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- Financial Planning
- Green Living
- Organic Cooking
- Prepping for Everything (Survival)
- Video Marketing
- Juicing
- Crypto
- Organic Gardening
- Website Security 
- Meditation PLR 

- Self Publishing New! Just Released

- Anxiety & Stress New! Just Released

- Tik Tok New! Just Released

- Affiliate Marketing New! Just Released

Special AMI Bonus Pack

Buy this from my affiliate link (at no extra cost to you) and get exclusive access to this special bonus pack ON TOP of the bonuses that come with the product.

These AMI bonuses are a carefully crafted collection of content, strategies and checklists that I personally use for my own affiliate marketing business.

These are tried and true bonuses so you know they can actually work for you!

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Free Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Free 5 Part Affiliate Bootcamp Training Ecover

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Today In Only 30 Minutes

This free 5-part training is the ultimate beginner-friendly solution for building a solid online business & earning commissions safely & easily with the help from a leader & community who cares!


My YouTube Ranking CheatSheet

Cover Image for My Personal YouTube Video Ranking Guide Bonus

You get DFY YouTube content and 100's of DFY YouTube Keywords with this product. 

With this bonus, you can get the exact same steps I use to optimize every YouTube video I publish.

This exact 25 page guide and checklist has helped my videos get 60,000 views (and counting)!

If you want to know how I get my videos ranked on the first page of YouTube search results and get additional traffic from other YT traffic strategies, then my personal YouTube video ranking cheatsheet is for you. 


DFY Landing Pages & Templates

DFY Landing Pages and Templates Bonus Cover Image

One thing I noticed missing in this DFY content solution, was actual landing pages. 

I mean you get DFY lead magnets (PDFs) and DFY emails when you buy this product.

But you don't actually get any DFY landing pages.

We're talking about email opt-in forms and thank you/upsell pages.

You have to create these pages on your own. 

Now it's hard to create landing page templates for every page builder out there, because there are so many.

So I will include downloadable 3 templates for the page builder I personally use.

Plus, I will also offer accessible text versions of the templates to help you quickly build out the landing page in your specific page builder.

So, if you want DFY landing pages and templates, then this special AMI bonus is for you.


3 (Real-Life) Ways to Cover Your Costs

3 Ways to Make Your Money Back

If the cost of this product is too much for you, then this product is likely NOT for you. 

(And that's okay!)

However, if you are open to investing in your business (and can afford to at the same time), then this product may be right for you.

If it is, I will include very specific training use cases (and soon to become case studies) of how you can make money to pay for the product cost.

So if you want to make your money back with potential profits, then this special AMI bonus is for you :)

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Who is this for?

  • Beginner Affiliate Marketers - Who haven't picked out a niche yet. This will give you ideas of what good content looks like 
  • Beginner Affiliate Marketers - Who want a quicker way to get started by repurposing existing content
  • Experienced Affiliate Marketers - Who want to expand their revenue streams by expanding into more niches
  • Experienced Affiliate Marketers - Who want good content that will fit into their existing niches like new lead magnets, bonus offerings, and topic training videos
  • Small Agencies and Freelancers - This can help you with content to sell your clients in these niches
  • Bloggers and Affiliate Site Owners - This can guide on you low competition keywords that you can target for SEO
  • Any Marketer Who Needs to Save Time - This can provide you with content you can quickly repurpose in 101 different ways and get published faster than creating all content from scratch

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