Choosing Your Niche (The Right Way) in 2022

When choosing a niche for your online business, this is the question we usually ask. 

“What niche do I choose?”

That is the wrong question to ask, IMO.

I believe the better question to ask is this:

“What problem can I help people solve right now?”

Because people don’t buy products.


People buy solutions to their problems. 

So, if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer in 2022…

And make your first dollar online, or even your first thousand…

The do this. Focus on this.

Find one good solution to one real problem

And you will go a lot farther in your online and affiliate marketing journey than most people ever will (unfortunately).

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How to Choose Your Niche Differently, Step by Step

Here’s the video to watch me use these exact steps to choose a niche live.

Better yet, if this content helps you out, do both.

Watch the video and read this entire post. Thanks 🙂

Step 1: Research Problems to Solve

Go to Google and type in: how to [spacebar].

Google will show you search results that start with “how to”. 

how to use google to choose a niche

Based on my search, I found these problems:

  1. How to screenshot on Mac
  2. How to tie a tie
  3. How to screenshot on windows
  4. How to delete instagram account
  5. How to draw
  6. How to take a screenshot
  7. How to make French toast

These are just 8 examples out of millions of problems being searched online everyday.

Search Pro Tip

If you are logged into Google with your account, log out or open a new incognito window for Google Search.

And repeat the steps. Type “how to” in the search bar. 

use Google incognito mode to find niches

This will give you more random searches, than searches that might be relevant to you. 

(Google is always trying to tailor searches to you and what it knows about you.)

Then once you find some problems that interest you in some way, do this next step. 

Press spacebar to add more words to the search to further define the problem. 

5 Niche Research Tools I Use To Find Trending Niches

Example: How to make money online

Choosing Your Niche with Google MMO example

Based on my search, I found these problems being search for with “how to make money online”:

  1. How to make money online without paying anything
  2. How to make money online in Nigeria
  3. How to make money online for free
  4. How to make money online as a teen
  5. How to make money online for beginners
  6. How to make money online in Kenya
  7. How to make money online fast
  8. How to make money online from home

Best Starter Searches

These are good searches to start with to discover new problems:

  • How to …
  • What is the best …
  • What is the best way to …
  • How do I …
  • How do I make …

Step 2: Write These Problems Down

Start tracking what you are researching and finding. Write down all the problems you see. 

Access our handy, dandy niche research template here.

Step 3: Choose ONE problem to solve based on your interest

Now, choose one of the problems you are interested in talking about…

Today, tomorrow and the next day. 

Here are some tips to help you choose a good niche for you:

  • The more interested in the topic, the better
  • Because you are going to learn a lot about the topic and become near close to an expert if you stick with it long enough
  • Even better if you have a history or story around the experience (not required, but helpful…)
  • If you don’t like talking about the topic, don’t choose it. Choose a different topic.

Here are some more problem examples I found using the steps above:

  1. How to prevent diabetes during pregnancy
  2. How to make money online with affiliate marketing
  3. How to apply for medicaid for kids
  4. How to be happy after a breakup
  5. How to buy bitcoin online
  6. How to become financially independent as a teenager
  7. What is the best refrigerator for my space
  8. What is the best painkiller for knee pain

Step 4: Define Sub Niches For Your Problem

Most niches fall into these 3 BIG Niches:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

However, these niches are too big to focus on one problem which will make it harder for you to get traffic and sales to your affiliate offers.

Sub Niche Benefits

  1. Finding smaller sub niches give you a better chance of competing in the space as a new affiliate
  2. Smaller niches opens up SO MUCH opportunity because there are 7.7 Billion people in this world
  3. Every person has different problems they want and need to solve on a daily, weekly and monthly basis (which creates this opportunity)
  4. There are so many solutions that it can be quickly become very overwhelming (and costly) when trying to do the research on your own (this creates even more opportunity for you to help people make good decisions by doing the research for them)

Step 5: Define the Who

Define who you are helping to solve that problem. 

Example 1: How to prevent diabetes 

Diabetes is in the Health Niche. 

People fall into different categories within the diabetes niche. 

Example 1: How to prevent diabetes.

People who do not have diabetes but may be a risk for it, and want to know how to not get it. 

Health > Diabetes > Preventative Care 

The specific problem here is to help educate people on how to prevent getting diabetes in the first place.

There are many ways including eating habits and exercise routines that can help people keep this disease away. 

Example 2: How to manage diabetes 

People who have diabetes need and want to know how to manage it. 

Health > Diabetes > Disease Management

The specific problem here is to help educate people on how to manage their existing disease so it doesn’t get worse and cause more health issues and harm to the body. 

There are different types of diabetes that each require different types of maintenance routines and equipment. 

So before and after diabetes are both sub-niches within the Diabetes niche. 

And each sub-niche will have very specific solutions for them. 

When it comes to who you are helping, you can even get more specific like this:

Example 3: How to prevent diabetes during pregnancy 

Pregnant women want to know how to not get diabetes during pregnancy. 

Health > Diabetes > Disease Prevention > Pregnant Women

The specific problem here is to help educate women (specifically) on how to manage their health during pregnancy and prevent getting diabetes. 

