What is a Niche for Affiliate Marketing? 20 Niches, Products and Program Examples

What is a niche for affiliate marketing and why are niches important? In affiliate marketing, a niche defines what your affiliate website is all about. A niche defines who you talk to and what products you recommend to those people.

The word niche has several different meanings. The one we care about here is how a niche applies to your affiliate marketing website.

If you read our affiliate marketing anatomy guide, you already know that affiliate marketing starts with the consumer. In our get started guide, you learn the 15 steps to start as an affiliate marketer. The 4 steps that pertain to a niche are:

  1. Market Discovery – Choose who you will talk to
  2. Market Research – Research the problems of your target audience
  3. Affiliate Products – Find affiliate products to recommend
  4. Affiliate Programs – Join affiliate programs with the products you want to recommend

The more you fully understand what is a niche for affiliate marketing, you increase your chances of being a successful affiliate marketer.


A similar group of product solutions or services that appeal to a specific group of people.

A niche is just a category. A market of people. Each niche contains specific solutions for groups of people in a category.

A niche is important because it helps define what solutions are created for what people. And what companies are developed to create these solutions.

5 Evergreen Niches

5 popular broad niches are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships
  4. Hobbies
  5. Beliefs

These 5 popular niches are called evergreen niches because they have remained popular over time. People care about these areas of their lives today just as much as they did many years ago.

The caution with these niches is they are very broad. They are really big markets with so many people who care about their health, wealth, relationships, hobbies and beliefs. These categories will be very competitive.

Ideally, you want to find smaller sub categories with smaller groups of people to target inside these large categories.

Health is a niche. Men and women health are sub niches. Men and women in their 40’s are two more sub niches. Solutions in these sub niches will be different. A health vitamin supplement for a 40 year old male is going to be different than a health vitamin supplement for a 40 year old female.

Finance is a niche. Banking and insurance are finance sub niches. Small business banking vs. personal banking and personal life insurance are more sub niches. The company that provides you with solutions to manage your money in your business bank account will be different than the company that provides you with solutions to insure your car, house and life.

You do not have to choose a affiliate marketing niche within these 5 niches. Choose whatever niche interests you to become a knowledgeable expert in the solutions offered.

11 More Big Niches:

  1. Home
  2. Food
  3. Pets
  4. Fashion
  5. Sports
  6. Outdoor
  7. Survival
  8. Travel
  9. Education
  10. Electronics
  11. Self Development

The niche you choose does need to be something that will appeal to a group of people. If you do not have any people looking for solutions in your specific category, then you likely won’t have any people buy anything for it. Therefore, you will likely will not make any money.

The best way to understand niches is not by choosing the product types. But by choosing the groups of people that need the specific product solutions.

And an easy way to break down niche categories is by segmenting people by gender and age.

  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids
  • Seniors

So let’s look examples of what is a niche in affiliate marketing.

We will look at these niches for affiliate marketing by the needs of specific groups of people. We will also look at products and affiliate marketing programs to support each niche category.

Keep in mind, these are just examples to help you understand the magnitude of niches and categories. You will want to do a bit more research to develop a solid affiliate marketing plan.

20 Affiliate Marketing Niches, Products and Affiliate Programs

Home Niche

People who have homes they need to take care of and personalize with their own design tastes and preferences.

Home sub niches:

1. Living Spaces

  • Targets people: who need furniture and want design for their homes. Homeowners, apartment owners or condo owners need specific assets for their homes.
  • Products: couches, chairs, end tables, coffee tables, artwork, pillows, blankets or throws,
  • Affiliate programs: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Jet.com, Rooms to Go, Alchemy Fine Home, Wayfair, Furniture

2. Garden

  • Targets people: who are homeowners and gardening enthusiasts. Gardeners need specific tools, furniture and decor items for their gardens.
  • Products: plants, vegetable seeds, garden tools, gloves, seat pads, planters, fertilizer, weed killer, sculptures, decorations, lawn bags
  • Affiliate programs: Gardeners, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Earth Easy, Direct Gardening, Seeds Now

3. Tiny Homes

  • Targets people: who live in tiny homes. The needs of a small 400 sq. ft home will be different than then needs of a 3,000 ft home.
  • Products: compact furniture, compact shelving, generators, appliances, solar energy kits, propane tanks, security lights, air conditioning units, tiny home books, plans
  • Affiliate programs: Tiny Life Supply, Amazon, Amazon, Etsy, Backcountry

Outdoor Niche

People who love the outdoors and being outside.

Outdoor sub niches:

4. Hiking

  • Targets people: who likes to hike. Hikers need specific gear and information for hiking.
  • Products: hiking shoes, poles, backpacks, water bottles, trail maps
  • Affiliate programs: REI, Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shop, Marmot, Backcountry

5. Camping

  • Targets people: who like to camp. A camper needs gear specifically for sleeping and eating outdoors
  • Products: Camping tents, flashlights, travel foods, portable cookware, compass, campsite maps
  • Affiliate programs: Amazon, REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shop, Marmot, Backcountry, Coleman, Yeti

6. Hunting

  • Targets people: who like to hunt. A hunter needs specific gear for hunting. Gear can vary for the types of animals they hunt.
  • Products: guns, rifles, bow and arrows, tree stands, camouflage outfits, game calls, trapping supplies, knives
  • Affiliate programs: Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy, Walmart, Amazon

