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If you are looking for affiliate marketing training options, Commission Hero is making a name for itself these days.

#1 ClickBank Affiliate In The World Reveals…
How To Make $1000+ Per Day Online With This Simple 3 Step System…Even If You Have ZERO Experience – CommissionHero.com

(This is the first thing you read on the sales page. It’s a pretty bold claim.)

The promise of Commission Hero is to:

  • Make thousands online at home without a website, email list, or even a product
  • Use a “simple method” if you have no experience
  • Experience true freedom like others who have purchased this training
  • Learn from the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world

Are these statements true? Or just a lot of hype?

Our what is the Commission Hero review will dig into these questions, promises and reality of the training product.

Commission Hero Review Overview

Commission Hero Review Overview

Product‌ ‌Name:‌‌ ‌‌Commission Hero

Product‌ ‌Creators:‌ Robby Blanchard

Product‌ ‌Categories:‌ ‌‌Affiliate Marketing Training

Strategies:‌ ‌‌Affiliate Marketing, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Paid AdsClickBank

Product‌ ‌Objective:‌ To teach you how to make money from Facebook ads as your main traffic source to your affiliate offers.

Price:‌‌ One payment option: $997 or two payment option: $597 x 2

Free‌ ‌Trial‌ ‌or‌ ‌Free‌ ‌Version:‌ ‌‌No

Upsells: Yes. Inner Circle Coaching, Platinum 100K DFY Campaign, 1000 Image Pack

Additional Costs:‌ ‌‌Yes. Ad Costs + Landing Page Builder + Hosting

Similar to: Super Affiliate System, CB Passive Income

Who is it for: Someone who has the budget to spend on Facebook Ads and is willing to learn technical and advanced online marketing skills.

Commission Hero Pros & Cons


  • Simplified training modules
  • Comes with ready to use templates
  • Offers one-on-one assistance
  • Can be very profitable over time
  • Designed for long-term success


  • Requires $10 – $150 a day for ad spend (on top of training course cost)
  • High upfront cost ($2000 – $3000 est)
  • May be hard to grasp for newbies
  • No refund before 12 months

Commission Hero Key Features

  • 45 (approx.) training videos
  • Step by step blueprints
  • Done-for-you landing pages
  • Swipe files and images for ads
  • Access to Private Coaching Group
  • 12 Month Success Policy
  • Live Weekly Q&A’s
  • Commission Hero™ Success Guarantee

What is the Commission Hero (Exactly)

Commission Hero is a trademarked Facebook Ads affiliate marketing training course. You will learn how to use Facebook Ads to make money from affiliate products on ClickBank.

The Commission Hero training is based on a “3 step system” that the product creator has personally used to make millions. This system is supposedly set up to psychologically force people to buy your affiliate offers.

You will learn how to become an affiliate marketer by:

  1. Leveraging the ClickBank Affiliate Program to find products to promote
  2. Using Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate offers

Who is this #1 ClickBank Affiliate

Robby Blanchard claims to be the #1 ClickBank Affiliate. The Commission Hero sales page repeats that he is the #1 CB affiliate 5 times, to be exact.

You can’t blame him for being proud of this statistic. Considering there are 100,000 affiliates on ClickBank, being #1 is unique. (There’s only one #1 after all 🙂

ClickBank Tips For Your Success from Robby

Get a sense of Robby’s training style and knowledge through this video.

You will learn different ways to find good ClickBank products to promote as an affiliate. You’ll also Robby’s personal ClickBank account results.

Robby Blanchard’s Path to an Affiliate Marketer

Robby Blanchard was not always an affiliate marketer.

He started out as an owner of a struggling CrossFit Gym. He learned how to turn his gym’s business around from running Facebook Ads.

Then, he created his first own info product about CrossFit. He struggled to get sales from affiliates and a slow-growing email list. So he ran Facebook ads and his sales took off.

These two successes led Robby to start promoting other people’s products. He ran Facebook ads to other people’s high converting Clickbank products.

After 5 years, Robby has perfected his system. It’s now a training course that has had 2000 students so far.

$1000 Days with Commission Hero Testimonial

Take a few minutes to check out this candid interview with Robby’s girlfriend, Mariath. She talks about reaching her second thousand dollar day from using the Commission Hero system.

You’ll learn the objections Mariath overcame before starting the training and her dreams for the future because of the results she has already seen. This video is definitely worth watching.

Commission Hero Product Details

Here is comes with the Commission Hero product. (This is everything you would get if you decided to purchase.)

