How to Handle False Copyright Claims on Pictory Videos

If you used Vidnami previously to create easy and quick videos, then you are likely not happy with the news that they are going away.

Us too 🙁

BUT, Pictory is the closest Vidnami Alternative we have found so far.

Pictory has similar ai features that make creating videos easy and quick.

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And just like with Vidnami, you may get copyright claims on videos that you create with Pictory and upload to YouTube or Social Networks.

These copyright claims mostly happen for the background music songs.

If you used all media (images, videos and music) from Pictory’s library, then good news for you!

It is a FALSE COPYRIGHT claim.

We have licensed the music from Shutterstock and have rights to all the music used, so any copyright claim is false.

Vikram Chalana, CEO of

Pictory pays money, likely lots of it, to buy the rights for you to use the media in your videos provided in the Pictory platform.

This means that the Pictory team will actually handle the claim for you!

We will handle the claims on behalf of our users.

Vikram Chalana, CEO of

So, you do NOT need to worry about these claims.

These false claims will NOT hurt your channel.

And you do NOT need to handle the dispute of them either.

So, do NOT let this detour you from using Pictory to create your videos for YouTube or any other network!

How to Get Pictory to Handle False Copyright Claims for You!

Step by step.

If you get a copyright claim on YouTube videos where you used Pictory’s media (video, images and music), just follow these steps below.

Get the Pictory to resolve the Copyright Claim for you:

  1. Email or submit a Help Ticket.
  2. Provide your name and the email you use for your Pictory Account
  3. A link to your Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube post that received the claim
  4. The name of media used that received the copyright claim
  5. The name of the claimant who filed the claim
  6. The name of your video in Pictory (what’s listed as project name)

And the Pictory team will take it from here 🙂

So easy peasy for you!

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