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See for yourself what you get inside this new blueprint course!

The launch promotion is over. But you can still get this course.

The skills taught in this course will still be very valuable (and profitable) in years to come. 

An Easy Way to Learn One Multi-Figure Skill in 2021

The same skill I personally use Every . Single . Day .

AMI Page 1 RankingsAMI Page 1 Rankings

This Skill + Blueprint = Sales

The blueprint is a beginner friendly SEO program designed to show you how to leverage simple and effective strategies to deliver consistent targeted traffic from Google.

You’ll be taken by the hand to learn the same simple SEO skills and strategies that have helped me make multiple figures with my AMI brand. 

This blueprint will teach you how to leverage the power of Google search to create multiple consistent streams of targeted traffic that lead to leads, sales, and growth for your website.

This skill is what sent me this first 

4 figure check in the mail.

First Big Commission CheckFirst Big Commission CheckFirst Big Commission Check

Ignore my unattractive “hat” look and the piece of food stuck in my teeth (that I edited out because it was so ugly).

But when that check arrived in the mail for me that today, I was so excited that I could not contain myself. 

I knew there was potential online but I had no idea how good it would feel when I finally got a piece of it!

That check came from one product review that ranked on page 1 for an $800 training course, which I made $350 affiliate commission for every sale.  

Now’s your chance to learn the same exact skill I used to make this happen. 

I highly recommend buying both the Blueprint Program + Blacklink Masterclass.

Both are crucial in learning everything you need to know about this one skill to get first page rankings too.

Unique AMI Bonus Pack

Buy from my affiliate link (at no extra cost to you) and get my unique bonus pack ON TOP of the bonuses that come with program.

You get exclusive access to my exact steps, checklists, cheat sheets, tools and continued learning sources I use for all of my ranked content. 

Free Starter Affiliate Website Package

Access to my go to recommendation for a free starter website on WordPress (the #1 recommended website builder with affiliates), basic website setup training, and required website disclosures. It’s everything you need to get your website up and running for the first time.  

Free Keyword Research Searches 

Get free access to the same keyword research tool I use to support my blog posts and sometimes, even YouTube videos. These free searches will get you started when you begin going through the blueprint program. 

Free SEO Magazine

Stay up to date with the latest SEO tips, tricks and trends. Get more from search with this free digital magazine that provides you with SEO insights, stories and best practices from industry experts. This is a great read in the morning with coffee 🙂

My Personal Blog Post Checklist

This is the exact same checklist I use to optimize every post that ranks on page 1 of Google search results. This one checklist is responsible for the multi-figures I’ve made with my ranked blog posts. 

My Personal Video Optimization Checklist

This is the exact same checklist I use to optimize every YouTube video I publish. This checklist is the exact checklist responsible for my video rankings on page 1 too. Why be on page 1 once, when you can be on there twice!

You won’t find this bonus pack anywhere else. 

Your Unique AMI Bonus Pack will be emailed to you after you buy either offer. 

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