​AffiloJetpack Review​ 2020 – Why I Quit Affilorama Jetpack after 3 Months (And Wasted $747?)

If you are here, you may be searching for Affilorama or AffiloJetpack reviews.

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If you want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer, then you will naturally research the best affiliate marketing training options available to you.

There are a million and one ways to start affiliate marketing. And thousands of reviews of every training marketing platform out there.

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Why Read My AffiloJetpack Review?

I am a current paid member of Affilorama. On July 24, 2018, I paid $747 for AffiloJetpack.

affilojetpack reciept from affilorama

Yep. Most people will call me crazy. But…

I am a #digitaljunkie and online shopaholic.

I have an obsession with learning through digital products, trainings and online networks. #seriously

So learn from my wins, money sucking mistakes and save yourself from wasting money 🙂 .

I was really excited when I bought Affilorama Jetpack.

Affilorama’s marketing was very convincing that this was going to be the best affiliate marketing tool solution yet.

I had high hopes and expectations.

I forked out my money. I setup my first AffiloJetpack website.

3 months later…

I quit AffiloJetpack. 

I went back to my previous affiliate marketing training, tools and support platform.

I even moved my website hosting to the other affiliate marketing platform.

And better yet, I screwed up the website transfer process.

The website transfer hindered my traffic performance for about a month. Yay. #sarcasm.

The website transfer screw up was my own fault. The way I did it was bad.

But I learned from this process. And it still hurts a little.

So why did I quit Affilorama Jetpack?

My overall review of Affilorama is not bad.

But Jetpack did not work to my initial expectations.

Hence, my very honest, tried and true AffiloJetpack review.

Before we get into what I didn’t like, it is important for you to know what I do like about Affilorama.

My Personal Review of Affilorama
(Tried & True)

affilorama review 4 stars

I rate Affilorama 4 out of 5 stars.

Affilorama is not a scam. I repeat, they are not a scam.

Affilorama is a legit Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for affiliate marketers.

Like I said, I’m a paid affilorama member. So I would know if it is a scam.

What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is a designated training, tool and support platform for affiliate marketing.

Affilorama is affiliate marketing training, tools and support community

The goal of Affilorama is to teach you how to be an affiliate marketer or help you advance your online marketing skills.

“Learn how to make money online as an affiliate.” – Affilorama

The idea behind affiliate marketing is to make money by promoting other people’s products.

And who doesn’t want to make money? I think making money is a one thing we can all agree on 🙂

Affilorama is designed to train you how to make money with websites by using affiliate marketing and online marketing strategies.

Throughout Affilorama, you will find tons of free and paid affiliate marketing related content, videos and information to help you be an affiliate marketer.

Check out this quick video of what Affilorama is about: (watch time: 2 minutes)

So, for this reason, I give Affilorama 4 stars.

About The Company

  • Company Name: Affilorama Group Ltd
  • Founded In: 2006
  • Product Owner: Mark Ling
  • Products Offered:
    • Free Lessons
    • AffiloJetPack
    • AffiloBlueprint
    • AffiloTools
    • AffiloTheme
  • Price: Free – $999
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Target Audiences: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, Affiliate Marketing Tools, 
  • Strategies: Affiliate Authority Websites, SEO, WordPress Websites
  • Alternatives: Wealthy Affiliate, ClickBank Breaks the Internet

What is AffiloJetPack?

Affilorama Jetpack is an *Almost* Done For You (DFY) affiliate marketing website and marketing template package set offered by Affilorama.

Instead of just taking training courses and building out an affiliate marketing website yourself…

you get 5 pre-made websites setup with content templates and a basic marketing plan.

what is inside affilorama jetpack

The idea behind AffiloJetpack is to help build affiliate marketing websites faster. Which can lead to making money online faster.

You still have to do the work.

But the goal of Jetpack is to reduce the amount of total work you need to start making affiliate commissions.

Inside Affilorama Jetpack, you will find:

  1. WordPress website installation
  2. Different header graphics to use
  3. Recommended affiliate products
  4. A pre-built newsletter campaign
  5. Niche research and analysis information
  6. Article Templates (No real copy provided, just outlines)
  7. Keyword list for the supported niche
  8. 3 eBooks that you can modify as needed (and use to promote email sign ups)
  9. Recommendations for Writers you can use, if you decide not to write your own content
  10. A Jetpack specific forum area for AffiloJetpack related questions and answers

Affilorama Products

Within the Affilorama platform, you will find a collection of products. Most are paid for products.

Affilorama Product Features

  • Free Affiliate Marketing Training Modules
  • Paid Affiliate Marketing Training Modules
  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Performance Monitoring
  • Member Community Support
  • Company Support

What’s Unique About Affilorama?

TONS of Free Affiliate Marketing Training & Content

The best part about Affilorama is the free content on how to learn affiliate marketing.

affilorama free affiliate marketing training

We are not just talking about 10 or 20 free training lessons or 1 free PDF training guide.

