Taking Action Online 3.0 Review – The Best Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit for 2022?

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our Taking Action Online 3.0 Review!

If you are:

  • Tired of buying shiny object after shiny object
  • Losing more money than you are bringing in
  • Feeling deflated, emotionally defeated and embarrassed of your failure
  • Tired of chasing promises that do not work (and were never designed to 🙁
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of information available online
  • Don’t know who to trust or what good training to buy

Then Taking Action Online may be right for you.

This is a current review of the latest Taking Action Online version, 3.0!

Your ultimate beginner-friendly solution for building a solid online business & earning commissions safely & easily with the help from a leader & community who cares!

Taking Action Online Review Summary

Here is what we will cover in this review:

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My Taking Action Online Review Overview

Product Name: Taking Action Online

Product Creator: Philip Borrowman

Product Review Rating on TrustPilot: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9 Stars out of 57 Reviews)

Product Categories: Affiliate Marketing Training, Affiliate Marketing Tools, Affiliate Marketing Content

Product Objective: Helps you build out a real affiliate business online, from scratch, using various methods including blogging, YouTube, Social, funnels and and list building.

Price: $47 per month

Upsells: No for Training, Yes for PLR (Only)

Who is it for: Beginners (and those who have tried but failed) who want to finally learn how to succeed online with affiliate marketing

Skill Level: Beginner

Recommendation: Yes. I have been part of the TAO community for 1.5 years now

Would I buy? Yes, I did 🙂 And actively use today!

My Taking Action Online Review Video

Watch my Taking Action Online 3.0 review video here.

I show you around inside the members area and visually explain how this affiliate marketing starter kit works.

Then be sure to read my full review below.

I’ve included some additional things you need and want to know, not mentioned in the video.

What is TAO 3.0?

And how can it actually help you?

Taking Action Online is an Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit.

It is a step by step, action plan designed to help you take action for the business you dream of and the life you desire.

It will help you will learn:

  • All the aspects of a successful affiliate marketing business that work today
  • How to connect multiple strategies together for 4, 5 and 6 figure potentials
  • The right way to do affiliate marketing (not the wrong ways)

What the TAO?

Taking Action Online has its own acronym 🙂

We call it TAO, for short.

Copy The Same Action Plan That Motivated A Baker To Quit His Job & Build A Successful Affiliate Business Online.

The History of Taking Action Online

Taking Action Online was the first version released in 2018.

Taking Action Online was launched in partnership with JayKay Dowdall, who is a reputable affiliate marketer and product creator to learn from today.

The second version was released later, after the first launch.

Taking Action Online 2.0

The third version, Taking Action Online 3.0 , was released on March 29, 2021.

All trainings were re-recorded.

Taking Action Online 3.0

The new member site was set up more like a community with a feed.

The new architecture foundation was built to:

  • Link all trainings in one place
  • Host monthly workshops and access the links to recorded versions
  • Access strategy guides with PLR rights to use for your affiliate business
  • Leverage implementation checklists
  • Easily add included tools such as SEO keyword research tool

And more!

The Original Taking Action Online 3.0 Release Announcement

This new member area is not just “more training”, it is a whole new community.

Philip Borrowman
Taking Action Online 3.0 Community Feed


Brand new 20 Step Action Plan which you can follow to build a brand-new affiliate marketing business, step by step.

Monthly strategy guides which work in conjunction with the Action Plan to streamline your implementation and enhance your knowledge.

24/7 Live Chat support from a dedicated community.

Direct chat support from Philip and other members of TAO.

A dedicated community of paying members, NO freebies seekers, so you know you are in a safe place with real support.

Monthly 100% educational workshops with Q&As and real implementation strategies.

Implementation checklists.

I am super excited to show you this new platform and I know this will make a massive difference to YOU and the way you learn.

And much more!

No more distraction. No more shiny objects.

Just you, me and a community that cares and can ACTUALLY help you succeed online.


Philip Borrowman

Join A Community That Actually Cares

What You Will Learn With Taking Action Online

With Taking Action Online 3.0, you will learn the same skills that have made us thousands.

Yes, these skills really do work.

See the Taking Action Online Success Stories below for real success stories.

With TAO 3.0, you will learn how to:

  • Choose a profitable niche for affiliate marketing
  • Set up your affiliate website for the first time
  • Optimize your website and content for free search engine traffic
  • Create content that will actually get views and make you sales
  • Drive the right traffic to your content who want to buy what you are promoting
  • Build your own loyal and profitable little community
  • Grow your traffic, your skills and affiliate commissions over time

Technically, you will learn very profitable marketing skills of affiliate marketing and online marketing:

  • Niche Research
  • Blogging
  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Funnel Building
  • List Building
  • Outsourcing
  • Scaling to 4, 5, and 6 figures

If this does not interest you, then do not buy this!

