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Here, we take a look inside Builderall. 

“The  Most Powerful Platform on the Marketplace” – Builderall

Builderall claims to be the best digital marketing platform in the world. 

Builderall also claims to be for anyone who wants to achieve online success.

Entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, business owners, agencies, you name it.

Are these claims true?

Is Builderall a good tool for you to buy?

Do you really need the Builderall platform as an affiliate marketer?

We will take a very in-depth look inside everything you need to know in this what is Builderall Review.

I’ll tell you about the Builderall product details, pros, cons, frequently asked questions, other people’s reviews, differentiators, alternatives, the affiliate program and more.

Ready? Let’s dig in.

What is Builderall Review

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an All In One (AIO) digital marketing platform for affiliate marketers, businesses and agencies. 

With more than 30 digital marketing tools included, Builderall enables you to market your business, products, and services through digital technologies like the Internet, mobile devices and apps. 

You can use Builderall to:

  • host websites
  • build membership sites
  • create online stores
  • send out emails
  • launch webinar sales funnels
  • send out SMS campaigns to mobile devices
  • and a whole lot more!

As an affiliate marketer, you can use Builderall tools to:

  • host websites for your affiliate products
  • create webinars to educate and sell your affiliate products
  • and even build out your affiliate program

Having all of these marketing capabilities accessible from one dashboard saves you time AND money. 

No need for a separate website builder, landing page builder, funnel manager, autoresponder, webinar tools, etc. (Which add up to thousands of dollars or more.)

Pro Tip: This toolset may be advanced for very new affiliate marketers. However, some affiliate marketing training courses teach some of the strategies that the Builderall digital marketing platform supports. If you are up for learning, Builderall will reduce the number of tools you need to promote the heck out of your affiliate marketing products.

What is Builderall Review Overview

Product Name: Builderall

Product Creators: Erick Salgado, CEO/Founder

Company Headquarters: Orlando, Florida, USA and The Netherlands, Europe

Product Categories: Digital Marketing Tools

Strategies: Websites, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Webinars, SMS, Chatbots and more

Product Objective: To help you promote your online business and make more sales.

Product Features: (Too many to list here. See product details below)

Price: Free $0, Builder $19.90/m, Marketer $29.90/m, Essential $49.90/m, Premium $69.90/m

Free Trial or Free Version: Yes

Add-ons: Yes

What Makes Builderall Unique?

Builderall’s Digital Canvas Funnel Builder. 

The Digital Canvas Funnel Builder allows you to create and manage complex sales funnels all in one place.

With Builderall, you can connect the multiple components of your marketing strategy together (in one platform).

All inside Builderall, you can create and connect together:

  • Websites
  • Custom landing pages to start a funnel
  • Include email opt-in form to capture email addresses
  • Show upsell, downsell and thank you pages
  • Kick off an email campaign with a series of emails 
  • Show bridge pages between your web page and your affiliate offer (recommended strategy known to convert better than just sending people directly to your affiliate offer)

Today’s standard is to use multiple tools to make your funnels work. 

Most digital marketing tools do not offer everything in one place like Builderall.

Most tools focus on doing one specific thing really well. 

Example: ClickFunnels is a popular funnel builder that makes it very easy to create funnels. Elementor is a popular landing page builder that makes is super easy to creates really awesome landing pages. Just these two tools alone cost $1200 per year.

Builderall offers all of these capabilities and more! For less than $1,000 a year.

If that number scares you, then you haven’t been in online marketing very long.

See Builderall for Yourself

Check out this cool Builderall introduction video.

You’ll see all the cool marketing strategies and campaigns you can create in one place. 

Pro Tip: You can Builderall out completely free. You can start by building a website. You don’t even need a credit card. Yea. Check it out.

Builderall Products

30+ Builderall Digital Marketing Tools to Execute Beginner and Advanced Marketing Strategies Online (Which Essentially Can Help You Make More Money)

Builderall comes with a bunch of digital marketing apps

As mentioned early, there are 30 different tools you can use to market your business or anyone else’s business. (Just think running an agency…) 

Builderall was designed to take care of every online marketing need you may have. 

You will find the 30 Builderall Platform tools organized in these 6 categories:

  • Builders – Tools that help you build websites, landing pages and apps
  • Email Marketing – Tools that help you build, manage and execute email campaigns
  • Engagement – Tools that help you engage with people on your website, Social and SMS
  • Design – Tools that help you design web pages, landing pages, magazines, PDF downloads, videos, webinar presentations, etc.
  • Reports – Tools that help you track website performance, user experience, and SEO performance
  • Admin – Tools to manage the workings around your Builderall account and website domain names 

Now, if you are ready…

Let’s deep dive into every digital marketing tool that comes when you buy Builderall. 

(Be prepared…its A LOT!)

Note: You have to buy the most expensive plan to access every Builderall tool listed below. Lower cost plans will give you access to some of the tools. More details in the Builderall pricing details.

Builderall Dashboard Overview

Before we dive into the written product details, watch this video.

It will walk you through the Builderall dashboard and all products visually so you understand the product list below better.

