Become a Super Wealthy Affiliate Today

Become a Super Affiliate

By building websites that generate revenue.

Get step by step training AND website builder tools. 

You will not only learn how to sell affiliate products online, you will actually build your affiliate websites at the same time : )


Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the basics and advanced marketing skills.

And give you all the tools you need to succeed!

Or you could open up a new McDonald’s store for $1 – 2 Million dollars investment. (More info below…)

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Example Super Affiliates…

Wealthy Affiliate Member Dylan Rieger
Dylan Rieger

Sold Website for $40,000

“I was curious what my site was worth. I thought I would get around $25,000 but to my surprise it got evaluated at $40,000. Empire Flippers waived the $300 listing fee and the site sold very quickly.”

Dylan Rieger, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2015

Dylan Reiger Wealthy Affiliate Member

You can learn from Dylan with his super training called:
How To Create a 6 Figure Website.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas

How I Made $2K in 1 Day

“I’m not writing this to brag about how much I’ve made by following the training and supportive community provided by WA, but I want beginners to realize the enormous potential that online business has to offer.”

Matt Thomas, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2014

Wealthy Affiliate Member, Zarina

Broke My First $100 In A Single Day

“This month I expected to write a post on how I broke my first $100 month but life had its own plans. I am not complaining! Yesterday I broke my first $100 (minus 28 cents) in a single day. And I do expect it to grow.”

Zarina, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2015

Since her $100 dollars made in a day, Zarina has made $500 a day with her Amazon Affiliate Niche website. Read how Zarina made $500+ in 2 Days.

Learn How to Become a Super Affiliate

Learn The In’s and Out’s of Affiliate Marketing With In-depth Training Videos, Tutorials, and Examples.

Learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. The beginnings, the middle and the mastery.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a total of 120 course lessons for you to complete. (2 separate courses.)

And there are hundreds if not thousands of more trainings, in addition to the 2 courses!

Online Certification Course (OEC)

The Online Certification Course by Wealthy Affiliate is a 50 lesson course with videos and tasks to complete.

You will learn how to research, create and market one business or multiple businesses in the online world.

Wealthy Affiliate Task Based Training
Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Certification Course

You will stay organized and focused on the step by step task-based training and tracking system. 

Training Smart Menu

The training smart menu keeps track of where you are within the courses. This smart menu will show what you have completed and guide you to the lessons you still need to complete.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Smart Menu
Training Smart Menu

Training Task Tracker

The training task tracker is a checklist for your training. Check off tasks and training videos as you complete them. When you have completed all the tasks in a lesson, the training smart menu will guide you to the next lesson.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Task Tracker
Training Smart Task Tracker

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Review Stars
Stacydee Wealthy Affiliate Training Review

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to begin learning online marketing. This course is built in such a way that anyone can build a basic website and get it up and running, even without a single moment of prior computer skill. It’s made for visual learners and leads you step by step through the process, using images that match the actual steps exactly. If you want to build a website don’t go it alone, all beginners should start here.

– Stacydee, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2010

Steve Wealthy Affiliate Training Review

Get ready to take your first steps towards building your own online business. Level 1 is going to help you understand how this whole process works. It will be the base on which you build your business to start earning an income. Work your way through these lessons and ask questions when you get stuck. Strap in, because it’s about to get interesting.

– IveTriedThat, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2009

Labman's Review of Wealthy Affiliate Training

This course will introduce you to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing, get you started with building your first website and provide detailed information on how to get started with this business model. I highly recommend that everyone work through this course. Even experience marketers will get something from this course.

– Labman, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2010

Want to read more reviews? Click here.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp course is a 70 lesson course with videos and tasks to complete.

You will learn how to create websites targeting specific audiences of people who want to Make Money Online (MMO) and/or learn internet marketing skills.

You will also learn about related affiliate programs including Wealthy Affiliate’s program.

Weekly Live Training Webinars

After you complete the 120 course lessons, you continue learning from the weekly webinar topics.

