What Is NameMesh? Your Ultimate Superstar Name Guide

What is NameMesh? Name Mesh is a free name generator. A name generator generates name ideas to be used for websites or businesses. Use NameMesh to discover name ideas and see what domain names are available for you to use.

Want to generate names like a superstar?

What is NameMesh

This is your Ultimate Superstar Guide to explain what NameMesh is and show you how to find the perfect names for your businesses and domain names for your websites.

This Ultimate Superstar NameMesh Guide will cover:

What is NameMesh Video Tutorial

Learn more in this video on what Name Mesh is and how to use it.

For step by step information and instructions, continue reading below.

Why Would You Use Name Mesh?

You use Name Mesh to mesh names together 🙂 And find available names to be used for your websites.

what is namemesh

NameMesh allows you to:

  1. Research domain names for websites
  2. Research company names
  3. Brainstorm different business names and ideas
  4. Check domain name availability

Pro Tip: Domain names can only be owned by one owner at a time.

You use NameMesh to research name ideas for businesses and websites.

The idea is to find that perfect name for a website and your company name!

If your perfect domain name is owned by someone else, then it is not available for you to own.

You will need to research other names and NameMesh will provide you with many available suggestions.

How NameMesh Works

NameMesh generates different variations of a word or multiple words by using synonyms, suffixes and prefixes.

You simply search for one to three words that pertain to your company name or website idea.


  • football party snacks
domain name search on what is namemesh

NameMesh will generate names that are available and different variations, using the words you entered.

namemesh domain name categories


  • footballpartysnacks.com
  • soccerpartysnacks.com
  • basketballpartysnacks.com
  • gamepartysnacks.com

Based on these ideas above, I now know that I have other options that are not limited to just football, like basketball party snacks.

And I also know that footballpartysnacks.com is available and could be a good affiliate marketing website.

A site like football party snacks could football party food ideas and accessories from affiliate programs like Amazon.

Why Do You Need A Domain Name?

Domain names are required for websites. Websites are a must have asset for any business.

The reasons you need a domain name are:

  • You are planning to create a business
  • You are planning to build a website

A domain name is one of the main components of a website. And is a very important part of your website.

The domain name becomes the brand able address to your website. It becomes the name of your site and business.

domain name + website hosting + website builder = website

If you are not planning to build a business or website, then you do not need a domain name.

NameMesh makes their money from affiliate marketing. Learn how to build your own money making affiliate marketing websites.

NameMesh Features & Benefits

NameMesh is not the only domain name generator available for you to use. Another popular generator is Lean Domain Search.

Each generator is built differently. Therefore, each offer their own unique features and benefits to use them.

What makes NameMesh unique and a good name generator to use are these features below.

Domain Name Categories

Domain name categories are one of Name Mesh’s most unique features.

explore different name ideas with namemesh name categories

Once you enter in a few words, NameMesh organizes all of your results in categories.

Each category gives you various options based on the words you entered.

Name options are categorized as:

  • Common – see what is available for standard domain name extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .co
  • Similiar – similar word suggestions using synonyms, antonyms and thesaurus
  • New – new domain name extensions such as .email, .link, site, .app, .shop
  • SEO – specific keywords that tell search engines and people what the website is about
  • Short – short domain names in character length where the extension is the part of the name
  • Fun – creative company or domain name ideas by breaking, joining, replacing and rearranging words
  • Extra – additional name extensions such as .ly, .it, and .me
  • Mix – merges common words, suffixes and dictionary words for additional name ideas

Startup Company Name Generator

Find cool company names with available domain names with Name Mesh’s startup company name generator.

generate company name ideas with NameMesh

Multiple Words Generator

Name Mesh offers two separate generators depending on how many words you want to explore.

  • 2 – 3 Keywords Generator
  • 4 or More Keywords Generator

Each generator is designed specifically to connect the amount of keywords together in ways to give 1001 ideas.

Confirm Domain Name Availability

Domain names can only be owned by one person at a time. So, you can confirm if the domain name is available.

NameMesh tell you what domain names are available and which ones are not.

Find available domain names with namemesh

If the website domain name you want is already owned by someone else, Name Mesh will give you ideas for names that are available for you to use.

How Much Does Name Mesh Cost?

The domain name generator is completely free.

There is no cost to get ideas and check domain availability.

NameMesh makes money when you buy a domain name from their website.

Domain names will cost you anywhere from $9.99 – $15.99 for a year at regular price.

Many domain registrar companies offer you a cheaper rate for the first year and the normal price above for the 2nd year and beyond.

NameMesh does not actually sell you the domain name. They just refer you to different companies that are certified domain name registrars, where you can buy your domains.

The idea behind NameMesh is actually affiliate marketing! They get a commission for every domain name you buy from their website links. Get the best training on how to make money from affiliate marketing websites.

Now, the fun part…

Leverage NameMesh to find that perfect domain name for your website!

How To Use NameMesh Step by Step

1. Go to namemesh.com

2. Type in 2 – 3 words you would like to explore

e.g. football party snacks

what is namemesh and how to use it

3. Click Generate

4. Explore the results

namemesh domain name generator results

Domain Name Research Tips

A few tips when it comes to buying domain names:

  • Be creative and have fun!
  • Do thorough research before you buy
  • Buy from a domain company that offers you a good experience

For more tips, learn from these help articles below.

Ready to buy?

Learn why we buy all of our domain names from Wealthy Affiliate.

Or follow these step by step instructions on how to buy a domain name from NameMesh.

Got Questions?

Feel free to leave questions or comment below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this product info with me. I have been wondering the how to find the best domain name for my affiliate marketing websites. NameMesh is loaded with almost all the name generator features I was looking for. Helpful info. Thanks.

    • So glad this review on Namemesh was helpful Salim. Name Mesh is one of the best website name generators out there because of all of the features it offers. Good luck with your name search!

  2. Thank you for this very informative post. I did not know what Name mesh was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Namemesh is a great platform and I think a domain name generator like this will really help me in finding the right domain for my proposed website. 

    • Great Clement. I am glad to here you found this info useful. And you are right, NameMesh will definitely help you come up with the right domain for your proposed website. And choosing the best domain name is obviously a very important step because you can’t change it once you buy it. This is why I created some other helpful guides on buying domain names: How to Buy a Website Name and Tips for Buying a Domain Name. Thanks for chiming in here!


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