Cheetah Website Builder

Cheetah is the newest and latest website builder by Builderall.

It allows you to create websites connected to different types of pages and funnels. 

The Builderall Cheetah Website Builder best features are:

  • Drag and drop functionality for easy website building and landing page creation
  • Responsive functionality to adapt to mobile devices
  • 135+ pre-designed templates or the option to create your website design from scratch

Pro Tip: At the time of this review, the Cheetah Website Builder doesn’t currently support blogging. The Blog feature is scheduled for February 2020.

Pixel Perfect Builder

Pixel Perfect Builder is the old original website builder product by Builderall.

It’s a completely different tool to build websites.

(And it’s pretty confusing to have two website builders in your dashboard.)

The Builderall Pixel Perfect Builder best features are:

  • Supports the ability to build a blog
  • Offers pre-designed website templates to choose from

Pro Tip: Pixel Perfect Builder doesn’t support responsive (mobile) support which is SUPER IMPORTANT these days. Hence, why Builderall built another website builder 🙂

I expect this builder to be discontinued at some point (no longer offered). It’s costly for Builderall to support similar products that help you achieve the same result. They are likely trying to get the new Cheetah builder to have all the same features as the old Pixel Perfect builder, so you don’t lose any features you need to be a successful online marketer today.

Canvas Funnel Builder

Canvas is a funnel builder platform by Builderall.

Builderall Canvas allows you to connect different types of pages and steps together to create sales funnels.

You can create a sales funnel “flow” for your buyers to give their email address in exchange for a free download, be presented with an offer page, go to the cart page to buy the offer or see the thank you page if they decline the offer. 

This Canvas Funnel Builder tool strives to make creating sales funnels easy and even fun!

The Builderall Canvas Funnel Builder best features are:

  • 20+ pre-designed sales funnels
  • Ability to choose funnel templates targeted for a specific result:
    • Generate leads
    • Sale products
    • Host a webinar
    • A/B Testing

Pro Tip: Good sales funnels are known to help sell more of your products and services. As you can see, there are different types of funnels you can use to achieve different results. Getting tools that make the funnel process easy is definitely something to consider as you grow as a marketer. Fortunately, Builderall includes tons of training to teach you how to use each type of funnel.

Mailing Boss Email Marketing Automation

Mailing Boss is an email marketing platform by Builderall.

This a tool that supports the ability to send emails to your customers and potential customers. 

Mailing Boss supports setting up automation and workflow campaigns.

You can do things like schedule a series of emails to be sent after someone opt-ins into your sales funnel to get the free giveaway.

Using automation takes the work out of doing this manually for every person that subscribes to your list. (There’s no way you scale this over time by yourself manually.)

The Builderall Mailing Boss Email Marketing best features are:

  • 40+ email templates
  • Drag and drop workflow campaign builder
  • Automation rules and support
  • Responsive builder to look great on smartphones
  • Email scarcity timers to limit the availability of your offer (this is known to increase conversions)

Try Builderall Completely Free for 14 Days

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

CRM is the Builderall Customer Relationship Management platform.

This CRM tool allows you to manage your relationship with your customers.

You can do a variety of activities such as track your leads and track who’s your buying your products. 

The Builderall CRM tool will capture the contact when someone fills out a form on your website. That lead’s information is captured in your CRM app to monitor and re-market to overtime.

The Builderall CRM best features are the ability to:

  • Collect information about your current and future leads
  • Manage relationships with your customers
  • Learn more about your target audiences
  • Understand how to best cater to your customer’s needs

Professional Webinar Builder

Builderall’s webinar builder is a professional webinar builder app.

The Builderall webinar builder makes it easy for you to do live webinars, recorded webinars, present engaging content, engage with your attendees, analyze the results and follow up with your webinar attendees. 

Builderall’s Webinar Builder best features are:

  • Ability to do live presentations or upload pre-recorded videos for presentation
  • Schedule webinars to run on autopilot with repeat and replay options
  • Webinar chat functionality so people can ask questions during your presentation
  • Access controls including public or password protected webinars
  • Easily stream live webinars on YouTube or Facebook

eCommerce Online Stores (Powered by Magento)

Builderall eCommerce is an online store builder that leverages Magento.

Magento is a popular open-source e-commerce platform that allows companies like Builderall to help people like you build an online eCommerce store. 

With Builerall eCommerce, you can:

  • Create a shop online
  • Build and manage product catalogs for store
  • Track orders, sales, invoices, and shipments
  • Manage product sales and customer orders
  • Manage store configurations through the admin area
  • Easily access to support options for help

The Builderall eCommerce best features are:

  • Everything you need to run an online shop
  • Training videos to learn how Magento works
  • Built-in templates for websites and product pages
  • Advanced configuration options e.g. destination, locale, timezone, etc.

Digital Magazine Builder

The Digital Magazine Builder is a tool that enables you to create a flip-through digital magazine on your website.

You don’t have to be a programmer or designer because the digital magazine builder does the work for you.

