Super Affiliate Intensive Review – A Mini High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Course by Jacob Caris

The Super Affiliate Intensive is the latest product launch from Jacob Caris. This Super Affiliate Intensive review shows you why I bought the course and exactly what you get for the price. 

Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) is a lower-priced, mini high ticket affiliate marketing training course to Jacob’s flagship course called the Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA).

Super Affiliate Intensive Review Summary

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Super Affiliate Intensive Overview

Product Name: Super Affiliate Intensive

Product Creators: Jacob Caris

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training

Strategies: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM)

Product Objective: To help people learn the frameworks Jacob used to build a 7 figure business and become a top super affiliate in multiple affiliate contests. 

Price: $50 $100

Free Trial or Free Version: No

Upsells: Yes

Recommended: Yes.

Would I buy it: Yes. I did.

Would I buy it again: Yes. I would.

Why I Bought Super Affiliate Intensive?

I bought Super Affiliate Intensive for two reasons:

  1. I buy affiliate marketing training courses to review them. I spend the money to write a real Super Affiliate Intensive review to help you determine if the course is right for you. 
  2. I have been watching Jacob Caris’ videos on YouTube for a while now. His videos are super informative. I was continuously impressed by how many strategic “golden nuggets” and useful tips he would drop (for free) in each video. I bought the course to learn more about a core framework he used to achieve his super affiliate status. 

A Real Super Affiliate Intensive Demo

Since I bought this product, I can show you a real look inside. Check out this Super Affiliate Intensive demo and walkthrough.

See what you can expect inside. And use to help decide if this course is right for you or not.

Be sure to also read the details below to fully understand this program’s offering. 

Super Affiliate Intensive Review Video

What is Super Affiliate Intensive?

The Super Affiliate Intensive is an affiliate marketing training program that gives you a 4-day deep-dive into the MOCA Blueprint.

This MOCA blueprint is what Jacob refers to as the core framework for growing a high ticket affiliate marketing business. 

Super Affiliate Intensive mini high ticket affiliate marketing training course

What is the MOCA Blueprint?

The MOCA blueprint is a framework that breaks down into 4 strategic parts:

M = Mindset
O = Offer
C = Conversion
A = Audience

According to Jacob and his experience, these are the 4 critical pillars you need to be successful with high ticket affiliate marketing.

How is SAI course different?

What makes Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) different from every other affiliate marketing course out there?

Super Affiliate Intensive is changing the affiliate marketing landscape

This is not your typical “how affiliate marketing works” course. You will not learn the technical aspect of affiliate marketing. Like what software to use, how to embed your affiliate links, etc.

The Super affiliate intensive course goes deeper into the psychological, emotional and strategic aspects of marketing.

You’ll learn how to create the right offer to the right audience with the right mindset.

Who is Jacob Caris and Can You Trust Him?

Jacob Caris

Our days are filled with many people, offers, and products who do NOT have our best interests in mind. 

This becomes obvious after signing up for a free giveaway to only be recommended a new junk product of the day from warrior plus and JVZoo. 

After following Jacob for a while, Jacob Caris actually seems to be a “good guy”. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to run across a few of the good ones through all the research I’ve done for you and for this blog. Good ones are classified as those who actually care about your success!

Jacob’s 6 Figure High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Successes

If you watch the sales video for super affiliate intensive training, you will learn what affiliate programs Jacob has personally succeeded with. 

  1. ClickFunnels
  2. Legendary Marketer
  3. KBB
Jacob Caris 6 figure affiliate program earnings

What you learn in his programs is a result of achieving 6 figures with each of these affiliate programs. 

Jacob is obviously smart and has an entrepreneurial mind. His uncle is an entrepreneur too so he comes from a successful family. 

Jacob also believes in buying the product before you promote it to really understand what you are selling.

There are affiliate marketers these days who sell you every new affiliate product under the sun just to make a sell.

It’s obvious when they recommend $1000+ of worthless affiliate products to you in just one week. 

Jacob Caris YouTube Channel

The Super Affiliate Intensive Product Details

This is actually what Jacob refers to as the “offer”. Super Affiliate Intensive comes with these packed training and support features inside. 

3 Core Components of the Program

Here’s what you can expect when you buy SAI. 

You get these 3 Core Components:

  1. Training: the actual training course where you learn about the recommended framework for success 
  2. Call: a 45 minute 1:1 call with Jacob’s team. These guys have been trained by Jacob and successful in their own journeys 
  3. Community: access to a special private Facebook community to connect you with everyone who buys this program 

You will use these three components together to maximize your results with this program. 

Most training courses just give you the training and access to a private Facebook Group. 

The inclusion of a 1:1 call is a unique offering within the Super Affiliate intensive program. 

If you were to buy this program today, here is what comes with your purchase. 

MOCA Blueprint 4 Day Training 

Super Affiliate Intensive MOCA Blueprint

2 hour each, deep dive into the 4 part framework Jacob has personally used to crush affiliate marketing. Each part represents one day in the 4 part training series. 

  • Day 1 – Mindset
  • Day 2 – Offer Creation
  • Day 3 – Conversion Strategies
  • Day 4 – Audience Building / Traffic

Free MOCA Implementation Call

A 45 minute 1:1 call with a Super Affiliate Intensive specialist. The call is designed to help you build a customized strategic implementation plan to create your own high ticket affiliate marketing business. 

This custom made plan will include your goals and aspirations combined with the connected steps of the MOCA framework. If you like what you’ve learned from Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI), you may be a good fit for the Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA) program. SAA provides more in depth training, more coaching and more support to guide you through your affiliate marketing journey. 