Wealthy Affiliate Weekly Webinars

Each week, the Wealthy Affiliate Trainer (and successful affiliate marketer) hosts a live webinar on a variety of topics.

The webinar topics are relevant to what is happening in affiliate and online marketing today.

And each webinar is recorded for easy online playback. You can watch any webinar and learn just about any topic you want, anytime you want.

There are already 300+ recorded webinar trainings and 4 new trainings added every week!

Here are some of the most recent Wealthy Affiliate webinars:

(Click the link to sign up and watch recordings)

Build Your Affiliate Business While You Learn

Learn how to build a WordPress website for your affiliate business. It’s much easier than you think!

Create Affiliate WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the easiest website builders to use today. And one of the most popular site builders among affiliate marketers!

Build super affiliate websites with Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress website builder comes included with Wealthy Affiliate. Go through the training and build out your affiliate WordPress website while you learn.

You will learn how to setup your website with:

  • a website domain name
  • content templates like affiliate disclosures
  • content that gets ranked within search engines
  • affiliate links to your affiliate products

You will create your affiliate website within the first 10 lessons of the training course!

Research Profitable Markets with Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a market and keyword research tool that is also included within Wealthy Affiliate tools.

research keywords and audiences with Jaaxy

Research is where you find profitable markets to recommend solutions for. Learn how to find recommended products for solutions people are looking for. Jaaxy helps you with this research.

You will learn how to research:

  • what solutions people need
  • target audiences to recommend products to
  • what keywords to write content for

Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are available for just about any product you can think of.

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Go through the training and learn how to compare affiliate networks vs. independent affiliate programs, how to compare commission rates and how to find the best solutions for your potential customers.

You will learn how to find the:

  • best affiliate programs to leverage
  • right affiliate products to recommend to your audiences
  • affiliate programs that offer high commissions

How to Become a Super Affiliate!

The way you achieve success is with a SYSTEM!

Wealthy Affiliate helps you learn a systematic approach to becoming a super affiliate marketer.

This system can be categorized into 6 main steps.

Each step builds on each other to build out your affiliate marketing businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate Marketer

All successful Wealthy Affiliate members have applied this very same SYSTEM to achieve their own success.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Tmaltz

“I’m proof that it does work. Like so many other successful WA members, I’m here to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate teaches works.” — Tmaltz, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2014

SondraM Wealthy Affiliate Member

“If we stick with the WA program, follow the training as closely as possible, and don’t give up, we will start seeing results.” — SondraM, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2016

DSweat1 Wealthy Affiliate Member

Just like a lot of other WA members have said, if you go through the training, apply it and write quality content, you’ll start to see real results. — DSweat1, Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2017

Your 6 Building Blocks to
Affiliate Marketing Success


The foundation of anything is training.

Whether you want to be a doctor, astronaut or affiliate marketer, you need training to become a professional.

Wealthy Affiliate Training System

Wealthy Affiliate understands this and offers a complete training set for affiliate marketers. Courses and trainings for beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers alike.

Choose from 2 affiliate marketing certification training courses with step by step tasks to complete and continuously learn new tricks and tips with 1000’s of member created blog posts, training tutorials, videos and live weekly training webinars.

The learning possibilities at Wealthy Affiliate are endless. And worth more than its actual price.

(Wealthy Affiliate is valued at $1,000 a month and $12,000 a year. Training, tools and community all included : )


Research is a critical component in affiliate marketing.

Some will say that research is the most important step.

In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you will learn to choose the right audiences to talk to and the right products to recommend to them.

Wealthy Affiliate comes with Jaaxy, a keyword and market research tool.

research keywords and audiences with Jaaxy
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, Included with Wealthy Affiliate

Learn how to research audiences, understand market opportunities and identify available affiliate programs and products.

The step by step training will train you how to do research successfully for ultimate profitability.

And you will execute your research within the same platform you learn from. Inside Wealthy Affiliate.


In today’s world, online affiliate marketing is the way to go.

The startup costs are extremely cheap compared to opening a brick and mortar business.

