27 DFY Niches for Affiliate Marketing 2022

Don’t know what niche to choose for affiliate marketing?

Well you need one to do affiliate marketing successfully today.

And you can’t just choose any niche. No.

You must choose a niche that has enough potential for you to succeed.

But is not too competitive where you never have a chance in the first place.

Especially if you are just starting affiliate marketing.

The worst thing you can do is choose a niche to big for your britches. (Excuse my french…)

But even if you are an experienced affiliate pro, you will always be looking for new niches and micro niches to get into.

So you can continue to grow your affiliate business.

So, why not make this step easier for yourself?

With done for you niches for affiliate marketing.

27 DFY Affiliate Marketing Niches

You can save tons of time, mucho effort and lots of money with these 27 DFY affiliate marketing niche packs.

All of these niches are hot and popular topics right now.

Collectively, these niches get millions of searches a month and are collectively worth millions!

And the best part is, all of these niches have tons of micro niches perfect for affiliate marketing.

These DFY niches make it easier for beginners and experienced affiliates alike to get started.

Leveraging done for you niches help you get into the niche faster than if you had to create all the content yourself.

Whats even better is, you can get all niche packs for one low monthly price.

The hardest part will be choosing which niche to start with 🙂

Heads up: This page contains affiliate links. We use this product for our own affiliate business, and we personally recommend it to help you with yours. We make a commission when you purchase through our link at no extra cost to you. At least we practice what we preach 🙂 Read our affiliate disclosure here.

DFY Niches for Affiliate Marketing Summary

27 DFY Affiliate Marketing Niches Video

See inside these 27 done-for-you niches here.

I walk you through every question they answer for you and how these save you 75% of the time you’d normally spend on getting into new niches and micro niches.

Why Choose Done For You Affiliate Niches

Here are the benefits of choosing done for you niches.

These niches are in demand, have good search volume and great for affiliate marketing.

Each niche comes with research and content to get you started immediately.

These DFY niches do much of the hard work for you.

They answer many of questions you have when choosing a niche.


  • What niche do I choose?
  • Who do I target?
  • What products do I promote?
  • What keywords do I target?
  • What content do I create?

Here is how each niche pack solves each question for you.

What niche do I choose?

These DFY niche packs cover popular and trending niches, created by an online marketer who know what he’s doing. If you are stumped on which niche to choose so you can be profitable, these DFY niche packs could not make it any easier for you.

Who to target?

These DFY niche packs come with a Customer Avatar that specifically details who will buy related niche products from you. Use this information to learn how to talk to the audience who wants your affiliate offers and solutions. 

What to promote?

These DFY niche packs include an affiliate rolodex which is a list of affiliate programs and products to promote in that niche. This is not your typical list of ClickBank or Digistore24 products! This list will provide you with a quality list of products to promote so you don’t have to worry about how to figure this out on your own.

What keywords to target?

These DFY niche packs come with Keyword Lists that give you hundreds to thousands of low competition keywords to target on both YouTube and Google. The two largest search engines in the world. No worrying or stressing about learning how to find low competition keywords you can actually rank for and questioning if you’ve chosen the right keywords or not. These lists will get you started on low competition keywords right away!

What content to create?

These DFY niche packs include content that is professionally written by topic professionals and designed by designers. You can use the content to quickly create profitable funnels, blog posts for website, and videos for YouTube and Social Media. All of the content is designed to help you provide value to your audience which in return can make you affiliate commissions and money. 

These DFY niches will help you:

  • Choose a profitable niche from the beginning without wasting years of your precious time
  • Get you started in the niche faster than it would take you to create everything together yourself
  • Save thousands of dollars in content outsourcing costs and hours managing the process
  • Save hundreds of hours you would spend creating the content yourself

What’s Included in Each DFY Niche Pack

Each niche comes with all the content you need to start affiliate marketing immediately.

Here is what comes included for every niche:

100 – 1000+ Researched Keywords

A list of researched low competition organic keywords for Google and YouTube SEO. Know exactly keywords to target and what quality content to create for the 2 largest search engines in the world!

Multi-Page eBook*

A well written eBook to sell as your own product or giveaway to your audience as a special bonus for buying through your affiliate links. *eBooks are not included for every niche. Only for the newer released niches.


Designed and ready to go PDFs to use for lead magnets and giveaways in exchange for people’s email addresses. These PDFs are professionally designed and offer useful information that your audience wants to know about the niche topic.

Interactive Checklists

Helpful and interactive checklists to use for killer bonus packs or lead magnets. These checklists as bonuses are a fantastic way to encourage buyers to buy through your affiliate links. (So you get credit for the sale and the affiliate commission:)

Email Series

Pre-written email series to help you build an email list of loyal and faithful fans who want you to help them solve their problems and provide helpful solutions around each niche.

Blog Post Articles

Pre-written blog post articles to use for adding content to your existing website or new niche website. 

