Affiliate Marketing Impacts $70 Billion in sales by 2020 - Forrester Research Inc.

Affiliate Marketing will impact $70 Billion in sales by 2020. – Forrester Research, Inc.

Would you like a piece of 70 Billion dollars as an affiliate marketer? Even a small piece?

How about 1% of 70 Billion dollars? That’s $700 Million dollars. Does this sound impossible?

Ok, let’s do a half percent of $70 Billion. (.005%) That’s still $350 Million dollars.

Are you thinking, that wouldn’t happen to me?

Half Empty or Half Full?

If you can’t see the potential of these numbers for yourself, let’s check on how you look at things. 

You know the old saying, “Is the glass half empty or half full?”

The idea is that a glass filled halfway with water can be viewed in two very different ways. 

Even though the state of the glass never changes…

  • The positive view: You see the glass as half full. 
  • The negative view: You see the glass as half empty. 

The point of this ole saying is you have a choice on how you view the same glass.

You can choose to focus on what is already there. Or you can choose to focus on what is not there.

So, when you look at $70 Billion in affiliate marketing sales, look at the potential of what is already there. 

A half percent of these sales would be life-changing for you and any affiliate marketer 🙂

Let 2020 Be YOUR Year

As you can see, 2020 is expected to be a big year for online sales. Bigger than last year, and the year before, etc. 

eMarketer Projected Retail Sales

Retail sales are projected to be at $26 Trillion in 2020. Online eCommerce sales are projected to be at $4 Trillion in 2020.

41% of companies are focusing on traditional affiliates and 38% are focusing on influencers, which can include affiliate marketers too. (Stats Source: eMarketer)

So, if you have been considering learning how to become an affiliate marketer, 2020 is your year to do it!

2020 is definitely the year to capitalize on the amount of money that will be spent online throughout the year. 

(Remember, just a super tiny percentage of these sales can be life-changing!)

Best Way to Start Affiliate Marketing

My tried and true advice for you to start affiliate marketing is to start training. (Like now. No, like yesterday!)

Good affiliate marketing training is what you need to be successful. (I’m speaking from experience BTW!)

If you choose the right training, you increase your chances of becoming a successful affiliate marketer and actually getting your piece of online sales. 

Here are my training recommendations for you:

If you want to research different training courses that you can choose from:

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    A detailed look at affiliate marketing training courses available to you today

Not Ready to Take Action Yet?

I understand if you are in the research phase and not quite convinced if affiliate marketing is right for you yet. 

If you are not ready to take action just yet, then take a few minutes to read these helpful articles. 

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and what it takes to succeed as an affiliate marketer. 

Here are recommended reads for you:

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