5 Digistore24 Website Examples To Make $100 per day

In this post, I’m going to show you 5 Digistore24 website examples and how they can make $100 per day from affiliate marketing.

Because it doesn’t matter if you are getting started as an affiliate marketer, or looking for new ways to promote and scale your affiliate revenue.

The amount of affiliate products you can promote and the number of strategies you can use to drive traffic to your affiliate offers can be very overwhelming.

So, I’m going to show you real life examples of Digistore24 affiliate marketing. So you know what you need to do to make affiliate commissions too!

I’ll also show you how to make $100 a day as an affiliate with these offers.

What is Digistore24?

digistore24 affiliate network

Digistore 24 is one of the many affiliate networks where you to find affiliate products to make money with.

Digistore offers:

  • 800 affiliate products in 44 different niches
  • 40 – 75% average affiliate commissions
  • Instant approvals to most affiliate products

How to Make Money with Digistore24

There are 2 ways to make money with Digistore:

  1. Sell your own products as a product creator and owner
  2. Promote other people’s products as an affiliate

Since we focus on the affiliate marketing business model here on this website, we will focus on what Digistore affiliate marketing looks like.

What is Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply where you make a commission promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing removes a lot of the headache normally associated with marketing products to make money.

You don’t have to create the product too!

Or manage the support around the product. Think product issues, complaints and support tickets.

As an affiliate, you let other people do that. You just promote them.

(Assuming they are worth promoting in the first place though.)

Your Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Our Digistore24 examples here will focus on how to promote other peoples’ products as an affiliate using specific affiliate marketing and traffic strategies.

Because choosing your perfect affiliate product is not enough.

Once you choose what you are going to promote, you need to figure out how you are going to promote it.

You need traffic to bring buyers to buy your affiliate offer so you make a commission.

No traffic = no buyers = no commissions for you 🙁

There are a variety of traffic sources you can use to drive traffic to your affiliate offers:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Emails
  • Social media

In this post, we are going to focus specifically on affiliate marketing websites and what traffic sources they use to drive traffic to their affiliate offers.

There’s really no right or wrong way unless you are trying to scam person out of money for a crap product.

Scamming people is the only strategy we don’t recommend here.

So let’s take a look at what Digistore24 affiliate marketing looks like.

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5 Digistore24 Website Examples to Make $100 Per Day

These are 5 real life Digistore24 affiliate website examples and the affiliate strategies they use to make affiliate commissions.

Watch the video here, created by Susie.

Susie walks you through visually, what I walk you through below in writing.

Important notes:

1. We do not endorse any of these affiliate products. We are simply supplying you with ideas but we expect you to research the product for accuracy and confirm if it the product is worth promoting to your audience or not.

2. These numbers are subject to change/ without prior notice. These numbers will fluctuate every day as more people buy these products on Digistore24. So don’t worry if these numbers look different to the numbers you see when you check out these products on Digistore. 

#1 Legionary.com

Our first Digistore24 website example is Legionary.com.

legionary earlybird morning cocktail digistore24 website example
Image Source: Legionary.com

Promoting Digistore24 Product: Earlybird Morning Cocktail

Legionary.com is a website example in the survival niche.

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The content specifically provides product solutions targeted to men and women who care about ensuring the safety and security of their lives and their families in the event of disasters and emergencies.

This website has a review promoting Earlybird Morning Cocktail.

The Earlybird Morning Cocktail is one of the digistore products featured on our 8 top products to promote list.

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Free Organic Affiliate Marketing Example

This product review is well written for specific related keywords and optimized for SEO.

It shows up on the first page in organic search results on page 1.

The authors of this website have done their keyword research and have used them often throughout each post so that the product review:

  • targets a specific product and pain point for a target audience
  • is clearly written so that Google understands what the content and product is about
  • can rank for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different searched for keywords
  • is ready for Google to understand and rank in the search engine results for free

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The product review talks about the bloggers experience of actually using the product.

The “I actually use this” approach gives the review a more authentic and trusting feel compared to other reviews that just re-write the product sales pages.

Now while this product is listed in the supplement category of Digistore24, Earlybird Morning Cocktail main niche is the health niche.

However, the product review and target audience is focused on survivalists.

It might not make sense yet but think about this…

  • Health is very important to survivalists
  • Having to wake up quickly would be a survivalist need
  • Having an energy supplement in powder form that could be stored indefinitely is also useful

The website owner did his research and decided Earlybird Morning Cocktail was a good product to promote to his audience.

Pro Tip: Be sure to research affiliate products and the relevant targeted audiences to know where they are, what blogs they follow and what solutions they would be interested in.

Your Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

The review starts out with sharing a personal story about actually using the product which tells the customer that he not only recommends this product as an affiliate, but the he uses it too. 

The affiliate uses his own story with the sales page details to:

  • Tell the specifics of the ingredients in the product
  • Provide similarity in the use of colors and visuals between the review and the sales page

The review also includes a written update for 2022 to show the progress of continually using Earlybird Morning Cocktail as a product and solution.

The blog post is about 6 months old. The constant updates keep the product review current and relevant to the audience.

Affiliate links are embedded and highlighted throughout the post 

2 affiliate programs are used here to promote Earlybird Morning Cocktail and offer customers different ways to buy.

  1. Digistore24
  2. Amazon

Digistore24 allows the affiliate to provide a 10% discount code to buyers so they can pay less money for the product.

Amazon does not allow you to use any incentives of any kind, including coupon codes, discount links, etc. So the product is offered at full cost from Amazon.

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How to Make $100 per Day with Earlybird Morning Cocktail

To make $100 per day with this affiliate product, you need to sell 3 products per day.

