Jaaxy Review 2020 – Free Jaaxy Keyword Research Tips, Tricks & BONUSES

Welcome to my Jaaxy Review. This is the most comprehensive review on Jaaxy you will ever read 🙂

Like every other keyword research tool available to you today, Jaaxy makes strong claims.

“Jaaxy is the World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool Built for Internet Marketers. Use Jaaxy to Reveal the Hottest and Most Profitable Keywords Online.” – Jaaxy

The BIG QUESTION is…Are Jaaxy’s claims true?

  • Is Jaaxy the World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool?
  • Does Jaaxy help you reveal the hottest and most profitable keywords online?
  • Can Jaaxy help you harness the power of the internet to make affiliate commissions (aka money!)?
  • Is Jaaxy more than just a keyword research tool?
  • Is Jaaxy worth buying?

These questions are why you are here. You want to know more about Jaaxy.

You want to know if the Jaaxy keyword research tool will live up to all of these claims.

You’ve come to the right place!

This Jaaxy Review will answer all of your questions and more.

As a daily Jaaxy user, I will walk you through:

  • What I like about Jaaxy
  • What I don’t like about Jaaxy
  • How I use Jaaxy everyday
  • How Jaaxy compares with other keyword search tools
  • The cheapest way to buy Jaaxy (oh yea – don’t miss this)

I will also share 7 very detailed ways on how to use Jaaxy.
(7 different use cases that you can use every day).

So, let’s get started, shall we? Here we go!

Let’s review everything you need to know about Jaaxy!

This Jaaxy Review will cover

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Jaaxy Review Summary

Jaaxy Review logo

Product Name: Jaaxy

Founder: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Years in Business: 10+

Product Category: Business & Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing Tools

Product Objective: To help marketers build out their website SEO by finding low competition keywords to target.

Price: $0 – $99/m

Product Quality Score: 4.5 out of 5 Stars (Because Jaaxy is a great product but no product is absolutely perfect)

Summary: Jaaxy is an easy to use, suite of tools to help you perform keyword research. Jaaxy’s main tool is a keyword search lookup tool that helps you understand what people are searching for in search engines and how popular these keywords or phrases are. You can also execute related tasks such as competitive research, brainstorming of new ideas and finding new niches. Jaaxy is the only keyword research tool that many successful affiliate marketers use.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool used for finding specific keywords to rank your website content in the top search engine results.

The way to rank content is to write helpful and quality content on keywords and topics that searchers want to know more about.

Google Keyword Search Example

When your content ranks on page 1 (and is seen by those searchers), you can get a good amount of free (not paid for) traffic.

What is Jaaxy built for?

Jaaxy is built for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the act of optimizing your website content to rank within the top search engine results. (Preferably on page 1).

The Jaaxy SEO keyword research tool helps you:

  • Find good keywords and topics for your content
  • Estimate how much traffic you can get each month for each keyword
  • Know how many other websites are targeting the same keyword
Google Keyword Search Example

Why invest in SEO?

Every online marketer with a website should invest in SEO because search engines like Google are not going anywhere. If anything, search engines just keep growing and growing because there is a demand for the information they provide.

SEO is one of the most recommended traffic strategies for websites. And Organic SEO (free search traffic) is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads. (Source: 2019 Marketing Statistics

SEO just works to drive free traffic to your websites. Period.

How Jaaxy Works

Jaaxy provides several different tools in one platform to help you make the most of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research.

Check out this video from co-founder Kyle.

He walks you through the Jaaxy platform and shows you how keyword research works.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Training Video
Click to Play

Try Jaaxy Search Yourself

Just enter a word (in the search box below) and analyze the results as Kyle just showed you.

Find Good Target Keywords with Jaaxy

The goal with any keyword research tool is to find keywords that give you the best chance of free traffic out of search engines like Google.

The idea with Jaaxy is that you enter a keyword or topic to learn more about its popularity, competition and potential amount of traffic.

e.g. keyword research tools

The Jaaxy Search Keyword Dashboard will return information around that specific keyword or phrase along with related topics, keywords, and phrases.