And the ability to scale and launch multiple affiliate marketing businesses so easily and cheaply, is unmatched.

For example, according to Investopedia, it costs between $958,000 and $2,183,000 dollars to launch new McDonald’s franchise restaurant location. And owners pay an initial franchise fee of $45,000.

That is 1 to 2 MILLION DOLLARS folks. Just to open up one new McDonald’s store!

Affiliate marketing is SO MUCH CHEAPER! You do not need a physical location or make products to sell or rent out space to store the products you sell.

You can get started with affiliate marketing and everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for just $359 a year.

Your affiliate marketing business is completely online and you recommend other people’s products for a commission.

(Wealthy Affiliate is valued at $1,000 a month and $12,000 a year. Training, tools and community all included.)

Start your first month for just $19. And then pay $49 monthly or $359 per year.

Try offering to pay only $19 for a McDonald’s your first month : )

For affiliate marketing…

A website becomes your online store for many product suggestions. Your affiliate “store” can reach 4 billion people connected to the internet around the world.

Image Credit: We Are Social Global Digital Report

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a complete set of website development tools to build and maintain multiple affiliate marketing websites from one platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Development Tools
Wealthy Affiliate Website Development Tools

The training will teach you step by step how to build successful online businesses leveraging all of the tools included inside Wealthy Affiliate.


Content is king.

creating keyword rich content

Content is the bread and butter to your website.

Content is what brings people to your websites and keeps them coming back.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with step by step instructions on how to create quality, search engine friendly content that can be found on the internet.

You will also learn how to create a plan for multiple pieces of content based on keywords people are searching for.

And you will leverage Site Content, the writing platform inside Wealthy Affiliate to manage all of your content.

Site Content offers you the ability to manage your content, set writing goals, create custom page templates, and organize content in buckets.

The ability to manage all of your content in one place will help you stay organized and focused to build out websites with good content.

Which is one way to become a super affiliate!


Traffic is where the money is.

If you do not have traffic to your website, then you have no site visitors.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are different ways to generate traffic.

The main principle taught through Wealthy Affiliate training is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

You will learn how to optimize your websites to rank well in the search engine’s search results. 

And how to capitalize on the 3.5 billion searches happening every day.

You will also learn how to leverage images, social media, email marketing and other tactics to generate traffic to your website.

The traffic generation possibilities are really endless!


Sales equal commissions.

Just like you would make money through commissions as a car salesman or software saleswoman, you can make money as an affiliate marketer.

The process is the same.

You recommend products for people to buy.

People buy those products through your affiliate links.

You get commissions for those sales.

The difference is that you can choose what products you recommend.

You can choose products from huge affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank or Rakuten Linkshare. Or you can find affiliate programs managed by individual companies like Walmart, Target, Vitamix and Nike.

You will learn how to find affiliate products to promote and the range of commissions you make with each.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate?

You may think, “I only need training.” Or, “I only need to know which affiliate programs to join.” 

But what you really need – what would really make affiliate marketing easier – is a comprehensive, all-in-one suite of tools, training, and support that gives you everything you need to succeed

That’s Wealthy Affiliate! WA is how you become a super affiliate! 

Wealthy Affiliate offers state of the art affiliate marketing training, tools and support from 1.4 affiliate marketers.

This all-in-one suite of affiliate marketing training, tools, and support makes things easier for you.

Choosing the right tool to learn is how you become a really good affiliate marketer. Which is what we like to call “super affiliates“.

Succeed With The Right Platform Features

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Community highlights in one place.

Get the pulse of what is happening within Wealthy Affiliate, from your training progress to member updates and accomplishments.  

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Task oriented training certifications.

Build out your affiliate marketing lesson while you learn. And become an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate marketing training.  

Wealthy Affiliate Websites

Wealthy Affiliate Websites Development Tools

Web development tools.

Create and manage WordPress websites and website hosting for multiple affiliate marketing businesses.  

