The Simple Traffic Blueprint Review [UPDATED 2022]

Hey! Thanks for checking out my Simple Traffic Blueprint Review!

If you are:

  • Tired of getting scammed by product creators who do not care about you
  • Tired of buying products that are a waste of your money
  • Don’t know who to trust these days
  • Believe you can make this online stuff work for you
  • Hungry to build a real and honest business online

Then the Simple Traffic Blueprint may be right for you.

Simple Traffic Blueprint (STB) focuses on showing you how to get results with one simple traffic strategy.

It is designed to keep things stupidly simple for you, so you can actually see something through…

And set yourself up for success.

The gist is…

You need traffic to make product sales and affiliate commissions. 

There are different ways to drive traffic to your website, products, and affiliate offers. 

Today, you have too many “traffic” choices.

Google, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, free options, paid options and so many more.

It’s very overwhelming…

Even for an experienced marketer. 

So it is important to have one simple traffic strategy in the beginning.

This Simple Traffic Blueprint Review will tell you everything you want and need to know about the training course and the simple traffic strategy it teaches you to get results with.

Heads up: This post contains affiliate links. If you sign up and buy from our links, we may make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This is called affiliate marketing. At least we practice what we preach 🙂 Read our affiliate disclosure here.

Simple Traffic Blueprint Review Overview

This review will cover:

Simple Traffic Blueprint Review Video

Rather watch my review instead of reading it?

Here is my Simple Traffic Blueprint review video.

I show you inside the training course and tell you everything you need to know before you buy.

Why Read My Simple Traffic Blueprint Review?

I bought this course in 2020.

Because I wanted to see if it could work for me.

I had been blogging for a couple of years, from the skills I learned with Wealthy Affiliate.

I managed to create one product review that made $1200.

So that was great!

But otherwise, blogging was slow.

I was only posting 4 – 5 long blog posts a month.

And more of my blog posts were misses, than hits.

It felt like I was doing all this work but I was NOT going anywhere.

So I went looking for other options.

Faster options.

To create more of those $1200 hits!

That’s when I found the Simple Traffic Blueprint course.

I completed the course. I created videos using this strategy.

Today, I can say the traffic strategy is definitely faster.

I have had more hits!

And today, I use multiple strategies including the one taught inside the course.

It is easy to get started with because doesn’t require additional technical learnings that the SEO strategy requires.

It’s very beginner friendly.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Review Summary

Product Name: Simple Traffic Blueprint

Product Creators: Philip Borrowman

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, YouTube Training

Strategies: YouTube Affiliate Marketing, Traffic, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Email Marketing

Product Objective: To teach you how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers from one specific traffic source

Price: $49 Regular Price (Get Special Discount Price From My Link)

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Upsells: Yes

Who is it for? Anyone who wants an easy way to learn how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube.

What is the Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Technically, the simple traffic blueprint can be two different (and seperate) things. 

1. Simple Traffic Blueprint Plan

As number one: It is a simple plan to achieve traffic. 

As an online marketer, you need one clear and simple path to get traffic. 

As a plan, the goal of any blueprint is to provide you with a way to achieve something.

With a simple traffic blueprint plan, you should have a simple path to achieve traffic in order to be successful and have a chance at making money online.

2. Simple Traffic Blueprint Training Course

As number two: The Simple Traffic Blueprint is an affordable training course that keeps things stupidly simple for you.

As a training course, the goal is to train you on how to drive traffic from one (yet powerful) traffic source. 

With the Simple Traffic Blueprint training course, you will learn a specific series of steps to actually build out one business on one platform, using one specific strategy.

The training course will show you what to do, step by step.

This review is specifically about the Simple Traffic Blueprint training course while highlighting the simple traffic blueprint strategy along the way.

Who is the Simple Traffic Blueprint Course For?

The Simple Traffic Blueprint training course may be right for you if:

  1. Are a complete beginner who wants to learn how to make money online
  2. Want to learn how to make money online with YouTube (WITHOUT being on camera!)
  3. Interested in starting with affiliate marketing
  4. Have tried affiliate marketing but haven’t seen any results yet
  5. Trying to implement many strategies at once (you’ll benefit from a very focused, just learn one thing type of course)

You will like the Simple Traffic Blueprint course because it focuses on the quickest way to drive traffic from your YouTube videos to your affiliate offer.

Without…overcomplicating the strategy or the steps.

Who Created the Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Philip Borrowman, Simple Traffic Blueprint Teacher

The guy behind Simple Traffic Blueprint is Philip Borrowman

He’s just a regular ole’ guy who was a baker and a bar manager. Now he is a successful online and affiliate marketer.

Philip started his journey to “making money online” in 2012. It took Philip years to finally “crack the code”. Once he did, he began his own journey to building an online business. 