Jaaxy Review Keyword Research Tool Dashboard

Here’s what the key metrics mean on the Jaaxy keyword search dashboard (and how you make intelligent decisions from the data):

  • Keyword is a phrase that users type into the search engines to find what they are looking for.
  • Avg is the keyword receives every month.
  • Traffic is the estimated number of visits to your website if you rank on the first page within the Google Search engine.
  • QSR is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  • KQI is Jaaxy’s unique Keyword Quality Indicator to help you understand which keywords are good to target and which ones are not.
  • SEO is another unique Jaaxy metric that scores keyword based on traffic and competition. (The higher the score, the higher chances of ranking on page 1 for that keyword.)
  • Domains are the availability of website domain names for that keyword or related keywords.

For the keyword phrase, e.g. keyword research tools, I can see this phrase is a pretty popular topic of interest.

People search for keyword research tools solutions about 500 times a month (Avg metric). 232 other websites (QSR metric) target this keyword phrase and the SEO (metric) score is 78 (out of 100). The keyword phrase variation, e.g. keyword research tool (without the s) gets over 2500 searches a month!

In this case, I would not directly target keyword research tools or keyword research tool. This is a very broad topic and I have to compete with 200+ other websites to get high rank (the #1 position or somewhere on the first page, results from 1 – 10).

TIP #1 You always want to look for the highest amount of searches (AVG) with the lowest amount of competition (QSR). I personally look for > (greater than) 100 AVG and < (less than) 50 QSR.

I would write on a less competitive keyword like e.g. google keyword research tools, with 344 searches a month and 51 competing websites.

This keyword helps define my content subject to a more specific tool, has lower competition and a higher SEO score of 95.

You have a better chance of ranking on page 1 when there are less competition and a decent amount of traffic.

TIP #2 All numbers on any keyword research tool are estimated and may vary from each other. Use these numbers for directional purposes only. (Some direction is better than no direction, aka completely guessing 🙂

What I Like About Jaaxy Review

Easy To Use

In addition to the unique scoring metrics, Jaaxy is easy to use for keyword research.

The idea is to make your keyword research as easy, fast and effective as possible so you can ultimately write and rank multiple content pieces as fast as possible. (More traffic = increased opportunity for sales).

The most commonly used (easy navigation) dashboard features are:

Sorting on different metrics – You can sort the results by any of the key metrics.

  • e.g. sort keywords by the highest number of AVG searches
  • the highest number of estimated traffic to your website
  • or the highest SEO score.

The sort feature allows you to quickly find good keywords based on the metrics that are most important. (Best AVG vs. Best TRAFFIC vs. Highest SEO)

Jaaxy Sort Keywords on Key Metrics

Search on any suggestion – Each keyword within your search results is a clickable link. Meaning when you click the word, Jaaxy will automatically do a search for that specific keyword. Keep doing this over and over again and you will explore this topic pretty quickly, without ever leaving the Jaaxy dashboard.

e.g. free keyword research tools

Here is an example of website content that targets the keyword phrase, free keyword research tools SEO:

Retrieve previous searches – Jaaxy saves your last 10 searches in the search history feature. So if you get a little search crazy (easy to do with all the clickable search suggestions :), don’t fear. You can access any recent search and re-review the results to secure the perfect keywords for your content.

Find related keywords – The keywords in the related section give you more ideas that are similar to your original keyword search. Clicking on any of the related suggestions is another way to explore keywords within the Jaaxy platform.

Free Keyword Research Training

Jaaxy comes with free training on keyword research. You can watch four different videos to learn how to:

  1. Perform keyword research and manage your researches
  2. Research and analyze websites
  3. Research niches for products, services and affiliate micro-niche websites
  4. Leverage Jaaxy’s affiliate program

With an hour of free training, you will quickly learn how to make the most of the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool training will teach you how to:

  • Use the Jaaxy keyword platform tool
  • Understand what keyword research means
  • Find the right keywords to use
  • Compete for a particular keyword
  • Uncover great website names

Save Your Research Lists

One of my favorite Jaaxy features is the ability to save your favorite keywords in a custom saved list.

