Traffic Unleashed Review by Rich Williams – Warnings Before You Buy

Thanks for checking out my Traffic Unleashed Review.

If you follow products on WarriorPlus or JVZoo, then you may hear about the latest product launch for Traffic Unleashed by Rich Williams.

Before you buy Traffic Unleashed, here’s what you need to know:

  • The true cost (it’s more than $17)
  • The product limitations and current functionality not working
  • Other alternatives worth considering

What is Traffic Unleashed?

Traffic Unleashed wishes to be a social media publishing tool with content curation capabilities.

It (supposedly) works on 3 popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram (?), and Twitter. It also supports publishing to content Reddit and Tumblr.

Important Notes:

1. Instagram publishing is not included in the standard Traffic Unleashed product. You likely have to pay more to publish to Instagram. It’s unclear which upgrade you need to purchase, but plan to spend at least $56 just to include Instagram.

2. At the time of this post, the publishing functionality is not working. The training link is broken – also not working.

3. There is no help documentation for this product.

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Traffic Unleashed Review Overview

Product Name: Traffic Unleashed (No affiliate link – I can’t recommend this to you)

Product Creator: Rich Williams

Product Categories: Social Media Publishing App

Product Objective: Allows you to publish content to multiple social networks.

Price: $17 – $536

Upsells: Yes. 5 Additional Products.

Recommendation: Not recommended. Difficult to navigate and understand. User experience is not friendly.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to waste $17 – $536 on 1 product you don’t need.

Traffic Unleashed Review Demo, Inside the App

Traffic Unleashed Review Features

Basic Product:

  • Supports publishing to more than 1 network at a time (that doesn’t currently work)
  • Ability to create meme’s and visual quotes
  • Free Image and content library (images, gifs, quotes)

Unlimited and Automated Upgraded Products:

  • Removes publishing and traffic restrictions
  • Supports scheduling of multiple post campaigns

Traffic Unleashed Product Details

traffic unleashed review platform
  • Dashboard – Metrics for your campaigns (that don’t currently work)
  • Accounts – Admin area where you add your social accounts to publish too
  • Quote Generator – A place to create a quote overplayed on a custom chosen image.
  • Meme Generator – The tool to create your own customer memes.
  • My Links – The place to create and publish your posts with your quotes or memes.
  • Finder – Have no idea. This functionality doesn’t currently work.
  • Image Editor – an external tool called saadeditor to create your own pictures.
  • My Library – Place where you delete quotes or memes you created.
  • Reports – Shows your published post? Don’t really know. Training doesn’t work to understand the full scope of reports here.
  • Stock Images – A place to manage the stock images used for your quotes and memes.

Warning Before You Buy Traffic Unleashed

Traffic Unleashed is not very user friendly. You have to precreate your content (quotes or memes) before you can publish those on your social channels.

These steps require you (as a user of this product) to:

  1. Go create a Quote or Meme using either generator
  2. Then go to “my links” and create a post
  3. Then choose instant publishing to your social channels (which is not working at the time of this post…)

The idea and promise are good. The way you have to navigate the software to execute on these promises are challenging.

Traffic Unleashed Price & Upsells

Traffic Unleashed $17

Platform access to publish to 3 social media networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Limited traffic campaigns and affiliate campaigns. (Limitations do apply.)

Traffic Unleashed Unlimited Edition $39

Removes limitations from the basic product to run an unlimited amount of traffic campaigns and affiliate campaigns.

Traffic Unleashed Automated Edition $39

More features including the ability to schedule multiple traffic campaigns in advance.

Traffic Unleashed Reseller Edition $197

The ability to resell Traffic Unleashed products to other people. Includes sales copy, video sales landing pages, and support.

Traffic Unleashed Design Team Edition $47

Get access to an in-house design team to design your graphics for your brand to sell the Traffic Unleashed products.

Traffic Unleashed $100 A Day Edition $197

Get a custom-designed funnel to represent your brand and customers you want to target. Includes setup of autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added, and additional traffic tutorials. Landing page hosting may not be included. You may need to provide this. You need to confirm before you buy.

Traffic Unleashed Total Cost


If you were to buy every product and service that comes with Traffic Unleashed, you would spend $536.

If you want functionality that’s worth using, you should plan to spend $95 on the standard product ($17), Traffic Unleashed Unlimited Edition ($39), and the Automated Edition ($39).

Traffic Unleashed Training (?)

The current training link in the platform is broken. Doesn’t go anywhere. Also, the help documentation has not help docs for this product. Only other products that I’ve never heard of either.

Traffic Unleashed Alternatives

When you search for the best social media publishing apps, you’ll find other products mentioned in every list. These are more popular alternatives preferred by top brands and marketers.

Hootsuite – One of the most popular social media publishing apps today. You can get a free account with Hootsuite.

Buffer – Another extremely popular app that also offers a free version.

Final Verdict

Traffic Unlimited does not work in the way it says it does.

You are better off using one of the alternatives listed above.

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