Commission Hero System

The Commission Hero System is the training course. You will get access to on-demand training videos to learn Robby’s strategies to make money online.

Private Coaching Group 

Commission Hero comes with access to a private coaching group. You will be to ask questions and get direct support when you need help.

Million Dollar Ad Swipe Files & Images 

Commission Hero comes with ad swipe files and images. The ads and images are used by Robby and other Commission Hero members. Create ads more easily with these included support files.

Facebook Super Profits Training System  

The Facebook Super Profits Training System included with Commission Hero is advanced training to teach you how to take your ad campaigns to the next level. Learn how to increase your Facebook Ad campaign sales by 25% or more by getting more ad accounts and specific credit card tricks.

Done-For-You Landing Pages 

Commission Hero comes with all of Robby’s landing pages he has personally used to generate millions on Facebook. These done-for-you landing pages save you time and accelerate the speed to getting affiliate commissions.

Commission Hero Course Lessons

Commission Hero training comes with 13 modules. Here are the topics covered in each training.

  1. Welcome
  2. Getting Started
  3. Choosing The Right Offers
  4. Finding Your Ad Image
  5. Setting Up A Landing Page
  6. Setting Up Facebook
  7. Setting Up Facebook Pixel
  8. Tracking Your Campaign
  9. Scaling
  10. Ninja Tactics
  11. Bonuses
  12. Spotlight Offers
  13. Exclusive Extra Bonus

Here the details of what you will learn in each module.


The first module serves as your introduction to Commission Hero and where your expectations are set before actually beginning with any of the proper training sessions from the creator.

Getting Started

By Module 2, you will be given an overview of Facebook ads, Click Funnels, and all the technical aspects of the platform so you can have a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into before creating an ad campaign.

Choosing the Right Offers

In Choosing the Right Offers, you will be given a chance to choose from a wide selection of Clickbank offers that range from 75% commissions up to 90 or 100%. The goal is to always get a higher percentage of commissions so you can generate more income with your promotions.

Finding Your Ad Image

This module teaches you how to select the right images that you can use in your offers. Images play an important role in catching your audience’s attention and making them want to avail of your product. Here, Robby Blanchard will also demonstrate how he creates his product images and you will be given the chance to create your own.

Setting Up A Landing Page

Here, you will learn how to set up landing pages for your products that are sure to have a high conversion rate and is also Facebook compliant at the same time.

Setting Up Facebook and Facebook Pixel

In Modules 6 and 7, you will be taught how to create your Facebook page and set up your ad campaigns. This is particularly helpful to those who don’t have prior experience in setting up online ad campaigns on Facebook. You will be shown how to establish ad-sets, custom audiences, how to publish your materials and ensure that you are reaching your target audience correctly.

Tracking Your Campaign

Module 8 is focused on teaching you how to track your campaign and monitor its performance. You will learn the backend of campaign statistics, how many people are clicking on your images, which part of your campaign is effective, and what other aspects you can improve on.


Scaling shows you how to zero in on your market once you are sure that your ad campaign is effective. This helps you reduce your expenses on paid ads and also teaches you how to create more ad accounts for more earning opportunities.

Spotlight Offers and Exclusive Extra Bonus

For Modules 10 through 13, you will be presented with various spotlight offers from the creators of Commission Hero, in case there is more you want to learn from the team. If you were able to avail of their limited offers upon registration, this is also where you can begin your sessions with them.

Commission Hero Bonuses

In addition the training above, Commission Hero comes with additional bonuses to help you put in the work and be successful.

Live Weekly Q&A’s and Coaching

Robby Blanchard and his team at Commission Hero hosts a weekly private coaching group where they answer your questions. Valued at $4,997, it is also offered as a limited-time bonus for those who sign up to join Commission Hero.

Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts

The Million Dollar Rolodex of Contacts gives you the opportunity to connect with product owners for a chance at getting higher commission rates for their product promotions. In some cases, affiliates get anywhere from 75% to 100% payout increase with the help of the Million Dollar Rolodex. It is valued at $1,197.

SnapChat Training

The SnapChat Training module teaches how to run profitable campaigns on SnapChat. This module typically costs $1,997 as a separate package.

$10k Month Email Marketing Module

Valued at $2,997, the $10k Month Email Marketing Module aims to teach how you to use email as another source of revenue. In this module, Robby Blanchard partnered with Mr. X to share the methods he employs to earn $20-30,000 a month with email marketing.

Access to Facebook Insider

This gives you direct access to Robby Blanchard’s Facebook connections to learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing, which strategies work, and how you can work around Facebook’s ad policies. It is valued at $1,997.

