What Is Lean Domain Search? Your Best Friend For Domain Name Ideas?

Are you wondering what is Lean Domain Search?

If you are looking for a domain name for your  website or a clever name for your business, a domain name generator can be your best friend.

But, should you use more than one domain name generator?

Can both Lean Domain Search and Name Mesh be your best friend for domain names and ideas?

Yes. But why and how? Well, keep reading 🙂

What is Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a domain name generator.

A domain name generator creates different names that can be used for websites and company names.

find domain names with lean domain search

Lean Domain Search allows you to capitalize on one of the most common ways to come up with domain name ideas.

The generator combines two or more words together with one of the words being directly related to the purpose of your website or business.

how lean domain name search works

Some great examples of two word company and domain names are:

  • Facebook.com
  • YouTube.com
  • Evernote.com
  • Microsoft.com
  • Techcrunch.com
  • Flipboard.com
  • Crunchbase.com
  • BusinessWeek.com
  • SurveyMoney.com
  • NameMesh.com

Lean Domain Search is designed to generate domain name ideas just like these.

Why Would You Use Lean Domain Search?

You use Lean Domain Search to find that perfect domain name for your company and website.

This generator can help you come up with ideas that you may not have originally thought of.

LeanDomainSearch.com allows you to:

  1. Research domain names for websites
  2. Research company and business names
  3. Brainstorm different names and ideas
  4. Check domain name availability for .com extension
Pro Tip: Domain names can only be owned by one owner at a time.

How Lean Domain Search Works

Lean Domain Search works by pairing your search term with prefixes and suffixes to generate domain names.

For example, if you search for football party, Lean Domain Search tool with pair the word football with prefix words before, e.g. myfootballparty, and suffix words after, e.g. footballpartyonline.

Lean Domain Search does this for thousands of prefixes and suffixes to generate a wide variety of domain names for you to choose from.

The name results will depend on what is available for a .com domain name extension.

what is lean domain search

If you search for football party, some prefix domain name results are:

  • GoFootballParty.com
  • MrFootballParty.com
  • LiveFootballParty.com
  • EasyFootballParty.com

Some suffix domain name results are:

  • FootballPartyOnline.com
  • FootballPartyBlog.com
  • FootballPartyNetwork.com
  • FootballPartyHub.com

For affiliate marketing, you could easily build out a website to promote ideas and must have accessories for football parties.

Buy one of these domain names such as easyfootballparty.com or footballpartyhub.com and recommend football party solutions from an affiliate network like Amazon.com.

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Features & Benefits

Lean Domain Search offers a variety of features to help you with domain name or company search.

lean domain search featuresName Sort Feature

You can sort the search results by:

  • Popularity
  • Length
  • Alphabetical

Name Filter Feature

You can filter the search results by:

  • All
  • Starts with the search term, e.g. search word + suffix
  • Ends with the search term, e.g. prefix + search word

Check Twitter Handle Availability Feature

Lean Domain Search will not only check to see if the .com domain name is available, but will also check if the Twitter.com handle is available. Because it is best marketing practice to secure the same names for your company name, the website name and social media accounts such as Twitter.

Domain Purchase Feature

You can buy the domain name from two companies:

  • WordPress.com
  • BlueHost.com

lean domain search social and buy features

WordPress.com and Blue Host are companies that offer domain names and hosting for websites and blogs.

Pro Tip: WordPress.com is not recommended for affiliate marketing websites. Although they do allow affiliate links for large networks such as Amazon, they do not allow affiliate links for multi-level marketing programs or get-rich-quick schemes. Depending on which affiliate program you decide to promote, the program may not be allowed on a website hosted by WordPress.com. If you want complete control of your affiliate programs, then choose a solution like Wealthy Affiliate. You can read more about WordPress.com affiliate links restrictions here.

How Much Does Lean Domain Search Cost?

Lean Domain Search name generator is completely free to use. You can search for as many words as you want, as many times you want. There are no limits to how many searches you can perform.

Lean Domain Search makes money when you buy a domain name through the website links.

Domain names will cost you anywhere from $9.99 – $15.99 for a year at regular price. And you have thousands of companies to choose to buy the domain from.

In 2013, Lean Domain Search was acquired by Automatic, the company behind WordPress.com.

Lean Domain Search tool is now used to generate traffic and sales to website domain and hosting service company, WordPress.com.

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Lean Domain Search vs. NameMesh

So, how do Lean Domain Search and Name Mesh compare? Why would you use both?

Both domain name generators work differently and will provide you with different results.

Therefore, you can gather different ideas from each generator.

NameMesh Unique Features:

  • Categorizes your results in different lists such as common, new, SEO, short, etc.
  • Supports many domain extension types such as .com, .net, .org, .online, .shop, .blog, etc.
  • Works better for 2 or more words
  • Supports domain name options with hyphens
  • Doesn’t work as well for just 1 word
  • Offers name variations using synonyms, prefixes and suffixes
  • Offers a special company name generator
  • Allows you to buy from 12 domain name registrars, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Name, 1&1, BlueHost, etc.

Lean Domain Search Unique Features:

  • Works great for 1 word
  • Allows you to control the placement of your word, e.g. beginning or end of domain name
  • Results only support .com domain extensions
  • Does not support all domain extensions
  • No hyphen variations
  • No synonym variations
  • Only allows you to buy from 2 companies, WordPress.com or BlueHost.com

The best way to use both generators is to start with Lean Domain Search. Then, take search ideas to Name Mesh for more ideas.

How to Use Lean Domain Search Step by Step

1. Go to leandomainsearch.com

2. Type in 1 – 2 words you would like to explore

e.g. football party

football party lean domain search example

3. Click the Blue Search Icon

4. Explore the results

lean domain search football party name results example

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Domain Name Research Tips

A few tips when it comes to buying domain names:

  • Stay away from hyphens – considered clunky and harder to speak out or type out
  • Stay away from numbers – confuses audience, e.g. 8 or eight?
  • Do thorough research before you buy a domain name
  • Buy from a domain company that offers you a good experience and supports your website goals

For more tips, learn from these help articles below.

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