  • Average affiliate commission per sale: $33.70
  • 3 x $33.70 = $101.10 per day
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#2 HappyLifeGuide.com

Now, let’s look at a different Digistore24 website example.

happylifeguide meticore digistore24 website example
Image Source: HappyLifeGuide.com

Promoting Digistore24 Product: Meticore

HappyLifeGuide.com is a simple product review driven affiliate website.

This website uses paid ads to drive traffic to their product specific reviews which brings in quality traffic to their affiliate offers.

Paid Affiliate Marketing Example

This is not an organic (free) traffic strategy. This is a paid traffic strategy.

This website has a review promoting Meticore.

Meticore is the #1 highest selling product on Digistore.

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For their review of Meticore, the ad shows up on the first page of Google somewhere in the ad section whenever someone types in

  • meticore review

They only pay for that ad when someone clicks on the ad, which then takes them to the product review page on their website.

The links throughout the product review links to the digistore payment page with their specific affiliate ID attached in the URL.

www. digistore24.com/redir/348520/ Digitalking88/

  • The URL to Meticore’s sale page is: https:// www. digistore24.com/redir/348520
  • The affiliate ID is: Digitalking88

The affiliate ID is how Digistore and Meticore keep track of which affiliates to pay for the sales referrals.

This is how these affiliates get paid every time they refer a sale through their ads and product reviews.

How to Make $100 per Day with Meticore

To make $100 per day with this affiliate product, you only need to sell 1 product per day.

  • Average affiliate commission per sale: $158.55
  • 1 x $158.55 = $158.55 per day

Your Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan (7 Day Challenge)

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#3 JumpStreet.org

jumpstreet soulmate sketch digistore24 website example
Image Source: Jumpstreet.org

Promoting Digistore24 Product: Genie Script, Soulmate Sketch and more

Jumpstreet.org is what a typical affiliate product review site looks like today.

Free Organic Affiliate Marketing Example

Each product review is well optimized for SEO, aiming to rank in on page 1 of Google’s organic search results for specific keywords around the featured affiliate product.

The free search traffic is what brings qualified people and target audiences to see the affiliate product, and also the ads that are on every page.

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This affiliate website promotes multiple products from Digistore 24, including:

  • Genie Script
  • Meticore
  • Soulmate Sketch
  • Exipure

Each affiliate product has its own product review.

This website targets multiple affiliate products in multiple niches.

Pro Tip: This strategy is not recommended for complete beginners because you should focus on one small micro niche and topic at a time to build up trust and authority with search engines.

The more topics, more different affiliate products and more niches you go after in the beginning, the harder it is for Google and other search engines to understand what you are about.

The sooner they understand what your site is about, what you have to offer to Google searchers, and that your site can be trusted because you provide really helpful and really useful content for those searchers, the sooner you will see higher rankings that can bring in that free traffic.

This is also example of affiliate marketing that gives other affiliate marketers bad reputations. Because it’s very apparent when sites like these just create reviews just to make affiliate commissions.

We do not recommend this type of website or type of affiliate marketing. We strive to create really useful and helpful content around a topic area and include affiliate links as a way to make money from our efforts.

However, when you do get to this point with your affiliate website, this strategy can increase your options to make more affiliate commissions.

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How to Make $100 per Day with Genie Script

To make $100 per day with this affiliate product, you only need to sell 3 products per day.

  • Average affiliate commission per sale: $38
  • 3 x $38 = $114 per day

How to Make $100 per Day with Soulmate Sketch

To make $100 per day with this affiliate product, you only need to sell 3 products per day.

  • Average affiliate commission per sale: $19.88
  • 5 x $19.88 = $99.90 per day

How to Make $100 per Day with Multiple Affiliate Products

Or you could sell 1 Genie script for a $38 affiliate commission & 3 soulmate sketch’s for $60 in affiliate commissions to make close to the $100 per day target.

See how promoting multiple affiliate products at once can increase your chances of making affiliate commissions?

Your Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

#4 IPSnews.net

ipsnews.com sonus complete digistore24 website example
Image Source: IPSnews.net

Promoting Digistore24 Product: Sonus Complete

IPSnews.net is another Digistore 24 affiliate website example.

This website does not have great formatting because the sidebar and advertising covers most of the blog titles on the home page, making it difficult to read and navigate through this site.

This site is also not easy to search.

Free Organic Affiliate Marketing Example

But it ranks on Google page 1 for the search keywords:

  • Sonus Complete
  • Sonus Complete Review

Not bad!

How to Make $100 per Day with Sonus Complete

To make $100 per day with this affiliate product, you only need to sell 1 product per day.

  • Average affiliate commission per sale: $105.49
  • 1 x $105.49 = $105.49 per day
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#5 Redmond-Reporter.com

redmond-reporter soulmate sketch digistore24 website example
Image Source: Redmond-Reporter.com

Promoting Digistore24 Product: Soulmate Sketch and others

Redmond-Reporter.com is our last featured affiliate website example.

The Redmond Reporter is a community paper for Redmond, Washington.

The physical paper is delivered free to more than 25,000 residents every Friday. 

This website is their digital version online.

This site currently ranks on page 1 for the search keyword:

  • Soulmate Sketch Review

And page 2 for:

  • Genie Script Review

Search those keywords, and you’ll see other news like websites ranking for those keywords.

These types of sites can gain a lot of authority because of their consumer readership, frequent site visiting, and page read times.

So creating product reviews for affiliate products that appeal to their readership base to buy from their links is an easy way for this free newspaper to make money!

And that is our 5 Digistore24 website examples to make you $100 day!

Hope this was informative and helps you out!

Your Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Action Plan (7 Day Challenge)

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