Wealthy Affiliate Webinars

Wealthy Affiliate Weekly Live Webinars

52 Live training webinars a year.

Learn new skills from the weekly 1 hour webinars on various, relevant, present day marketing and business strategy topics.  

Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy

Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tool. Leverage the Jaaxy keyword research tool to understand markets, audiences and competition.  

Wealthy Affiliate Chat

Live Chat with Wealthy Affiliate Members

Chat live with other affiliate marketers.

Connect with other affiliate marketers to request help, get guidance or just say hello.  

Wealthy Affiliate Help

Get Help And Support From Wealthy Affiliate Members

Quick connections to help.

Get help when you need it most and reach out to support, ask a question for the community or private message any WA member.

13 Website Management Tools

Wealthy Affiliate comes with 13 unique website management tools to help you manage all your affiliate marketing websites in one place.

  1. SiteBuilder
  2. SiteManager
  3. SiteHealth
  4. SiteDomains
  5. SiteEmail
  6. SiteContent
  7. SiteComments
  8. SiteFeedback
  9. SiteSpeed
  10. SiteSecurity
  11. SiteProtect
  12. SiteSSL
  13. SiteSupport


SiteBuilder allows you to create your websites. Site Builder is so easy to use that you can literally create a new website in 30 seconds.

Wealthy Affiliate marketing websites builder
Create WordPress Websites

Wealthy Affiliate includes other tools to help you manage your websites like SiteDomains and SiteEmails.

You will learn how to:

  • buy and manage website domain names
  • setup custom email addresses on your domain names
  • integrate your custom email accounts into Gmail, Outlook, iPhone or any other mail client

Continuously build your affiliate marketing websites while you learn. Eventually, you figure out to earn while you continuously learn : )

Did I mention: You will create your affiliate website within the first 10 lessons of the training course!

Once you build out one affiliate marketing website, you can create more affiliate websites!

49 more sites to be exact. Yes. 

Build up to 50 websites with Wealthy Affiliate
Host up to 50 Websites with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate’s premium plan comes with up to 50 hosted affiliate marketing websites.

You can build 1 or 50 websites for the same price. No lie : )

Good affiliate marketers make money with their affiliate websites.

Just by recommending other people’s products. No product costs, inventory or storage required.

No wonder Wealthy Affiliate is the most popular affiliate marketing solution available online today

But do not just take my word for it. Here’s what other Wealthy Affiliate members say.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do all of these strategies below:

  • Learn beginning foundations and advanced marketing techniques
  • Research audiences and discover profitable markets
  • Leverage built in tools to get online businesses up on the internet
  • Build WordPress Websites with website hosting included
  • Create multiple websites with different audiences
  • Write blog content and learn ways to outsource it
  • Drive traffic to your websites and generate sales
  • Learn a different way to monetize your websites
  • Grow and scale your online businesses for more sales
  • Get help from other affiliate marketers of all skill levels

You can start with the free starter account. No credit card required.

Then upgrade to premium for full, complete access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer!

Or Start Training Completely Risk Free

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 pricing plans. Here is a price comparison chart between the two plans.

$0 Free Starter Plan
20 Certification Lessons
2 Free WordPress Websites
Basic Website Hosting
Member Blog Post Guides
Basic Keyword Research
Member Support
Platform Support
Live Chat 7 Day Trial
Free Starter Training Schedule Guide
Forever free plan. No credit required.
$49 Per Month / Paid Premium Plan
120 Certification Lessons
1000+ Training Modules
50 Free WordPress Websites
Premium Website Hosting
Site SSL, Site Health, Enhanced Site Speed
Advanced Keyword Research
Weekly Live Webinars
Member Blog Guides
Member Training Guides
Member Support
Live Chat
Direct Messages

Leverage the Wealthy Affiliate Training System To Help You Become A Success

Simply sign up for a free starter account and start training.

If you like what you see, you can upgrade to premium to really take your online businesses to the next level.

Sign Up For Free Starter Account

Come see why this is my favorite affiliate marketing community…

I’ll see ya on the inside.

Kim Wolfe Wealthy Affiliate Member