Fast forward 9 years later, Philip Borrowman has created multiple training courses and training programs to teach you everything he knows. You’ll learn Philip’s personal strategies and methods he uses to make money online, every day!

The Secret Traffic Strategy

The secret traffic strategy in the Simple Traffic Blueprint is YouTube. 

YouTube for Traffic

YouTube is owned by Google.

So, it’s naturally the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Just Behind Google!

Here are three reasons why you should care about YouTube as an affiliate marketer.

1. You just can’t deny these YouTube stats:

  • Almost one-third of the Internet uses YouTube daily
  • These people watch 1 billion hours of video every day
  • The number of YT channels earning six figures per year grew more than 40% y/y.
  • The number of YT channels earning five figures per year grew more than 50% y/y.
  • YouTube globally supports 100 countries and 80 different languages

Where I got these YouTube Stats.

2. Many say “it’s easier to get traffic from YouTube than Google”

I’ve shifted my main focus from my blog to YouTube and other platforms for several reasons. there’s much less competition on YouTube, and even if there would be competition, it can be actually a good thing because you can get to suggested videos. On Google, a lot of competition simply means lower rankings for you.

Roope Kiuttu

I started blogging. Did that for two+ years. Then Philip Borrowman told me YouTube was faster. He was right!

Kim Wolfe

3 main reasons getting traffic from YouTube is easier than Google are: 

  1. YouTube is less competitive right now
  2. YouTube has multiple ways your video can be seen and shown to new people for additional exposure and view opportunities
  3. Google only has one number one page, and if you’re not on it – those chances are slim unless you really know what you are doing

3. YouTube videos can be displayed within Google’s search results. 

YouTube videos can display in both YouTube and Google search results.

You can actually leverage both search engines for traffic. 

This results in double exposure!

And videos fit together nicely in well written blog posts giving viewers a variety of ways to absorb your information.

Using YouTube and Google together is a total win-win for you!

Proof This Strategy Actually Works

Here are two recent success stories from independent affiliate marketers, NOT associated with The Simple Traffic Blueprint course.

These affiliates talk about their achievements with this exact same traffic source. (Aka YouTube.)

Jason Foster added 184 YouTube subscribers in 28 days and ranked top in an affiliate program leaderboard.

jason ranks in affiliate leaderboard with this strategy

Jacob Caris made $9K using this exact traffic source!

jacob ranks in affiliate leaderboard with this strategy

Important note: These affiliates are NOT associated with the Simple Traffic Blueprint course. They are independently using this same traffic source for their own businesses, to show YouTube can provide results.

3 Things I Like About the Simple Traffic Blueprint

After going through the course and doing my Simple Traffic Blueprint Review, there are actually 3 reasons why I like this product.

These reasons are what makes this course unique and different than every other “YouTube training course” available online today.

Reason 1: Personal response videos from Philip.

I have never received a personally made video before. I received an email from Philip saying… 

“Hey, I want to help you. Do me a favor and respond to this email with answers to these questions.”

So, I thought I’d try it out. It sounded too good to be true. I figured I would NOT get a response!

But I DID!

Not only did I get a response, but I also got a personally made video speaking directly to me. 

Philip Borrowman Personal Video Response

Philip took the time to review my responses, gave me compliments on my site and gave me overall encouragement in a personal video, made just for me!

His email actually made my day, because I felt very special for the personal attention. 

Reason 2: Built with “simple” and “fast” in mind.

Another thing I really like about the Simple Traffic Blueprint – it is simple. And it doesn’t take years.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint is simple, effective and the least complicated strategy a newbie can use to make money online, or even an experienced marketer.

Philip Borrowman

It is very apparent the Philip took a lot of care to keep the training simple and straightforward. 

Each lesson is easy to understand. Every lesson builds on one another. You build out the strategy as you go through the course.

You can’t get much simpler than that!

Reason 3: It’s Quality Training for an Affordable Price!

Other YouTube training courses charge $297 or more to learn these strategies. 

But Simple Traffic Blueprint is not $297. It’s not even $197. It’s not even $97. No…(Although it is definitely worth those prices…)

This YouTube training course normally costs $49.

But, you can get a deal price if you buy from my link.

How the Simple Traffic Blueprint Course Works

Simple Traffic Blueprint Training Intro Page

For less than price of dinner for two out, you can learn a strategy that works when you apply it.

Here is how the Simple Traffic Blueprint course works.

Step 1​​:​​​​​

You watch the course Introduction Video. You will learn more about the strategy and how to make the most out of your purchase.

Step 2:

You start going the whole course Introduction section. These lessons deep dive you into the strategy, the tools required and the type of results the strategy can produce.