Related Images*

Related images to include as visuals throughout your content to make it visually interesting. You can use these images in your website content, landing pages, blog post articles, videos and more. *Images are not included for every niche. Only for the newer released niches.

Videos (HD horizontal)

Pre-created horizontal HD videos to use on your website and sales pages as educational videos. You can also edit all videos as your own to add call-to-actions to your affiliate links and publish to YouTube and anywhere videos can be published. 

Videos (square)

Pre-created square videos to use on social media to drive traffic to your affiliate landing pages and affiliate offers. 

Video Scripts 

Pre-written video scripts to create your own videos in whatever video software you choose and to add on whatever channel you choose. 

Audio Files 

DFY voiceovers to leverage a professionally hired voice over and add whatever visuals you want. You can use any video maker you want or outsource the video creation to someone else.

Affiliate Products 

A list of affiliate products to promote to your audience for solving specific problems in each niche. You just click the links to join the affiliate program and start promoting immediately.

Most of the hard work is done for you.

All you need to do is to choose the appropriate niches for your audience.

And start promoting to them!

27 DFY Niches for Affiliate Marketing 2022

Here is the list of affiliate marketing niches for you to choose from.

These are 27 hot niches to get in right now.

And we’ve included micro niches for each niche, to help you get the ideas and money potential flowing!

Affiliate Marketing Niche

The Affiliate Marketing niche is no stranger to people who want to learn how to make money online!

Commonly considered inside the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, the Affiliate Marketing niche is widely popular for people who want to leverage the internet and other people’s products to make money.

The words Affiliate Marketing are searched for 673,000 times a month. That’s more than 7 million searches a year!

The demand for the Affiliate Marketing is there.

However, the Affiliate Marketing niche is competitive.

If you choose the Affiliate Marketing niche, be sure to target some smaller micro niches. Trust me, there’s plenty.

This DFY niche pack for affiliate marketing comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Affiliate Marketing keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing HD videos
  • Affiliate Marketing articles
  • Affiliate Marketing email series
  • Affiliate Marketing PDFs
  • Affiliate Marketing interactive checklists
  • Affiliate Marketing video scripts
  • Affiliate Marketing square videos
  • Affiliate Marketing audio files
  • Affiliate Marketing affiliate programs
  • Affiliate Marketing customer avatar
  • Affiliate Marketing image pack
  • Affiliate Marketing eBook

Affiliate Marketing Micro Niches

As mentioned, it will be important to focus on micro niches if you want to succeed in the affiliate marketing niche.

Here are 10 affiliate marketing micro niche ideas.

  1. Affiliate marketing on Amazon
  2. Affiliate marketing on TikTok
  3. Affiliate marketing on Instagram
  4. Affiliate marketing on Facebook
  5. Affiliate marketing on Twitter
  6. Affiliate marketing on YouTube
  7. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest
  8. Affiliate marketing on Medium
  9. Affiliate marketing on Quora
  10. Affiliate marketing on Reddit

There are tons of questions and answers and how to’s you can create to help your audience understand in every one of these micro niches.

Anti Aging Niche

The Anti Aging niche has really grown in popularity over the years.

Anti-aging is a great micro niche for anyone wanting to get into the health niche or looking for other micro niches to expand to within the health niche.

There are hundreds of skincare and protection cosmetics products that protect the skin and prevent aging.

Anti aging is searched for 74,000 times a month. That’s 800,000+ searches a year.

This DFY niche pack for anti aging comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Anti Aging keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Anti Aging HD videos
  • Anti Aging articles
  • Anti Aging email series
  • Anti Aging PDFs
  • Anti Aging interactive checklists
  • Anti Aging video scripts
  • Anti Aging square videos
  • Anti Aging audio files
  • Anti Aging affiliate programs
  • Anti Aging customer avatar
  • Anti Aging image pack
  • Anti Aging eBook

Anti Aging Micro Niches

Even though the anti-aging niche may not get as many searches as affiliate marketing does, there is still plenty of opportunity and micro niches with this one.

Here are 10 anti-aging micro niche ideas.

  1. Antioxidant skincare
  2. anti-aging creams
  3. Anti aging Serum
  4. Anti aging Antioxidants
  5. Anti aging Foods
  6. Anti aging Yoga
  7. Anti aging Tips
  8. Anti aging for Men
  9. Anti aging treatment
  10. Anti aging exercise

Anxiety & Stress Niche

The Anxiety & Stress niche is another great health related micro niche.

Anxiety and Stress goes along well with the anti aging niche and could be used together for the right audiences.

So teach people how to reduce their stress and anxiety as a way of slowing down the natural aging process and supporting anti aging naturally.

Anxiety is searched for 1.5 million times a month. That is 18 million searches a year.

Stress is searched for 823,000 a month. That’s 9.8 million searches a year.

Combined, these two topics are searched for about 20 million times a year!!!

Anxiety and stress is searched for 14,800 times a month. That’s 177,600 searches a year.