This education can include everything from recommended diet and exercise plans while being pregnant, education on understanding what triggers diabetes during pregnancy (and tips on how to prevent those triggers), the important questions to ask your doctor, and so on. 

How to Find Your Niche Pro Tips:

  1. Put your mind into the person who is going through the specific problem. 
  2. Then use Google to uncover all the questions and concerns that person has with that problem. 
  3. Write down all the problems you find as you can you can help solve more related problems in the future

How to Find Your Niche More Pro Tips:

  1. Choose a niche that you are qualified or can be qualified to talk about. Meaning, if you choose a niche in the health niche, be careful to not give bad advice or recommendations that could harm or kill someone. If you are a nurse, then Great. You will be qualified to talk about health related issues. If you are not then I do suggest choosing another niche or get quality education on the topic before you influence Someone’s  health. No you don’t need to be an expert before you choose a Niche. However you will be leaning the topic to the point where you come close to an expert. The expert or near expert phase is when you can influence people to choose your recommendation over thousands of others. 
  2. Yes you could choose both sub niches in the diabetes niche. However in the beginning, do not promote solitons in both sub niches. No. You spread your time and knowledge across two different niches which can delay your results. (Getting your first affiliate commission, getting your second affiliate commission, etc.) If you want to see results sooner rather than later, focus on one sub niche. Build that sub niche out until you get sales with it. Then look at adding more revenue streams with other affiliate offers. 

Watch Me Find a Good Niche for 2022

I start with a simple how to search in Google.

To generate ideas, I start typing in a letter of the alphabet after the space. 

  • How to a
  • How to b
  • How to c
  • How to d


I find a problem that interests me to learn more about it, to then help other people with it. 

I choose how to TikTok.

Choosing your niche on google tiktok example

If you are not already aware, TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media networks today. 

This platform pretty much invented the idea of video #shorts. YouTube and Instagram have recently released features to compete with TikTok. 

So there is a lot of buzz around TikTok right now. 

Now let’s find sub niches within TikTok. 

From the search above, I can already see sub niche ideas and great content ideas:

  • How to TikTok dance
  • How to make TikTok videos
  • How to post on tiktok 2020
  • How to use tiktock for beginners
  • How to make a tiktok with words
  • TikTok tutorial
  • How to use tiktok

Now, I like to use a paid keyword tool to verify the traffic potential of the topic. 

Using a keyword tool is a good way to help you niche down. 

Because if your topic gets thousands of views, it’s likely you will find related specific topics that will be less competitive, easier to rank for in search engines like Google an YouTube and still have enough traffic for you to make it worth targeting. 

But you will notice that I still use Google, and use the keyword tool in conjunction with Google.

So its okay to just use Google if you don’t have a keyword tool yet. 

Get 30 Free Searches a month here: Free Keyword Searches

Here are search numbers around the TikTok niche and sub niches:

  • TikTok = 68 Million searches a month (HOLY Cow!)
  • TikTok download = 13.6 million searches a month
  • TikTok video = 1.5 million searches / m
  • TikTok video downloaded = 1.2 million searches a month 
  • TikTok login = 1 million searches / m

Okay, now that we see there is a lot of traffic opportunity for TikTok, let’s start finding smaller sub niches that we could compete in as a beginner affiliate marketer. 

Tiktok sub niche: How to make tiktok videos

  • How to make a tiktok video = 9,900 searches a month
  • How to make tiktok videos = 18,000 searches / m
  • How to make tiktok videos longer = 1600 searches / m
  • How to to make a tiktok video with music = 880 searches / m
  • How to make a tiktok video with pictures = 880 searches / m
  • How to make tiktok video faster = 140 searches / m
  • How to make tiktok video viral = 720 searches / m
  • How to make my private tiktok video public = 260 searches / m
  • How to make clips longer on tiktok = 1600 searches / m

All of these are fantastic content opportunities (step by step videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.) for helping people learn how to make TikTok videos. 

And be sure to do the spacebar and alphabet soup trick over and over again.

For example: How to make a tiktok video [spacebar]

choosing your niche google spacebar search trick

Gives you these searches and ideas:

  • how to make a tiktok video on a computer
  • how to make a tiktok video on a chromebook
  • how to make a tiktok video with pictures
  • how to make a tiktok video with music
  • how to make a tiktok video on a pc
  • how to make a tiktok video your wallpaper

Another example: How to make a tiktok video [spacebar] + a

choosing your niche google alphabet soup search trick

Gives you these different searches and ideas:

  • how to make a tiktok video a sound
  • how to make a tiktok video a ringtone
  • how to make a tiktok video a wallpaper
  • how to make a tiktok video an alarm
  • how to make a tiktok video and add pictures
  • how to make a tiktok video a live photo
  • how to make a tiktok video a voicemail

Want more sub niche ideas? Watch the video (above) and leverage DFY content for the TikTok niche (below).

DFY content for TikTok niche here: DFY TikTok Content & Keywords

So what’s next?

Once you find a good niche to go after:

  1. You find one good affiliate product to promote
  2. You drive traffic to your content and affiliate offer
  3. When someone buys through your link, you make an affiliate commission

Good affiliate starter training here: 5 Part Affiliate Bootcamp