You will notice checkboxes next to each keyword result. When you check this box, you will get the option to save the keyword or keywords to a new list or existing Saved list.

You can save many different lists (the total amount depends on the Jaaxy plan you are on).

Each list can be custom named to represent the topic of the keywords you researched.

The Saved List feature keeps your ideas all in one place, within Jaaxy, and prevents you from having to manually track keep up with your research in another tool.

This same dashboard offers you more features around managing your saved keyword lists.

In the Jaaxy Saved Lists dashboard, you can:

  • Access all of your saved keyword lists
  • See how many keywords are in each list
  • View estimated traffic amounts for each list
  • Export each list into CSV or Text file

Comes Free with Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy Lite comes included (and integrated) with the paid premium plan of Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome affiliate marketing platform that offers training, tools and support on how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Using Jaaxy in conjunction with Wealthy Affiliate allows you to leverage keyword research as one of the many steps involved in managing an online business and website.

Write it Now or Write it Later

With the Jaaxy + Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent integration, you can do more than just save keywords to a custom research list. You get more options to either write a post for that keyword or save a draft post.

These options will save your keyword a post in SiteContent for you to work on now or later.

This is just one of the many ways Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate works together to save you time and help you do more, faster.

Because Jaaxy is included with Wealthy Affiliate’s paid plan, your dollar stretches further when you get multiple tools and training included in one price. No need to pay for training and tools separately if you buy Wealthy Affiliate.

TIP #3 Jaaxy is a separate platform and toolset. You can use Jaaxy separately without Wealthy Affiliate. Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership is not required to use Jaaxy. However, Jaaxy cost is cheaper if you buy with Wealthy Affiliate.

New Feature Releases

The owners behind Jaaxy are the same owners behind Wealthy Affiliate. They are always releasing new features. Always!

This is unlike many other software programs where you do not see any major new features or improvements over time.

If you decide to buy Jaaxy or Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect enhancements and new functionality on a regular basis.

Some of the latest released Jaaxy features are:

Jaaxy Became the Official Keyword Tool for Wealthy Affiliate

  • Previously, Wealthy Affiliate had its own different keyword tool. It was an older version of keyword research and basic compared to what Jaaxy offered. So, eventually, the old keyword tool was removed and replaced with Jaaxy which provides more features and functionality than before.

New Jaaxy Lite Plan and Integration with Wealthy Affiliate

  • The New Jaaxy Lite Plan makes Jaaxy available to all Wealthy Affiliate premium members. In other words, buy Wealthy Affiliate and get Jaaxy included. This allows WA members to complete keyword research directly within Wealthy Affiliate. The integration also includes one-touch access to other Jaaxy tools including the SiteRank tool, Search Analysis, Alphabet Soup and Brainstorm HQ, and the Affiliate Program.

Automated SiteRank Tracking

  • Jaaxy’s SiteRank feature offers the ability to track when your content ranks on the first page within search engines. The latest enhancement allows you to set-up automated tracking scans for 3 search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Instead of manually checking and tracking your site rank performance and changes over time, Jaaxy will automatically do it for you. Then you just check Jaaxy to see the captured results.

What I don’t like about Jaaxy Review

“There is no such thing as a perfect product.” – Kim Wolfe

Every product and service can be improved according to someone else’s standard.

So, it is impossible to find a perfect software or product.

Jaaxy is no different. Plus, I do have high standards 🙂

Here is what I do not like about Jaaxy Review (and what you should know before you consider using).

Manual QSR Generation

Jaaxy offers several plan options for use. With the cheaper plans, you have to manually get the QSR (the number of competing pages) for each keyword.

Most of the other Jaaxy metrics are automated for you.

Manual generation means you have to literally push the “Get QSR” link for each keyword result to generate the QSR number.

Each search result page can list anywhere from 10 – 30+ keyword options. For manual QSR generation, you have to click 10 – 30 times for all keywords shown on your search result page.

