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Here are the numbers we have achieved with this ONE strategy. 

  • More than 300,000 impressions! 302,912 to be exact
  • More than 1400 hours of watch time. 1411 to be exact
  • Near 20,000 views, 18,996 to be exact
  • 443 subscribers
  • Consistent commissions every month 

Bonuses, Bonuses, & MORE Bonuses

  • So you get bonuses just for attending the workshop. 
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Special AMI Bonus Pack

My Personal Video Optimization Cheat Sheet

This is the exact same checklist I use to optimize every YouTube video I publish. This checklist is the exact checklist responsible for 60,000+ TOTAL video views and page 1 rankings.

Our Youtube Review Template

This is the exact same template we use to create our videos using the ATB strategy! No need to worry about how to plan out your video, what to say, what to not say…Just follow our tried and true template 🙂

What to Promote Affiliate Program List

As with any affiliate marketing training program, you will learn how to answer the common question, “What do I promote?” We will help you answer that question with a list of affiliate programs we recommend and promote ourselves. 

You WON’T find this bonus pack anywhere else.

And all you have to do right now is to register to learn more 🙂 

1. Register to the workshop

2. Get to know MY coach, Philip Borrowman

3. Learn how this ONE strategy really works

4. Peek inside the program

5. Decide if this right for you

6. Enjoy bonuses just for showing up!

Your bonus will be mailed to you after your purchase if you decide this is right for you.

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