Who is Philip Borrowman?

And can you Trust Him?

Philip Borrowman is a former baker turned full-time affiliate marketer.

He created Taking Action Online after becoming fed up with online scams and crap training programs.

He wanted to create something that was actually good and that would actually help you.

Philip is not afraid to call out the wrong in the Make Money Online industry.

He believes in being honest and telling you the truth.

Even if it is hard for you to hear.

Warning! Some of it will be!

For credibility, Adam Payne is another reputable marketer today who also endorses Philip as a good guy.

Watch Philip Build A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business Click For Click Which You Can Replicate, Even With No Experience.

TAO 20 Step Action Plan (For Results)

Taking Action Online 20 Step Action Plan

Unlock all 20 steps of the TAO Action Plan to learn how to build a long-term and profitable business online.

TAO Action Plan

PLUS every feature within the platform including:

  • The Community Feed
  • Strategy Guides PLR
  • Jumpstart Workshops
  • SEO Tool
  • Template Vault
  • And every new tool released in future

Affordable training that teaches you exactly what to do,
step-by-step to gets results!

The Pros & Cons of Taking Action Online

TAO Pros

  • Includes 50+ Hours of step by step, click for click training
  • The product creator is a good guy, actually cares about your success
  • Connected to other reputable marketers in the Industry including Adam Payne and JayKay Dowdall
  • Multiple ways to connect to product owner and community for immediate support
  • Constant new releases for the one low monthly cost (Recently added: Strategy Guides PLR, SEO Toolkit, Template Vault for no additional cost)

TAO Cons

  • The training so extensive that you may not complete it
  • You can skip around the lessons and not follow step by step, which will hinder your success
  • You wait to join until after the price is raised again
  • You could end up paying more for something you can pay less for now, if you procrastinate

Taking Action Online 3.0 Benefits

Here is what makes TAO 3.0 unique compared to crappy affiliate marketing training offered today:

  • Does not promote get-rich quick, No B.S.
  • Learn step by step, click for click so you know exactly what to do
  • Easy to follow to help prevent information overload and tech overwhelm
  • 50+ hours of training covers every topic you need to know to get your new affiliate business
  • Includes training, tools, checklists, PLR, and support to give you more of what you need to succeed
  • Watch over the shoulder, as Philip starts a brand-new affiliate business
  • Stay on track while going the through the training with a built-in task tracker
  • Get help fast with 4+ ways to get help from experts and community when you need it most
  • Get miles ahead of everyone else who only buys the get rich promises products
  • Develop skills that can be very profitable over time (Internet Marketing is a $378 Billion Industry Source)
  • Ultimate beginner friendly solution to building a solid business (that works) online

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Inside Taking Action Online 3.0?

Here is what comes inside Taking Action Online 3.0:

  • 20 Step Action Plan (Extensive Training)

Plus These Awesome Taking Action Online 3.0 Bonuses

These are additional checklists, templates and re-usable content that you also get with the paid version.

TAO 3.0 Template Vault

Some of these have been recently added and there’s more in the works!

  • Interactive Member Feed – To Get Help When Any Time You Need It
  • Strategy Guides PLR – That You Can Re-Sell to Make More Money
  • Jumpstart Workshops – That Teach You Successful Strategies
  • Graphics Template Vault – That You Can Easily Reuse
  • SEO Toolkit – To Help You Research
  • Progress Tracker – To Know Where You At in Training
  • Blog Post SEO Checklist – To Use for Your Blog Posts
  • YouTube SEO Checklist – To Use for your YouTube Videos

The 20 Step Action Plan Steps

Here is everything you will learn on building out a successful affiliate marketing business today in 2022 and beyond:

  • Step 1 – Choosing A Niche
  • Step 2 – Building Your Website
  • Step 3 – Social Media Passive Traffic
  • Step 4 – Investing In Yourself
  • Step 5 – Building Your Foundation
  • Step 6 – Creating Valuable Content
  • Step 7 – Creating A Valuable Lead Magnet
  • Step 8 – Email Marketing Magic
  • Step 9 – Free Traffic Sources
  • Step 10 – An Optimized Website = Sales
  • Step 11 – YouTube Traffic Authority
  • Step 12 – Taking Things To The Next Level
  • Step 13 – List Building & Call To Actions
  • Step 14 – Making Commissions
  • Step 15 – Email Marketing Wizardry
  • Step 16 – Expanding Social Media Presence
  • Step 17 – Outsourcing & Growing
  • Step 18 – Creating Your Own Product
  • Step 19 – Paid Traffic + Scaling = Making More Money
  • Step 20 – Going Full-Time

Stop Losing Thousands Online on Strategies and Software That Doesn’t Work

Who is Taking Action Online for?