Every time you do a new search or refresh the search listing page, the search results refresh and you have to click the QSR for each keyword again and again and again.

After time, you either become ok with this step or it annoys you.

The alternative is to upgrade the enterprise plan (the highest paid plan) which automatically generates the QSR metrics for you. All other plans require you to manually generate the QSR metrics for each keyword.

(See the pricing section below for the Jaaxy price details.)

Page 1 Only Site Rank

One keyword search in Google can return 1 million (and more) pages of suggested search results for you.

Jaaxy’s Site Rank in helps you monitor where your content ranks within the search engine results. You can see which page (page 1, page 5, etc.) and what result number you are (#1, #11, #15, etc.)

The number of pages you can see in Jaaxy depends on the pricing plan you have.

The lower plans only show page 1 of results. If you only care about being on page 1, then this is not an issue.

If you want to monitor your progress towards page 1 (and see more than just page 1), you need to upgrade the Pro or Enterprise plan.

I explain Site Rank more in the 7 Ways to Use Jaaxy Everyday [LINK] section below.

No Dedicated Support Team Reachout

Most software these days comes with a dedicated help or support team portal, link or easy way to reach out to a team member for help.

So when you see the word “help” or “support”, you expect ways to reach out to a support team.

There is no dedicated support team in Jaaxy. The help link provides videos on how to get started, but you won’t find a link to reach out to anyone.

Having no team to reach out to makes it difficult to report issues with the software.

TIP #4 Help Support Workaround – The way to report issues with Jaaxy is to message Kyle or Carson (founders of Jaaxy and WA) through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. To get general how to support with Jaaxy, you can ask a question in Wealthy Affiliate and other members will respond with answers. The workaround does require access to Wealthy Affiliate but you can access for free with the free starter plan.

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Jaaxy Reviews From Other Marketers

(Don’t just take my word for it!)

If you think Jaaxy is a pretty well thought out keyword search tool, then you are correct. But you do not have to just take my word for it. Other online marketers have written their own reviews of Jaaxy. Here is what they say about Jaaxy:

Jaaxy is one of those tools that give you an edge and also provides you with a great deal of useful information about keywords that you can benefit from daily. – Todd Stanley

This tool is a boon for affiliate marketing, especially niche-based marketing. – Joey George

If you are a blogger, this is a MUST have tool. – Kien Nguyen

As these other Jaaxy reviews mention, Jaaxy is more than one keyword research tool. It is a set of multiple tools in one platform. (Read their full reviews here.)

How To Use Jaaxy – 7 Examples

If you haven’t noticed, I am very familiar with Jaaxy because I use it everyday. Jaaxy is my primary keyword research tool.

The reason why I like Jaaxy is that you get many tools included in one platform.

You can execute a variety of use cases all in one place, without having to leave Jaaxy.

Multi-tasking research tasks provide efficiency which saves me (and you) time. Who doesn’t want more time these days?

To help put the Jaaxy review into perspective, here are 7 different ways to use Jaaxy.

Each use case leverages a different tool within Jaaxy and helps you get more out of your research time.

1. Buy Available Website Domain Names

The ability to buy keywords as website names is an old trick in the book. This trick used to have a major SEO advantage, but today not so much.

However, using keywords in domain names is a great way to tell audiences what your site is about.

The more your audience knows about your site helps drive people who are interested in your topic to your website. The more targeted traffic can drive more sales.

The buy website domain names feature is a handy feature to have within the Jaaxy platform. And a feature that is not commonly found within a keyword search tool.

We know that Jaaxy allows you to research specific keywords and understand their search popularity. But for each keyword, you can also see when those keywords are available as a website domain name to use for niche [LINK] related websites.

You can see what domain extensions are available (e.g. .com, .net, .org), find more similar results and instantly buy any available domain name.

I can’t tell you how many domain names I have purchased using this handy feature. (You’d think I was crazy if I revealed how many and my yearly domain name renewal costs – : )

2. Save and Plan Years of Website Content

The idea with keyword research is to uncover what you don’t know. When you start to research one keyword in Jaaxy, you will discover many more related keywords and topics to write about. Save all of your keywords into a saved list and you will be surprised at how fast your list will fill up with keywords that can be used for content.

