to unlock them 🙂
  • Using Facebook Ads require additional out of the pocket expense
  • Facebook Ads can be expensive at first until you learn how to create profitable ads 
  • You will likely lose some money in the beginning with any type of paid ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money with ClickBank?

Yes. I have personally made money from ClickBank as an affiliate. As with any “make money online” opportunity, you will need to learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. But I’m living proof that making money from ClickBank is possible.

Is ClickBank University Free?

No. ClickBank University Traning is not free. The training requires a monthly fee. What is free is promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate. There is no money required to promote their products.

Is ClickBank University a Scam?

No. ClickBank University is not a scam. It is a legit digital marketing training course. You will get multiple training courses, step by step training video modules and downloadable resources all for the price you pay. 

ClickBank University 2.0 Training Purchase Receipt

I personally paid for the course and can verify it is a real training course. I even got a discount : )

(I tell you how to get the discount details in the pricing section below.)

Is ClickBank University Worth it?

Yes. It’s worth trying ClickBank University out (without the upsells) for a month or two to see if it’s right for you. The monthly training only cost (without adding the ClickBank Builder tool or advanced training) is low compared to other training courses that require one time payments of four figures or more. 

Here’s How You Save $5,624

Claims vs. Truths

Here is what ClickBank University claims vs. what is actually true. 

$3.5 Billion, 100,000 People, 1,000 Millionaires – ClickBank

I have no reason to believe these claims are not true. These metrics will only be available from ClickBank, as the owner of this data. These are pretty impressive numbers. Most other training products do not offer this type of data insight. 

Your First ClickBank Sale… a Reality. It all starts with one sale. Just ONE. – ClickBank

It is true that money can be made with just one sale. The ClickBank University training will teach you how to make money with ClickBank.

The reality of making sales is totally dependent on you. You will need to take action on what you learn in the training, in order to make any sales.

Now with ClickBank University 2.0, we’re training you in how to be a 6, 7, even 8-figure earner.  – ClickBank

There are many claims of people making 6 to 7 figures from ClickBank.com. Most of these people sell digital products on ClickBank.

A few of these people are Patric Chan, Robby Blanchard, John Crestani, and CBU co-founders Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz.

What Makes ClickBank University Unique?

What is ClickBank University’s Secret Ingredient? In other words, what makes this training different than all of the other training?

ClickBank University is created by the ClickBank team. 

If you want to learn ClickBank, this is training is worth considering. (Because this team knows ClickBank inside and out…)

Since ClickBank offers you two ways to make money (as an affiliate and vendor), the training teaches you both ways. Learning both ways gives you more ways to make money from ClickBank as one source of income. 

(Keep in mind, you will have to put in the time to go through the training and learn the skills.)

How Much is ClickBank University?

Here are the ClickBank University 2.0 price details you should know before buy. 

Price: $47 per month (Estimated cost of $564 per year for 12 months)

  • Free Trial Available? No
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? No
  • Entry-level set up fee? No

(But there’s a cheaper way to try out CBU for your first month. More details below.)

Additional Upsells? Yes.

  • ClickBank Builder: $594
  • Advanced Training: $97 
  • Facebook Ads University Advanced Training for $997 1 time payment or 3 payments for $397

Additional Costs to be prepared for:

  • Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your ClickBank products 

Yearly estimated costs: (Roughly $3250 dollars!)

  • 12 months of CBU 2.0 + ClickBank + Advanced Training = $1255
  • All products above + Facebook Ads Unversity Advanced Training = $2252
  • + $1,000 minimum spend on Facebook Ads = $3252

These costs are estimated and will vary for your particular spending. But this estimate gives you an idea of what this course can cost if you were to buy everything they sell.

Paid ads require out of pocket investment until you figure out how to create ads that make your money back. Although Facebook Ads can be very profitable and faster than the SEO strategy, the trial and error learning process can be expensive in the beginning. 

Learn Free Traffic Sources First

ClickBank University Enrollment Period

Can you join ClickBank University 2.0 anytime? Is the enrollment always open or for a limited time only? 

For example: 

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is another ClickBank Product. Enrollment is currently closed. You have to wait until enrollment opens again to join.

Wealthy Affiliate is a similar alternative to CBU. Enrollment is always open. You can join at any time. And they have a free trial so you can try it out for free anytime.

For ClickBank University 2.0:

  • Enrollment status: Always Open
  • Availability: You can join anytime

ClickBank University Refund Policy

Does CBU offer a refund policy? Yes.

ClickBank University 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

ClickBank University offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you decide CBU 2.0 is not right for you, you can request a refund within 30 days from your purchase.

Once the refund is processed, you will immediately lose access to the training and membership area. To request a refund, email: cbu@clickbank.com.

ClickBank University 2.0 Cancellation Policy

Does CBU offer a cancellation policy? Yes.

Since you pay monthly, you can cancel the membership at any time.

The good thing with monthly services is that there’s no major money commitment upfront. 

CBU Support Options

You will have various types of support options with CBU.

  • Phone: No
  • Chat: Yes
  • Email: cbu@clickbank.com
  • Community: CBU Forum
  • Webinars: Weekly Q&A sessions

ClickBank University Login

Since ClickBank has a bunch of separate logins, here is the specific login for ClickBank University. 

This is handy to bookmark if you buy CBU 2.0. You must be a paying member to access.

ClickBank University Reviews (From Other People)

When it comes to any affiliate marketing training products, people will have their own opinions. Here is what other people say about ClickBank University. 

ClickBank University Reviews on Leadsleap.com

5 out of 5 Stars (3 Reviews)

  • Walter – Likes the ease of use, explanations, user-friendly interface, and video walkthroughs
  • Georges – ClickBank University had a lot of good features so he decided to give it a try
  • Ed – One of the best in my opinion – providing proven strategies, principles, tactics, tools and techniques for increasing your profits

In addition to the training program, here’s what people say about using ClickBank as an affiliate. 

ClickBank.com Reviews on G2

4.9 out of 5 Stars (4 Reviews)

  • Joani – likes that it is user-friendly and easy to find the specific information she is looking for
  • Kiss – Easy to join, and they pay on time every week
  • Billy – loves the process of finding affiliate products to promote, selecting the product and creating a sales funnel to drive traffic to receive commissions

CB & CBU Complaints

General complaints about ClickBank.com are:

  • Low-quality products. The ClickBank team does not vet all products that are approved. Some people complain that the products are crap. I have personally found (and purchased) quality training programs on ClickBank. Research before you buy it!
  • Support. Some people have had trouble getting refunds and/or getting charged and not getting the product delivered. 

General complaints from the CBU Forum:

Most of the complaints in the forum area from CBU members are not about the training. They are about not getting traffic strategies to work for them to make affiliate sales. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Losing money on Facebook Ads. Some people have mentioned they’ve spend $400 – $600 dollars on Facebook Ads with no leads or sales. It takes some time to learn the skills needed to make FB ads profitable. I have personally lost $250 with Facebook Ads and Google Search Ads. (It usually happens before you make money back.)
  • Suspended Facebook Ad Accounts. Many CBU members complain about Facebook shutting down their ad accounts. The statement from Facebook is that the ad violates Facebook’s policies. In most cases, these members copy ads and use pre-created landing pages as is. (So multiple people are using the same content over and over again…) Members having success (per these conversations) take the time to write their own ad copy and change the landing pages. The recommendation is to be persistent and patient. Try out a few different angles.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Other ClickBank Products

Other products offered by ClickBank.


ClickBank is a marketplace for buying digital products and an affiliate program for promoting digital products. People can buy products, affiliates can make affiliate commissions off of products and motivated people can create products to sell. (The ClickBank University training is designed to show you how to do this.)

For more information, check out: What is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing.

ClickBank Builder

When you sign up for ClickBank University, you will be asked to buy the ClickBank Builder product too. The ClickBank Builder is a landing page creator tool used for creating funnels. 

