Free Affiliate Marketing Website – Everything You Need To Get Started for Free!

Creating a website to sell whatever you want is very easy. And with today’s internet technology, creating a free affiliate marketing website is just as easy, if not easier. Here is how you create an affiliate marketing website for free.

Everything You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing

To be successful online today, you need multiple tools to get a website up and running. And even better, you should have easy access to free on demand training to help you along with way.

Well, your free website comes with everything you need to get started as an affiliate marketer.

  • Free Affiliate Marketing Website
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Website Design
  • Free Affiliate Marketing Disclaimers
  • Free Training on Affiliate Marketing

The training videos will show you how to setup your website step by step. Not only will you build out your website, you will also learn how to build out your website specifically for affiliate marketing.

Your free affiliate marketing website gives you all the components you need to be online today! Ready to start building?

Grab Your Free Affiliate Marketing Website Here

free affiliate marketing website

Here is where you get your free website to start affiliate marketing. Just click the button image or link below to get started.

One thing you need to do before you create your website is decide on the name of your site. This name will become the address of your website which is used by search engines and people who visit your website. This website name is what you promote as your brand name and can be included in your email signatures, business cards, banners, ads, etc.

Your free affiliate marketing website comes with a free subdomain name. Once you have chosen a name, enter in the name and confirm the domain name is available for you to use. (Only one domain name per person 🙂

Then you will build out your free website with the free website builder.

Free Website Builder

Like I mentioned earlier, creating a website has never been easier. And creating a free affiliate marketing website is even easier. Because your website comes with a free website builder.

free affiliate marketing website builder

The free affiliate marketing website builder offers you a user-friendly step by step process for creating your website.

You will literally build out your free website in just 5 steps:

  1. Choose free domain name
  2. Enter in website name for domain (i.e. affiliateallstars)
  3. Write your website name as your title and any additional info you want to say (i.e. Affiliate All Stars | Your All Inclusive Affiliate Marketing Resource)
  4. Choose a website design template
  5. Click the create website button!

And that’s it! By step 5, you will have created your free affiliate marketing website! A real website online for the world to discover and buy from.

Now, you see why I recommend this free website builder. There is no reason to wait. Start building your free affiliate marketing website now 🙂

Free Website Design Templates

Not only do you get a free website and a free website builder, you get free design templates too.

free affiliate marketing website designs

Each free affiliate marketing website comes with free website designs called themes. Each theme is pre-designed template that offers a unique layout and colors to help you build a professional website in seconds, not hours.

Each free design comes with more information details and a free demo link so you can learn more about each design. The demo allows you to navigate a demo version of the website design. The ultimate goal is to find a theme that represents you or the brand of your website in some sort of way.

Once you find a design you want to use for your website, you choose that theme. And once your website is created, you can further customize your website design with the theme options.

Free Affiliate Marketing Disclosure Templates

Because we are talking about a website to use for affiliate marketing, you will need affiliate marketing disclosure templates for your free affiliate marketing website. These templates are required by specific parties, rules and regulations to stay legal and approved by affiliate programs.

Your free website comes with a free affiliate disclosure and a privacy policy templates. You get access to easy out of the box templates to simply add to your website. Most free website builders do not offer you templates like these to use. You usually have to go find these templates yourself.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

The good news is that you do not have to settle just for a free affiliate marketing website. You also get free training to learn how to get started as an affiliate marketer.

free affiliate marketing website training

The free training comes with multiple lessons to teach you how to:

  • Setup your website for affiliate marketing
  • Choose a topic for your affiliate marketing website
  • Add your affiliate disclaimers and privacy policy
  • Build out your website with affiliate marketing content

My Favorite Free Affiliate Marketing Website So Far

Now you can see why this is my favorite free website option for affiliate marketing. You do not have to pay anything to get started. You can literally learn and build out an affiliate marketing website for free.

So what you are waiting for. Go create your free affiliate marketing website now.

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