How To Define a Niche (Real Niche Case Study). Template Included :)

How to Define a Niche (Real Niche Case Study Example)

Welcome to your How to Define a Niche step by step action plan. Defining a niche in marketing is important. Because niche defines who you target. And knowing who you are targeting leads to better marketing results. Better marketing results lead to more actions and sales. For better results, you should execute a good research … Read more

What is a Niche for Affiliate Marketing? 20 Niches, Products and Program Examples

What is a niche for affiliate marketing and why are niches important? In affiliate marketing, a niche defines what your affiliate website is all about. A niche defines who you talk to and what products you recommend to those people. The word niche has several different meanings. The one we care about here is how a … Read more