You can create your own product pages with your affiliate offers and opt-in pages to build your email list.

You can go through the CBU 2.0 training without ClickBank Builder. 

And you can use cheaper landing page builders such as Elementor or Thrive Architect. 

ClickBank Breaks the Internet

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is a bundle of products packaged together in one price. It’s a combination of tools and training designed to help you make money from promoting ClickBank affiliate products. Includes WebinarX which is currently only available in this product bundle.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is more of a campaign name being used to get your intention. An example of marketing in practice. 

For more information, check out ClickBank Breaks the Internet Review.

CBU 2.0 Affiliate Program

ClickBank University 2.0 does offer an affiliate program. If you are in the affiliate marketing or Make Money Online (MMO) niche, you can recommend CBU for affiliate commissions. 

Here are the CBU 2.0 affiliate program details:

Commission rates are estimated and may change anytime without prior notice.

Alternatives to ClickBank University

My #1 recommended alternative is Wealthy Affiliate. For the same price (or cheaper if you pay yearly), you can get more training, more tools and less out of pocket costs. 

WA teaches you how to make affiliate commissions with SEO over Facebook ads at first. You learn about paid ads in later training, for no additional costs 🙂

Other affiliate marketing training programs to consider are:

  • Affilojetpack. Another Kinda-DFY (Done For You) option that focuses on SEO and email marketing

The Cheaper Way to Try ClickBank University 2.0

If you want to try out ClickBank University, you can use the coupon I used to get my first month 50% off.

You still have to pay for something, but you get a discount for the first month. (While the coupon lasts. Can expire anytime without prior notice.)

Get the CBU 50% Off Code


Hopefully, this ClickBank University 2.0 review has given you a good inside look into CBU.

The result is, $47 a month is a good price for the amount of training that comes with ClickBank Unversity 2.0.

The $47 per month cost is inexpensive compared to other training that requires you to pay a one time fee of $997 – $2499 USD upfront.

You can stop paying the monthly fee when you finish the training. 

However, keep in mind this training will teach you how to buy Facebook Ads for traffic. Facebook Ads can be difficult for absolute beginners to learn, without losing a few hundred bucks first. Thousands if you are not careful. 

My Recommended Path For You

I personally do not recommend Facebook Ads traffic strategies for absolute beginners. 

There is enough to learn about affiliate marketing in the beginning with how it works, how to sign up to and manage affiliate programs and how to use digital technologies and tools just to launch an affiliate website or landing pages.

Adding the complexity of paid ads can take more time to learn and prolong the time to make your first affiliate commissions. 

I personally made my first affiliate commissions with an authority website, using search engines to drive free traffic to my site. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend this route for you too. 

Once you get comfortable with the basics, you will naturally learn things like paid ads and sales funnels to increase your sales. There’s a time for that, but not in the beginning. 

Just my personal opinion from experience. The decision is ultimately yours. 

Join Me Here and Get Free Trial

(This is where I learn affiliate marketing, the easier way.)

Disclaimer: ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by Affiliate Marketing Informant, an independent marketing affiliate.

What is Affiliate Marketing Training + The 5 Components of Good Training

What is Affiliate Marketing Training + 5 Components of Good Training

Affiliate marketing training is a popular product these days.

They are inexpensive to make and you can find them all over the internet from places like YouTube, Udemy, Amazon, and Google.

But all training is NOT the same.

They all differ in price, the amount of training content provided, and the strategies they teach.

With so many choices to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

You want to buy the best training for your money. And ultimately, you want the best results from the training.

So, let’s breakdown what affiliate marketing training is, why you need it and how to choose the right one for you. 

Why Affiliate Marketing Training Exists in the First Place

The online industry is booming. 

eMarketer projects global retail sales to be at $26 trillion in 2020

People are looking to capitalize on this BOOM!

Everyone wants to make money from the “online money pie”. 

If you were able to make .001% of the projection, you could earn $260,000 USD.

Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

Low Startup Costs, Less to Manage

Affiliate marketing seems like an easy way to tap into this money pie. 

Because affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to create your own products to sell online. 

You sell other people’s products. (Other people have done all the work for you.) 

affiliate marketing process

You simply drive buyers to those products and get a percent of the sale when they buy.

Your startup costs are low. And there is less for you to manage. 

Sounds easy, right?

This is where many people say…

“Yes! How do I start making money with affiliate marketing right now?”.

And this is where the need for affiliate marketing training comes in. 

Marketing is Complex

Marketing, in general, is somewhat complex. 

Wikipedia defines as: “Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers.” 

Notice, marketing isn’t described as displaying a big “for sale” image and expecting customers to buy it. 

Or even, asking people to buy a product and expecting them just to hand over their hard-earned money. No. 

Marketing is about creating relationships, influencing buyer behavior and leaving them emotionally feeling good about the purchase. 

Add in the technology component, and digital marketing becomes more complex. 

Learn Skills to Succeed

You, and everyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer, have information and skills you need to learn.

Affiliate marketing training is designed to teach what you need to know to start making affiliate commissions. 

When done right, you can learn how to make the affiliate commissions you desire. And get your piece of the money pie!

What is Affiliate Marketing Training, Exactly?

Affiliate Marketing Training comes in a variety of forms, media types and formats.

Affiliate Marketing Training from Wealthy Affiliate

Before we get into the training details, let’s breakdown what each affiliate marketing training really means first. 

affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission for traffic or sales generated from referrals (aka affiliates)

training is the action of teaching a person a new skill or behavior

Affiliate Marketing + Training = AMT

affiliate marketing training is learning how to become an affiliate marketer and generate sales to your affiliate products through various traffic generation sources. 

When it comes to “affiliate marketing”, signing up to affiliate programs is actually pretty easy. 

Finding affiliate products to promote is also easy. 

Getting traffic to your affiliate products is harder. 

Then getting that traffic to buy your affiliate products is just as hard, if not a little harder. 

Traffic > Product > Conversion > Sale

Sale: You need someone to buy the product in order to make an affiliate commission.

Conversion: You want someone to be compelled to take action to buy the product.

Product: You promote products that already exist in places like Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, and the World Wide Web. 

Traffic: You send traffic to your products from sources like Google, YouTube, Social Networks, email campaigns, etc. 

You need good affiliate marketing training if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

You need to learn the skills to know how to convince people to do what you want them to do. 

Affiliate marketing training is specifically designed to help you understand these processes, tactics, and strategies to make affiliate marketing work for you. 

If you want to make affiliate sales and commissions, then you definitely need affiliate marketing training!

The Components of Good Affiliate Marketing Training

There’s definitely “good” affiliate marketing training. And there’s definitely “not-so-good” training. 

Good affiliate marketing training is what you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

What to Look for in Good Affiliate Marketing Training

Before you sign up or buy any affiliate marketing training, here are things to look for in good training options. 

1. Current Strategies

Make sure the training information is up-to-date, and the strategies are current and proven to be profitable today.

The digital marketing industry changes fast due to ever-improving technology, policy restrictions like data privacy concerns and increased consumers’ expectations. 

success with affiliate marketing 2020 training current strategies example

What worked five years ago, likely does not work the same today. Don’t waste your time on out-of-date affiliate marketing training.

2. Support Collateral

Research how the training is presented to you, and what types of support collateral they offer.

Most affiliate marketing training is presented to you in a series of videos. 

I’ve noticed more trainings are offering a PDF download, to go along with each video. 

an example of checklists, templates and support collateral included in affiliate marketing training

Watch Training Video > Download PDF for reference > Leverage Checklist while doing the actions

Here’s how a good affiliate marketing training will work.

You watch a video. You download the PDF. You reference the points as needed. 

You may even have access to additional templates and checklists to help you take action on what you’ve learned. 

The more support collateral for you, the better. 