We are talking about 100 free lessons and multiple free guides.

The free training covers a wide variety of affiliate and internet marketing related topics.

Affilorama Free Affiliate Marketing Training

And yes, it really is completely free.

No credit card required. No trial period.

Just a quick sign up for an Affilorama account.

And you will be able to access all 100+ lessons for nothing more than your email address.

PRO TIP: You can actually preview the free training without signing in. Yeah, check it out.

And then sign up for free account so get these extra bonuses: The Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide and Roadmap to Success.

You get MORE free stuff!


In addition to the training videos, you can access EVEN MORE free training here. (Just click any of these links below for more free information.)

So, What is the Catch?

Perhaps you are now asking me this question, “so what is the catch Kim?”.

Because you know there is one, right?! Unfortunately, most things in life are not free.

Especially when it comes to affiliate marketing training and expertise.

These skills are a highly marketable and sellable. There is a lot of value you can put on marketing skills because not everyone can do marketing successfully.

But these videos really are free! The free videos are the freebie which bring you in the door to Affilorama.

The catch is…

Once you sign up for free, you will be added to their email marketing funnel campaign which will introduce you to all of their paid products.

You will receive constant upsells and communications to buy an affilorama product or multiple products.

Affilorama Upsell Emails

Affilorama uses the email marketing technique and they are very good at it!

Affilorama even teaches you how to do email marketing for your own affiliate marketing campaigns, as part of the free training and the AffiloJetPack ready sites.

And because they do email marketing themselves, they have experience in teaching you how to do email campaigns in a way that works.

The amount of free affiliate marketing training is why you can easily like Affilorama.

The free training is what totally got me to sign up!

And their highly targeted email campaigns convinced me to pay for AffiloJetPack 🙂 I know. #sucker

So, free is really great. Just be prepared to be tempted to buy AffiloJetPack with all the future emails coming your way.


Technically, you could piece together your first affiliate marketing site with just the free training.

You do not really need to buy any additional Affilorama products. The free training is the harder route to go, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. But there is definitely enough free training to get you started, if you are willing to connect the dots on your own.

Recap: Free training is the cheapest route to go but may take longer to make affiliate commissions.

AffiloJetPack Review

AffiloJetpack Review 2.0

“Get the system for building money-making machines that earn you an income on autopilot. – Affilorama JetPack

Product: AffiloJetPack

Price: $997

Description: 5 *Almost* Done For You (DFY) Websites with 1 Year Hosting to Build Affiliate Marketing Websites


  • 5 Niche Websites (Choose from 17 Pre-Defined Niches)
  • WordPress Website Builder
  • AffiloTheme
  • Integrated Email Marketing Campaigns Per Website
  • Free eBook Giveaways
  • Content Cheat Sheets
  • Keyword Lists


  • Traffic Strategy Workshops
  • AffiloBlueprint
  • 1 Month of Fluttermail Email Marketing Tool
  • 25% Off Discount (Limited Time Offer)

Affilojetpack Review 2.0 Bonuses

True Costs:

  • $951 for first year. $804 for every year after?
    • $997 for AffiloJetpack – 25% Discount ($747)
    • + $17 a month for Fluttermail email marketing service ($204 per year)
    • + website hosting costs after the first year
      • Could be as much as $67 per month. $804 per year?
      • The exact cost for additional years hosting is not clear.

How AffiloJetPack Works:

AffiloJetpack gives you all the material you need to build 5 high-performing affiliate sites using the same proven model that every big marketer uses.” – Affilorama

AffiloJetPack websites are started for you websites with integrated marketing strategy templates.

Honestly, the jetpack idea is brilliant!

Why just buy training when you can get training AND almost ready-made websites too.

Watch this video to see exactly how Affilojetpack works: (watch time: 5 minutes)

The AffiloJetpack Process Looks like this:

  1. Choose the market of people to target, i.e. niche
  2. Select the affiliate products to promote
  3. Find a domain name for your website
  4. Choose whether to use Fluttermail or a different email campaign tool
  5. Setup Fluttermail or email campaign
  6. Complete The Initial Jetpack Website setup
  7. Build out the website content with the content templates
  8. Drive traffic to your website
  9. Get people to sign up for your free eBook download
  10. Market your affiliate products to your email list
  11. Get commission sales for every affiliate product you recommend
  12. Continue driving traffic to your website for more email sign ups and more sales
  13. Build out 4 more websites with the same process

I keep saying *almost* and *started for you* because these websites are not completely done.

Affilorama Jetpack claims to do 80 – 90% of the work for you. But you still have to do some work.

So is 80 – 90% really done for you? Leaving you to only do 10 – 20% of the work to get your website off the ground?

Keep reading and I will answer this question shortly.