This DFY niche pack for anxiety & stress comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Anxiety & Stress keywords for Google and YouTube
  • Anxiety and Stress HD videos
  • Anxiety and Stress articles
  • Anxiety and Stress email series
  • Anxiety and Stress PDFs
  • Anxiety and Stress interactive checklists
  • Anxiety and Stress video scripts
  • Anxiety and Stress square videos
  • Anxiety and Stress audio files
  • Anxiety and Stress affiliate programs
  • Anxiety and Stress customer avatar
  • Anxiety and Stress image pack
  • Anxiety and Stress eBook

Anxiety and Stress Micro Niches

Here are 10 anxiety and stress micro niche ideas.

  1. Anxiety and Stress symptoms
  2. Anxiety and Stress pills
  3. Anxiety and Stress relief
  4. Anxiety and Stress relief pills
  5. Anxiety and Stress medication
  6. Anxiety and Stress vitamins
  7. Anxiety and Stress supplements
  8. Anxiety and Stress clinic
  9. Anxiety and Stress at work
  10. Anxiety and Stress breathing techniques


The Biohacking niche is an interesting one for sure and a bit controversial.

Biohacking fits nicely in the broader health niche along with anti-aging and stress and anxiety niches.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is described as citizen or do-it-yourself biology.

This consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being.

Biohacks can promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function. Source: Healthline.

Biohacking is searched for 200,000 times a month. That’s 2.4 million searches a year.

This DFY niche pack for biohacking comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Biohacking keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Biohacking HD videos
  • Biohacking articles
  • Biohacking email series
  • Biohacking PDFs
  • Biohacking interactive checklists
  • Biohacking video scripts
  • Biohacking square videos
  • Biohacking audio files
  • Biohacking affiliate programs
  • Biohacking customer avatar
  • Biohacking image pack
  • Biohacking eBook

Biohacking Micro Niches

Here are 10 biohacking micro niches and biohacker micro niche ideas.

  1. Nutrigenomics
  2. DIY biology
  3. Grinder
  4. Nootropics
  5. Biohacking technology
  6. Biohacking diets
  7. Biohacking crispr
  8. Biohacking movies
  9. Biohacking products
  10. Biohacking sleep

Copywriting Niche

The Copywriting niche is an essential niche inside the big marketing niche today.

Copywriting is also a great micro niche within smaller niches like writing, digital marketing and making money online.

Copywriting is searched for 450,000 times a month. That’s 5.4 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for copywriting comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Copywriting keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Copywriting HD videos
  • Copywriting articles
  • Copywriting email series
  • Copywriting PDFs
  • Copywriting interactive checklists
  • Copywriting video scripts
  • Copywriting square videos
  • Copywriting audio files
  • Copywriting affiliate programs
  • Copywriting customer avatar
  • Copywriting image pack
  • Copywriting eBook

Copywriting Micro Niches

Here are 10 copywriting micro niches and copywriting micro niche ideas.

  1. SEO copywriting
  2. Copywriting formulas
  3. Email copywriting email
  4. Copywriting resume
  5. Ad copywriting
  6. Web copywriting
  7. Copywriting framework
  8. Copywriting exercises
  9. Copywriting courses
  10. Copywriting freelancing

Crypto Niche

The Crypto niche is a super hot niche right now.

Crypto is short for cryptocurrency which is a digital currency that is slowly taking taking over the world.

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity with people who don’t want their money issued through a centralized and regulated government authority.

Instead, Crypto uses a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units.

Crypto is searched for 1.8 million times a month! That’s 21.6 million searches a year.

This DFY niche pack for crypto comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Crypto keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Crypto HD videos
  • Crypto articles
  • Crypto email series
  • Crypto PDFs
  • Crypto interactive checklists
  • Crypto video scripts
  • Crypto square videos
  • Crypto audio files
  • Crypto affiliate programs
  • Crypto customer avatar
  • Crypto image pack
  • Crypto eBook

Crypto Micro Niches

Here are 10 crypto micro niche ideas.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Crypto wallets
  3. Crypto scams
  4. Crypto tips
  5. Metaverse crypto
  6. New cryptocurrencies
  7. Trending cryptocurrencies
  8. Cryptocurrency brokers
  9. Cryptocurrency exchanges
  10. Etherum

Entrepreneurship for Kids Niche

The Entrepreneurship for Kids niche is an interesting for sure.

This niche is about learning how you can teach children important business skills.

Youth entrepreneurship is searched for 2,900 times a month! That’s 34,800 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Entrepreneurship for Kids comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Entrepreneurship for Kids keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids HD videos
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids articles
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids email series
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids PDFs
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids interactive checklists
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids video scripts
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids square videos
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids audio files
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids affiliate programs
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids customer avatar
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids image pack
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids eBook

Entrepreneurship for Kids Micro Niches

Here are 10 Entrepreneurship for Kids micro niche ideas.