With the Digital Magazine Builder, you can either save your digital magazine to a downloadable PDF or embed it directly onto your website.

Then you can drive traffic to your magazine through your email campaigns and social media.

The Builderall Digital Magazine Builder best features are:

  • Lets you create an interactive magazine easily
  • Choose from pre-designed magazine templates (or design your own)
  • Choose preferred language for the magazine
  • Layered content for easy page creation and design

What are you waiting for? Try Builderall Completely Free.

eLearning Platform

The eLearning platform allows you to create your own online digital courses to sell.

This is a popular online marketing strategy these days because you make more money per sale. 

Compared to affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products for a % of the sale, you get all of the sales when it’s your own product. 

It is SO easy to create digital courses today. And people buy these courses because they seek information and desire for change in their own lives.

When you create a course with the Builderall eLearning platform, you can tag it as an open course, so other users can access without registration.

You can add categories for each of the courses for easier organization. You can add lessons for each training module.

You can also create the course in many different file formats such as YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Amazon S3, HTML Page, HTML Code, PDF document or Soundcloud Audio.

The Builderall eLearning platform’s best features are:

  • You can create and host an unlimited amount of courses
  • Easy course edit and management capabilities
  • Enable your course for the entire Builderall Community to access
  • Supports multiple course file formats
  • Built-in language translation options

App Builder 

Builderall’s app builder allows you to create iOS/Android App apps for your users.

You can easily publish your app to Google Play Store, The Apple App Store, or Amazon App Store. 

Aside from app creation, the App Builder also displays data for each of the apps you have created.

Information includes the total number of visits, the total number of installs, and the percentage of installs from each app store.

These numbers are important to gauge the success of your apps, and to figure out how to get better results.

The Builderall App Builder’s best features are:

  • Create iOS/Android apps (Powered by Siberian)
  • Publishing to all major app stores — Apple, Google, and Amazon
  • App performance data

Video Wrapper

Builderall’s Video Wrapper tool enables you to make videos in just two minutes.

Videos these days are known as great options to increase organic traffic to your website. 

With the Video Wrapper tool, you can upload any pre-existing video you have from your computer or any free video you have downloaded from the web and edit it within the platform.

The Builderall Video Wrapper best features are:

  • Lets you add subtitles to the videos on your website
  • Allows you to customize the dimensions according to your preference

MockUp Studio Editor

The Builderall MockUp Studio Editor tool functions as design software and a photo editor rolled into one. 

You don’t need to use Photoshop separately when you have a design tool integrated within the Builderall platform.

You can create mockup images, videos, and other types of content.

You can easily create content for your website, social media, free downloads, and more.

The Mockup Studio Editor comes with several templates that you can use for a magazine or sample layouts for various devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

It reduces the work for you trying to figure out the required dimensions for each channel, so you can be sure your designs are always shown properly on each.

The Builderall Mock-Up Studio Editor’s best features are:

  • Multiple templates and design mock-ups 
  • Supports design for every device and marketing collateral
  • Comes pre-figured with dimensions for every social media channel and platform

Now’s Your Time! Today is YOUR day.

Animated Video Builder

The Builderall Animated Video Builder allows you to create animated sales videos.

This tool supports the animation of elements and characters to create unique videos that distinguish your business and brand from others.

The Builderall Animated Video Builder best features are:

  • Library of pre-created animations, static objects, props, and markers to use for your animations
  • Ability to upload your own graphics, music, sounds, etc.
  • Built-in layers to make cool videos with multiple elements in one video
  • Different transitions to create cool effects with different elements in your video
  • Text to speech functionality for video voiceovers

Floating Video Builder

The Builderall Floating Video Builder offers a unique video viewing experience for your website and landing page visitors.

You can choose to float your existing created videos anywhere you want on your web page.

The idea of a floating video allows the video to float on top of your web pages.

The video is detached from the page to continue playing while your site visitors navigate your content and website.

The Builderall Floating Video Builder best features are:

  • Ability to place the video wherever you want it to float on the page
  • Add buttons to the video to encourage clickthroughs to a special offer
  • Can remove video backgrounds for more focus on one object
  • Continuous video play, mute the sound and more

One downside to the floating app builder is that you need to download your video to your computer first. 

You can’t create a video in the Animated Video Builder, have Builderall store it and choose the video for the float functionality. 

You have to download the video to your computer first and then upload init to the Floating Video Builder tool. 

This is not the desired user experience as the files from the video creator tool are not instantly connected to the video floater functionality. This disconnect requires extra steps on your part.

Facebook Chatbot Messenger

The Professional Messenger Chatbot lets you automate communications using Facebook Messenger. 

Using Facebook chatbots is a popular marketing strategy these days because it allows you to communicate with people where they are.

On Facebook.

And Facebook chatbots act on your behalf to automate messages to your Facebook page subscribers to help you generate new leads for your business.

Within the Builderall Facebook Chatbot platform, you can create specific messages for specific rules based on the actions someone takes or doesn’t take. 

You can also preschedule a series of automated messages to go out on a schedule or push messages out as you go. 