Choose From 17 Niche Categories:

When building an affiliate marketing website, you will need to choose which groups of people to target.

With AffiloJetpack, you can choose from the 17 categories below:

  1. Dog Training
  2. Muscle Building
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Green Energy
  5. Dating Tips for Men
  6. Wholesale Sourcing
  7. Self Help
  8. Golf
  9. Learn to Sing
  10. Save Your Relationship / Get Your Ex Back
  11. Dating Tips for Women
  12. Survival
  13. Natural Health
  14. Pregnancy/Fertility
  15. Diet/Nutrition
  16. Hawaii Travel
  17. Spirituality/Alternative Beliefs

The idea is to build content and affiliate offers around related topics in each of these categories.

Because affiliate marketing is known to work better when you narrow down your audience of people to a set of similar problems and needs.


Most of the AffiloJetpack landing pages advertise 18 Niches. But there are really only 17 that are updated and current. The Internet Marketing niche is no longer supported.

“Warning: The Internet Marketing Jetpack has been discontinued as it contains significant out of date material. We will no longer be adding updates to this niche so unlocking or using it is not recommended and completely at your own risk.” – Affilorama Jetpack

Internet marketing changes really fast, which makes this niche difficult to keep the content updated and current.

20 Niche Ideas outside of the Internet Marketing Niche.

Who is AffiloJetPack For?

The Affilorama website says it is for everybody.

  1. New affiliate marketers
  2. Affiliate marketers who have tried with no success
  3. Successful marketers who want to scale their earnings faster

I personally would recommend AffiloJetPack for absolute beginners and marketers who have not had success yet.

Experienced affiliate marketers will likely have higher expectations and want full control of every aspect of their websites. Including where they host their websites, which email marketing product to use, etc.

Remember, that ready-made for you will have its own set of limitations.

What makes AffiloJetPack Unique?

  • Niche Analysis – a done for you analysis on the supported niche
  • Sub Niche – a list of sub-niches (e.g. smaller categories) of the main niche
  • Authority Blogs – a list of authority blogs in this niche
  • Authority Forums – a list of forums that relate to this niche
  • Affiliate Products – a list of recommended affiliate products to promote in this niche
  • Pre-written Newsletter emails, eBooks to offer for email sign ups, Site Header Graphics, Content Ideas, Keyword Data and Link Finder

AffiloJetpack Review Unique Features


As of right now, AffiloJetPack comes with all Affilorama products:

(Buy Jetpack and get +):

  • AffiloBlueprint – 90 premium training videos with tasks to complete
  • AffiloTools – SEO tracking tools for your website
  • AffiloTheme – Specific affiliate marketing WordPress theme designed by Affilorama

While AffiloJetpack is its own product (i.e. the ready-made niche websites), you also get all other Affilorama products too for a complete Affilorama package.

So in other words, buy Affilorama with the current bonuses and get:

  • 5 Setup Niche Websites
  • 1 Year Hosting For The 5 Websites
  • AffiloJetpack Training Course
  • AffiloBlueprint Training Course + 1 Year Hosting For 1 Website (6 Hosted Sites Total)
  • Traffic Strategy Training
  • AffiloTools For 1 Website
  • AffiloTheme For all 6 Websites

What To Watch Out For:

Watch out for the true costs of the total offer.

  1. Website hosting is only included for 1 year.
    • After the first year, hosting is $67 per month or $97 a year per website. (I honestly can’t find confirmed pricing on Affilorama website hosting plans.)
  2. Your email marketing is additional monthly costs.
    • Fluttermail is the email software used to collect email addresses and send automated emails. Fluttermail is only included free for the first month to get you started. After the first month, Fluttermail is $17 a month for up to 1,000 email subscribers.
  3. Only 1 Website Can Use AffiloTools.
    • You will need to upgrade your plan to have all 5 websites use AffiloTools.
    • Cost ranges from $17 – $97 per month depending on how many websites you want to track.
  4. Outsourcing are additional costs.
    • Outsourcing content writing is a recommended path if you are not comfortable writing content for your website. Although you will receive content cheat sheets, these are just outlines for content. You still have to fill in the content to publish to your website or hire someone to write it for you. Because search engines will punish websites with duplicate content so you need to have unique content on your site.



“The foolproof blueprint for building profitable affiliate websites.” – Affilorama

Product: AffiloBlueprint (Included with AffiloJetpack)

Price: $197

Description: 90 Lesson Paid Affiliate Marketing Training Course to Learn Affiliate Marketing


  • 90 Paid Training Lessons
  • 1 Year Hosting For 1 Website (The Training is a one time cost)


  • Includes a WordPress Website Builder Theme called AffiloTheme
  • 1 Month Trial of AffiloTools

True Cost:

  • $197 + website hosting costs after the first year. The exact cost for additional years hosting is not clear.

