20 Ways to Make Money Online During The Coronavirus

It’s an unfortunate time for us right now. The Coronavirus is causing massive economic impact across the entire globe.

The stock market is crashing. Stores are selling out of basics like water and toilet paper.

China’s economy has completely shutdown. Italy is on complete lockdown. The US has put a travel ban from Europe. People are not traveling. And major yearly business events are being canceled daily.

The Coronavirus has killed people, affected even more people, and is still spreading at the time of writing this article.

We can expect more cases. More quarantines. More canceled events. School closures. More business shutdowns.

What if the Coronavirus economic pandemic gets worse before it gets better? What you are going to do if you can’t go anywhere?

What if you can’t go to work? What if you can’t make money tomorrow, or the next day?

How will you pay your bills? How will you pay the family bills? How will you make ends meet?

Challenging times require creative strategies.

So, I put my thoughts together to write this article just for you.

For all of us, who are in the same boat right now. Regardless of where we are in the world.

Thanks to the internet, there are many ways to make money online. From the comfort and protection of your own home.

Here are 20 creative and scrappy ways to make money online during the Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine period.

1. Refer People to Affiliate Marketing

You can get paid just by referring other people to make money online with affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate networks and affiliate marketing training programs you can recommend for a commission fee. Lucky you!

AWIN is an affiliate network that connects affiliate marketers with hundreds of affiliate offers to promote. AWIN will pay you $30 for every person you recommend when they make their first affiliate commissions from the network.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best valued, online affiliate marketing training platform available to you today. You will learn everything I have learned to make money from this blog you are reading right now. The Wealthy Affiliate Program will pay you $4 – $23.50 a month every time someone signs up for a monthly premium membership. Not only do you learn how to do affiliate marketing, but you also get paid to help other people too.

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2. Test Websites or Apps

You can make money by testing out websites and apps. User Testing pays $10 for 20 minutes of testing. In some cases, you can make up to $60 for one hour of testing.

The testing steps are pretty simple. You complete a set of tasks while going through a website or app. The biggest ask of you is to speak your thoughts out loud as you complete each task. You help companies and developers understand how well their products work for a user audience.

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3. Complete Online Surveys 

You’ve probably heard of this one before. It’s no secret that you can make money with online surveys. Today, it’s easy to get paid for your opinions. There are plenty of survey companies to choose from these days. A popular company to complete surveys with is Swagbucks.

Swagbucks offers different types of surveys: Advertising effectiveness surveys, Brand recognition surveys, Product appeal surveys and surveys about services. In some cases, you may be able to get free products to aid your opinions. The average payout per survey is $1.

4. Play Games

Getting paid to play games sounds a little too fun. You mean we can get paid to have fun? Yep. That’s how the Paid Games roll at Inbox Dollars.

You can choose to play a variety of classic arcade games such as solitaire, pool and word chess. Or you can choose from Game Show Network (GSN) games including Poker, Wheel of Fortune and Casino. The payment comes in the form of scratch cards. The more games you play, the more scratch cards you earn for various prizes.

5. Watch Videos

Like watching videos? (I know you secretly binge on videos sometimes, like me!) Well, why not get paid for your binge time?

iRazoo gives you points for watching new ads or movie trailers. The goal is to share your opinion on these videos to help shape them. Each video earns you 2 points. You make $5 with every 3,000 points earned. You need $20 minimum before you request cash payout via PayPal. You also need to sign up for partner accounts in order to watch these videos.

6. Complete Simple Tasks for Businesses

There are many ways to help companies out today. Many of them need help with simple tasks and work. You can make money by helping these companies out.

Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects companies with people like you to help them. Tasks can include anything from validating data, research tasks, surveys, content moderation, transcribing videos, and more. It’s owned by Amazon which gives the marketplace credibility and global awareness. The payout range varies greatly depending on the task and time required. You’ll find tasks anywhere from .01 – $20.

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7. Be Someone’s Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant is another way to make money online. You can earn by extending your capabilities to businesses that need help with re-occurring tasks.

Upwork is one place to list your VA skills. You can fill their requests with various skills such as administrative support, customer support, web research, data entry, typing, email handling, and much more. If you are willing to put in the work for other businesses, you can charge anywhere from $5 – $60 an hour. (Some VA’s charge even more than that!)

If you are in the Philippines, another popular place to find virtual assistants is Onlinejobs.ph.

8. Recommend Health Products from Amazon

Right now, people are looking for solutions to stay healthy from the Coronavirus. You can make money by providing useful information to your network of friends.

With the Amazon Affiliate Program, can recommend a wide range of products to help them stay safe. Masks. Sanitizer. Vitamins. Toilet Paper. (Because if we are quarantined, well TP is one thing we can’t live without!) You can make 4.5% of every sale you refer in the health product category.

And if Amazon is out of products, do the research to find alternatives. You can try other places that also have affiliate programs like Walmart and Target. (Or see if your favorite store has an affiliate program. Just type in “store name” affiliate program in your web browser.)

With Amazon, you do have to be careful to not share your links with your family. You can get banned for that. Here are is everything you need to know (including all the rules) before you join. What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

9. Sell Funny T-shirts

With all the seriousness going on in the world, we could all use a good laugh. So put on your creative hat, and sell some funny T-shirt designs.