The Builderall Facebook Chatbot’s best features are:

  • Leverages the Facebook platform to find new clients and customers
  • Automated chatbot functionality allows prompt responses without you 🙂
  • Consistent communication with your Facebook Page fans and followers
  • Connect and manage multiple Facebook pages

Viral Share Page-Locker

The Builderall Share Locker generates pop-ups to create viral traffic for your business.

Share locker essentially blocks access to your website until someone shares, likes or both on Facebook.

You can create 3 different types of pop-ups in Share Locker:

  1. Basic Popup to encourage likes to your Facebook page and or shares on Facebook
  2. Popup with AppID for an added configuration
  3. Interceptor popup on your website that requires the user to like and/or share the content on Facebook before they can access the website content

The Builderall Viral Share Page-Locker’s best features are:

  • Control what action is required, e.g. like a Facebook page or share content on Facebook
  • Control what content is shared, e.g. image, title, description, different card types, etc.
  • Add different popups to any web or landing page
  • Ability to drive more traffic to your website from Facebook

Script Generator

The Builderall Script Generator is actually a pretty unique tool.

The Script Generator is a copywriting tool that generates different types of copy for you to use throughout your digital marketing campaigns.

You simply create profiles of your target customers which are called avatars. 

Then choose from a variety of content scripts including headlines, emails, webinars, ads, SMS, sales letters and more. 

The different avatars help you easily create different copy that speaks to different types of people. It’s actually really quick and simple!

If you don’t have any idea what to write for all the different mediums to communicate with your customers, the Builderall Script Generator is perfect for you. 

The Builderall Script Generator’s best features are:

  • Pre-created scripts for various niches
  • Pre-created scripts for all the different marketing methods 
  • Edit capabilities to customize the content specifically for your business needs

Social Autopost 

The Builderall Social Autopost tool is designed to help you schedule content to your Facebook pages.

This app will save you time by allowing you to schedule days, weeks and even months of content in advance.

The Builderall Script Generator’s best features are:

  • Supports publishing to multiple Facebook pages
  • Content scheduler to automatically post content in advance
  • Ability to apply different rules for sending and messages

Test drive Builderall Yourself. No committment attached 🙂

Social Proof Pop-ups

The Buiderall Social Proof tool helps you increase conversions by displaying recent activity on your website and products. 

When a visitor on your website sees someone else has bought your products, they are more likely to trust what you have to offer.

You can use this Social Proof tool in clever ways.

You can show when people have purchased your digital course. You can show when people have reached out via the contact form. 

The benefit of social proof is to show you and our products can be trusted. More trust can result in more sales.

The Builderall Social Proof’s best features are:

  • Ability to customize the button with different formatting elements
  • Different color theme options for button or pop-up
  • Create different pop-ups for different pages
  • Easily add them to any website page

SMS Messaging

The Builderall SMS Messaging tool allows you to send bulk text messages to your customers’ phones. 

SMS is another way to stay in front of your customers and potential customers for continued sales.

The SMS Messaging’s best features are:

  • SMS Price Guide to estimate potential costs
  • Ability to manage SMS campaigns like email campaigns
  • Group people and messages into different categories 

Note: SMS messages require additional cost. Message cost depends on the country they are sent to. There’s a price guide in the platform to help you estimate costs.

Instagram Autoresponder

Builderall’s Instagram Autoresponder allows you to set up automatic replies comments and mentions made on your Instagram Business account.

The goal is to help you do more with less.

By having the Instagram Autoresponder reply for you, you don’t have to do it manually. (HUGE timesaver to be interacting with people across multiple channels.)

You can set up different replies that are published along with certain keywords.

For example, you can setup a reply to include a link to your beginner’s guide when someone comments with the words “how can I start with affiliate marketing“, or one word like “start”, “begin”, starting”, etc. 

Then you can set up a completely different reply for other keywords such as “advanced”, “improve”, etc.

The Builderall Instagram Autoresponder’s best features are:

  • Ability to set up different replies for comments and mentions
  • Customizable comment reply messages for different keywords
  • Automated responses which save you time from replying to every comment manually

Note: The Instagram Autoresponder tool only works for Instagram Business accounts. This tool does not work for personal Instagram accounts.

WordPress Integration

The Builderall WordPress Integration allows you to create and manage a WordPress Website from the Builderall platform. 

Creating websites on WordPress is a popular website builder for affiliate marketers today. (WordPress currently powers 35% of the web.)

The open-source collaboration of WordPress themes and apps makes it easy to build a website with any design and any functionality you want. Easily without knowing code. 

The Builderall WordPress Integration best features are:

  • Quick and simple integration in just three clicks
  • Ability to leverage the Builderall marketing tools with your WordPress Website
  • Ability to leverage a really popular website management platform

Related: Check out my step by step guide on how to build a website with WordPress.

Local Directory Builder

The Builderall Directory Builder is where you can create a directory list on your website.

A directory can be used to advertise a list of companies, services or products.

 You can charge companies money for these listings to be on your website and drive traffic to their products.