  1. Entrepreneurship for Kids types
  2. Entrepreneurship for Kids grants
  3. Entrepreneurship for Kids scholarships
  4. Entrepreneurship for Kids courses
  5. Entrepreneurship for Kids examples
  6. Youth entrepreneurship types
  7. Youth entrepreneurship programs
  8. Youth entrepreneurship activities
  9. Youth entrepreneurship events
  10. Youth entrepreneurship jobs

Financial Planning Niche

The Financial Planning niche is a niche that will never lose popularity.

People will always need money. So the need for saving money will never go away!

Financial Planning is searched for 135,000 times a month! That’s 1.6 million searches a year.

This DFY niche pack for financial planning comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Financial Planning keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Financial Planning HD videos
  • Financial Planning articles
  • Financial Planning email series
  • Financial Planning PDFs
  • Financial Planning interactive checklists
  • Financial Planning video scripts
  • Financial Planning square videos
  • Financial Planning audio files
  • Financial Planning affiliate programs
  • Financial Planning customer avatar

Financial Planning Micro Niches

Here are 10 financial planning micro niche ideas.

  1. Financial planning stages
  2. Personal financial planning
  3. Retirement financial planning
  4. Business financial planning
  5. Strategic financial planning
  6. Financial planning companies
  7. Financial planning and analysis
  8. Financial planning apps
  9. Financial planning tools
  10. Financial planning and budgeting

Green Living Niche

The Green Living niche is a may not be as popular as the other niches listed here but can still be profitable.

People are more conscious of their health and what food and chemicals do their bodies.

People are also conscious of how our current methods of living today are destroying our tomorrow.

Green Living is searched for 14,800 times a month. That’s 177,600 searches a year.

This DFY niche pack for green living comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Green Living keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Green Living HD videos
  • Green Living articles
  • Green Living email series
  • Green Living PDFs
  • Green Living interactive checklists
  • Green Living video scripts
  • Green Living square videos
  • Green Living audio files
  • Green Living affiliate programs
  • Green Living customer avatar
  • Green Living image pack
  • Green Living eBook

Green Living Micro Niches

Here are 10 green living micro niche ideas.

  1. Green Living weight loss
  2. Green Living tips
  3. Green Living waste solutions
  4. Green Living builders
  5. Green Living cleaning
  6. Green Living diet
  7. Green Living homes
  8. Green Living gardening
  9. Green Living personal care products
  10. Sustainable shopping

Insomnia Niche

The Insomnia niche is a surprisingly huge niche!

Insomnia is a condition that many people struggle with that can seriously affect physical and mental health.

Insomnia is searched for 1.5 million times a month! That’s 18 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Insomnia comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Insomnia keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Insomnia videos
  • Insomnia articles
  • Insomnia email series
  • Insomnia PDFs
  • Insomnia interactive checklists
  • Insomnia video scripts
  • Insomnia square videos
  • Insomnia audio files
  • Insomnia affiliate programs
  • Insomnia customer avatar
  • Insomnia image pack
  • Insomnia eBook

Insomnia Micro Niches

Here are 10 Insomnia micro niche ideas.

  1. Insomnia types
  2. Insomnia remedies
  3. Insomnia natural remedies
  4. Insomnia medicines
  5. Insomnia home remedies
  6. Insomnia cookies
  7. Insomnia apps
  8. Insomnia and depression
  9. Insomnia and pregnancy
  10. Insomnia effects

Juicing Niche

The Juicing niche is a pretty popular health micro niche.

Many people use juicing to detox and/or add more nutrients to their existing diet.

Juicing is searched for 1.2 million times a month! That’s 14.4 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for green living comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Juicing keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Juicing HD videos
  • Juicing articles
  • Juicing email series
  • Juicing PDFs
  • Juicing interactive checklists
  • Juicing video scripts
  • Juicing square videos
  • Juicing audio files
  • Juicing affiliate programs
  • Juicing customer avatar
  • Juicing image pack
  • Juicing eBook

Juicing Micro Niches

Here are 10 juicing micro niche ideas.

  1. Pressed juicery
  2. Juice bar
  3. Juicing machines
  4. Juice shops
  5. Juicing cleanse
  6. Juicing diet
  7. Juicing recipes
  8. Juicing recipes for weight loss
  9. Juicing detox
  10. Juicing delivery service

Keto For Over 40s Niche

The Keto niche is also a pretty hot niche right now.

There are tons of keto related products to promote on Amazon, ClickBank and Digistore24.

Keto is searched for 450,000 times a month! That’s 5.4 million searches a year!

Keto diet is searched for 1.2 millions times a month! That’s 14.4 million searches a year!

Keto over 40 is searched for 70 times a month.

And although this seems low compared to other niches mentioned here, this is a great example of a keto micro niche.

Keto for over 40’s is very targeted to a specific age group of people who want to know how keto works for them being over 40 years old.