Step 3:

You start the Getting Started section. These lessons show you how to pick out the topic area for your brand and setup your business components including your YouTube channel.

Step 4:

You now go through the Implementation section. These lessons show how to make videos for your channel, that drive traffic to your affiliate offers for commissions.

Step 5:

Then you wrap up with the Conclusion section. These lessons tell you how to build on what you’ve learned to achieve the successes you desire.

And best part is…

Each lesson is step by step, click for click.

And you don’t have to be on camera for this strategy to work!

In fact, you are encouraged to NOT be on camera. You don’t need to 🙂

Simple Traffic Blueprint Course Features

  1. Online training course, no course download required
  2. Step by step video lessons with written tutorials
  3. Task tracker to keep track to pick up where you left off
  4. Direct help from Philip via comments, ask Philip contact form, email, and community
  5. Bonus case studies on how Philip makes money from the simple strategy

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    • Newbie-friendly
    • Focuses on 1 traffic strategy for easy learning
    • Step-by-step tutorials and training
    • Quality training for a great price
    • Direct support from the course creator
    • Along with his personal WhatsApp number
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • One time training cost, no upsells
    • Simplified focused training to help you succeed
    • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Cons
    • Additional tools/products required
    • Requires work and constant action (any real business does!)

Simple Traffic Blueprint Money Back Guarantee

You get 30 days to get your money back if you are not satsified with your purchase.

And yes, Philip will follow through with the refund for any reason.

There is nothing for you to lose, and everything to gain!

The Simple Traffic Blueprint Support

There are multiple ways to get support when you need it most.

  1. Ask Philip from inside the training
  2. Leave a comment on the training lesson
  3. Email Philip directly
  4. Chat with Philip directly

Does the Simple Traffic Blueprint Have Affiliate Program?


The Simple Traffic Blueprint does have an affiliate program.

Taking Action Online Affiliate Program

Just understand, not everyone is accepted.

If you are interested in promoting the Simple Traffic Blueprint as an affiliate, then click here to learn more.

Is STB Recommended or Not?

Yes, I highly recommend the Simple Traffic Blueprint course.

I bought it and completed the course.

The strategy is really simple. 

Much simpler than other strategies I’ve learned in the past.

If you are looking for an easy way to get started making money online without spending $997 for training, then this course is perfect for you.

If you are looking for unrealistic push button strategies that are false claims and do not work, then the Simple Traffic Blueprint is NOT for you.

You won’t learn that stuff here.

Warning. Price can increase at any time without prior notice.

10 Simple Traffic Blueprint Bonuses Worth $1000+

If you buy through our link here on this page, you get 10 high quality bonuses to help you be successful!

When you buy through our link here, you get access to TWO bonus packs!

The Simple Traffic Blueprint comes with $600 worth of bonuses.

(All for the price of an average dinner out today?!)

And when you buy using our link, you will get our special AMI Bonus Pack worth $497 too!

So that’s $1000+ in bonuses for a product that costs LOW 2 figures?!

Simple Traffic Blueprint Bonuses from Philip

Here are the bonuses you get from Philip, the course creator.

$635 in Free Bonuses

1. Case Study 1 – $97 Value
How Philip made $200 per month in completely passive Income Using The Simple Traffic Blueprint method.

2. Case Study 2 – $97 Value
How Philip went from $200 per month to $500 in month using The Simple Traffic Blueprint method.

3. Direct Access to Philip – $197/m Value
You can message Philip at anytime to get immediate help, exactly when you need it most.

4. Free Affiliate Bootcamp Fast Track – $47 Value
Building a sustainable and recurring income stream as an affiliate is far more straightforward than you think.

5. Access to Taking Action Online Community – $197 Value
Instant connection to a spam free community of 4, 5, and 6 figure affiliate marketers. You can ask for help when you get stuck and get direct advice from affiliates already making money online.

Simple Traffic Bonuses from Affiliate Marketing Informant

Here are the bonuses you get from us, your Affiliate Marketing Informant.

Simple Traffic Blueprint Growth Hacker Roadmap – $497 Value

Your own personal organizer and progress tracker built on top of Simple Traffic Blueprint. You can mark steps complete, personalize with your own notes and learnings, and follow along on your own schedule that works for you.

But the real value comes with access to the included templates and cheatsheets inside the appropriate steps for quick and easy access to make completing each step a total breeze!

All these bonus?! We MUST be crazy!

So, why would we do this? (And no, they are NOT cheap quality bonuses.)

Because Philip Borrowman is a good guy. He cares about your success.

So he is known for giving A LOT without asking for millions in return.

So, we are following suit…because it’s the right thing to do to help you.

Got Questions or Comments?

I hope you enjoyed my Simple Traffic Blueprint Review.

Feel free to leave questions or comments in the comment box below.

I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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