Or you can create a directory of your favorite affiliate products with your affiliate links to drive traffic to other people’s products.

Either way, directories can add additional revenue streams to your online business.

The Builderall Local Directory Builder’s best features are:

  • Create and manage multiple directories
  • Manages your customers and ad listings in one place
  • Management and configuration options

Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

Presentation Studio

The Builderall Presentation Studio is an online digital slide creator tool.

Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides, the Builderall Presentation Studio allows you to create presentations that can be hosted online.

These presentations can be used for a variety of purposes such as presenting on a webinar, recording a video or even uploading to SlideShare.

The cool thing about these presentations is they are hosted online via a web URL.

You don’t need to download these presentations on your computer.

To share your presentation, you simply just share a web link. 

The Builderall Presentation Studio best features are:

  • Embeds completely interactive websites as a slide
  • Embeds playable YouTube videos by just entering a video link
  • Offers 3 different slide transition options
  • Makes presentations viewable online as a webpage
  • Removes the need to download presentations and view from a separate viewer

Click Map Tracking

The Builderall Click Map tool is a website heatmap tool that shows you where people are clicking on your pages.

You will learn where they click most and how they scroll around your site.

These insights help you understand what people are engaging with and what they are not.

You take this knowledge to do more of what is working, and less of what is not. (Which is known to increase conversions (actions) which can result in more sales.)

The Builderall Click Map best features are:

  • Tracking any type of web page (e.g. website page, email opt-in, thank you page, bridge page, etc.)
  • Filtering different time periods to accommodate seasonal traffic patterns
  • Learn what people like so you can replicate more of it for higher conversions

SEO On-Page Report App

The Builderall SEO On-Page Report App is a reporting tool for improving your website’s SEO performance.

It analyzes your pages and provides a ranking grade. The higher the grade (e.g. A), the better the chances of ranking for that keyword. 

The Builderall SEO On-Page Report App checks your SEO performance against 35 different factors.

Each factor is a contributor to ranking high within search results.

Each report provides you with a detailed analysis to see what can be improved.

You will be able to learn about each ranking factor so you understand how to achieve high rank with all target keywords.

The Builderall SEO On-Page Report’s best features are:

  • Checks against 35 different SEO ranking factors
  • Tells you the areas that can be improved
  • Incorporates more information to learn about each ranking factor

5 Day Training Bootcamps

To help you learn, Builderall offers multiple 5 Day Training Bootcamp series.

There are currently a total of 13 different training series to choose from. Each series covers a topic a detail over the course of 5 days.

Here are the current topics for these 5 Day Training Bootcamps series:

  • How to Create Membership Areas with Builderall
  • How to Sell Physical Products with Builderall
  • How to Use Webinars to Promote Your Business
  • YouTube Organic Marketing
  • Facebook Organic Marketing
  • Fiverr Gigs with Builderall Tools
  • Making Your List Work for You (Email Marketing)
  • How to Automate Your Business with Chatbots
  • The Power of Sales Funnels
  • Becoming an Affiliate on the Builderall Marketplace
  • Building a Lead Magnet Funnel

Facebook Ads Course

In addition to the 5 Day Bootcamp Trainings, there is a special training course for Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads Course comes with 10 different training lessons covering how to advertise on Facebook. 

You will learn how to set up your Facebook Business page, ads account, ad templates, choosing audiences to target and how to properly target based on traffic temperatures. 

This Facebook Ads Course by Builderall is a good starter course for learning how to drive paid traffic to your website and offers for conversions and sales. 

You just read 3200 words about every product that comes with Builderall. If you are still here, you should definitely give Builderall a try! If my writing doesn’t convince you, then I have no idea what will.

Builderall Features, Tools and Training

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Website Builder
  • Website Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Webinar Software
  • Webinar Hosting
  • Landing Pages Builder
  • Landing Pages Hosting
  • A/B Testing
  • Getting Started Training Videos
  • Campaign Performance Analytics
  • Website Performance Analytics
  • Website Heat Maps and User Experience Analytics
  • Hundreds of Training Videos
  • Downloadable User Guides for each product
Builderall Product Training Resources

How Much is Builderall? 5 Plans to Choose From

Builderall currently offers five different plans ranging from $0 – $69 per month. 

You can choose the right plan for you depending on your budget and how many tools you need for marketing your business. 

Here’s a breakdown of each Builderall price plan:

Free Plan – $0 per month, $0 per year
The free Builderall plan comes with one free website. This is a great plan to try out Builderall to see if this digital marketing platform is right for you. Note: Your free website will include a message at the top that promotes Builderall, in exchange for free website hosting.

Builder Plan – $19.90 per month, $238.80 per year
The Builderall Builder Plan removes all the Builderall advertising that you will find on the free website. You get access to a small set of Builderall products, 3 websites, 100 email subscribers and live chat support help. With the Builder plan, you can do digital marketing activities such as create sales funnels to sell your products, create membership websites, create scarcity timers and create your own affiliate network. 