This DFY niche pack for keto over 40’s comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Keto for over 40’s keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Keto for over 40’s HD videos
  • Keto for over 40’s articles
  • Keto for over 40’s email series
  • Keto for over 40’s PDFs
  • Keto for over 40’s interactive checklists
  • Keto for over 40’s video scripts
  • Keto for over 40’s square videos
  • Keto for over 40’s audio files
  • Keto for over 40’s affiliate programs
  • Keto for over 40’s customer avatar
  • Keto for over 40’s image pack
  • Keto for over 40’s eBook

Keto Micro Niches

Since Keto for Over 40’s is already a niched down micro niche, here are 10 list keto niche ideas.

  1. Keto recipes
  2. Keto chicken recipes
  3. Keto diet plan
  4. Keto over 40
  5. Keto for beginners
  6. Keto breakfast
  7. Keto desserts
  8. Keto coffee
  9. Keto pills
  10. Keto meal delivery

List Building Niche

The List Building niche is another great micro niche within bigger niches like digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online.

List building is a fantastic micro niche within email marketing.

Where you can focus on specific strategies and tools designed to help you build a profitable email list.

List Building is searched for 12,000 times a month! That’s 145,000 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for list building comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • List Building keywords for Google & YouTube
  • List Building HD videos
  • List Building articles
  • List Building email series
  • List Building PDFs
  • List Building interactive checklists
  • List Building video scripts
  • List Building square videos
  • List Building audio files
  • List Building affiliate programs
  • List Building customer avatar
  • List Building image pack
  • List Building eBook

List Building Micro Niches

Here are 10 list building micro niche ideas.

  1. Email List Building strategies
  2. Email List Building services
  3. Email List Building tips
  4. Email List Building providers
  5. Email List Building courses
  6. Email List builders
  7. Free email list builders
  8. Paid email list builders
  9. List Building tools
  10. List Building templates

Meditation Niche

The Mediation niche is a good micro niche in the big health niche.

Spiritual wellness has a been an interest to many for years now as people wrestle with peace in this life and the thought of maintaining peace in afterlife.

Mental wellness is gaining more attention these days as mass bombings and shootings happen for un-mentally well individuals.

Mediation is one of the many ways people can work on their spiritual, mental and overall well-being.

Meditation is searched for 368,000 times a month! That’s 4.4 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for meditation comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Mediation keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Mediation HD videos
  • Mediation articles
  • Mediation email series
  • Mediation PDFs
  • Mediation interactive checklists
  • Mediation video scripts
  • Mediation square videos
  • Mediation audio files
  • Mediation affiliate programs
  • Mediation customer avatar
  • Mediation image pack
  • Mediation eBook

Mediation Micro Niches

Here are 10 Mediation micro niche ideas.

  1. Mediation types
  2. Mediation for sleep
  3. Mediation for anxiety
  4. Mediation yoga
  5. Meditation for beginners
  6. Mediation apps
  7. Mediation accessories
  8. Mediation at home
  9. Mediation breathing techniques
  10. Mediation drawing

Mediterranean Diet Niche

The Mediterranean Diet niche is a widely searched for type of diet plan for people to follow.

The Mediterranean Diet is another popular niche in the bigger health niche.

And can be used to expand your existing health related brand if it relates to your audience.

Mediterranean Diet searched for 673,000 times a month! That’s 8 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Mediterranean comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Mediterranean Diet keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Mediterranean Diet HD videos
  • Mediterranean Diet articles
  • Mediterranean Diet email Series
  • Mediterranean Diet PDFs
  • Mediterranean Diet interactive checklists
  • Mediterranean Diet video scripts
  • Mediterranean Diet square videos
  • Mediterranean Diet audio files
  • Mediterranean Diet affiliate rolodex
  • Mediterranean Diet customer avatar
  • Mediterranean Diet image pack
  • Mediterranean Diet eBook

Mediterranean Diet Micro Niches

Here are 10 Mediterranean Diet micro niche ideas.

  1. Mediterranean Diet recipes
  2. Mediterranean Diet meat plan
  3. Mediterranean Diet food lists
  4. Mediterranean Diet for breakfast
  5. Mediterranean Diet for weight loss
  6. Mediterranean Diet beginners
  7. Mediterranean Diet for heart health
  8. Mediterranean Diet for vegetarians
  9. Mediterranean Diet for kids
  10. Mediterranean Diet snacks

Natural Wellness Niche

The Natural Wellness niche is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle while avoiding options provided by big pharmaceutical companies.

Natural Wellness is searched for 4,400 times a month! That’s 52,800 thousand searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Natural Wellness comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Natural Wellness keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Natural Wellness HD videos
  • Natural Wellness articles
  • Natural Wellness email series
  • Natural Wellness PDFs
  • Natural Wellness interactive checklists
  • Natural Wellness video scripts
  • Natural Wellness square videos
  • Natural Wellness audio files
  • Natural Wellness affiliate programs
  • Natural Wellness customer avatar
  • Natural Wellness image pack
  • Natural Wellness eBook

Natural Wellness Micro Niches

Here are 10 Natural Wellness micro niche ideas.