You are suggested to schedule the call after you have watched the entire MOCA Blueprint 4 Day Training series.

MOCA Graduate Interviews

Additional training to learn from the insights of successful MOCA Blueprint Graduates. These 5 interviews take you inside the lives of 6 individuals who went from absolute zero to $10K a month.

Private SAI Challengers Community

The Private SAI Challengers Community is the private Facebook group for everyone who purchases Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI). SAI has been strategically engineered to include the 3 core components: the training, the call, and the community. 

Throughout the 4 Day MOCA Blueprint Training, you will be encouraged to document your journey in the Facebook Group like when and why you joined, your breakthroughs and insights learned from each training, when you book your strategic plan call, etc. 

The Facebook Group is also a place you can use to network with like minded folks.

Super Affiliate Intensive Bonuses

​Bonus 1: How To Start, Grow & Monetize A Facebook Group With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing 

This is a 1.5 hour recording of a live training Jacob did for another paid membership community. In this bonus training, you will learn how to implement the 3 phases of a successful FB Group: 

  1. Setup
  2. Growth
  3. Monetization

​Bonus 2: Super Affiliate Story Formula 

A short bonus training video to learn how to use your story to generate leads and sales. If done the right way, your story can be your most powerful marketing weapon.

​Bonus 3: How to Attract High Quality Leads With Money

This half-hour bonus training covers how your brand positioning influences the type of people you attract to your offers. Learn what you need to say in your content and how to structure your business to actually attract high quality leads and customers. 

Super Affiliate Intensive Offer

Jacob Caris’ View on Why Solo Ads Don’t Work

After watching the Super Affiliate Intensive sales video (which provides value in itself), I found Jacob’s view on why solo ads don’t work pretty interesting. 

He confirms the pitfalls of solo ads, even though many affiliate marketers recommend them.

Some example affiliate marketing products that leverage solo ads for traffic are: 12 Minute Affiliate and 30 Minute Workday. 

His view (and perhaps truth?) on solo ads is most people:

  • Spend a couple grand on solo ads
  • Make no sales
  • End up with an email list that never opens the emails because they’ve been smashed with offers

If you come across products recommending solo ads as the traffic source solution, think twice!

Who is SAI For?

Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) is for anyone who wants to learn the details behind the MOCA blueprint formula. Current Price tag: $50 $100.

Although SAI is said to be for beginners, I believe this is best for someone who has tried but not cracked the code yet. You should have a general understanding of the basics of how affiliate marketing works.

This course is best suited for someone who is interested in learning the strategic, psychological and emotional side of marketing. If you have a fascination with influencing buyer behaviors with good intent (even if it is a secret), the Super Affiliate Intensive course is good for you.

Formerly, you could only learn the MOCA Blueprint from the Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA) program. Current Price tag: $2000 $2500. Now you can learn this framework without forking the cost of SAA.

If you like what you learn in this “mini-course” of SAI, then you can upgrade to the “full master” course of SAA. 

Even The SAI Sales Video Provides Value

You don’t have to buy Super Affiliate Intensive to learn new information. 

Super Affiliate Intensive 4 Part MOCA Blueprint

Watch the free video on the Super Affiliate Intensive offer page to learn: 

  • The MOCA Blueprint breakdown and who each work together in your favor
  • 3 methods of affiliate marketing that keep people stuck
  • Affiliate marketing business model that SAI students have used to earn 6 figures
  • 3 steps system to craft a unique offer and differentiate yourself from your competition
  • The secret to crafting a killer high ticket offer that generates sales
  • Types of high ticket offers and which one you should use
  • The way to compete in today’s affiliate marketing environment

Super Affiliate Intensive Refund Policy

The Super Affiliate Intensive program does come with a refund policy. However, you must actually try to make the training work before you make a request. 

It’s recommended that you do not buy in the first place if you are not:

  • 100% committed to taking constant action
  • Prepared to invest your time to implement what you learn

The refund will only be given if you prove you did everything to be successful, yet still made no money. 

Super Affiliate Intensive Support

If you need support, help or direction, you can leverage these two places:

  • Email: 
  • Private Facebook Group: Must buy the program to access

My Personal Assessment as Your Affiliate Marketing Informant

My assessment of the Super Affiliate Intensive is good. Great actually. 

My hunch was Jacob Caris’ training was not junk. 

Since I actually bought it for a real review, I can confirm…

Super Affiliate Intensive is Not Junk

It’s a high-quality training program that covers foundational but repeatable elements to help you become a successful affiliate marketer. It also includes a 1:1 coaching call for extra level of support not usually offered at this price. 

If you are looking for a magic pill or push button solution, the Super Affiliate Intensive is not for you. 

Just understand SAI is a small collection of training videos you will find in the Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA) course. 

Hopefully this Super Affiliate Intensive review helped you out.

Got Questions? Just leave them below.

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  1. This is a nice review and I have personally bought it almost 2 months ago but haven’t finished yet cos i was involved with some other stuff. But recently, as Iam completely focusing on High Ticket Marketing…restarting this MOCA blueprint again. Its filled with valuable info and very excited…!!

  2. Hey there. Thanks for letting me know. I think it’s a great course too. Did you schedule your implementation call? That’s the best part of the training. Complete the four days first. Then speak with a specialist on Jacob’s team to help develop a personalized roadmap for you. If you haven’t, definitely do that. Makes this course super underpriced.

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