My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Thanks for checking out my My Super Affiliate Builder Review.

If you’ve been an affiliate marketer for any amount of time, you know super affiliates make affiliate marketing look easy.

You know, the top 1% of affiliates who make all the affiliate commissions!

Seeing their results makes you want to become a super affiliate yourself. I mean who doesn’t want to make six figures online with affiliate marketing?!

That’s why My Super Affiliate Builder was created. It was created with the mission to help you become a super affiliate.

But the real question is:

  • Is My Super Affiliate Builder legit?
  • How will this help me become a super affiliate?
  • Will this work with any business model?

My Super Affiliate Builder Review will answer these questions and more.

I’ll also give you a real demo inside the platform so you can see how My Super Affiliate Builder really works.

If you have any questions that I don’t answer here, definitely leave a comment below so I can help you out!

My Super Affiliate Builder Review Topics

My Super Affiliate Builder Review Overview

Product Name: My Super Affiliate Builder

Product Creators: Chris Fox and Andrew Fox

Product Seller Rating on JVZoo: 3 out of 5 stars out of 28 ratings. Over 31,000+ sales made.

Product Categories: Funnel Builder

Product Objective: Allows you to create and build out quiz funnels to create segmented lists for better targeting and higher conversion rates (aka more leads and more sales)

Price: $39 – $97 per year

Upsells: Yes. $197, $29 per month. See the price section for more details.

Who is it for:  Intermediate or Advanced affiliate marketers, online marketers, entrepreneurs, and soloprenuers.

Skill Level: Intermediate or Advanced affiliate marketers. Not recommended for beginners. My recommendation for beginners here.

Recommendation: Yes. I recommend this for anyone serious and obsessed with achieving better affiliate marketing results and more affiliate commissions.

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What is My Super Affiliate Builder?

My Super Affiliate Builder is an interactive quiz funnel builder. Just think of interactive surveys.

My Super Affiliate Builder allows you to build out a series of questions for your leads to answer.

You can build out different question and answer scenarios to really understand your lead.

Then with each question and answer scenario, you offer very targeted and tailored offers based on how each lead answered.

Essentially, you can ask questions to identify their biggest pain points, struggles and desire. Then propose the best solution for them based on what they told you.

So you essentially are building out different, customized funnels with custom offers tailored to the specific problems your leads have.

Case studies frequently show leveraging this strategy can result in higher conversions and more sales, because you focus on solutions that really solve your customer’s specific pain points.

Who is My Super Affiliate Builder for?

My Super Affiliate Builder is a WordPress Plugin, so it only works on WordPress websites.

My Super Affiliate Builder is ideal for you if:

  • you already have a WordPress website

My Super Affiliate Builder is not right for you if you:

  1. do not have a website yet
  2. or used another website builder to build out your website

As far as your business and industry, this can work for any industry and just about any product service.

Here are a few of the many examples My Super Affiliate Builder quiz funnel can be used for:

  • Selling e-commerce products
  • Promoting affiliate offers
  • Building campaigns and funnels for businesses

How My Super Affiliate Builder Works

My Super Affiliate Builder is just a funnel builder. It’s not a traffic source driver. You still need to drive traffic to your quiz funnel.

Here’s an example of how My Super Affiliate Builder quiz funnel works.

  • Step 1: Use a simple Facebook Ad targeting your ideal audience to drive traffic to your funnel
  • Step 2: Your leads interact with your quiz funnel and receives a customized result and offer based on their answer choices

Pros: You don’t need a robust targeting strategy because the quiz funnel will qualify the lead for you. When using Facebook Ads, this can help lower your ad costs per lead.

My Super Affiliate Builder REAL DEMO

My Super Affiliate Builder Experience

I personally bought My Super Affiliate Builder so I can do a real review for you. Not one a fake review where I just show you the vendor demo video.

Here’s my personal experience trying to install and use My Super Affiliate Builder.