Skills You Will Learn From Commission Hero

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • ClickBank Affiliate Program
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Sales Funnels

How Much Does Commission Hero Cost

Commission Hero offers two pricing options for your convenience. The goal is to help you out if you can not afford the entire cost price all at once.

  1. Two Payments = $597, Billed 30 days apart, Total Cost: $1194
  2. One-time Payment = $997, $197 savings from two-payment option

Pro Tip: You will pay more than $997 or $1194 course cost. Keep reading below to understand your “real costs”.

Additional Commission Hero Price Details

  • Free Trial Available? No
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? No
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services Available? Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? No

The “Real Cost” of Commission Hero

The course price for Commission Hero is $997 or $1194, depending on the pricing option you choose. In addition to the course, you will need a landing page builder or web page hosting and money for paid ads.

Commission Hero Real Cost Estimates

Let’s do the math so you understand the true costs of Commission Hero. Here are some estimates for you.

I’ve listed two different scenarios for you below. Make sure you have the money to afford this before you buy!

Estimated Cost Scenario #1 – “The Low End”

  • Commission Hero: $997 one-time payment
  • Clickfunnels Landing Page Builder: $97 per month (lowest plan)
  • Facebook Ads: $300 per month ($10 per day ad costs for 30 days)
  • $5,761 a year ($1,394 for your first month, $397 for 11 additional months)

Heads up: These calculations are completely estimated. Your exact number may vary, depending on the different options you can choose.

Estimated Cost Scenario #2 – “The High End”

  • Commission Hero: $597 x 2 (two-payment option)
  • Landing Page Hosting: $50 a year (cheap shared hosting)
  • Elementor Pro Landing Page Builder: $50 a year
  • Domain Name: $10 a year
  • Facebook Ads: $3,600 per month ($120 per day ad costs for 30 days)
  • $44,501 a year ($4,304 for your first month, $4,197 for second month, $3,600 for 10 additional months)

Pro Tip: To make the $1,000 a day as promised, you should expect to pay $500 a day. Robby’s girlfriend mentions this point in the $1,000 Days with Commission Hero Testimonial video listed above. She started out spending $120 a day on Facebook ads which is the estimated cost in scenario #2. For her $1,000 days, she mentions making a 50% profit which means she is paying $500 a day. (To make that $1,000.)

Additional Details You Should Know

Commission Hero Enrollment

Some training programs are only open for select periods of time. Others are open all the time, with no restrictions.

For Commission Hero, you can sign up anytime. The bonus offers may change over time.

Enrollment Details

  • Availability: You can join anytime
  • Enrollment Status: Always Open

Commission Hero Support Options

For support, you are encouraged to:

  • Utilize the Commission Hero private Facebook group for questions and support
  • Watch all modules at least 2-3 times and implementing a campaign first before requesting support
  • Put in the work and meet the Commission Hero team and members halfway

Additional Support Details

Commission Hero Refund Policy (Warning its weird)

Does Commission Hero offer a refund policy? Yes. But here’s a warning, it’s weird.

The Commission Hero refund policy is unlike most other affiliate marketing training programs. Here’s everything you need to know about the Commission Hero’s Refund Policy:

  • You are required to go through the course for a full 365 days before you can request a refund
  • After 365 days, you only have 7 days to request your refund
  • After the 7 day refund period (after 1 year’s time), your refund qualifications expire indefinitely
  • Refund requests after the 7-day window will not be honored
  • Submit refund requests to: support@robbyblanchard.com

This policy protects the product creator more than it does you. It’s designed to detour people who are not serious about learning how to make money online.

This policy is designed to discourage people who are not serious from buying the course. And to protect the product creator from having high refund rates. Read the full legal details here.

Commission Hero Upsells by Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard has also developed many other products over the years. Prices range anywhere from $197 to $4,997. From time to time, you’ll find that Robby includes some of these additional products as add-ons to Commission Hero.

Here’s a list of Robby’s other products currently offered.

Inner Circle Coaching

The Inner Circle coaching program is a special coaching package to receive 1:1 on support. You’ll be connected with a professional coach who will personally help you along with your affiliate marketing and Facebook Advertising journey. It’s a monthly subscription but can be bundled into other offers.

Platinum 100K DFY Campaign

Platinum 100k DFY Campaign is a bonus done-for-you campaign package to increase your speed to success with your campaigns. Includes additional copy, landing pages, images, and Facebook audience recommendations.