Marketer Plan – $29.90 per month, $358.80 per year
The Builderall Marketer Plan gets you to access to more features and more Builderall products. You can host up to 5 websites, 5,000 email subscribers along with all support access options. The Marketer Plan includes additional marketing tools to allow you to manage your customers in the CRM system and send SMS messages to mobile devices. 

Essential Plan – $49.90 a month, $598.80 per year
The Builderall Essential Plan allows you to host up to 15 websites and 15,000 email subscribers. The Essential Plan adds additional marketing apps to allow you to create WordPress Websites and leverage chatbots on Facebook and your website.

Premium Plan – $69.90 per month, $838.80 per year
The Builderall Premium Plan is the most expensive plan offered by Builderall. The Premium Plan comes with every marketing tool within the Builderall platform. 30 total. You need this plan to get access to the Magazine Builder, Webinar Builder, Live Streaming Tools on Facebook and YouTube, e-Learning Course creation and Directory Builder. The Premium Plan also gives you access to the 15+ premium sales funnels for different niches and more target audiences. Whether you are promoting Builderall as an affiliate or promoting marketing services to other businesses, you can save a boatload of time with these pre-built funnels.

Additional Builderall price details:

  • Free Trial Available? Yes, 14 Days
  • Free or Freemium Version Available? Yes, (Forever) Free Plan
  • Consulting Services Available? Yes, there are Certified Builderall Consultants that can help for an additional fee
  • Entry-level set up fee? No
  • Additional Upsells? Yes, SMS messages, See additional Builderall products below for more details

Builderall Enrollment

Some affiliate marketing training products are open for specific periods of time. Others are open for enrollment all the time. 

For Builderall, the Builderal Enrollment period is open all the time. This means you can join Builderall any time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Builderall Enrollment status: Open
  • Availability: Always Open

Another example of an always-open enrollment affiliate marketing solution is Wealthy Affiliate. You can join Wealthy Affiliate at any time. And you can try it out for free anytime.

ClickBank Breaks the Internet is another similar solution where enrollment is currently closed. Enrollment periods are open only a few times of the year.

Builderall Cancellation Policy

Builderall offers a completely free 14-day trial to try out the platform. A credit card is NOT required.

If you decide to purchase a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. There are two ways to cancel your Builderall Membership plan:

  1. Email support at contact@builderall.com
  2. Choose the cancel option inside your account settings on the Builderall platform.

Once you cancel, your Builderall plan will remain active until your renewal date. After your renewal date, your account will be switched to the forever free plan without limited products and capabilities.

Builderall Refund Policy

Buiderall offers a refund option for any monthly subscription plan within the first 30 days of purchase.

After 30 days, you will only be allowed to request a cancellation for the following month.

If you do request a refund within 30 days, be prepared to provide a reason for your request. Source: Builderall Terms of Use.

The Builderall team wants to learn from your likes and dislikes for potential platform improvements.

To request a refund, simply reach out to contact@builderall.com

Pro Tip: Try Before You Buy. You can try out the entire Builderall platform completely free. The 14 Day Trial comes with access to all 30+ tools so you can try it out, without putting a credit card number down.

Builderall Support 

Builderall is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing platforms in the world and we understand that it can be very complicated at first glance due to the amount of information and possibilities. To make it easier for you to get started and progress with Builderall, we have developed a number of support options to make your job easier! – Builderall

A lot of thought has gone in supporting every customer of Builderall.

When you buy Builderall, you get these support features to help you out when you need it most:

  1. Quick training
  2. Tutorial videos
  3. Facebook support group
  4. Online Support Website with the ticket system
  5. On-demand tutorials
  6. Certified partners

Here are the actual support channels for you to get help from:

  • Website: Support https://support.builderall.com/#aid=1146438
  • Chat: Yes
  • Phone: +1 800 794 8076
  • Email: contact@builderall.com

For pre-sales questions, HR concerns and business relations, email: contact@builderall.com.

For financial issues, create a ticket on the support website.

Builderall Login

Here is where you log in to Builderall.

(Save this link in your website browser for easy reference later.)

Builderall Reviews

So far, you’ve heard what is Builderall Review from my point of view.

But don’t just listen to me.

Here’s what other people say about Builderall.

Builderall reviews on Leadsleap.com

5 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

  • Daniel – Daniel thinks Builderall has all the tools he needs to run a successful business. He likes that the creators listen to what the users say and take action when necessary.
  • Gabriella – Thinks Builderall is high-quality and extremely valuable, and it has multiple benefits and an affordable price.
  • Pierre – Pierre likes Builderall for delivering so much content and capabilities for a business. All the essential tools in marketing such as the built-in app creator, site builder, video creation, Facebook integration, drag-and-drop website builder, and sales funnels are included for a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Builderall reviews on Trustpilot.com

5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews)

  • Barbie – Builderall’s affordability allowed her to reduce her monthly marketing expenses and reinvest her savings in other money-making channels. Over a year and a half into the platform and she has been able to build high-conversion funnels, selling her own products.
  • James – Before joining Builderall, James had to purchase over 10 tools together, costing hundreds of dollars a month with mediocre results. Since he started using the Builderall platform, he has seen better results for a fraction of the price.