1. The plugin installation crashed my site

The My Super Affiliate Builder installation process requires you to install the plugin on your WordPress website. I installed the plugin and instantly received a 500 internal message.

The installation process crashed my site. I had to work with my hosting support to get my website back up. They had to disable this plugin because it was causing the issue.

Important note: I did NOT follow the pro tip below. I installed it on a test site where WordPress was already installed. That fact that I did not follow these instructions below, could have had something to do with my issue. (In other words, my fault. May not have been the software’s fault.)

Pro tip: Follow the provided installation instructions exactly. You’ll learn how to install this on a new instance of WordPress in a new folder, for maximum page load, speed, and quiz performance.

2. Problems with saving changes

As I built out quiz funnels with My Super Affiliate Builder, my changes did not always save. There is no “save” button in the quiz funnel builder area.

The way to save is by saving your WP page. I found that sometimes I would save the page, but my changes inside the funnel would not be saved. I had to redo the changes and try again.

3. The Training is High Quality – Provides Great Best Practices

Most trainings are basic. They just show you how to use the software to do what the sales page promises. The My Super Affiliate Builder training goes beyond just showing you the software.

You will learn best practices like setting up your quiz funnel in a separate folder on your website for optimal performance. You’ll also learn tips like testing funnels with and without headers because sometimes quizzes without headers perform better.

The Getting Started training contains a useful explanation of the 4 pillars to a successful campaign. You get a thorough walk-through of this and how impacts the success of your campaigns. You’ll even be able to download this diagram to reference later as needed.

Pros and Cons of My Super Affiliate Builder


  • Builds segmented lists of people for better targeting
  • Allows you to offer targeted offers for higher conversions
  • Drag and drop question and answer builder for the quizzes
  • Many customization options, can design to brand look and feel
  • Create and save templates for faster funnel creation
  • Integrates with popular email marketing tools for easy list creation and management
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for support


  • Funnels are necessary but advanced for complete newbies
  • This product doe not generate traffic to your funnel
  • Question and answer mapping tool builder may seem complicated to beginners
  • Doesn’t work with other website builders outside of WordPress
  • I had issues with installing the plugin

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My Super Affiliate Builder Benefits

  • Provides a personalized sales experience for your viewers
  • Lets you segment the subscribers into different lists for precise solution targeting
  • Craft the message and offer around their response
  • The quiz funnel choices lead to a solution your customer wants
  • Can build out custom audiences based on the question and answers choices

My Super Affiliate Builder Features

  • Clickable Quiz builder
  • Drap and drop funnel builder
  • Multiple page options including thank you page
  • Question and Answer mapping tool
  • Full design customization options
  • Saved templates functionality
  • Email integration with Aweber, Get Response, MailChimp, Active Campaign & Zapier
  • Conversion tracking code input for Google and Facebook
  • Event names labeling to use build out Facebook custom audiences
  • List export feature to export your leads and import to other systems manually
  • Survey analysis to understand the most frequent answers
  • 4 Pillars to a Successful Campaign PDF download
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for support

My Super Affiliate Builder Product Details


SAQ is the quiz builder tool for My Super Affiliate Builder. This is where you create and manage your quiz funnels. And manage the design look and feel of each quiz funnel.

SAQ features:

  • Add New Survey – create a new quiz
  • Headers & Footers – add headers and footers to compliment the design of your funnels
  • Survey Options – connect your autoresponders and manage your templates

SAQ Analytics

SAQ is the analytics section for My Super Affiliate Builder. Here you can see the survey results and learn more about the people who interact with your quizzes.

SAQ Analytics features:

  • Survey reply details
  • Captured email addresses

SAQ Templates

Within the survey builder area, you can create different types of quizzes quickly with the provided template examples.

You just choose a quiz template similar to the quiz you want to build and customize the questions and answers for you.

SAQ Templates:

  • Local Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-Comm
  • Product Promo
  • Lead Builder

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My Super Affiliate Builder Price Plans

There are currently 3 pricing plans for My Super Affiliate Builder ranging from $29 – 97 per year. Each plan contains a unique set of features.