How AffiloBlueprint Works:

“AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step “how to” course that will show you how to build money-making websites using the system I’ve developed over 14 years as an affiliate.” – Mark Ling

AffiloBlueprint is a training course to learn affiliate marketing. And it is pretty solid training.

The course is designed to be a step-by-step course to guide you through everything you need to do.

The AffiloBlueprint course contains 13 sections and 90 steps based on 3 parts:

  1. Research and build a website
  2. Learn marketing strategies to drive traffic to the site
  3. Monetize your website

Each step contains a video to watch, downloadable notes to read, and tasks to complete.

The course is designed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer.

You will actually need to do the work to make your website a success. This course does not do the work for you.

What To Watch Out For:

Watch out for the true costs of the total offer.

  1. Website hosting is only included for 1 year.
    1. After the first year, hosting is $67 per month or $97 a year per website. (I honestly can’t find any pricing on this.)
  2. 1 Month Trial of AffiloTools.
    1. Cost ranges from $17 – $97 per month depending on how many websites you want to track.

Buy AffiloJetpack and Get AffiloBlueprint Included


Affilorama AffiloTools

“AffiloTools is “whole picture” web stats for online marketers” – Affilorama

Product: AffiloTools (1 Site Included with AffiloJetpack)

Price: Free – $97 per month

Description: Suite of Online Marketing Tools to Track Website Performance


  • Dashboard Website Tracker
  • Keyword Manager
  • Health Checker & Traffic Sources
  • SEO Analysis
  • Social Management & Discovery
  • Keyword & Backlink Research

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic – Free for 1 website, 10 Keywords monitoring, 2 Search Engines Monitoring
  • Bronze – $17 per month, 3 websites, 30 Keywords monitoring, 3 Search Engines Monitoring
  • Silver – $47 per month, 5 websites, 50 Keywords monitoring, 4 Search Engines Monitoring
  • Gold – $97 per month, 10 websites, 100 Keywords monitoring, 10 Search Engines Monitoring

AffiloTools Price Plans


  • Get Free For 1 Website when you buy AffiloJetPack.

True Cost:

  • These costs are very clear. There are no additional upsells that I can see.

Buy AffiloJetpack and Get AffiloTools Free For 1 Website


“Affilotheme is a WordPress theme that helps affiliate marketers build stylish, successful affiliate marketing websites.” – Affilorama

Product: AffiloTheme (Included with AffiloJetpack)

Price: $97. Comes Included with AffiloBluePrint or AffiloJetPack.

Description: A WordPress Website Theme Designed by Affilorama that you use to build a website.


  • Pre-configured website setups
  • Custom Header Tool
  • 6 Templates
  • Squeeze/Opt-in Creator
  • Pop Up Form Generator

Bonuses: None.

True Cost: These costs are very clear. There are no additional upsells that I can see. Bon

Buy AffiloJetpack and Get AffiloTheme Included

Pathway To Passive Guide

Affilorama Pathway to Passive eBook Guide

Product: Pathway To Passive


Description: The Pathway To Passive is a paid eBook guide to learn specific affiliate marketing tips and tricks.

What is Good About Affilorama & AffiloJetPack?

After all the thorough explanations listed above, here is a summary recap of what is really good about Affilorama & JetPack.

  • 100 Free Training Lessons, Guides and Member Content – The Most in One Place Besides YouTube
  • Super Responsive Support Team – You can easily access support help from every page throughout website
  • Good Content From Members – Other affiliate marketers share great content, tips and advice all the time
  • Good Marketers – The Affilorama Team Are Good Marketers So Learn From People Who Know What They Are Doing

What is Not Good

  • Expensive Compared To Competitive Solution Like Wealthy Affiliate – $997+++ vs. $49 per month or $359 a year
  • Constant Upsells – You will always be encouraged to buy more and more and more!
  • Outdated Top Posts – Watch out for top posts that were published 5 to 6 years ago. Post snippets do not include the year it was published, just the Month and Day.
  • Outdated Training Material – You will find top posts that offer outdated strategies. This can happen with any website though as internet marketing and affiliate marketing techniques can change pretty fast.

AffiloJetPack Questions & Answers

The Affilorama support team has compiled a number of questions and answers related to buying AffiloJetPack and what you will get.

The list is quite extensive. I mean there are 70 Q&A’s. Um, yes.

You can view all 70 questions here. No sign in required 🙂

But keep in mind, these are produced by Affilorama. So they are going to naturally convince you that the AffiloJetpack is worth the cost.

However, there are forum questions asked by Affilorama members, who do not work for the company. Members ask the community to answer their questions related to buying AffiloJetpack.

Here is a mix of questions created by Affilorama support and members.

1. Can You See AffiloJetpack Site Examples? (Support FAQ)

Yes. But they are just sample mock ups likely created by the Affilorama team. These sample websites are not real websites from Affilorama members using AffiloJetPack.

And only 2 of the 3 examples work.