The Jaaxy Alphabet Soup is a special tool that helps you find 100’s if not 1000’s of related topics and keywords to your research. This particular keyword dashboard leverages a technique that refines your keyword search by adding words with letters from the alphabet in front of or after your main keyword.


“a” + keyword

keyword + “a”

“b” + keyword

keyword + “b”

You simply type in a keyword and the dashboard will return related keyword pairings starting or ending with different letters of the alphabet.

E.g. keyword tool is my starting keyword

With Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup technique, I uncover keyword options like these:

A: keyword tool analyzer

Turns out the keyword: keyword tool analyzer, does not get much traffic. But I never would have thought of using analyzer or analyzing as a related word to keyword research tool. But other people do which is what you want to discover, uncover and consider if traffic is high enough.

Another example of the Alphabet Soup tool and technique:

B: best keyword tools

The keyword: best keyword tools gets some traffic with 300 AVG searches a month but is very competitive with over 200 other websites targeting this keyword. However, within the same search results, I discovered a keyword that I would definitely target: best keyword tool for seo. This keyword gets over 200 AVG searches a month and has lower competition of just 52 websites to compete with. Jaaxy’s SEO score is even higher for that keyword.

TIP #5 I personally do not suggest planning out content for years. Rather plan for months or a specific number of content posts such as 100 or 200, because topic popularity will change over time.

3. Understand Why Other Websites Rank with Competitive Search Analysis

Jaaxy’s Search Analysis is another favorite feature of mine within Jaaxy. Why is search analysis important?

When trying to rank any content, you always want to understand why other content ranks. This is referred to as competitive research. By researching your competition, you can understand why other competing pages and websites rank for the words you want to rank for.

With Jaaxy, you will learn important insights about each website content that is ranked on the first page.

For the keyword: affilojetpack review, I can see the details for the content that ranks as the #1 search result. Then I can use the numbers to better understand what I need to do to rank for the #1 position.

These competitive search analysis details show me key metrics such as:

  • keyword density – how many times the keyword is mentioned in the content
  • word count – how long is the #1 ranking content
  • Links on site – how many external and internal links are on the website
  • Backlinks – how many other websites have a link to the ranking website
  • Alexa Rank – a measure of website popularity relative to all other websites
  • Adsense – if the website is running Google ads or not

For the # 1 ranking content for affilojetpack review, I can see that the content is over 4,000 words long. The keyword density is 2.19%, there are over 1,000 other websites linking to this website and it has a pretty low Alexa rank. (The highest Alexa rank is 1.)

Now, I use this information to compare my content that I want to rank for that keyword as well.

For this keyword, my content ranks in the #4 position. So I am on page 1 for this keyword.

GREAT! But how do I get the #1 position?

I have some things going for my content such as the content length (Word Count). And I have more links on my site.

But, some areas that I can improve are:

  • keyword density – I have less mentions of the keywords in my content. (.29% compared to 2.19%)
  • backlinks – I have less websites linking to my website (2 compared to 1,280)
  • no Alexa Rank – my website doesn’t even rank in Alexa (0 compared to 7,811,725)

Now I have identified clear ways that I can improve my content to get to that first position.

Do this same comparison for 3 – 5 results on page 1 and you’ll get a good idea on what you can do to increase your content rankings as well. That’s the power of Jaaxy’s Search Analysis tool.

TIP #6 Don’t worry too much about your Alexa Rank number. Just focus on building out good content that compares with other websites and your Alexa rank number will happen naturally over time.

4. Estimate How Much Website Traffic You Can Get

Another way to use Jaaxy is to estimate how many visits you can get to your website.

As I stated before, the numbers in Jaaxy (and any keyword research tool for that matter) are estimates. Your actual results will vary.

However, you can use the Jaaxy TRAFFIC metric to help you prioritize which content to write about first. Just choose the best keywords that meet the criteria of Tip #1 and the highest amount of monthly traffic estimates.