  1. Natural Wellness products
  2. Natural Wellness supplements
  3. natural wellness organics
  4. natural wellness boxes
  5. Natural Wellness CBD
  6. Natural Wellness dog food
  7. Natural Medicine for anxiety
  8. Natural Medicine for high blood pressure
  9. Natural Medicine for cold
  10. Natural Medicine for menopause

NFTs for Beginners

The NFTs for Beginners niche is another niche in high demand right now.

People are looking for reliable sources of educational content around NFTs and how it can enable them to make money online.

NFTs is searched for searched for 823,000 times a month! That’s 9.9 million searches a year!

NFT for Beginners is searched for 2,900 times a month! That’s 348,000 searches a year!

NFTs for Beginners is searched for 880 times a month! That’s 10,560 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for NFTs for Beginners comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • NFTs for Beginners keywords for Google & YouTube
  • NFTs for Beginners HD videos
  • NFTs for Beginners articles
  • NFTs for Beginners email series
  • NFTs for Beginners PDFs
  • NFTs for Beginners interactive checklists
  • NFTs for Beginners video scripts
  • NFTs for Beginners square videos
  • NFTs for Beginners audio files
  • NFTs for Beginners affiliate programs
  • NFTs for Beginners customer avatar
  • NFTs for Beginners image pack
  • NFTs for Beginners eBook

NFTs for Beginners Micro Niches

Here are 10 NFTs for Beginners micro niche ideas.

  1. Buying NFTs for Beginners
  2. Trading NFTs for Beginners
  3. Best NFTs for Beginners
  4. Flipping NFTs for Beginners
  5. Creating NFTs for Beginners
  6. Investing in NFTs for Beginners
  7. NFTs for Beginners Books
  8. NFTs for Beginners Courses
  9. NFTs examples
  10. NFTs for sale

Organic Cooking Niche

The Organic Cooking niche is all about learning how to cook foods that are grown without pesticides and synthetic chemicals normally found in and on foods.

Organic is searched for 301,000 times a month! That’s 3.6 million searches a year!

Organic Cooking is searched for 260 times a month! That’s 3,120 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Organic Cooking comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Organic Cooking keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Organic Cooking HD videos
  • Organic Cooking articles
  • Organic Cooking email series
  • Organic Cooking PDFs
  • Organic Cooking interactive checklists
  • Organic Cooking video scripts
  • Organic Cooking square videos
  • Organic Cooking audio files
  • Organic Cooking affiliate programs
  • Organic Cooking customer avatar

Organic Cooking Micro Niches

Here are 10 Organic Cooking micro niche ideas.

  1. Organic Cooking recipes
  2. Organic Cooking spices
  3. Organic Cooking pans
  4. Organic Cooking utensils
  5. Organic Cooking brands
  6. Organic Cooked dog food
  7. Organic Cooking oils
  8. Organic Cookbooks
  9. Organic Cooking classes
  10. Organic Cooking kits

Organic Gardening Niche

The Organic Gardening niche has become a popular mainstream niche thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic and global warming.

Gardening is searched for 1.5 million times a month! That’s 18 million searches a year!

Organic Gardening is searched for 12,100 times a month! That’s 145,200 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Organic Gardening comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Organic Gardening keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Organic Gardening HD videos
  • Organic Gardening articles
  • Organic Gardening email series
  • Organic Gardening PDFs
  • Organic Gardening interactive checklists
  • Organic Gardening video scripts
  • Organic Gardening square videos
  • Organic Gardening audio files
  • Organic Gardening affiliate programs
  • Organic Gardening customer avatar

Organic Gardening Micro Niches

Here are 10 Organic Gardening micro niche ideas.

  1. Organic Gardening compost
  2. Organic Gardening seeds
  3. Organic Gardening soil
  4. Organic Gardening planters
  5. Organic Gardening for beginners
  6. Organic Gardening tips
  7. Organic Gardening fertilizers
  8. Organic Gardening pest control
  9. Organic Gardening and landscaping
  10. Organic Gardening containers

Prepping for Everything Niche

The Prepping for Everything niche is in the big survival niche.

Prepping for everything is being prepared and ready for when SHTF.

It’s knowing what to do and how to survive when disaster strikes.

Survival is searched for 2.2 million times a month! That’s 26.4 million searches a year!

Doomsday prepping is searched for 22,200 times a month! That’s 266,400 searches a year!

Prepping for Everything keyword does not get a lot of searches. So, we’ll go with prepping here which is the niche we are talking about.

This DFY niche pack for Prepping for Everything comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Prepping for Everything keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Prepping for Everything HD videos
  • Prepping for Everything articles
  • Prepping for Everything email series
  • Prepping for Everything PDFs
  • Prepping for Everything interactive checklists
  • Prepping for Everything video scripts
  • Prepping for Everything square videos
  • Prepping for Everything audio files
  • Prepping for Everything affiliate programs
  • Prepping for Everything customer avatar

Survival & Prepping Micro Niches

Here are 10 Survival & Prepping micro niche ideas.