Threadless allows you to create an artist shop to sell funny tees and other stuff. It’s completely free for you to upload your designs and promote products for sale. Everything is printed on-demand, so there’s nothing to buy beforehand. When you sell some stuff, Threadless will give you a piece of the sale. You can earn $10 – $20 per item, depending on how much the item costs.

10. Sell an eBook about the Coronavirus

Ok, if I don’t get a little flack for this, then people are not reading this part. However, people love history, drama, and emotion. So documenting the happenings of the Coronavirus may actually be a book people would read! It is now a classified Global Pandemic after all.

With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, you can easily self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free. And you earn up to 70% royalty for each book sales. You can reach millions of readers already on Amazon. If you get help with research and writing, you can publish a book fast. Here’s good training on how to write a book in less than 24 Hours.

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11. Create a Pandemic Survival Blog

Survival is a really hot topic right now. And survival is likely to be a hot topic forever. Because you just never know when we are going to be in a crisis like this.

So consider creating a Pandemic Survival Blog. You can fill your blog with helpful content around how to survive a pandemic. You can also document cases, history and studies of epidemics over time. To make money, you can leverage various affiliate programs like Amazon and many others that sell survival mode products and gear. Grab a free website here.

12. Write Content for Blog Owners

If you have some basic writing skills (I did say basic), you can make money. Many blog owners and website owners outsource their writing needs. (Including me!)

Guru lets you create a profile as a freelance writer. Then companies, bloggers and individuals can find you when they are in need of a writing project. You’ll find requests for article writing, creative writing, ebook writing and more. You can make anywhere from $5 – $30 an hour, just for writing!

13. Write on Medium

Perhaps you want to practice writing before you start writing for other people. There are many places where you can contribute content. Your own affiliate blog is one great place to start. Another great place is on Medium.

Medium will pay you for contributing content on their ad-free website. You get paid based on how much time Medium members spend reading your stories. The longer members read, the more you earn. You can write on pretty much any topic you can think of. Everything from tech, art, family, success, health, etc. This is a good place to build up your writing samples so you can show if you decide to write for other websites.

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14. Sell Creative Goods

People love creative, unique, handcrafted, vintage, and custom finds. You can make money by selling creative goods to these people. Put your arts and crafts skills to good use!

Etsy enables you to make and sell unique items to millions of shoppers. You can design a custom website in minutes. And you can name your price on whatever you create. Whether it’s handmade jewelry, cards, furniture, clothing or something else. You make anywhere from $5 to $100+ dollars. How much you earn totally depends on what you make and how valued it is in the market.

15. Sell Photos

You can make money by selling high-quality photos and videos. People will buy photos to use in their business collateral, their websites, social media posts, etc.

Shutterstock will pay you every time your content is downloaded by customers. You simply take good photos or videos. Then upload them into the platform. You don’t even need to have a professional camera. You can use a high-quality phone camera like the iPhone 11. Photos can earn you anywhere from $.25 – $1.88 depending on the customer’s subscription level. You can make even more money by referring new contributors and customers to Shutterstock.

Don’t know what to shoot? Check out this handy shot list for ideas.

16. Sell Graphics

If you like to create and design, you can make money by selling graphics. People will buy graphics, just like photos, to support their business needs.

Creative Market will pay you for contributing creative graphics to their marketplace. Graphics can include illustrations, icons, objects, patterns, textures, and web elements. You set your own prices and can make up to 70% of the transaction.

A secret Creative Market bonus: Like freebies? You can get 6 free creative goods every week! Yep.

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17. Sell Art

Another creative way to make money is by selling art. You can sell art originals, prints or digital files.

Artwanted provides you with a free portfolio website to display your artworks. You can even make 100% of your sales. Join this large art community dedicated to promoting artists. And make some decent bucks while you are at it! Price your artwork right and earn anywhere from $1.95 – $235.

18. Create YouTube Videos

You can make money from creating YouTube videos. I know that sounds too easy. But it’s true. Affiliate Marketers are doing this every day. That’s how Justin at ClickBank University got started online.

The idea is to create videos that help people with specific problems. Include links to a landing page to capture their email. Then present them with a product solution (affiliate offer) to their problem. When they buy, you make money. It’s actually a very simple process. We are the ones who over complicate things. Learn how to create YouTube videos with these free courses.

19. Sell an Online Course

The thought of selling an online course can seem daunting. However, it isn’t with the help of Udemy, a popular online learning course platform.

Udemy provides the platform, brand, and traffic. You provide the content. (And get paid for your efforts. You can publish a course on any topic imaginable. And your course will instantly be connected to thousands of faithful Udemy fans.

20. Sell a Service

Last but not least, you can make money by selling services on Fivver.

With Fiver, you can sell a service in 200 categories. Any service from video voiceovers to translated videos to psychic readings to greeting cards to relationship advice. Sell a service for a price you name, and keep 80% of the sale.

And that’s 20 goldenly creative ideas to make money online during the Coronavirus Pandemic. If this doesn’t get your money-making ideas flowing, then I do not know what will.

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