Free Affiliate Marketing Training and Tools

Free is a great way to get information and try out new affiliate marketing products, training, tools, and programs. But, the truth about free is that free usually comes with limitations.

Use free as a good way to get free information and try out a new product or training to see if it is right for you and worth buying at a later date.

If you decide you like the product and want more features, bells, and whistles, then you will eventually have to pay for it.

This is how you appreciate the word free within the affiliate marketing world.

Now, let’s talk about the free options available to you.

Free Affiliate Marketing
Training and Tools

Free Affiliate Marketing
Course, Videos, Websites, eBooks and Tools

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Free Online Affiliate Marketing Course

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course is a recommended online affiliate marketing training course.

This is a 5 phase and 50 lessons training course that will teach you the process of creating an online business centered around affiliate marketing.

You can access the first phase of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course for free. You will complete 10 lessons and associated tasks. You will also build a free WordPress website with the free website development tools within Wealthy Affiliate.

This first 10 lessons of the OEC Phase will teach you:

  • How affiliate marketing works
  • How to build a WordPress website
  • How to choose a free website design
  • How to set up your website for affiliate marketing
  • How to optimize your website for search engines
  • How to do market research

When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you will automatically be signed up for the free starter account. The free account has no trial period (i.e. forever free) and does not require a credit card.

With the free Phase 1, you literally get started learning affiliate marketing and building your online business right away, with no money down.

And you will find me there (Kim Wolfe, one of the main informants here). If you sign up through our affiliate link, I will be notified and will send you more detailed guides about how to maximize your learnings within Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

If you decide you want to keep learning after you complete the first 10 lessons, you can upgrade to the paid premium account which offers you access to:

  • 2 Certification Courses total access
  • Live training every week
  • Thousands of member created training
  • More website development tools
  • Everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer (which is a LOT!)

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

Affilorama is also recommended for free training. Affilorama offers 100+ free affiliate marketing training videos and thorough reading material.

This is another training course that will teach you about affiliate marketing and other types of marketing techniques such as email marketing.

You can access all of the 100+ lessons for free. However, a website is not included.

Within the free training, you will learn how to find other companies to build and host your website. Even though Affilorama offers these services, you have to pay for them.

Affilorama free lessons will teach you:

  • How the affiliate marketing process works
  • Affiliate marketing examples you can learn from
  • How to find affiliate programs
  • How to write product reviews
  • How to incorporate email marketing strategies
  • How to optimize content for search engines
  • How to do Pay Per Click (PPC) ads

When you sign up for Affilorama, you will also be signed up for a free account. The free account has no trial period (i.e. forever free) and does not require a credit card.

With the Affilorama 100 free lessons, you will get started learning affiliate marketing for free but you will have costs to build your affiliate marketing website.

If you decide you want to build your website with Affilorama, you can do this with the paid products: AffiloBlueprint or Affilojetpack.

Although you do get more free training with Affilorama, you will be prompted to buy more products to actually do your affiliate marketing strategies. But you can not beat the free training videos.

And you will find me there on Affilorama too. Just prepared for the constant upselling.

Pro Tip: If you decide to buy training, Wealthy Affiliate offers higher quality training for a cheaper price than Affilorama.

Free Affiliate Marketing Websites

The most popular way to do affiliate marketing today is online with a website. And websites do cost money. But you are in luck.

You can create an affiliate marketing website for free. Well, heck, you can actually create 2 websites for free on These websites will even be built on WordPress, one of the most popular website software today.

Wealthy Affiliate offers website development tools called SiteRubix. SiteRubix includes multiple tools to help build and maintain your websites including SiteBuilder.

SiteBuilder comes included with the free starter account and the free Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training course.

In OEC lesson 4, you will actually watch a training video and learn how to create a free affiliate marketing website with SiteRubix in 30 seconds. All within Wealthy Affiliate. You will not have to leave the platform to create your website and learn how to build it into an affiliate marketing business.

At any time, you can decide to upgrade to the premium plan which allows you to host up to 50 websites to use for affiliate marketing, build for clients or whatever.

Want to build your free website now? Do it here. Just enter a name for your site below.

Or watch this free training video on how to…

Free Affiliate Marketing eBooks

If you do enough searches online, you will find hundreds, if not thousands of free affiliate marketing ebooks.

So here are a few good ones we have downloaded and get value from.