2. How Much Money Can You Make From AffiloJetpack Sites? (Support FAQ)

While the Affilorama team cannot guarantee you will make any money due to FTC regulations, they suggest you can make $4000 a week after 6 months.

“It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to make that first sale, and around 6 months to get to USD $1000 a week. Some people start earning from their sites fairly quickly, while others take longer.”

I am not saying any amount of money is impossible. However, I can personally tell you that how much money you make depends on how much SEO work and traffic you get to your sites.

No traffic = no sales.

And traffic doesn’t just happen because you launch a website. There are currently over 200 Million active websites on the world wide web (www). Traffic is competitive.

You have to work for website traffic and Affilorama will suggest ways for you to pay for traffic as well.

3. Has Anyone Ever Made Money Through AffiloJetPack? (Forum Question)

A member of the Affilorama community asks, “I have done a lot of research but everyone seems to be beating around the bush when it comes to the question ” Does AffiloJetpack really work or not? Can someone PLEASE advise if it is worth spending $1000 in to something where there is no concrete proof of whether it works or not?”.

What is interesting is that within the entire thread of 17 replies, only 2 members (12%) replied with a “Yes”, they made money with Affilorama Jetpack.

And 4 of the replies (24%) are from the Affilorama Staff members. Here is how one staff member replied:

“The Jetpack course works for as long as you also work hard on it. The success differs from everyone. Some achieved their success immediately while some struggled and achieved their success after so many mistakes and learnings. Just like any other course online, the Jetpack is your guide and ladder to creating your own affiliate business the proper way. But you do not just depend your success on this course. You need to read a lot of other blogs and forums online, find your own marketing strategies, stick to the ones that work well for you, then rinse and repeat the process.”

Read the full thread here.

4. Does AffiloJetpack Come With AffiloBlueprint? (Forum Question)

Yes, AffiloBlueprint is one of the current bonuses for buying Affilojetpack.

You get free access to this course including the one-year free hosting for one site in AffiloBlueprint. This hosting is on top of the hosting for the 5 websites that you will have in Affilojetpack.

So technically, you can host up to 6 websites for 1 year on Affilorama. Just keep in mind, that this bonus may not be offered forever.

The AffiloBlueprint bonus is not offered in the regular AffiloJetpack sales page. You must buy through this special link to get the AffiloBlueprint bonus.

5. AffiloJetpack or AffiloBlueprint? (Forum Question)

Several members have asked which one should they buy, AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint?

A response from the support team:

“AffiloBlueprint shows you how to integrate your autoresponder to your opt-in form, upload your newsletter, etc. It covers everything to do with getting started on your newsletter series. With Affilojetpack, it’s different. The video lessons serve as guides instead of in-depth lessons like in AffiloBlueprint. This is because much of the site building and newsletter setup is done in the background. Unless you decide to self-host your site, everything from site setup to uploading your newsletter sequence (if you choose Fluttermail), is done for you.”

So, it really depends on how much money you want to spend and how closer to self-serve do you want.

AffiloBlueprint will teach you what to do. And AffiloJetpack will do about 50% of the work for you.

Read the full thread here.

Why I Quit AffiloJetPack Review

Well, I was already using a competitor affiliate marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

AffiloJetPack just did not work for my expectations compared to Wealthy Affiliate. Perhaps, you will think differently.

The Jetpack idea is FANTASTIC!

Brilliant actually.

I mean who doesn’t want a done for you system to make money?!

But, when I started building out my JetPack website, here are 3 reasons why I didn’t like it.

1. No Easy Website Sign In Option

With Affilorama, you have to remember the information to login into your website.

Somewhere, you need to write down the website login details needed including the link to access your website backend, username and password.

Affilorama Website Login
Affilorama Jetpack Website Manager

I hated this process. Because Wealthy Affiliate makes this process so much easier.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s website manager, I just click a button to sign in to my website without entering any login info.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Login

Wealthy Affiliate does that work for you.

A little feature that may seem small but makes a big difference when managing multiple affiliate websites.

2. Limited Customizations with AffiloTheme

When designing my website layout, I wanted an image to fill up the entire header.

You can’t do this with AffiloTheme. I contacted support who confirmed that I had to fit within the parameters of the theme header creator system.

affilotheme customization limitations support reponse

Since I am a graphic designer, I didn’t want my headers to look small, boxy and ugly IMO.

I had a design in mind and I wanted that design. And I could not build it using Affilorama’s AffiloTheme.

Although all the marketing copy will lead you to believe that you can customize the theme however you want, there are limitations to their claims.

But, the good news here is that support was extremely fast with their response.

I had this response in 24 hours which meant I did not wait long at all.

3. No Built In Commenting System

Once you build your affiliate marketing website, you need traffic for sales.

People leaving comments on your new website can help get the search engines to recognize your site which can help with website traffic.