7. Fishing

  • Targets people: who like to fish. A fisher needs specific gear for fishing. Gear may be different for a person who fishes in freshwater for a hobby and a person who commercial fishes for a living in salt water oceans.
  • Products: fishing poles, lines, lures, fish finders, boats, tackle boxes, filet knives
  • Affiliate programs: Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy, Amazon, Walmart

8. Archery

  • Targets people: who like to hunt with bow and arrow. An archery shooter needs specific gear for hunting or competing in archery shooting competitions.
  • Products: bows, arrows, cases, shooting targets, archery ranges and arrow rests
  • Affiliate programs: Bulldog Targets, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy, Walmart, Amazon

9. Rock Climbing

  • Targets people: who like to climb mountains. A mountain climber needs specific gear for climbing.
  • Products: climbing shoes, harnesses for women, men and kids, ropes, cords, carabiners, pulleys, helmets, packs
  • Affiliate programs: Moosejaw, REI, Amazon, Outdoor Play, Gear Coop

10. Mountain Biking

  • Targets people: who like to mountain bike for hobby or compete in races for the sport of it.
  • Products: Women’s mountain bikes, men’s mountain bikes, helmets, pumps, lights, mirrors, locks, bike racks for cars and men, women’s bike clothing, shoes
  • Affiliate programs: Mountian Bike World, Performance Bicycle, Jenson USA, Trek, Dimond Back, Addias

Health Niche

People who care about the health of their body, mind and soul.

Health sub niches:

11. Running

  • Targets people: who run for fitness, health and sports. Runners need specific gear for running.
  • Products: running shoes, running pants and clothing, fitness watches, water bottles and pouches.
  • Affiliate programs: Amazon, Road Runner Sports, Alta Running, Under Armor, Brooks Running, Academy, Nike

12. Weight loss for women over 40

  • Targets women: over 40 who want to lose weight. Women over 40 need specific exercise and food suggestions to accommodate slower metabolisms, reduced muscle tone and declining bone densities.
  • Products: calcium supplements, healthy recipe books, cookware and cooking supplies and exercises for women.
  • Affiliate programs: Weight Watchers, Workout Anywhere, Fitbit, Amazon, Walmart, Target

13. Health fitness for men over 40

  • Targets men: over 40 who want to be fit. Men need specific exercise routines and different diet recommendations than women.
  • Products: supplements, build muscle exercise routines, exercise equipment, food recipe books and men sports apparel.
  • Affiliate programs: GNC, Bodybuilding, BeachBody, Warrier Plus

14. Pregnant Women’s Health

  • Targets women: who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or just gave birth. Pregnant women have very specific needs that influence their health and the health of the baby they are carrying.
  • Products: supplements to help get pregnant, pregnancy tests, nausea reliefs, nutrition guides, videos, pillows, bras and pregnant stages clothing.
  • Affiliate programs: Queen Bee, Baby Be Mine Maternity, Pretty Mommies, Motherhood closet

15. Digestive health

  • Targets people: who suffer from digestive health issues or want to prevent these issues. People with digestive issues can suffer from bleeding, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and heartburn and need specific solutions and remedies for gut health.
  • Products: probiotics, fiber supplements, food guides, medicines, over the counter aids, and in home test kits.
  • Affiliate programs: Listen To Your Gut, Body Health, Renew Life, Core Health Products

16. Diabetes

  • Targets people: who have various stages of diabetes. People living with diabetes have very specific needs to help them with control their high blood sugar.
  • Products: glucose monitors (CGMs), insulin pens, blood sugar regulation supplements, diet plans and medications.
  • Affiliate programs: Reverse Diabetes, ADW Diabetes, Dollar Diabetes Club, Diabetes Meal Plans

17. Hair loss for women and men

  • Targets people: who suffer from hair loss and need specific treatments and solutions to prevent or restore their hair.
  • Products: laser comb devices, hair growth vitamins, shampoos, supplements, hair oils and laser hair restoration treatments.
  • Affiliate programs: End Hair Loss, Aviva Health, Market Health, Procerin

Sports Niche

People who care about professional sports or play sports themselves.

Sports sub niches:

18. NFL Football Apparel

  • Targets people: who are avid football fans of the American National Football League. Football fans will have their favorite teams they will want to buy products for.
  • Products: NFL team apparel jerseys, hats, t-shirts, decals, collectibles, party supplies, game tickets
  • Affiliate programs: NFL Shop, NFL, Fanactics, Primesport, Ticket Liquidator, Lids, Amazon, Walmart, Target

19. MLB Collectibles

  • Targets people: who are avid baseball fans of the Major League Baseball. Baseball fans will also have their favorite teams they will want to collect items for.
  • Products: baseball cards, photos, bats, baseballs, hats, helmets and autographed jerseys.
  • Affiliate programs: MLB Shop, Sports Memorabilia, MLB.com, Amazon, Colorado Rockies

20. Kids Soccer

  • Targets people: who are parents of kids who play soccer. Soccer parents will need to know the best recommended supplies and gear for their kid soccer players
  • Products: soccer cleats for kids, shin guards, socks, drills, shorts, practice goal and soccer balls.
  • Affiliate programs: Academy, US Youth Soccer, US Soccer, Active Kids, Walmart, Target

So, hopefully, this helps explain what is a niche in affiliate marketing.

Just keep in mind, that there are many more sub niches insides these niches. And more product suggestions. And more affiliate programs to choose from. Use these to get your brain thinking on what that particular group of people would to solve their specific problems.

Got questions?

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below. Would love to hear from ya.

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