1000 Image Pack

1000 Image Pack is a larger pack of images to use throughout your campaigns.

Commission Hero Live Mastermind Event

The Commission Hero Live Mastermind Event is a two-day live event to work directly with Robby and his team. You will learn how to maximize profits, level up your campaigns and take your online success to new levels. You’ll ultimately learn what it takes to be a super affiliate.

Commission Hero Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Commission Hero for?

Commission Hero is for anyone who is willing to lose money before they make money. (This is hard for most beginners to do…)

At first, I didn’t make much money and I even LOST money…but I didn’t quit. – Robby Blanchard

Facebook Advertising is an advanced traffic marketing strategy. It’s highly unlikely your first ads will be profitable. It will take time and continued money to tweak your ads until they become profitable.

You should also be open to becoming technology savvy, learning various marketing terms, Facebook terms, and marketing principles.

Is Commission Hero Legit?

Yes, Commission Hero is a legit product. It’s a real product you can buy on ClickBank. It’s also a real training course on how to create sales funnels using Facebook ads to drive traffic to ClickBank offers, for sales.

You will also learn about the Facebook Advertising rules and requirements you must follow on Facebook in order to stay legit as a Facebook advertiser.

Does Commission Hero Work?

What if I were to tell you that it’s honestly not that hard to do and can happen in the next 30 days?  – CommissionHero.com

Commission Hero doesn’t do the work for you. It will train you. And provide you with sales pages, ad copy, and images to help make it easier for you. But you have to do the work, learn the skills, and actually create ad campaigns over and over again.

How much time do I need to be successful with Commission Hero?

…there is NO better feeling in the world than the feeling of making sales 24/7 online WHILE only “working” a few hours a day. – CommissionHero.com

Expect to spend:

  1. 2 to 3 hours a day to go through the training and apply what you learn
  2. $10 – $120 dollars on ads for at least 30 days before you make money back
  3. 12 months before you can request a course refund

Commission Hero Affiliate Program

Does Commission Hero have an affiliate program? Yes. But it’s not open to everyone.

To get approved as a Commission Hero affiliate, you have to run live webinars with your contacts list. The number of participants in your webinars and sales made will determine your commission rate.

Commission Hero Affiliate Program Additional Details

  • Commission Rate: Up to 40% commissions for whitelisted partners
  • Product Cost: Signing up is free
  • Affiliate Program Link

Before You Buy Commission Hero

As much as Commission Hero wants to be the program everyone can benefit from, there are also limits to what it can do for you. Your success with Commission Hero ultimately depends on you.

Here are 3 things you need to know before you buy Commission Hero:

  1. You can’t request a refund before 12 months of commitment. If you buy, be prepared to commit a full year of your time and money.
  2. You need a $2500 budget to start Commission Hero your first month. You need an additional $400 minimum for each additional month. If you can’t afford this, then consider a cheaper affiliate marketing training option (keep reading below)
  3. Facebook Advertising and Sales Funnels are advanced marketing strategies. You need to be prepared to learn a lot of technical information. And lose money before you make money.

Commision Hero Review Conclusion

Congratulations if you made it this far. I strived to make this a thorough review of you. The big question is,

Do i recommend commission hero?

No, not for a complete beginner. You should have some general understanding of online marketing and want to learn more about it. Otherwise, you may not be able to commit to 12 months in the Commission Hero program.

I do recommend the course for affiliate marketers who already have an established website and are looking for ways to scale up their commissions. As someone already interested in this topic, you will learn valuable tips and tricks from Robby Blanchard, a very successful ClickBank affiliate marketer. (Hard to go wrong here.)

Commission Hero Alternatives

Commission Hero is one of the many training courses designed to teach how to become an affiliate marketer. If you are looking for other affiliate marketing training course options, then check out these Commission Hero alternatives.

Super Affiliate System is a very similar affiliate marketing course as Commission Hero. focuses on traffic from paid ads across multiple social networks such as Facebook, Google and YouTube. You’ll learn from the “crazy money man”, John Crestani.

Super Affiliate System

CB Passive Income Elite is another course similar to Commission Hero for 75% LESS cost. You will learn how to promote ClickBank affiliate offers through different traffic channels including paid ads. CB Passive Income Elite also comes with a DFY (Done-For-You) system with pre-created landing pages, pre-chosen affiliate offers, and email campaigns.

CB Passive Income Elite Review

ClickBank University is an alternate affiliate marketing training course that teaches you similar strategies as Commission Hero. At just $47 per month, you can save money on the training to spend on your ads.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

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