  1. Prepping for doomsday
  2. Prepping for beginners
  3. Doomsday Prepping list
  4. Doomsday Prepping guides
  5. Survival kits
  6. Prepper supplies
  7. Prepper foods
  8. Prepper checklists
  9. Survival prepping for city
  10. Survival prepping for pets

Productivity Niche

The Productivity niche niche is in huge demand because everyone lacks time.

Productivity niche is all about learning how to increase your productivity with the amount of time you have.

Productivity is searched for 201,000 times a month! That’s 2.4 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Productivity comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Productivity keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Productivity HD videos
  • Productivity articles
  • Productivity email series
  • Productivity PDFs
  • Productivity interactive checklists
  • Productivity video scripts
  • Productivity square videos
  • Productivity audio files
  • Productivity affiliate programs
  • Productivity customer avatar
  • Productivity image pack
  • Productivity eBook

Productivity Niche Micro Niches

Here are 10 Productivity Niche micro niche ideas.

  1. Productivity apps
  2. Productivity software
  3. Productivity planners
  4. Productivity strategies
  5. Productivity techniques
  6. Productivity for work
  7. Productivity coaching
  8. Productivity desk setups
  9. Productivity formulas
  10. Productivity gadgets

Self Publishing Niche

The Self Publishing niche is pretty big today due to how easy it is to publish media without a professional publisher.

Self Publishing usually refers to written media, such as books or magazines as digital ebooks or physical hold in your hand books.

Self Publishing is searched for 14,800 times a month! That’s 177,600 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Self Publishing comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Self Publishing keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Self Publishing HD videos
  • Self Publishing articles
  • Self Publishing email series
  • Self Publishing PDFs
  • Self Publishing interactive checklists
  • Self Publishing video scripts
  • Self Publishing square videos
  • Self Publishing audio files
  • Self Publishing affiliate programs
  • Self Publishing customer avatar

Self Publishing Micro Niches

Here are 10 Self Publishing micro niche ideas.

  1. Self Publishing on Amazon
  2. Self Publishing vs traditional publishing
  3. Self Publishing online
  4. Self Publishing on Etsy
  5. Self Publishing on Audible
  6. Self Publishing on Barnes and Noble
  7. Self Publishing do’s and don’ts
  8. Self Publishing digital comics
  9. Self Publishing training
  10. Self Publishing how to’s

TikTok Niche

The Tik Tok niche is insanely profitable for many niches.

This TikTok niche pack for people who want to learn how to get started on Tik Tok and grow and a profitable audience and online brand.

TikTok is searched for 68 million times a month! That’s 816 million searches a year! (Whoa!)

This DFY niche pack for Tik Tok comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • TikTok keywords for Google & YouTube
  • TikTok HD videos
  • TikTok articles
  • TikTok email series
  • TikTok PDFs
  • TikTok interactive checklists
  • TikTok video scripts
  • TikTok square videos
  • TikTok audio files
  • TikTok affiliate programs
  • TikTok customer avatar
  • TikTok image pack
  • TikTok eBook

TikTok Micro Niches

Here are 10 Tik Tok micro niche ideas.

  1. How to TikTok
  2. How to TikTok dance
  3. How to make TikTok videos
  4. How to use TikTok for beginners
  5. How to make a TikTok with words
  6. How to make a TikTok with music
  7. TikTok songs
  8. TikTok analytics
  9. TikTok business
  10. TikTok tools

Traffic Generation Niche

The Traffic Generation niche is one of those niches that will never go away either.

Traffic is the lifeblood of the internet. Without it, any online business has no business!

Traffic Generation is searched for 3,600 times a month! That’s 43,200 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Traffic Generation comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Traffic Generation keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Traffic Generation HD videos
  • Traffic Generation articles
  • Traffic Generation email series
  • Traffic Generation PDFs
  • Traffic Generation interactive checklists
  • Traffic Generation video scripts
  • Traffic Generation square videos
  • Traffic Generation audio files
  • Traffic Generation affiliate programs
  • Traffic Generation customer avatar
  • Traffic Generation image pack
  • Traffic Generation eBook

Traffic Generation Micro Niches

Here are 10 Traffic Generation micro niche ideas.

  1. eCommerce Traffic Generation
  2. Traffic Generation marketing
  3. Organic Traffic Generation
  4. Website Traffic Generation strategies
  5. Traffic Generation software
  6. Traffic Generation tools
  7. Facebook Traffic Generation tips
  8. Network Traffic Generation tools
  9. Amazon Traffic Generation
  10. TikTok Traffic Generation

Vegan Niche

The Vegan and Veganism niche is a huge niche!

As global warming issues continue and more awareness about the issues and mistreatments in the animal production industry, it highlights the need for more sustainable practices.