With these 5 keywords below, I can write 5 pieces of good quality content for approx. 255 visits a month.

  1. keyword for seo = 41 visits per month
  2. Google keyword research tools = 59 visits per month
  3. best keywords tool = 35 visits per month
  4. free keywords tool = 83 visits per month
  5. free online keyword tool = 37 visits per month

If I write a total of 20 posts a month with each set of 5 posts averaging 255 visits, I can get over 1000 site visits a month. And that’s just for 20 posts. Repeat the same numbers for 2nd month (+1000 more site visits = 2,000 estimated traffic). See how this adds up?

This type of planning helps you plan a long term content schedule which can really help the SEO side of your website. This calculation estimates also gives you a good idea of how much content you need to get a decent amount of site traffic (which can generate leads and sales).

5. Automatically Track Your 1st Page Positions

When you start getting website traffic from search engines, it is important to know what is driving your traffic.

When it comes to SEO, it is important to know which content is driving your traffic from search engines. So, you should monitor your page positions for every content you publish.

Without a keyword research tool like Jaaxy, you can manually check your rankings on each search engine. Be advised, you have to search for every piece of content using a different keyword.

You simply:

  1. Go to Google.com, the most popular search engine today
  2. Type in the keyword you are trying to rank for
  3. See where your website content shows up in Google

You repeat these steps for every search important engine. e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The manual way is time consuming when have 20+ content pages or post. This amounts to 60+ searches when you check each piece of content across each search engine (20 posts x 3 search engines).

Tip #7 When checking site rankings manually in search engines, make sure search in incognito mode. Open a new incognito browser window which allows you to browse privately and clear any details the browser knows about you. Otherwise, your keyword search results are personally tailored for you and will be different than what other searchers may see.

Jaaxy Site Rank makes this research process so much easier!

With Site Rank, you can easily check your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo without ever leaving Jaaxy.

You simply:

  1. Go to Jaaxy Site Rank Search
  2. Type in the keyword you are trying to rank for
  3. Choose the website where the content lives
  4. See where your website content shows up in Google, Bing and Yahoo

However, you can do more than just track your rankings manually.

You can use Jaaxy Site Rank scans to automatically check your page rankings! With automated tracking, you reduce the amount of time spent on tracking your content rankings. Jaaxy does it for you and you just check your stats periodically.

Super easy, powerful and time saver feature 🙂

6. Monitor Keyword Popularity and Trends Over Time

Another way to use Jaaxy keyword research tool is to monitor keywords popularity over time.

Keywords come and go, just like everything else in this world. The popularity of keywords and the ever-growing competition are no different.

So, it is important to track the keyword popularity over time. It is also important to track the competition of the keywords.

Monitoring traffic is a great strategy for:

  • keywords that you have not written content for yet
  • And keywords that you have written about

For content planning, prioritize keywords that are gaining popularity. For keywords already used that send you lots of free SEO traffic, prioritize popular keywords in that category or topic.

For tracking, you’ll use Jaaxy to document the numbers each month. Then keep this info in a Google spreadsheet or external note system.

Here is an example for keyword: How do you become an affiliate marketer?

Over 10 months, the monthly traffic has risen from 72 to 104 searches a month. The traffic potential is now 18 visits a month. And other content (the competition) targeting this keyword has almost doubled to 74 competing pages.

This keyword shows steady growth which shows there is search interest in this topic and is worth writing about.

7. Earn up to $400 for Referring Jaaxy

The beauty of affiliate marketing is making money by promoting products you use and like. All you need is a good affiliate program.

Jaaxy has a good affiliate program to earn commissions for every Jaaxy sale you refer.

You can earn sales from referring Jaaxy as a stand-alone keyword research tool or from sales of Wealthy Affiliate, where Jaaxy is included.

With the different Jaaxy price plans, you can earn as little as $20 a month for referring the Monthly Pro Plan or maximum of $400 a year for referring the Yearly Enterprise Plan.