Affilorama and AffiloJetPack do not offer a built tool or way to get comments on your website. But Wealthy Affiliate does with a very easy to use, Site Comments tool.

And I’m spoiled with this tool as it makes getting site comments super easy.

Affilorama does recommend some commenting plugin but I can’t seem to find that article right now. Hopefully, I will find it soon so I can link it here.

wealthy affiliate site comments built in tool

Will I Try AffiloJetpack Again?

To be completely honest, Yes.

This AffiloJetpack review provides why I quit Jetpack. But, I will try it again.

I have already paid for it. Technically, I have paid for 5 total websites.

The more I poke around in Affilorama, the more content I find to help connect the dots to make Affilojetpack sites work.

But I am an affiliate marketer. So the content makes more sense to me.

You will need to learn any training platform or software to maximize its worth.

This is part of the learning and training process. And there really is a ton of great content on Affilorama.

So, I will eventually give Affilorama Jetpack another try and possibly another review.

Should You Buy or Not Buy?

I do not recommend buying any Affilorama product or any affiliate marketing product without testing out the free stuff first.


I’ve been here. There is no other reason to take my advice.

It is just advice.

I recommend you make your own decision.

At the end of the day, your decisions are the one thing that no one else can take away from you.

So this decision is yours. All yours!

Your goal should be to get the most value out of whatever option you choose.

In order to get the most bang for your buck,

I suggest you follow this plan:

  1. Start with the free Affilorama training before you buy: Introduction and Market Research.
    • This will give you a good feel if you think you can build an affiliate marketing website yourself or if you want more help.
  2. If you like what you are learning, complete all 100+ free lessons at Affilorama.
  3. Then start with the free Wealthy Affiliate training.
  4. Complete the 10 Wealthy Affiliate lessons.
  5. If you decide to buy a training and tool package, choose Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate
    • Affilorama Blueprint $197 or AffiloJetpack $997 ($747 with discount)
    • Wealthy Affiliate $49 / month or $359 /year
  6. If you decide that AffiloJetpack would the easiest way for you to get started, use my special link to get 25% off and the AffiloBlueprint training bonus.

Rather take a quiz?

Answer a few questions to find the best Affilorama product based on your answers. Try the quiz out here.

Next Steps?

Check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. And learn why Wealthy Affiliate gets the Best Value Award.

If you are looking for other DFY options, check out ClickBank Breaks the Internet. It costs 3x as much but does more work for you.

Got Questions?

Feel free to comment below.

26 thoughts on “​AffiloJetpack Review​ 2020 – Why I Quit Affilorama Jetpack after 3 Months (And Wasted $747?)”

  1. Hi Kim,

    A while ago I signed up to Affilorama to check out their tools and services and that’s how I learned about Jetpack too.

    I will be honest, I always have doubts when they say it’s a “done for you system” – gives you a sense that you’ll almost magically start making money online and then get disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not afraid of putting in the work but it makes me wonder whether it’s best to start from scratch with Wealthy Affiliate or have someone else take away like 75% of the work and NOT understand the process (or issue should something go wrong).

    I’m not talking about all the technical details but personally I need to understand the basic process from A to Z. That’s just how my brain works.

    A few other concerns were the price of the product and the fact that Affilorama suggests we focus on paid traffic as well. Personally, I focused on organic traffic only. I mean as beginners looking for budget options perhaps Jetpack isn’t the right choice…?

    Kim, do you recommend me as a current Wealthy Affiliate member to check out the Jetpack? Would I really gain extra perks from following their system? Will it be helpful in terms of scaling my current Amazon affiliate business?

    Appreciate your input!


  2. Hi Zarina,

    Thanks for chiming in here! As we are fellow Wealthy Affiliate members, I completely agree with you. I admit that I got sidetracked with “shiny object” syndrome.

    Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are valid competitors. They build different solutions for the same problem.

    You are right. You will learn how to implement the strategies in Wealthy Affiliate, that are done for you in AffiloJetpack. However, the process will likely be slower because you have to figure everything out on your own.

    Jetpack is designed to speed up the process by building some of the pieces for you. You get more templates than starting from scratch.

    Affilorama is super big on incorporating an email list. The autoresponder, the email optin form, ebook downloads and needed support pages are already created for you in a Jetpack website.

    In Wealthy Affiliate, you will find plenty of training on how to do this but you have to choose your autoresponder, set it up, design all support pages (landing, thank you, etc), create your ebook giveaway and add in the email sign up forms to your website.

    Although Affilorama Jetpack promises to do 80% of the work, it’s more like 50%.

    For you, I do not recommend switching to AffiloJetpack. Stick with Wealthy Affiliate. You have everything you need there.

    I only recommend AffiloJetpack for someone who is not already using Wealthy Affiliate and has the money to spend. This scenario probably doesn’t include too many people 🙂

    Thanks again for chiming in here.