Builderall Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money with BuilderAll?

Yes. But only if you actually put in the effort to market your affiliate products with a user-friendly website and quality content. Paying for clicks does not guarantee sales because, in the end, your income still depends on your marketing skills’ ability to convince people to buy.

Is Builderall good for an online business starting out?

Builderall is a good option for anyone who plans to do their own digital marketing. Builderall makes the tool part easy by offering you many marketing tools under one place for a very affordable price. You can start out with a basic plan and upgrade to more tools over time, as you need them.

Try Builderall Out Completely Free (Click Here)

Is Builderall a good option for a new e-commerce business?

Although Builderall has several tools to help you build a successful online business, it does not have comprehensive training in marketing and e-commerce. You will need additional training on how to build online stores, drive quality traffic to them and create easy buying experiences throughout your website. 

If you haven’t already, sign up for the free trial. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain before committing to a monthly plan.

What is Builderall affiliate?

A Builderall affiliate is someone who promotes the Builderall product for a percent of the sale.

When people buy Builderall from the affiliate’s link, the affiliate gets a commission for referring the sale. 

Find Out How to Get 100% of the Sale (Click Here)

Can I Build a Blog in the Cheetah Builder?

No. Not yet. The blog app for the Cheetah builder is still in development at the time of this review. You have to use the Pixel Perfect Builder to build blogs for now. 

Builderall Pros & Cons


  • Email marketing app, with more than 300 dedicated servers which guarantee a high inbox rate 
  • Great for business owners who want to do their own marketing
  • Good for people who help other people build businesses online
  • Supports VA (Virtual Assistants) to support multiple accounts under one login
  • 100+ free training videos on YouTube 
  • Global supports from 100 countries and counting
  • Ability to customize your dashboard with the only the products you want to use (and ability to add more apps as you grow)


  • This platform will require time to learn since there are so many products and features
  • Building every tool under the sun does not allow the perfection of one tool
  • The Floating Video Builder doesn’t allow you to choose videos created in the video builder
  • Cheetah builder doesn’t currently support blogs (targeting release February 2020)
  • Outdated or broken videos in some of the product training areas 

Endorsed by David Sharpe, owner of Legendary Marketer

If you are not aware of Legendary Marketer, LM is another affiliate marketing training and digital marketing training course.

The owner of Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe, is stated to have made multi-millions of dollars through his internet marketing skills.

In July 2019, the Builderall team announced a sales partnership with David Sharpe.

Dave is responsible for the sales of Builderall as the Director of Sales.

He will help develop marketing strategies and support products that will benefit you as a user of Builderall and as a Builderall affiliate. 

To have Dave behind Builderall is pretty huge from a credibility standpoint. 

Check out this video where the Builderall team introduces Dave, his new partnership and what you can expect from Builderall going forward. 

Other Products

In addition to the Builderall platform, there are other products and programs you take advantage of. 

These additional products and services (for additional costs) will allow you to take your Builderall knowledge and marketing campaigns to the next level. 

Builderall Certified Partner

Builderall offers a certification program for anyone who wants to gain a high level of expertise using the Builderall platform.

This special program teaches the “hows” and “whys” of every single feature you can find on the platform.

You’ll find an interactive learning system to really learn the ins and outs of Builderall. 

The program costs $2,000. When you complete the Builderall Certified Partner program, you are given access to an Exclusive Channel for business partners.

As a business partner, you are able to launch your products on the platform with Builderall as the affiliate. You can also sell your services to help other small companies and digital agencies learn how to use Builderall, for a significant fee 🙂

The Builderall Certified Partner program allows you to increase your revenue by adding additional streams of income to your online business.


Inboxpath is a special Builderall tool that improves your email deliverability by up to 50%. 

The main purpose of the tool is to ensure that your emails make it to your subscriber’s inbox and not the spam folder.

Inboxpath has three main features:

  1. List Cleaning where the email list is verified to guarantee that all emails are working
  2. Inbox Monitoring to gauge if your campaign has what it takes to reach the inbox even before you send it
  3. Reputation where your domains are constantly monitored to make sure they are not blacklisted

Inboxpath is available for a one-time fee of $97 with lifetime access.

Solo Ads (Traffic Source 1)

Solo Ads offers packages for Builderall users to generate traffic to your website from real people. 

There are 5 different packages available: 

  1. 200 Clicks – Basic Package for $156
  2. 400 Clicks – Silver Package for $380
  3. 1000 Clicks – Gold Package for $740
  4. 1500 Clicks – Platinum Package for $1,080
  5. 2000 Clicks – Titanium Package for $1400

Once your order is confirmed, Solo Ads will begin directing traffic to your page within 72 hours. 

In most cases, traffic starts within 24 to 36 hours upon confirmation of purchase.

Solo Ads Special Offer (Taylor Your Best Life)

Another option for Solo Ads is the Taylor Your Best Life packages which are available in four different types and price ranges. 