Veganism is one of these practices that can help provide a better world for all.

Vegan and Veganism are searched for 1.8 million times a month! That’s 21 million searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Vegan and Veganism comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Veganism keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Veganism HD videos
  • Veganism articles
  • Veganism email series
  • Veganism PDFs
  • Veganism interactive checklists
  • Veganism video scripts
  • Veganism square videos
  • Veganism audio files
  • Veganism affiliate programs
  • Veganism customer avatar
  • Veganism image pack
  • Veganism eBook

Veganism Micro Niches

Here are 10 Veganism micro niche ideas.

  1. Vegan foods
  2. Vegan appetizers
  3. Vegan athletes
  4. Vegan actors
  5. Vegan lifestyle
  6. Vegan brands
  7. Vegan recipes
  8. Vegan diet
  9. Vegan gummies

Video Marketing Niche

The Video Marketing niche is a popular niche today.

With the likes of YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and every social channel supporting the use of video in some way, video marketing is a huge opportunity for marketers.

Video Marketing is searched for 22,200 times a month! That’s 266,400 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Video Marketing comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Video Marketing keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Video Marketing HD videos
  • Video Marketing articles
  • Video Marketing email series
  • Video Marketing PDFs
  • Video Marketing interactive checklists
  • Video Marketing video scripts
  • Video Marketing square videos
  • Video Marketing audio files
  • Video Marketing affiliate programs
  • Video Marketing customer avatar
  • Video Marketing image pack
  • Video Marketing eBook

Video Marketing Micro Niches

Here are 10 Video Marketing micro niche ideas.

  1. Video Marketing strategies
  2. Video Marketing trends
  3. Video Marketing tips
  4. Video Marketing makers
  5. Video Marketing for business
  6. Youtube Video Marketing
  7. TikTok Video Marketing
  8. Facebook Video Marketing
  9. Amazon Video Marketing
  10. Twitter Video Marketing

Website Security Niche

The Website Security niche is something that everyone online worries about at some point.

Whether your Facebook hack was hacked or you’re worried about your business website becoming hacked.

If you run any kind of online business, you must make sure your properties are safe and secure.

Website Security is searched for 8,100 times a month! That’s 97,200 searches a year!

This DFY niche pack for Website Security comes with everything you need to get started right away.

  • Website Security keywords for Google & YouTube
  • Website Security HD videos
  • Website Security articles
  • Website Security email series
  • Website Security PDFs
  • Website Security interactive checklists
  • Website Security video scripts
  • Website Security square videos
  • Website Security audio files
  • Website Security affiliate programs
  • Website Security customer avatar
  • Website Security image pack
  • Website Security eBook

Website Security Micro Niches

Here are 10 Website Security micro niche ideas.

  1. Website Security best practices
  2. Website Security services
  3. Website Security risks
  4. Website Security standards
  5. Best Website Security
  6. Website Security types
  7. Website Security tools
  8. Website Security testing tools
  9. Website Security GoDaddy
  10. Website Security Norton

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1. Save Thousands with Each Niche Pack x 27

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How to Buy DFY Affiliate Marketing Niche Packs

There are three ways to buy these DFY niches for affiliate marketing.

1. Buy a niche pack individually.

Not all niches are available for individual sales and costs more per pack. (This is the most expensive way to buy.)

2. Join the monthly membership club.

Pay one low price and get instant access to all 27 niche packs.

3. Buy the yearly annual membership.

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The Best Way to Buy !

New niches are released every month.

Buying the monthly or yearly plans get you access to all new niche packs released.

Although the annual membership is the best value, the monthly membership plan is a low cost way to pay as you go.

So, in my opinion, the monthly membership is the best way to buy these.

You get instant access to all 27 niches.

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There are no refunds, because you get instant access to the product after purchase.

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So technically you could…

  1. Buy the monthly membership plan
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You’d only pay for 1 month, and get all 27 niches for the one month price.

4 Reasons to Stay a Monthly Member

There are multiple reasons why you would want to continue your monthly membership.

Here they are:

  1. You get access to 1 – 2 new released niches every month. 27 niches will become 29 niches which will become 31 niches, and so on.
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4 thoughts on “27 DFY Niches for Affiliate Marketing 2022”

  1. I’m already a wealthy affiliates premium member. I need a website for my online store. I could use some help I’m kind of stuck and I can’t afford to pay anybody so I don’t know what to do is there any any help out there.

    • Great! Just follow the WA training. You can easily build out commerce like stores with affiliate products. Much easier than managing the actual products. WA has all the training you need. Just get sucked into the training and take massive action with what you learn there.

  2. ive got a domain name already…
    do you guys offer site building and monetizing / monitoring / directing & collecting product sales..?

    just curious…
    Thks, tg

    • We just follow the training here. The training is all we need to be successful. It’s good to learn the skills yourself before you hire out so you know what to look for from the people you do hire.


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