So look for training that offers a combination of support materials for you to learn from:

  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Checklists
  • Templates

3. Included Tools

You need tools to make affiliate marketing work. 

Affiliate Marketing Training with Included Website Tools

Like a tool to:

  • build and manage your affiliate website (the place where your affiliate links live)
  • research keywords and popularity (to help you develop a content plan for your website)
  • build custom landing pages and sales letters (which are used to help sell a product or service)
  • capture email addresses and manage email campaigns (so you can follow up with them over time)

Most affiliate marketing trainings are just training

In affiliate marketing training, you will learn which tools you should use and how to use them. But you have to sign up and pay for those tools separately. 

(And in most cases, you are clicking on an affiliate link so the course creator gets a commission every time you sign up.)

There are a few All-In-One Solutions

Some affiliate marketing trainings are actually SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. These solutions can offer training, tools and community forums in one place. So you learn, build and get direct support all at the same time, on the same platform. 

Beats having to log into the training here, then tools there, and a Facebook Group for support there. 

The all in one solution streamline the learning process for you, so you can learn faster, take action faster and ultimately, get to your first commission faster. 

(These are the training solutions I recommend for you. Find actual recommendations below.)

4. Support Group

You also need support. 

Affiliate Marketing Training with Included Support System

You’ll be learning a lot of very valuable, marketable and top dollar skills. That may seem complex and complicated at first. 

Getting help when you need it most is important. At that moment where you are stuck, and you don’t know how to solve the problem you are facing. The best way to get you through those is the ability to ask other affiliate marketers for help. 

Most training comes with access to a Facebook Private Group. Some all-in-one solutions come with support built-in. 

Regardless of the training type, you want the ability to:

  • Ask questions and get quick answers
  • Direct message someone for more information/clarity 
  • Get support from other marketers, not just a training product support team

5. Amount of Training

Compare how much training you get for the price. You are looking for the amount of “training hours” or the number of “weeks” to go through the training. Ultimately, you want to get the most amount of training for the price. 

Amount of Affiliate Marketing Training for the Price

There is no real standard here. Affiliate marketing training will be all over the place as far as how much they offer the prices. You can compare trainings to each other to see which one offers you more for your money. 

However, do keep in mind that pricing will vary for topics. Training on advanced strategies that no one else knows about may cost more for less amount of actual training. 

The things to look for are:

  • How many hours or weeks of training for the price (10 hours for $97 or 500 hours for $359)
  • How general or advanced the topics are for the money

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training

  • Wealthy Affiliate – The best affiliate marketing training, tools, community and affiliate program finder for your money
  • ClickBank University – Undoutbly the best affiliate marketing training using products from the ClickBank affiliate program

Got Questions?

Happy to answer questions or learn from your experience. Feel free to leave comments below : )

9 Bargain Black Friday Deals For Affiliate Marketers (You Can’t Afford To Miss)

Black Friday Deals for Affiliate Marketers Graphic

Black Friday Deals are not just for homeowners, families or everyday shoppers. Black Friday is also for affiliate marketers!

Leverage this famous American holiday to score great prices on affiliate marketing software, training, and tools. Score affiliate marketing finds everywhere from 100% off to $25% off.

For most of these Black Friday Deals, these are the best prices you will see all year!

With over $1000 in savings for all combined deals, you can’t afford to miss these 9 Bargain Black Friday Deals for Affiliate Marketers. Enjoy!

Affiliate Marketing Training
Black Friday Deals

Finding Affiliate Programs eCourse by Matt McWilliams

Black Friday Deal: 100% OFF
Price: FREE – Save $47 dollars

Learn how to find the best affiliate programs with this free Black Friday deal training course (normally $47 dollars). In Matt’s affiliate marketing course, you’ll learn different ways to find good affiliate products to promote. You’ll also learn important strategies to help you get accepted into affiliate programs, which sometimes can be a challenge for new affiliate marketers. If you want valuable (and free) insights into choosing the right affiliate programs for your website, then this Black Friday deal is for you. (You’ll see other good Black Friday deals too.)

500+ Hours of Affiliate Marketing Training by Wealthy Affiliate

Black Friday Deal: 51% OFF
Price: $299 Yearly Premium Membership – Save $289 USD a year

Learn how to build authority affiliate websites with multiple training courses, website tools and connections to other affiliate marketers (normally $49 a month). Wealthy Affiliate offers three different affiliate marketing training courses to learn the ins and outs of building out websites promoting affiliate websites. You’ll learn how to choose a niche topic for your website, build out content and leverage search engines for free targeted website traffic. You will also leverage tools to manage your affiliate websites and find affiliate programs. If you are interested in building out multiple websites and learning SEO skills, this Black Friday deal is for you. 

Grab this offer now and snag these Special Black Friday Deal 2019 bonuses:

  1. The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020
  2. Build an Incredible Internet Business in 2020
  3. Build a Successful Authority Affiliate Website in 5 Weeks (Live Training Case Study)
  4. Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms for Yearly Members

Advanced Link Building Training by Authority Hacker

Black Friday Deal: 25% OFF
Price: $74.25 a month for 12 months – Save $24.75 USD a month, $297 USD

Learn how to build backlinks for your website with Authority Hacker’s The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint training course (normally $99 a month for 12 months). According to Authority Hacker’s research, links from other websites help websites rank in search engines and increase the amount of traffic to really make money with a website. With 6 years of practice, the team behind Authority Hacker has created a system to build approx 9 quality links per hour. You will learn how to achieve similar results with their training, tools, and templates. If learning a complete link building system and operation for your affiliate website interests you, this Black Friday deal is for you. 

CB Passive Income by Patric Chan

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF
Price: $248.50 USD – Save $248 USD

Learn how to successfully earn affiliate commissions from ClickBank with the CB Passive Income training (normally $497). Patric is considered a ClickBank super affiliate who has successfully made money online with ClickBank since 2004. With his ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System, you will learn the 3 key steps to making affiliate commissions with email marketing. If you are interested in learning how to leverage the ClickBank affiliate program and building out a profitable email list, this Black Friday Deal is for you.

ClickBank Affiliate and Vendor Training by ClickBank University

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF a 6 Month Subscription
Price: $141 USD – Save $141 USD

Learn how to launch a ClickBank-based business with ClickBank University training (normally $282 for 6 months). Learn how to leverage the ClickBank affiliate program and digital product vendor program. This course will teach you how to earn commissions by promoting ClickBank products as a ClickBank affiliate. The training also includes a course to teach you how to make money by selling your own digital products as a ClickBank vendor. The idea is to learn how to make money online through affiliate commissions and then work your way up to creating and selling your own digital products. If learning everything about ClickBank sounds interesting to you, then this Black Friday Deal is for you.

Affiliate Marketing Website Tools Black Friday Deals

Design Beautiful Website Pages by Elementor

Black Friday Deal: 10 – 30% OFF
Price: $44 – $139 – Save $4.90 – $59.70 USD a year

Build out amazing looking WordPress website pages with Elementor’s discounted yearly pro plans (normally $49 – $199 a year). Elementor gives you full design control when it comes to building out your affiliate websites. You can easily design custom landing pages, blog posts and online stores without knowing code or any technical stuff. Elementor comes with a drag and drop page builder, pre-designed templates and pre-built functionality widgets to help you design pages faster that look professionally designed. Elementor also comes with a theme builder that allows you to customize every area of your website just to the way you like it, without messing with the code. If you take web design seriously, then this Black Friday Deal is for you. 

DFY Website SEO Services by The Hoth

Black Friday Deal: 25% Off select products
Prices: $10 – $1200 per service, Save $2.50 – $300 USD per product service

If you are looking for a company to do all the website SEO work for you, then The Hoth Black Friday deals may be for you. The Hoth offers a variety of services like generating more traffic for your website, creating and posting blog content, generating backlinks by doing guest posts for you and creating product videos for your product pages. If you need anything related to website content and traffic generation, you can definitely learn how to do it yourself. But if tasks, like writing content, creating videos, and building links, seem easier for someone else to do, then this Black Friday Deal is for you. 

