QuizTarget vs My Super Affiliate Builder Review – The Fight Between Quiz Builders

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This review compares these two Quiz Builders:

  1. QuizTarget
  2. My Super Affiliate Builder

QuizTarget vs My Super Affiliate Builder Demo

Watch this video to see how they compare and really differ, even though they both do the same thing. Create quiz funnels.

QuizTarget and My Super Affiliate Builder Reviews


QuizTarget is an affordable quiz builder that creates different types of quizzes to help generate leads and sales.

You can create everything from a quiz funnel, sales quiz, a lead gen quiz, feedback quiz, market research quiz, and a pre-launch quiz.

QuizTarget makes it easy for anyone to create a highly targeted quiz funnel with no coding, no technical knowledge, and no design skills.

QuizTarget gets you access to a cloud-based quiz builder that you can embed on any website or share across social media.

QuizTarget Pros

  • Code embeds quizzes anywhere
  • Not restricted to just WordPress Websites
  • 24 Email Service Provider Integrations
  • Free Images Integration
  • More out of the Box Integrations
  • Easier to use quiz mapping builder

QuizTarget Cons

  • Some quiz templates are ugly
  • Previews do not match templates

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My Super Affiliate Builder

My Super Affiliate Builder is an interactive quiz funnel builder. Just think of interactive surveys.

My Super Affiliate Builder is another quiz builder that allows you to build out a series of questions for your leads to answer.

Essentially, you can ask questions to identify their biggest pain points, struggles and desire. Then propose the best solution for them based on what they told you.

My Super Affiliate Builder allows you to build out different, customized funnels with custom offers tailored to the specific problems your leads have.

My Super Affiliate Builder Pros

  • WordPress Plugin
  • Strategic training on quiz building
  • More comprehensive training
  • Cleaner quiz designs
  • Pixel code integration comes included

My Super Affiliate Builder Cons

  • Buggy
  • Changes don’t always save
  • Only 4 Email Service Provider Integrations

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QuizTarget vs My Super Affiliate Builder Feature Comparison Chart

QuizTarget vs My Super Affiliate Builder Review Feature Comparison Chart

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