Affilorama Quick Start Affiliate Marketing Report

Affilorama offers a very detailed free affiliate marketing ebook, in addition to there free 100+ training videos. The Affilorama Quick Start Affiliate Marketing Report is a free 30-page ebook.

This free guide will explain:

  • What affiliate marketing is and how it works
  • How to choose a profitable markets and keywords
  • How to create your website content the right way
  • Simple marketing ideas to get website traffic and clicks on your links

The free download page mentions this guide is only available for a limited time. So, do not procrastinate on getting this free eBook.

When you sign up for the free affiliate marketing ebook, you will also be signed up for a free Affilorama account (if you are not a member already) to access the free 100 training videos and lessons. There is nothing for you to lose here, and everything to gain.

Domain Industry Secrets

The beauty of online affiliate marketing is that it really is a subset of online marketing.

You will learn all about the different ways and strategies to make money online. Affiliate marketing is just a small subset of the money-making potential using the internet.

Another way to generate revenue online is through the buying and selling of website domain names.

Do·main Name

Used to identify a particular website and its web pages.

Domain names are the names used for websites. Just like you have a business name, you have a website domain name. Usually, you want to have your business names as your website name, to promote consistent branding of who you are.

Example domain names are:


Just think of how much these domains are worth today?!

So, this free Domain Industry Secrets guide will actually explain the process of how to buy low-cost domain names and sell them for more. The domain industry is a billion-dollar industry!

You will learn:

  • Secrets to tapping into this billion-dollar industry
  • How to buy and sell domain names
  • How to choose keyword-rich domains
  • How to choose local domains

This is a great free guide. And you’ll even notice more guides and videos in the same area as this ebook. Some of the information in the other guides may be a little outdated but still good reads to learn something new.

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

As with anything to do with marketing these days, you will need tools to help you manage your websites, do the appropriate research and ultimately, be the best affiliate marketer you can be.

Here are free affiliate marketing tools we use regularly.

  • Jaaxy
  • SiteRubix


Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that was developed specifically for affiliate marketing, by the creators of Wealthy Affiliate.

This tool helps you do market research, discover keywords, analyze your competition and monitor where your website ranks within Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Want to try it out?

Enter in a keyword phrase here. I.e. how to learn affiliate marketing

Because market research and keyword research are important fundamental steps of any online affiliate marketing business.

The free version of Jaaxy comes with the free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy free allows you to perform 30 searches, competition data, domain name searches, saved keyword lists, and the alphabet soup search technique.

Jaaxy has multiple paid plans. Jaaxy Lite version is included in the Wealthy Affiliate premium paid plan and comes with unlimited searches and more features.


SiteRubix is a simplified website development toolset powered by This toolset comes with a set of various tools for you to create and manage your websites on the popular website framework, WordPress.

The tools within SiteRubix were built to be non-technical and easy to use. You get website hosting, website build tools and step by step training that is included within the Wealthy Affiliate free online training course.

The free SiteRubix comes with:

  • SiteBuilder – Build your WordPress websites
  • SiteManager – Manage your created websites
  • SiteDomains – Buy and manage website domain names
  • SiteEmail – Create and manage email addresses on your domain names
  • SiteContent – Create and manage content for your websites

Free Affiliate Marketing Programs

When you are looking for what programs to join as an affiliate, most affiliate programs are free.

Companies will pay the costs of the affiliate program and the commission payouts to you for the products you sell. These costs are wrapped into the companies’ overall marketing cost which helps them sell their products and ultimately make money.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs for you to choose from. Some popular programs to join are actually networks.

Affiliate networks are affiliate program managers. They provide the platform for companies to have an affiliate program and for affiliates to join relevant programs.

Some of the popular networks are:

  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant
  • Clickbank
  • Shareasale
  • AvantLink
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partner Network
  • VigLink

Within these networks, you will find thousands of programs to choose from. A program is usually the affiliate program of a particular company and its products.

Some popular affiliate programs within these networks are:

  • Udemy offers online training – Rakuten Marketing
  • Macy’s, major store and online retailer – Rakuten Marketing

Some companies that manage their own affiliate programs:

  • Home Depot Affiliate Program
  • Walmart Affiliate Link
  • Target Affiliates
  • Apple Affiliate Program
  • iTunes Affiliate Program
  • Microsoft Affiliates

You should pick a few programs to start with that allow you to recommend good solutions to your particular audience’s needs.