Low-Cost Website Hosting by Hostgator

Black Friday Deal: 70% OFF
Price: $2.08 a month for the Hatchling Plan – Save $58 USD a year

Get your affiliate website hosted on the world wide web for cheap with Hostgator’s Black Friday sale (normally $). You can even get a free website domain name for 1 year (+ normally $17.99 a year). Hostgator offers a variety of website hosting plans to get your affiliate website up and running for a low monthly fee. With Hostgator, you get support and services like 24-hour customer support, unlimited email addresses for your website domain name and an easy to use control center to manage your website. 

Create Professional Graphics with Adobe Creative Cloud

Black Friday Deal: 40% OFF
Price: $29.99 a month for Individuals Plan – Save $23 USD a month, $276 dollars a year

Create professional graphics for your website, blog content and social media channels with Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (normally $52.99 a month). Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of 20 desktop software and mobile apps for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. You can create website logos, custom graphics, images, design PDF downloads, edit videos, create animations and infographics for all of your affiliate website visual and promotional needs. You even get access to thousands of fonts and 100GB of storage space for your digital creations. If you are looking to access the design software that the pros use, this Black Friday Deal is for you. 

Know of a Good Black Friday Deal?

Feel free to leave the information below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Best Value For Your Hard Earned Money?

Wealthy Affiliate Review Best Value

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth your money?

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, you’ll learn why Wealthy Affiliate wins the Best Value Award compared to other affiliate marketing training options available to you today.

We will cover everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate including pros, cons, frequently asked questions, claims, product details, differentiators, alternatives, the affiliate program and more.

Heads up: I am a real affiliate marketer. I may make affiliate commissions on purchases from some of these links. This is good news for you. At least I practice what I preach 🙂 Learn more here.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Creators:  Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Years in Business: 14 years

Company Headquarters: Canada

Product Features:
– Affiliate Marketing Training
– WordPress Website Builder
– SEO Keyword Research Tool
– Affiliate Programs Finder
– Community Network & Forum

Target Audiences: Beginner and Intermediate

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, Affiliate Marketing Tools

Strategies: Affiliate Authority Websites, SEO, WordPress Websites

Product Objective: To train beginners on how to build out authority affiliate marketing websites.

Price: $0 – $359/year – Mulitple payment options, Yearly is Best Value (See price section for more details)

Upsells: Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise. Jaaxy Lite is included in Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Scorecard

Wealthy Affiliate Earns the Best Value Award
Wealthy Affiliate Earns the Best Value Award

Wealthy Affiliate Overall Rating: 4.13 out of 5

  • Training = 4.5
  • Usability = 4
  • Support = 3
  • Performance = 4

Wealthy Affiliate Pros & Cons

If you do not want to read the full Wealthy Affiliate Review, here are some quick pros and cons you should know about:


  • Doesn’t cost $2,999 like other affiliate marketing trainings
  • Includes a completely free starter plan (No credit card required)
  • You can join at any time (No closed enrollment periods)
  • One of the most extensive affiliate marketing training libraries in one place (500+ hours of training)
  • Includes affiliate website hosting and management tools for up to 50 websites (No need to buy hosting separately)
  • Includes marketing tools for ranking in search engines and finding affiliate programs
  • Instant connection to a large network of affiliate marketers (1.4 million and counting)
  • Training, tools, and community are in the same platform (No need to manage multiple logins and different platforms)
  • The co-founders are active within the community so you can ask questions and interact with them
  • A unique Wealthy Affiliate Credits system that offers you ways to earn credits for cash (A major product differentiator from other alternatives)


  • No cPanel website hosting features (Not really needed for beginners though)
  • In platform support options but no support phone or email available
  • The amount of training and options makes focus hard for beginners 
  • Is not DFY (Done-For-You) (Does teach you everything you need to create an affiliate business for yourself)
  • Informal refund policy (You can get your money back but requires some effort on your part. Tip: Just start with the free plan to see if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you before you buy.)

Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough Video

Check out this video walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate. You will meet the co-founder Kyle and get an inside view of everything you get access to inside this unique affiliate marketing platform.

Wealthy Affiliate review get started video

Pro Tip: You can actually preview the free training before signing up for a free account. Yeah, check it out.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Quick Links

Here’s the most in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review you’ll probably ever read 🙂 

Use these links to jump around to different topics you care about or read the entire article to really understand if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

FAQs | Claims | About | Product Details | Features | Differentiators | ExamplesPricing | Enrollment | Cancellation Policy | Refund Policy | Support | Technical | Login | Reviews | Complaints | Other Products | Alternatives | Affiliate Program | Conclusion | Know Before You Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate offers you training and tools to become an affiliate marketer. You sign up to Wealthy Affiliate as a free or premium member to build out an authority affiliate website. You go through the affiliate marketing training, build out your affiliate website using the tools provided inside the platform, and ask help from the active Wealthy Affiliate members along the way. 

How Wealthy Affiliate Works
How Wealthy Affiliate Works

You will build out your authority affiliate website with these 4 main steps:

  1. Choose an Interest. Your affiliate website will have a targeted topic area. (e.g. health, wealth, relationships)
  2. Build a Website. You will learn how to build out your affiliate website over time. 
  3. Attract Visitors. You will learn how to capitalize on a popular marketing strategy that drives free traffic to your website 
  4. Earn Revenue. You will learn 50+ ways to monetize your website, once you start gaining traffic. 

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

A similar more recent question asked is: Can you still make money with Wealthy Affiliate in 2019?

The answer is simple. Yes. 

You can make money with Wealthy Affiliate or any affiliate marketing training program available to you today. How would I know? I have personally made money from the skills I learned from going through Wealthy Affiliate’s training system this year, 2019. I can tell you from personal experience, Wealthy Affiliate works.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that you will make any money with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate did not make the money for me. No. I made the money by working late at night after work and on weekends around family commitments. I put forth the effort and work it takes to make any money online. I didn’t let work, family or just being busy be excuses to prevent me from completing the training, completing every task and sticking to it every day. Whether I had 1 hour or 5. Wealthy Affiliate gives you (and me) everything you need to be successful. But you and I have to do the work. 

(And if you read enough stories of other affiliate marketers, you will see that most started the same way…)

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

How do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers you two different ways to make money online. 

This is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s unique features that you will not find in any other affiliate marketing training program.

Way 1: Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing. You build websites that make sales commissions from recommending other people’s products. Affiliate Marketing is not a new concept but has become popular these days because it’s an easy way to get started making money online. 

You can learn the affiliate marketing concept from any affiliate marketing training program available to you today. The difference between Wealthy Affiliate compared to other solutions is the amount of training they offer, the included tools and the online marketing strategies they teach you. 

Way 2: Wealthy Affiliate has a unique “credits for cash” system built inside the platform. You can earn credits for doing things that help other members out like creating training that teaches other members how to do something and referring people to buy website domains. 

Get enough credits and you can cash them out for money in your PayPal account or use them to pay for your website domains, your own Wealthy Affiliate membership or other people’s membership. 

Yep. You will not find another “credit for cash system” in any other affiliate marketing platform. (That I know of atleast 🙂

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter plan. No credit card required.

With the free starter plan, you can build out 2 affiliate websites on a free domain name and access 10 lessons each inside two different training courses. 20 lessons in total. 

The free plan is a limited set of features to give you a taste of what you will get from Wealthy Affiliate premium. You’ll see what you can achieve through the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing training program, platform, and built-in tools. 

What is the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a paid premium plan, in addition to the free starter plan.