All of the details you need on are the Jaaxy Affiliate Program page. You can even use the estimated calculator to predict how much you can earn. Pretty handy.

Tip #7: Don’t promote tools that you do not use or have not thoroughly reviewed. You can ruin your reputation if you recommend bad products.

How much does Jaaxy Cost?

How to buy Jaaxy (and save the most money)?

TIP #8 The best way to buy Jaaxy is by buying Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership plan. You just pay for Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy Lite automatically comes included. What you need to know before you buy Jaaxy?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about Jaaxy’s pricing plans.

Jaaxy is offered cheaper when you buy through Wealthy Affiliate.

As a paid member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can purchase any Jaaxy plan for a lower price. Or you can get Jaaxy Lite included (for no additional cost) in Wealthy Affiliate’s premium plan price.

Jaaxy Lite plan is only offered through Wealthy Affiliate. You can not buy this plan on Jaaxy.com.

The benefit of Jaaxy Lite is you get access to more training, more tools that are available within Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy Lite is the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

The reason that Jaaxy is offered for a discount within Wealthy Affiliate is because you are already paying for the WA membership. Both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are owned and built by the same people.

Jaaxy is meant to complement the tools offered in Wealthy Affiliate. Meant to support the process of making money online through affiliate marketing programs.

Here are the different plans and prices for Jaaxy.

Jaaxy.com Price Plans (Pay Full Price)

On Jaaxy.com, you will find 3 different price plans where you pay full price.

  • Jaaxy Starter Plan – Free plan for $0. Basic features that offers up to 30 total searches and 20 search results. A good plan to try out Jaaxy and if it is right for you. No credit card required. No time limitation.
  • Jaaxy Pro Plan – Paid plan for $49 per month. Lowest paid plan that offers more features such as the ability to sort the search results by different metrics, access your search history and find new keywords with alphabet soup. (All handy features that I mentioned above in what I like about Jaaxy and 7 ways to use Jaaxy 🙂 [LINK]
  • Jaaxy Enterprise Plan – Paid Plan for $99 per month. The highest paid plan that offers more search results, faster searching speeds, less manual clicks, and up to 10,000 SiteRank analysis scans. (I talk about the manual features in what I do not like about Jaaxy and SiteRank in 7 ways to use Jaaxy 🙂 [LINK]

Wealthy Affiliate Price Plans (Pay Less Than Half Price)

On WealthyAffiliate.com, you will find 4 different Jaaxy price plans where you pay less than half the prices offered through Jaaxy.com.

  • Jaaxy Starter Plan (as premium Wealthy Affiliate member) – Free plan for $0. A good plan to try out Jaaxy and if it is right for you.
  • Jaaxy Lite Plan (as premium WA member) – Included in the price of the premium Wealthy Affiliate membership.
  • Pro Plan (as premium WA member) – Paid plan for $49 $19 per month. Low paid plan that offers more features than Jaaxy Starter or Lite.
  • Enterprise Plan (as premium WA member) – Paid Plan for $99 $49 per month. The highest-paid plan that offers faster speeds and more features for

Keep in mind the plan features are exactly the same whether you buy from Wealthy Affiliate or Jaaxy. The only difference is how much pay for them. The way they explain the plan differences is also different per website. See images for details.

Hopefully, by now, you can see why I recommend Jaaxy Lite. Jaaxy Lite is the best plan for getting started because you get more training and support. You can always upgrade in the future as your business grows.

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How Does Jaaxy Compare?

There are many keyword research tools available to you today. Some are free and most are paid.

Here is a Jaaxy review of how it compares with other popular keyword tools.

Google Keyword Planner – Free keyword search tool offered by Google.

Google Keyword Planner helps you find the right keywords for Google ads. The keyword research results are focused on how popular the keyword is from an ad-buying perspective. And how much you would pay if you placed an ad with Google for that keyword.

The biggest difference between these 2 keyword research tools is:

  • Google Keyword Planner focuses on paid Google ads.
  • Jaaxy focuses on organic SEO.