My Super Affiliate Builder Price Chart

Here are the features included within each plan.

Starter Plan $29 per year

  • Only 1 quiz funnel 
  • Only 1 domain
  • Ability to customize header and footer of funnel pages
  • Ready to go templates to leverage for quick creation
  • Create, duplicate and save your own templates
  • Customizable Question & Answer module 
  • Intel Funnels Visualizer to visually design the flow of your quiz funnel
  • Inteli Results Thank You Page
  • Customizable redirect URLs for each Q&A scenario
  • Automatic lead segmentation based on Q&A
  • Mail service integrations with Aweber, Active Campaign, Get Response & Mail Chimp
  • Zapier Integration to 2000+ various apps
  • Includes Super Affiliate Quiz Builder branding logo on each page

Pro Plan $49 per year

Includes all features in Starter Plan +

  • Unlimited Funnels (No limits as in the stater plan)
  • Commercial Rights to build funnels for clients and other businesses
  • 5 domains
  • Still includes the Super Affiliate Quiz Builder branding logo on each page

Enterprise Plan $97 per year

Includes all features in Starter and Pro Plan +

  • Unlimited domains
  • Removed branding, No Super Affiliate Quiz Builder branding logo on each page

My Super Affiliate Builder Upsells

Super Affiliate Commission Toolkit $197

Includes 5 Professional Done For You’ Quiz Lead Generation Videos, 5 High Quality Quiz Landing pages, 5 Automated Emails Conversion sequences and Super Affiliate Private Mentorship Access.

My Super Affiliate Builder Campaign of the Month $1 Trial, then $29 each month

Access to a new ‘done for you’ super affiliate campaign every single month.

VIP Install $49

Hire a My Super Affiliate Engineer install the quiz funnels for you.

My Super Affiliate Builder Support Details

If you need help, email:

My Super Affiliate Builder Cancellation Policy

My Super Affiliate builder has 30 days return policy. If you are not happy with the product, reach out to support for refund.

My Super Affiliate Builder Affiliate Program

The My Super Affiliate Builder Affiliate Program can be found on JVZoo.

  • Affiliate Network: JVZoo
  • Commission Rate: 50% on each plan and upsell.
  • Affiliate Program Enrollment: Approval required

My Super Affiliate Builder Alternatives

Most funnel builders today allow you to create a similar quiz or survey funnel. The two most popular funnel builder alternatives today are Thrive and ClickFunnels.

Thrive Quiz Builder

A WordPress Quiz Plugin by Thrive Themes that allows you to create complex lead generation quizzes with zero coding a similar to My Super Affiliate Builder. Thrive Quiz Builder comes with a visual quiz builder and setup wizard to easily visualize what your quiz looks like and how a lead flows through it. And also supports the ability to show specific pages and offers based on specific results.

A Thrive Membership starts at $90 per quarter or $228 per year and gives you access to all eight Thrive Themes products and Thrive University training courses. Thrive is a very popular website toolset leveraged by affiliate marketers and online marketers.


ClickFunnels supports a survey funnel that can be built with questions. The ClickFunnels survey will allow you to ask people for specific responses that you can use to segment them into different lists and/or trigger a pixel audience based on the responses selected.

ClickFunnels lowest plan starts at $97 a month for 20 funnels. ClickFunnels is another very popular funnel builder used by online marketers today.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review Final Verdict

My Super Affiliate Builder is a good product for getting started with Quiz Funnels.

I recommend it for people who are new to funnels. You’ll learn how to build out one type of funnel which reduces your learning curve, compared to learning all different types of funnels at once.

If you do buy My Super Affiliate Builder, just be prepared for some of the glitches around not saving as mentioned above.

If you already have Thrive or ClickFunnels, then I recommend using their functionality as you have already paid for it.

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Got Questions?

I hope My Super Affiliate Builder Review helped you out.

If you have any additional questions about this review or even random questions about affiliate marketing, feel free to leave a comment below!