With the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership plan, you can build out up to 50 affiliate websites on a custom domain name of your choosing and access all courses and member-created trainings. The 3 courses alone connect you with 130 lessons, in addition, to live weekly webinars, 300+ recorded webinars from previous weeks and 100+ member-created training on specific topics.

The Wealthy Affiliate premium membership also gives you complete access to all of the affiliate website tools, management tools and premium tools like Site Comments to generate comments for your blogs (search engines like content engagement like comments) and Site Content which helps you manage all of your content in one place and instantly connects you with 1 million+ free images to use throughout your website content. 

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who is willing to learn online marketing skills, try new things and put in the work needed to build out a successful online business. Once you learn how to create a profitable affiliate website, then you create more to increase your overall revenue. 

The training and platform tools are targeted for complete beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers. 

Wealthy Affiliate is not for someone who doesn’t want to learn new skills, try new things or put in the work. 

If you are looking for more DFY (Done-For-You) systems, then look at ClickBank Breaks the Internet or Affilojetpack. These alternatives cost more which means you will pay more. It’s the trade you make to speed up the time it takes to build out an affiliate marketing business online.

Hence, why Wealthy Affiliate is named as the best value for your money!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a good place for a newbie to learn affiliate marketing?

Yes. The Wealthy Affiliate training is designed to walk you through every step of the process. To creating your first website, to joining your first affiliate program, to making your first affiliate commission.

The training courses have built-in tasks and tracking features to teach you what you need to know, then go and do the action for yourself. 

Wealthy Affiliate is built on the “do it while you learn” principle which is known for helping you understand things faster by learning for yourself. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate a SCAM?

No. Believe it or not, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. Scams are programs that take your money and do not give you anything in return. 

If you can’t see the value in what you get at Wealthy Affiliate by what you’ve read so far, then Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you.

Just be careful of the other affiliate marketing training that charges you more money and teaches you how to buy other affiliate marketing tools, using their affiliate links. 

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?

Yes. Hands down, one of the best values for your dollar.

You will not find this much training content, the included website hosting, and management tools, a built-in community network to connect with other affiliate marketers and unique cash for credit system anywhere else. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a very unique place. That’s a big reason why it’s been around for 14 years. 

How hard is it to make a profit with Wealthy Affiliate?

Generally, speaking making money online through affiliate commissions is hard. 

Gone are the days where you just launch a 5-page website and generate a lot of free traffic from search engines. With 1 billion websites online today, you are competing with these other websites. You have to find ways to be different than your competitors, crank out comparable (quality) content and be willing to give search engines time to rank your quality content. 

Gone are the days, where you just throw up a bunch of affiliate links on social media and expect a huge return. Social media networks have gotten smart about affiliate marketing and view affiliate links as spam. You can get your accounts shut down if you are not careful and strategic about your promotions.

Since you are learning marketing skills and online technology at the same time, you will be learning a lot of information at once which makes affiliate marketing hard in general. Regardless of what affiliate marketing training you buy into. 

What do you need to make a profit with Wealthy Affiliate?

Ideally, you need to make more than $359 in one year to pay for your Wealthy Affiliate, yearly premium membership fee.

The good news is that you can earn $350 by recommending one $1000 affiliate product. (That’s a 35% affiliate commission rate which exists today for high ticket product sales.) Your second $350 commission would be pure profit. 

Or you can earn $4 for by recommending $100 Amazon devices. (That’s a 4% affiliate commission promoting Amazon products in this category). You would need to refer 90 sales to cover your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership cost and 91 sales to make a $4 profit. 

Did you have any success at Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes. I have personally had success with Wealthy Affiliate.

My personal notable successes are:

  • My blog content is ranking on first pages for targeted keywords (I learned this strategy at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • My product reviews generate affiliate commissions and leads for me (Taught in Wealthy Affiliate training)
  • My website traffic is increasing and my lead generation continues to increase (Wealthy Affiliate teaches consistency for continued results)

Disclaimer: Wealthy Affiliate alone does not make you successful. And I can’t guarantee that you will be successful. I’ve had successes by leveraging the training and taking consistent actions. The possibility of achieving success with Wealthy Affiliate is totally possible. The actual success results you see depend solely on you. 

Now, here’s the rest of the Wealthy Affiliate Review with a complete inside look at what you get for the price. Read through its entirety and you’ll believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best value for your money too!

Wealthy Affiliate Claims

Here is what this Wealthy Affiliate claims vs. what is verified to be true.

“Absolutely everything you need to create and grow a successful business online”

  • AMI Statement verification: True

Wealthy Affiliate offers a very well thought out set of affiliate marketing training coupled with strategically designed affiliate marketing tools and a community for support, inspiration, and motivation. 

Many affiliate marketers started with Wealthy Affiliate and have grown their websites into very successful online businesses. There are too many success stories to mention here. If you are interested, check out this 2019 Income Proof List.

A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels”

  • AMI Statement verification: Technically True

Wealthy Affiliate is geared more for absolute beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers. Although there is some advanced training here, many affiliate marketers will seek additional training outside of Wealthy Affiliate to learn very specific marketing strategies like crushing it on YouTube, advanced copywriting skills, landing pages techniques and paid media training like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. 

However, there is great starter training for all of these topics. Plenty to get you started, figuring out how affiliate marketing works, the different strategies you can use and generating affiliate commissions. Once you get to a point of a plateau, then have money coming in to pay for additional training to take things to the next level.

“Transform Your Ideas into Profits”

  • AMI Statement verification: True

We live in a world today where people need solutions. And these people will spend money for solutions. Affiliate Marketing capitalizes on this world by allowing you to recommend nearly any product (that already exists) to anyone who may be interested in buying. 

The idea is to talk about your hobby, anything that gets you excited or products you love because they work well for you. So these solutions can be turned into ideas that can generate profits. You can do this with any affiliate product and learn how to do with any affiliate marketing training. Not just at Wealthy Affiliate. 

“Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites (No Design Skills Needed)”

  • AMI Statement verification: Technically True

Notice they did not say “Profit Making” Websites. They said “Profit Ready”. 

Building Authority Affiliate Websites takes time and traffic generation strategies to drive qualified traffic to the website to generate affiliate commissions. In 99% of the cases, you can’t just create a 5-page website and expect it to generate loads of traffic. No. Unfortunately, websites do not work this way anymore. Thanks to the 1.5 billion websites in the web universe, you have to do more to compete with other websites. (Stats from Internet Live Stats.)

It is true that you do not need any design skills to create affiliate websites today. Wealthy Affiliate marketing tools allow you to create WordPress websites, which instantly taps you into 3,000 free website designs and even more paid ones. 

“Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic”

  • AMI Statement verification: True

Traffic is where the money is. You can recommend the greatest products in the world. But if your message is not reaching anyone, then you will have no sales. And no sales means no affiliate commissions. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training teaches you how to drive traffic to your authority affiliate websites. The most taught strategies are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media. 

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing platform that teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer. The online software combines affiliate marketing training, affiliate tools and a network of affiliate marketers in one place. 

No need to sign up for training in place 1, tools in separate places 2 and 3 and a separate Facebook Group place 4 for community connections and support. Training only solutions require you to log in and manage access to multiple places like the example listed above. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to launch an affiliate website, create search engine friendly website content, search for affiliate programs and monetize your affiliate website in multiple ways (all in one place).

Wealthy Affiliate is a very well rounded product offering, unlike other affiliate marketing training options available to you today.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Secret Ingredient?


The training and tools and help you build search engine friendly content that drives free search traffic to your affiliate website. Not paying for traffic is the beauty of SEO.

You create content that will show up in searches. You choose what affiliate products you promote. You connect your content to strategically recommend affiliate products. You can make money from driving free traffic from search engines to your website content and affiliate offers. 