You’ll notice for Google Keyword Planner, the avg. monthly search and competition metrics are generalized compared to Jaaxy’s AVG and QSR metrics. The only numbers shown are estimated dollar amounts for ads.

UberSuggest – Free keyword research tool offered by Neil Patel, a marketing agency.

UberSuggest does not have all of the features that Jaaxy has but is one of the best free (no sign-up or credit card required) keyword tools available to you today.

You can do a variety of keyword research-related activities such as understand estimated monthly searches for keyword, estimate website traffic potential, find other keyword ideas, see other websites that rank for those keywords, etc.

If you are going to use a completely free keyword tool, UberSuggest is the one I’d recommend.

Keep in mind, the UberSuggest features are limited, so there is only so much research you can accomplish with this tool. Also, there are no “saved” features so you have to manually track your keyword research in other tools.

Ahrefs – Paid keyword search tool offered by a private company in Singapore.

Ahrefs is one of the most popular paid keyword tools used by marketers, agencies and business owners today. The tool is very robust and offers many different keyword related features.

Ahrefs is one of the most comparable keyword tools to Jaaxy. But it is also the most expensive.

Like Jaaxy, you can research keywords, explore new keyword ideas, track your website rankings, understand competitive websites rankings and deep dive into competitive ranking content.

In other ways, Ahrefs is more advanced than Jaaxy. You get additional features like Site Audit which provides recommendations, paid traffic metrics along with free SEO metrics, search rankings history, how many people are clicking on content links, etc.

Ahrefs does not have a free offer. You can get a 7 day trial for $7. The cheapest Ahrefs plan is $82 a year (or $99 per month). The most expensive plan is $9,990 a year for multiple users ($999 per month.)

If you want to buy the absolute best tool on the market and have the money to spend, Ahrefs may be the right tool for you.

I personally do not want to spend $100 a month ($1200 a year!) just for a keyword research tool. I spend $300 a year and get Jaaxy Lite along with SiteRubix, website hosting, SiteContent, SiteComments, SiteSpeed and more.

3 Free Jaaxy Bonuses

If you sign up to Jaaxy today, you get 3 free bonuses.

The Jaaxy bonuses are in addition to the 4 training videos and everything offered within Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Jaaxy Bonus 1: 1000 Keyword Ideas – A (FREE) list of 1000 keywords with a high average number of monthly searches and low competition. Keywords vary across many different topics and niches. A good list to get ideas for different topics that get a lot of searches.
  • Jaaxy Bonus 2: How to Find Good Keywords Guide – A (FREE) 15-page guide on how to break down a niche topic and find good keywords to target with that niche. Jaaxy Niches, Keywords, and Success will make you a better keyword researcher.
  • Jaaxy Bonus 3: Tapping into the Billion Dollar Domain Industry – A (FREE) 9-page guide on how to buy and sell website domain names. You will learn how to find good domains and how to estimate potential resell values of when to sell your domain names.

One thing to keep in mind is that these bonuses were created a few years ago.

The search results numbers used have likely changed for today. Some of the Jaaxy platform images used show older versions of the software.

Otherwise, the content, principles, and skills taught within each bonus still apply today.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review Conclusion

Keep in mind, I may have painted a rosy picture about ranking in search engines. But ranking is NOT easy. That’s the truth.

Getting your content ranked within page 1 of search results requires quality content and frequent posting to compete with other websites who are competing for the same keywords you are.

However, when you do SEO right, you can certainly make a good living off of free traffic from search engines.

There are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day (Source: Internet Live Stats). Your goal as an internet marketer is to capitalize on these searches and get a small piece to your website.

Jaaxy helps you tap into these billions of daily searches so that you understand what you have to do to compete with specific keywords.

Without Jaaxy, you would be aimlessly guessing what topics you should write about. Aimlessly wondering what people want to know more about.

You would not know what keywords to target or the potential amount of traffic you could get from high rankings from that one keyword.

So, is Jaaxy worth buying? Yes. 100% worth it.

Just remember my recommended approach. Buy Wealthy Affiliate and get Jaaxy included. (A Better value for you).

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