  3. Great review Kim!  I am actually with Wealthy Affiliate and have been for about 2 1/2 years now.  I would never switch.  I think the whole process has been a learning one.  I have gained so much knowledge, and for me it is better to learn than to have things done for me.  This way, when I am ready to start another blog site, I know what I am doing.  I won’t need help.  But I will always stick with Wealthy Affiliate!

  4. This was the most thorough review about AffiloJetpack I have ever read. Affiliorama is an expensive program if you add up all the extras you have to pay for. I agree with you that a much more reasonable solution is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I have tried both and stuck with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Over the almost 4 years I have been with Wealthy Affiliate, essentially it has cost me nothing, as I earn affiliate commissions from the lessons learned and from promoting Wealthy Affiliate. There were other programs I have tried in addition to these two platforms, but all were worse even.

    Although the Affiliorama program is not a scam, my verdict would be to stick with something that will not require such a large investment just starting…Very good post, I learned a lot. Thanks!  

  5. Affilo Jetpack seems to be really good product. Actually, I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and what I love about this platform is step by step training. In fact, from zero you can build a real business… I am a newbie in affiliate marketing and I am not sure if the Affilo Jetpack can be good for me. I guess for doing affiliate marketing you need to have a basic knowledge or do you think it can be good for newbies as well? Thank you for such a detailed review…

  6. Kim,

    That’s a very comprehensive review of AffiloJetpack.  I was not aware of it before, but if I run across it, I will keep your review in mind.  Your comment about the continuous upsells struck a chord with me since I really hate to receive them.

    Your review was exceptionally honest in giving details as to what exactly the site offers as well as the specific things you liked, and the specific reasons that you do not like the site.  I don’t see many reviews that get as detailed as yours.



  7. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks so much for commenting here! I’m glad to hear this AffiloJetpack Review was detailed for you. Don’t get me wrong, there are good things about Affilorama. They have the most free amount of training available anywhere, even compared to Wealthy Affiliate. But the the lack of guidance on the free training,  total expense of the paid training, constant up selling at Affilorama is definitely the con. The value of Wealthy Affiliate’s free and paid training just can’t be touched. 

    Thanks again!


  8. No, I don’t recommend Affilorama for newbies. Definitely stick with Wealthy Affiliate. After you complete the Wealthy Affiliate 120+ course lessons and go through all of the weekly live recordings, you could look into the 100+ free training at Affilorama to see if you learn anything new. 

    The one recommendation that Affilorama recommends as a beginner is email marketing. Most marketers have had increased conversions with this effort. There is a 5+ hour training webinar on setting up email marketing on your blog in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s just not baked into the training like it is with Affilorama. 

    Every course will be different. You are the getting the best knowledge, training and support for your buck at WA!

    Thanks for chiming in here.


  9. Hi Kim, I also signed up to Affilorama to check out the free tools, with the view to considering the paid ones if I found the free ones of value. However, I think I have been spoiled by Wealthy Affiliate because I just didn’t like the Affilorama platform as much as WA so I didn’t want to spend much time in Affilorama. They certainly don’t have as much community interaction, and for me it just didn’t ‘feel’ as good. After reading this Kim I do think I’ll go back in and give it another go. It think I may have been a bit harsh! I don’t think I’m interested in purchasing anything further yet because I feel I have the tools I need with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your review – this is excellent!

  10. Hi Melissa! 

    I am glad to hear you know about the free Affilorama training. But I completely agree with you. Affilorama’s toolsets and community interaction is not as good compared to Wealthy Affiliate. This is the main reason I quit AffiloJetpack and moved my site to WA. Little details such as having SiteContent to manage of all of my content and the constant interactions with WA members. 

    As for trying Affiorama’s free training, I recommend doing this:

    Complete all of WA’s 120 course lessons. (Both OEC and Bootcamp) first. 

    Then look at continuing your learnings with Affilorama’s free training and WA recorded live trainings. There’s tons of relevant and current information in those recorded WA trainings alone. 

    You are getting the best the best value for your money at Wealthy Affiliate. Affilorama is a nice to have if you have time.

    Thanks again for chiming in here!


  11. Glad this review was helpful Dave! Glad to hear you prefer Wealthy Affiliate over Affilorama too. And super thanks for recommendation! Stick with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

  12. No need to switch 🙂 You are with the best solution. You even have the tools to build more websites with Wealthy Affiliate, for no additional cost. Already included in your price! Thanks for chiming in!

  13. GREAT REVIEW but I’ll still purchase AffiloJetPack. As with any product review there is always pros and cons, everyone’s situation is different. There are endless courses showing you how to do it and not many that will help you get 80% of the way there. The main hurdle is getting started!

    Having someone who’s been there, done that is worth the expense. If someone is unwilling to invest $997 into something that’s going to make you money over time but would rather buy a new phone for the same cost, than they don’t have the mindset for business, investment or affiliate marketing to begin with.