You will also learn about local SEO, which allows you to sell your services to local businesses in your area, that want to found in search engines too. Some WA members have blogged about their experiences and successes in selling their SEO services to others. 

The Wealthy Affiliate platform connects you with 100+ hours of detailed SEO related training, a search engine & keyword research tool and content management software that allows you to manage your SEO friendly content. You will also be instantly connected to a pool of experienced affiliate marketers to leverage for support and guidance throughout your learning process. 

You will learn how to promote any product from any affiliate program. You will also learn other traffic-driving strategies including YouTube channels, social media, paid media, and email marketing. 

What is the truth?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing new. This traffic strategy has been around since the beginning of the Internet in the late 1990s. 

Targeting free traffic from search engines works well because there are more than 3.5 billion searches online every single day. And more than 4 billion people who have access to the Internet. These connected people turn to the internet and search engines to search for everything, buy things, learn new information and connect with people. 

SEO gets a bad rap compared to other popular traffic generation strategies today because getting your content ranked for searches takes time. 

A basic rule of thumb is to publish 50 – 100 different pieces of content within your first year. Average time for a website to start generating a decent amount of traffic from search engines like Google is 6 months to a year, based on publishing quality content 2 – 3 times a week. Some affiliate marketers see quicker success, especially search engines like YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo. And other marketers see quicker success by utilizing more advanced marketing strategies outside of SEO, like paid advertising, guest posts and backlinks, and automated webinars. 

The reason Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about the SEO strategy is that it’s a proven strategy. And because SEO is a cheaper way to get started with affiliate marketing, compared to the more strategic strategies mentioned above. 

For SEO, Google is the largest search engine in the world. Followed by YouTube. (Which Google owns.)

Incorporating YouTube videos into your blog content is recommended these days because videos are known to help your content rank. And search engines now pull content from various sources, not just websites or blogs. You’ll see a mixed media of content including written content, YouTube videos, social media posts, and images returned in searches. 

Some SEO stats:

  • Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic. (Web Presence Solutions 2017) 
  • 70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results. (MarTech 2018) 
  • Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text. (OmnicoreAgency, 2018
  • Organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads. (New Media Campaigns, 2018) 
  • Including a video in a post increases organic traffic from search results by 157%. (Search Engine People, 2017) 

(All stats from source: Hubspot Marketing Statistics)

Practically every marketer uses SEO in some form. Wealthy Affiliate capitalizes on SEO and provides training, tools, and support to teach you everything you need to know about it. 

Wealthy Affiliate Product Details

Here is what is included within the Wealthy Affiliate online platform.

Affiliate Marketing Training Courses

Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the most extensive training libraries available to you in one place, besides YouTube. The training is neatly organized in full courses or topic categories for easy access. 

You can choose from a mix of multiple-week courses, written tutorials, videos, and recorded webinars. The courses have a built-in training lesson and task trackers to keep your place as you go through training. Each lesson contains a series of tasks for you to complete before you move on to the next lesson. 

WordPress Websites

Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the most extensive affiliate websites management tools and hosting programs, in addition to their extensive training library collection. The Wealthy Affiliate Websites tools allow you to create a WordPress website and host it live on the web. 

Build one or multiple affiliate marketing websites (up to 50) to generate affiliate commissions and make money online. 

Jaaxy Keyword Research

Jaaxy is a pretty robust keyword research tool built by the same owners of Wealthy Affiliate. When you buy Wealthy Affiliate premium, you instantly get Jaaxy Lite version which allows you to find keywords for your affiliate website content. You will learn how to find good keywords to target in the training. 

Jaaxy also lets you do some cool things like analyzing website details that rank on the 1st page for the keyword you want to rank for, saving your keywords into lists for easy organization and access and monitoring the ranking of your content. 

I wrote a specific Jaaxy Review where I tell you everything you need to know about Jaaxy. (It’s a good read as well. I explain how to use Jaaxy to create content that ranks and estimate how much traffic you can get from good ranking.)

Affiliate Programs Finder

The Wealthy Affiliate program finder is a recently added product tool that allows you to find affiliate programs and products to promote right inside the platform. You can search for affiliate products from multiple affiliate networks in one place.

Supported affiliate networks you can search include:

  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • AWIN
  • CJ
  • Rakuten

You can easily explore and find different affiliate products with pre-defined categories and suggestions like popular programs, popular searches, trending, high commissions, top-rated and more. You can also find the right affiliate program for you with the search features which allow you to filter by country availability, payout options, commission rates, and more. 

Being able to search for affiliate programs in the same place you can train, learn and build is another game-changer for Wealthy Affiliate and for you!

Wealthy Affiliate Credit System 

The Wealthy Affiliate Credit System allows you to earn credits for actions that help other members. 

Actions include things like commenting on other member’s blogs to help their content rank, giving feedback on newly created websites and creating training to help other members out.  

You earn different types of credits depending on the action you do. Community credits can be used for getting feedback on your website or comments on your content. Cash credits can be used to pay your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, pay for someone else’s membership or even cashed out into your PayPal account. 

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Product Screenshots

Wealthy Affiliate Features

  • Mulitple Week Training Courses
  • Live Weekly Webinars
  • 2 – 50 WordPress Websites (Free vs. Paid Plans)
  • WordPress Website Builder
  • WordPress Website Managed Hosting
  • Website Management Tools
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Affiliate Marketer Network
  • Credit System For Cash
  • Live  Chat
  • Direct Messaging
  • Member Rank System
  • Frequent New Feature Releases

Affiliate Marketing Training Course Features

  • Smart Training Menus
  • Progress Bar & Tasks Tracker

Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses are:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Course (5 Chapters, 50 Lessons)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp Course (7 Chapters, 70 Lessons)
  • Super Affiliate Challenge Course (16 Months)

Additional popular trainings, tutorials, and videos are:

  • Live Weekly Webinars on Current Topics (Every Week)
  • Amazon Affiliate Website Case Studies
  • How To Create a 6 Figure Website
  • YouTube Marketing 4 Part Series
  • Local SEO 4 Part Series
  • Boost Your Traffic with Pinterest Basics
  • Advanced WordPress Techniques/Strategies
  • Site Builder

Affiliate Marketing Websites Features

  • Site Builder
  • Site Manager
  • Site Health
  • Site Security
  • Site Speed
  • Site Protect
  • Site Domains
  • Site Content
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback
  • Site SSL

Affiliate Marketing Tools Features

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research
  • Keyword Lists Manager
  • Affiliate Programs Finder
  • Website Rank Monitoring
  • Competition Analysis

Core Skills

Skills you will learn:

  • SEO
  • Research
  • Writing
  • WordPress Websites

Skills you need:

  • Willingness to learn new software and technology
  • Some sort of drive to keep trying until you figure it out

Feature Screenshots

Wealthy Affiliate Differentiators

Wealthy Affiliate definitely has features that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s makes Wealthy Affiliate different (and worth the money) compared to other affiliate marketing training solutions and tools.

1. Pay-it-Forward Community

Wealthy Affiliate is built on the pay-it-forward principle. The importance of members helping each other out is noticed all throughout Wealthy Affiliate platform. The platform has specific features that are built around getting help when you need it most and getting rewarded for helping out other members when they need it most. These features include the ability to ask questions to get help and insights from other members, the member ranking system that encourages every member to contribute to the pay-it-forward culture and the official Ambassadorship program that rewards members for their giving back actions. 

2. Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors 

Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors are the top 25 members within the Wealthy Affiliate community. These ambassadors are specially ranked for their activity, help, and contributions. Considering there are over 1.4 million Wealthy Affiliate members, the top 25 is a hard-earned place to be.

Here are the ways to become a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador:

  1. Grow and engage with your friends’ network
  2. Help people by in live chat 
  3. Create content that helps out members
  4. Like and comment on other members content

You will find the elite Ambassadors active in the community to help you out when you need it most. 