  1. The Starter Pack comes with 100 clicks for $95
  2. Advanced Pack with 250 clicks for $235
  3. Pro Pack with 500 clicks for $465
  4. Traffic Avalanche with 1,000 clicks for $920

With the Solo Ads Special offer, you will get other features such as a traffic report, statistics and a zero bot guarantee among others.

TYBL Solo Ads tracks all clicks using the Click Map Tracking tool and provides a detailed statistics report to customers once the order is fulfilled.

A good solution for learning how to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate is:

ClickBank University is an alternate affiliate marketing training course that teaches you how to use the ClickBank affiliate program. At just $47 per month, you can save money on the training to spend on your ads for driving traffic. Clickbank University 2.0 Review.

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall does have an affiliate program. You can make money by promoting Builderall to others who may need it.

Here are the Builderall affiliate program details:

  • Offers an affiliate Program: Yes
  • Program Cost: Free 
  • Commission Rate: 30 – 100%

Learn how to make 100% Commissions with the Builderall Affiliate Program 🙂

Free Builderall Training

Another thing that makes Builderall unique is the amount of training they have for you. 

They have training everywhere! 

They have created hundreds of training videos to help you learn. Through these videos and free training, you can get a better idea of how Builderall works.

On their website, YouTube and inside the platform. 

Get to know Builderall more…

Check Out Builderall’s Free Trainings Now

No account sign in or credit card required 🙂

To Buy or Not Buy?

Whether you should buy Builderall or not depends on where you are within your online marketing journey. 

The better questions to ask are:

  • Do I already have some basic understanding of marketing? 
  • Am I interested in learning the ins and outs of marketing? 
  • Am I completely new to this whole online marketing and affiliate marketing concept?

Builderall is ideal for…

If you want to expand the number of marketing strategies you can do, then Builderall is worth considering. 

  • Builderall is ideal for anyone interested in doing different types of marketing campaigns to grow your business to the next level. With Builderall, you build a website, add social proof pops, incorporate email marketing, chatbots on your website and Facebook, do webinars, build complex sales funnels and more.
  • Builderall is really ideal for anyone who wants to sell marketing services to other businesses. As an independent freelancer or a small agency group, you can use the Builderall platform to do marketing for other businesses.

Pro Tip: You won’t find another digital marketing platform like this for the price. The most expensive plan is $69 a month, which is less than $1000 a year. Expect to pay $2,500 or more a year to buy separate tools that do all of these marketing activities available to you inside Builderall.

The Downside to Builderall, Every Platform Has Them

A few things to note if you decide to buy Builderall:

  1. Learning Builderall will require time, patience and action. 
    1. If you are not ready for this process or in a hurry to make sales now, then you are not ready for Builderall.
  2. There are some issues within the platform. 
    1. You will find some broken training links, platform functionality errors, and imperfections. The overall quality of every product is ok but not perfect. This caveat is due to Builderall trying to build every product in one platform, instead of perfecting one product really well. So, expect to deal with a few platform glitches. No software or training is perfect!

Builderall may not be ideal for…

If you are completely new to online marketing or affiliate marketing, I would not recommend the Builderall 30+ products. 

  • Builderall may be information overload for complete beginners
  • You do not need every tool when you are starting out
  • Recommended practice is to learn one marketing strategy really well, then learn another, one at a time

What you need is really good training in online marketing and affiliate marketing. 

You need to understand:

  • How marketing all works
  • Why people buy solutions
  • And how to make affiliate marketing work for you

Builderall lacks in-depth training on digital marketing, online marketing, and affiliate marketing. There is some high-level affiliate marketing training on YouTube. But the training does not go very deep. 

The Builderall training is more extensive on how to use the Builderall platform. After all, you need some training to learn the ins and outs of 30 different marketing tools.

But before you jump into tools, you should really be learning about digital marketing strategy. 

  • Learn when to use a floating video and not
  • How to nurture cold leads to warm leads through carefully built sales funnels
  • Learn when gate your content (require action before you show content which is what the Viral Share tool does) or not

If you are just starting out, my personal recommendation is to take a simpler approach. Start out small and learn one marketing technique. Then learn additional strategies slowly over time. 

Builderall Alternatives

There are other products that are similar to Builderall. 

However, keep in mind that Builderall does offer the most complete set of tools in one place. These Builderall alternatives only offer a subset of digital marketing tools. You get more tools with Builderall. But you get better affiliate marketing training with these alternatives.

Two solutions that offer really good training on how to build affiliate authority websites are:

Authority Hacker will teach how to build profitable Amazon authority websites that can generate 5 to 6 figures a month. You’ll learn from two guys who sold their last authority website for some amount near $500,000. (Exact figure cannot be disclosed.)

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build Amazon Affiliate websites and other affiliate programs. This affiliate marketing training and toolset is the cheaper alternative to Authority Hacker. WA also comes with a built-in community support system which most solutions just offer access to an external Facebook Group. Wealthy Affiliate Review.

How to Save $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

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Now that you’ve read this what is Builderall review, what’s your opinion or additional questions?

I’d love to hear where you are at with your online marketing and affiliate marketing journey.

Just leave a comment below.

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