    I’m sure there are reviews displaying the pros and cons for “Wealthy Affiliate“, “The Super Affiliate Network” and “Fourpercent” which are also great sources for affiliate training.

    The question still remains after reading all the reviews you can find: Will you take action and accept what happens in the future regardless of what happens or, will you read a review or be scared off by things found on the Internet and rob yourself of something that might work for you.

  14. You are right Jason. All products have pros and cons which this AffiloJetpack Review covers in detail. The pro of AffiloJetpack is the idea to help you get further along the process of building an affiliate marketing website. The con is your AffiloJetpack websites still require a bit of work. The “blog posts” content is just blog titles. You still have to write the content.

    That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Affilorama. You will learn the same skills and do just as much work for less cost. And you get much more frequently published new training by the trainers of WA, compared to Affilorama.

    And if you do buy AffiloJetpack, definitely use my discount.

  15. I bought Affiliojetpack. They say you get everything you need to set up a niche site, but the content for those sites is incredibly out of date. They claim to update it regularly, and they do, but the updates are tiny (basically just so that they can make this claim, I suspect) and do nothing to actually bring the content into this decade. The email sequence for the niches is the main thing the course is built on.

  16. Thanks for giving your personal Affilojetpack Review Daniel. It helps my readers here to read other Affilojetpack reviews and understand different perspectives. You have confirmed why I choose Wealthy Affiliate over Affilorama, everyday.

  17. I’ve just begun with Wealthy Affiliate but I am having my doubts about them. Their information is great but they don’t have anything about autoresponders or direct email marketing and I’m wondering if how long it will take to make a full-time income.
    Since I’m thinking about only having 1 or 2 websites even the $49 a month seems like it may be a high cost.
    Also if you have information on making changes in the theme home page I would appreciate your help. On the theme home page, I cannot insert an image in my header. Is there a way to go around this without using PHP, as the customize button tells me when I attempt to customize and add an image.
    Your help is appreciated.

  18. I understand your dilemma. Unfortunately, there is no one perfect solution.

    The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate does have training on email marketing and autoresponders. It’s just not in the main training courses. It’s the recorded live training sessions. But that topic is a series of 4 or 5 continuous weeks. There’s training on just about any topic you can think of. From the recorded Friday webinars, but also from members. The best value for WA is the yearly plan for $359. In past years, they’ve offered a $299 Black Friday special. The yearly price x 2 years is about what you pay for Affilojetpack.

    I can tell you from experience that the email service you get with Affilojetpack is terrible. It’s a 3rd party company you’ve never heard of. And the platform experience is old, clunky and just terrible. I like aweber so much better. However, the choice is ultimately yours. The DFY idea is great. It just did not live up to my expectations.

    As of right now, I think the CB Passive Income is the best DFY solution. However, it doesn’t focus on building out websites (which is the best long term game). It offers you DFY landing pages. You don’t own the pages or content.

    For best DIY Affiliate Websites training, it’s Authority Hacker or Wealthy Affiliate.

    SEO only strategy can take anywhere from 6 – 12 months. It’s slow to gain traffic from search engines. And you need to post a lot of good content. To increase website traffic (and potential email signups), choose another traffic source like a social media network (free) or a paid network (google ads or Facebook).

    For the image in the header, it depends on what exactly you are trying to do. You can add an image as the “logo” which will place it small in the top right corner. If you’re trying to put an image in the full header area, then you need a WP theme that will let you customize that. Otherwise, yes, you have to code that in if your current theme does not offer this out of box capability.

    Hope this helps. Let me know otherwise.

  19. I signed up to Affilorama and to the starter package at WA, to check out their free tools, though I can’t find any general information about the average or minimum number of content articles a good affiliate niche site should have, in order to generate commissions ?

  20. Great. What do you think of the Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate training so far?

    When it comes to making commissions from content, there’s no hard-fast rule. But here’s a good post that will give you some insights into post numbers and potential commission ranges.

    I started making a few affiliate commissions with 30 posts. In the MMO niche. The money comes from ranked review posts which is what you learn at WA. I would recommend WA over Affilorama. The WA training and weekly training webinars are higher quality than Affilorama. You have the option to pay monthly over 1 full payment of $747. I can say that after paying for and using both.

    What other questions do you have?

  21. thanks for the helpful answer , not being a born English person I’m planning on hiring good content writers meanwhile improving my writing skills , but as for the moment I would appreciate your input on outsourcing the content writing.

  22. I think that’s a great call for scalability and long term thinking. Plenty of successful affiliates have built up their blogs doing all the writing themselves. But quality writing does take time. And it can definitely slow your progress down to commissions, depending on how long it takes to hit the numbers recommended in the post.

    Outsourcing is a big topic. Can you be more specific on what you want to know about it? List all the questions you have so I can give you useful info here.

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