3. More Than a Training Course

When you are seeking to learn new skills, you usually need more than just training. Many affiliate marketing training options are just training. These “training only” courses will refer you to outside tools to use, usually with their affiliate links. So they make money off of you after you buy their training course. 

For you to be a successful affiliate marketer today, knowledge is only a small piece of what you need to succeed. You also need tools and support, in addition to the training to be successful. It’s the combination of these three things that put you in a better position to find affiliate marketing success.

Wealthy Affiliate recognizes this reality. Wealthy Affiliate is different because it is not just training. You get training (tons of it), plus tools and support from a community in one place. Without ever having to leave Wealthy Affiliate. 

So next time you are considering buying a training course for affiliate marketing, consider what you are really getting. (Just training, or training, tools and support?)

4. Included Website Hosting

Most affiliate marketing training courses make you pay for tools outside of the training. Training on how to build affiliate marketing websites will usually recommend an outside hosting company to host your website.

With Wealthy Affiliate, everything is included. Not only can you host one website, but you can also host two on the free starter plan. Or up to 50 on the paid premium plan. If signing in to one place for affiliate marketing training and another place to manage your affiliate website sounds cumbersome, then Wealthy Affiliate may be for you. 

3. Simplified Website Hosting and Management Features

Another Wealthy Affiliate differentiator is the easy to use website hosting and management features. Most website hosting companies have more technical and advanced user experiences and navigation areas. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is uniquely simple. No C-Panel or complicated control panels. No complicated areas to navigate just to make your websites run. The website management features are intentionally simplified to make it easy for you to build out a successful affiliate website. Simply.

One example is logging into your WordPress website. Wealthy Affiliate Websites come with this handy feature to manage your website login process for you. This handy website management feature includes generating a strong password for you that you never have to remember. 

You simply click the login button and Wealthy Affiliate logs you into your website back-end, without having to remember your username or login password. This login feature becomes even more useful when you are managing two or more websites at one time. No need to remember the information for each website. Wealthy Affiliate Website management features do all the work for you. 

6 Wealthy Affiliate Website Examples

Since Wealthy Affiliate specializes in creating authority affiliate websites, it’s only right to show you Wealthy Affiliate website examples.

Looking at examples is a great way to understand what is possible with an authority affiliate website. Use these examples to understand the variety of topics a website can be about, the affiliate products they can promote and the affiliate programs that can be leveraged. 

Here are 6 real-life Wealthy Affiliate website examples. These websites were created by Wealthy Affiliate premium members who have gone through the affiliate marketing training.

Website Example #1

Thriving Cat Wealthy Affiliate website example

Website: Thriving Cat
Main Topic:
 Provides cat owners with cat health and behavior tips and product recommendations.
Affiliate Programs:
 Amazon, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
  280+ URLs (approx)

Twins and Triplets World Affiliate website example

Website Example #2

Website: Twins and Triplets World
Main Topic:
 Provides parents help and support for living with twins and triplets
Affiliate Programs:
 Amazon, Honest, CrateJoy, John Lewis, and more
  100+ URLs (approx)

Website Example #3

Only Vegan Stuff Affiliate Website Example

Website: Only Vegan Stuff
 Vegan Health
Main Topic:
 Provides tips, tricks, recipes and products for eating and living a plant-based life
Affiliate Programs:
  380+ URLs (approx)

Website Example #4

Small Kitchen Appliances Wealthy Affiliate website example

Website: Small Kitchen Appliances For You
Kitchen Appliances
Main Topic:
Reviews small kitchen appliances for your home
Affiliate Programs: Amazon
 200+ URLs (approx)

Improve Your Brain Power Wealthy Affiliate Website Example

Affiliate Website Example #5

Website: Improve Your Brain Power
Mental Health
Main Topic:
Provides tips and products to improve brain performance
Affiliate Programs:
 100+ URLs

Affiliate Website Example #6

Poly Free Planet Affiliate Website Example

Website: Poly Free Planet
Niche: Planet Care
Main Topic: Provides alternative ways to live without plastic
Theme: GeneratePress
Affiliate Programs: Amazon
Size: Less than 15 URLs (approx)

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Wealthy Affiliate offers a variety of payment options to help you to get started with affiliate marketing. You can try Wealthy Affiliate out completely free and upgrade to a premium plan at any time. 

Wealthy Affiliate price details:

  • Free Trial Available? Yes (No credit card required)
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? Yes
  • Premium Version Available? Yes
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? No
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? Yes. Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise plans

How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

The cost to join Wealthy Affiliate is offered in different plans and payment plans to give you options based on what you can afford. Here are the pricing options available to you:

Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans:

(All prices are in USD)

  • Starter Plan: $0, no credit card required
  • Premium Plan: Paid, different payment plans
    • Monthly: $49 per month ($588 per year)
    • 6 Months: $234 every six months ($469 per year, saves you $120/year)
    • Yearly: 359 per year (saves you $229 per year)
    • Special Black Friday Special: $299 per year (saves you $289 per year, the lowest price you’ll get)

Jaaxy upsell plans:

  • Jaaxy Pro: $19 per month
  • Jaaxy Enterprise: $49 per month

These Jaaxy rates are discounted for Wealthy Affiliate premium members. Get the full scoop here: Jaaxy Review

Wealthy Affiliate Enrollment

Some affiliate marketing training programs are limited-time enrollment. This means that you can only join at specific times when enrollment is open.

For example, ClickBank Breaks the Internet enrollment is currently closed. You have to wait until enrollment opens again to join.

Wealthy Affiliate enrollment is always open. There is never a “closed enrollment” period. You can join at any time. And you can try it out for free at any time.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Cancellation Policy

As a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, you can cancel your membership at any-time. 

To cancel membership, there’s an option inside your Wealthy Affiliate account management settings. 

cancel Wealthy Affiliate membership in platform option

The billing will stop at the next month of your scheduled payment. When the billing stops depends on which pricing plan you signed up for. 

Wealthy Affiliate Refund Policy

The refund policy at Wealthy Affiliate is not as formal as other affiliate marketing training solutions. In most other solutions, you will usually see a “100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days)”. Then you will usually have a general “support” email address you can email to request your money back. 

You won’t see this message within the Wealthy Affiliate premium upgrade offer. Although you can request your money back within the first 30 days, you have to contact co-founder Kyle.

The ways to contact Kyle are:

  • Submit a request on the contact form
  • Post on Kyle’s profile (inside platform)
  • Send him a Direct Message (inside the platform – requires premium membership)

Wealthy Affiliate Support Options

Wealthy Affiliate offers a variety of digital support options for you, but they are different than most alternatives. 

Here are the Wealthy Affiliate support types available to you as a member.

For General Affiliate Marketing Guidance:

  • Just Ask a Community Question – Members will respond
  • Ask Questions in Live Chat – Members are on 24/7 to chat and answer

For Website Technical Assistance:

  • Site Support – In Platform Support Ticket Submission

For Account Help or Platform Issues:

  • In Platform Direct Message the Co-founders, Kyle and Carson
  • Post on their profile pages
  • The contact page on wealthyaffiliate.com

The two things to know about Wealthy Affiliate support options are:

  • No support phone number for you to call
  • No direct email for you to email outside of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Technical Details

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) 
  • Complete cloud-based software – no software downloads
  • Operating Systems: All
  • Mobile Support: Mobile Version (No Mobile App)

Wealthy Affiliate Login

Wealthy Affiliate has two websites.

A public website where you can learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. And a private website where you log in to Wealthy Affiliate as a member. 

Here are the two Wealthy Affiliate websites:

  1. wealthyaffiliate.com (public website)
  2. my.wealthyaffiliate.com (private member website login)

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Here is what other people say in their Wealthy Affiliate reviews. 

Wealthy Affiliate reviews from Leadsleap.com:

5 out of 5 stars (39 Total Reviews)

  • “I was a blogging Guru before it was cool but Wealthy Affiliate has taught me things I was missing.” – Andy Anderson
  • “Wealthy Affiliate is a well established Affiliate Marketing training and hosting platform.” – Paul Chatwin
  • ‘Wealthy Affiliate put me in a position to finally start making money online after over 15 years of failing with company after company.” – Nathaniel Kidd
  • “The best thing is support. If you have any problem there is always someone who will help you. You don’t need to search on Google or Youtube and waste your time.” – Borislav
  • “The training is a little outdated, it seems like it hasn’t been updated for a few years.” – Andy Do
  • “There is so much information available within the platform that many new members tend to get overwhelmed”. – Lakisha Akbar

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Wealthy Affiliate reviews from TrustPilot.com:

4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot.com (36 Total Reviews)

  • Training is second to none.” – Kash Kow
  • “They are honest and ethical and Wealthy Affiliate has a very supportive community. I would recommend them 200%” – Richard
  • “It’s the real deal if you’re looking to build a successful business/website/blog online. It’s no good if you’re wanting to make money quickly.” – Josh P
  • “I can say wholeheartedly there isn’t a better platform or service in the industry.” – Iver
  • “Their free level is a load of junk. You’ll be forced to upgrade to $49 per month if you want to learn more “advanced” stuff which I doubt has any real value.” – Jason (Doesn’t sound like Jason tried premium even though he’s discrediting it…)

Read all 36 reviews at TrustPilot.com.

Pro Tip: Watch out for fake reviews. The fake reviews are obvious because they don’t say much besides “scam” or “you’ll be sorry”. These reviews give you no reason as to why to they gave Wealthy Affiliate a bad review. If the negative review was legit, they would have real reasons to back it up. Unfortunately, TrustPilot has had some complaints about spam reviews being posted on there. 

My Personal Wealthy Affiliate Review

I personally use Wealthy Affiliate every day. I joined back in 2017 and have never looked back (or ever questioned the money spent). 

Here’s what I personally like about Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. The amount of training is never-ending. I can search for any topic to learn more about anything I am trying to solve that day. I will get instant access to related member-created trainings, blog posts or live recorded webinars that speak my specific problem. 
  2. I can ask a question to the community to get help. I’ve asked questions about how to fix my site when I broke it. Other members ask questions like: what’s the best email marketing tool or how to add affiliate links in my website sidebar.
  3. Learning tried and true tips and tricks from experienced affiliate marketers. Many successful Wealthy Affiliate members will share what works for them, what doesn’t, etc. I learn insights from these members that I may not otherwise learn. One recent example is how an affiliate marketer increased his revenue by $1,500 a month by implementing two techniques. He shares his tips here

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

It’s important to remember that no affiliate marketing training solution is perfect. There will always be something that someone doesn’t like. 

In doing thorough research for this Wealthy Affiliate review, I have researched the legit complaints that people do have about Wealthy Affiliate. 

The most common Wealthy Affiliate complaints are:

All of the course training choices and options are overwhelming for new members

Wealthy Affiliate offers so much training that can be overwhelming for people just getting started. You see this common trend of feedback in the Leadsleap.com reviews above. 

However, all main Wealthy Affiliate courses include progress and task trackers. The idea is to just follow the course, complete in order and check off each task as you complete it. The training is designed with these features to help move you along the training as a teacher would do for you in a classroom.

Affiliate marketing training, in general, is a lot of information to take in at first. Learning any new job or skill requires persistence and willingness to keep trying until you get it. The results of learning online marketing skills can definitely pay off in the long run though. (These are highly sought after skills!)

Once you go premium, you can’t go back to free and keep your premium websites

This is a real review from TrustPilot.com (and it is AMI verified true:)

“Great site and support but be warned. You can go from a free member to a premium member but once you go premium its either that or nothing…” – Columbian Catnip on TrustPilot.com

You get premium website features with the Wealthy Affiliate premium plan. If you sign up for premium and then decide to cancel your premium membership, you have 30 days to transfer your websites away from Wealthy Affiliate. After 30 days, your premium websites will be deleted. Gone forever. This policy has upset some people in the past. 

A side note: This policy applies to any website hosting company. If you quit paying for website hosting, then the company quits hosting your website. Makes sense right?

Other Products


Jaaxy is another product built by the same owners of Wealthy Affiliate. It is an SEO research tool that supports affiliate marketing websites that needs to plan content, rank content and generate free traffic from search engines. 

Jaaxy Lite is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium plan. Additional higher priced plans provide additional features not included in the Jaaxy Lite plan.

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Tools
Reviews: Jaaxy Review

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

Does Wealthy Affiliate have an affiliate program? Yes. 

The Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program offers commissions for referring to new members to both the free starter and premium plans. 

Although both starter and premium members can make commissions for any sale, the affiliate commissions are higher for premium Wealthy Affiliate members. 

Here are the affiliate program details:

Commissions for Free Starter Member:

  • $4 1st month special offer referral
  • $11.75 monthly premium plan referral
  • $87.50 yearly premium plan referral

Commissions for Premium Member:

  • $8 for 1st month special offer referral
  • $23.50 monthly premium plan referral
  • $175 yearly premium plan referral

Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

When it comes to affiliate marketing training and solutions, you have too many options to choose from. Finding the right solution for you and your budget can be overwhelming.

If you don’t think Wealthy Affiliate is right for you, consider these alternatives.


Wealthy Affiliate is the best value for your dollar. The amount of training you get access to is more than you can complete in a year’s time. And with new training being added daily (WA members create training for you on various topics and a new recorded Live Webinar by WA’s Training Coach, Jay, every week), they are continuously adding new training for you to learn about every angle of affiliate marketing. 

Then add on the included affiliate marketing tools and your own private social network of affiliate marketers, you won’t find this value in any other beginner affiliate marketing training solution. 

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

What do you need to know before you buy Wealthy Affiliate?

1. Try it before you buy it. 

Sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account before you buy a premium plan. You have 7 days to try out most platform features to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is the right fit for you. 

2. Your time is the true cost of low training costs. 

What you don’t spend in dollars, you will pay for with your time. Although you will pay less in money for Wealthy Affiliate, you will spend a good amount of time building out your affiliate website. If you can’t make the time, then you should reconsider your desire to build your own business. Any new business will take work, time and money to get up and running. Affiliate marketing is 99% cheaper than opening a McDonald’s store. 

3. Complete all of the training if you do buy.

Completing the training is the only way you will get your investment back. 

It’s a common scenario to get all excited about learning how to make money online. So you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate or any other training program and you start going through the training. Then life gets in the way and you don’t even complete 10% of one course. (Wealthy Affiliate has 3 course options to complete). Then you see no results and think to yourself, “maybe this doesn’t work”. 

This happens every day with new Wealthy Affiliate members. The reality with any work, is you get what you put in. If you want a paycheck, you have to work for it. 

If you decide to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate premium, then commit to finishing a course. Create a solid timeline plan to complete a course every day (about 1 hour time to go through each training lesson. + More time to write content for your website.) And stick with it every day. Whether you have 1 hour or 5 hours. 

Some members go through a course as fast as possible and then come back to write content for their website. Other members take longer to complete the course because they write while they learn. 

Either way, if you want to work from home, work for yourself or work from anywhere, “work” is still the main key and factor in your success. So make your investment count, and complete all of the affiliate marketing training available to you. 

4. No affiliate marketing training solution is perfect. 

If you expect to find a perfect training solution, you will be hard-pressed. No option or company is perfect. What you need to decide is do you want a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution or a DFY (Done-For-You) solution. 

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best DIY options available to you today. If you are willing to learn valuable online marketing skills through the experience of building authority affiliate websites, you can have the option to resell your services over time. (Many affiliate marketers sell their own training or sell their website building services to other businesses.)

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

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