Taking Action Online 3.0 is RIGHT for you if:

  • You are completely new and want to know how to do this online thing successfully
  • You don’t want to learn or do scammy tactics that many marketers teach
  • You have already lost thousands in worthless trainings 🙁
  • You are interested in affiliate marketing because you don’t have to create your own product (you just promote other people’s products)
  • You have tried affiliate marketing before but are struggling to see the results you want
  • You have tried other business models (e.g. e-commerce, dropshipping, etc.) and realized they are not for you

Who is TAO not for?

Taking Action Online is NOT for you if:

  • You are a super advanced affiliate looking to quadruple your revenue
  • You only care about making money and no one else
  • You will do shady shitz to get what you want (that doesn’t fly here…)

Real Taking Action Online Reviews

Here is what other people say about Taking Action Online.

Real Taking Action Online Reviews from various sources:

…Philip and I connected earlier last year. His training is simply formatted and allows new marketers to learn and understand. It’s based on easy to follow lessons and case study interactions that really help marketers see what strategies work best for each niche. Thanks Adam. PS. I’ve been inside and completed the entire course.

Rick Bell, Source: YouTube

Very well explained. and yes I just join Taking Action Online a month ago.The Community were helpful and inspiring to get up pick up the phase, and push forward. Philip is a great Mentor No doubt about it specially for us Beginner Marketers.

DMApp, Source: YouTube

Philip does an amazing job of breaking down many complex topics into bite-sized pieces that even complete beginners can understand.

Philip is genuinely interested in his students success and delivers so much value, you can’t help but love the guy. What he offers for free, everyone else is charging hundreds of dollars for (or more)… and what he does charge for, is so reasonably priced, you’d feel silly for not committing.

Craig C
Source: TrustPilot

With all the thousands of different “make money online” courses and products out there, you may wonder if TAO is any different than all the rest. In short, it really is.

Tony Ridgeway
Source: TrustPilot

Philip is relatable and a great mentor. His training is honest and doable. The step-by-step format is perfect for beginning marketers. If you are willing to do the work, this is a great place to start!

Andrea Fiore
Source: TrustPilot

View all Taking Action Online reviews on TrustPilot here.

My TAO is has been a great experience. Working thru day 2 the scariest part is picking the niche and not trying to overthink it! But I know Philip Borrowman has the plan and I will work thru it.

Source: TAO Facebook Private Group

I’m new to TAO. I’m new to affiliate marketing. I’ve been researching affiliate marketing for several years. I’m not very tech saavy and have no business background so its very slow for me. So, I came across information about TAO Phillip Borrowman’s training while watching another video about making money on line. I clicked on TAO website and I just couldn’t stop watching Phillip’s videos.

Source: TAO Facebook Private Group

Create an online business that is rock-solid and can withstand economic recessions and pandemics!

Taking Action Online Success Stories (Legit)

Here are real (not fake) success stories from Taking Action Online members who have leveraged the strategies taught inside the training.

These are examples of regular updates posted by members in the community feed and other places.

My Personal Success Story

You may see my story on the sales pages for Philip’s products. That’s because I am one of his success stories.

I have been executing the strategies taught in TAO.

I started out with blogging.

Made $1,000+ with one product review.

Then I started doing YouTube.

The growth on YouTube proved to be a bit faster than Google.

But when you combine them (both YouTube AND Google), free traffic magic happens!

I have been putting forth the effort.

I’ve been doing the work.

And I’m seeing results!

Here is what I achieved by targeting ONE specific keyword and ONE target affiliate product.

November 2020

Early results example of creating killer content for 1 target keyword.

January 2021

Later result example for that same target keyword.

August 2021

That target keyword and affiliate program made me $1200+.

And you know the best part?

This is just ONE of my MANY success stories!

This shows the power of what taking action online can do for you, no pun intended 🙂

TAO Members Dominate One Affiliate Promotion

Here’s a success story where multiple TAO members dominate an affiliate promotion.

6 different members showed up in the top 12 affiliates for the promotion.

They were even recognized by the product creator!

Here’s a little inspiration for your Saturday morning. Look at the TAO Titans taking down my … leaderboard!

This is exactly what each one of your hardwork has been paying off towards. Real $$$ in your pocket, and more growth to follow.

JayKay Dowdall
Source: TAO Facebook Private Group

TAO Member Peter Shares His Daily Success in 30 Day Challenge

Peter is a long standing TAO member.

He is currently seeing success with a Quora Free Traffic Case Study example.

This is his daily post about his results.

November 2021

Driving free traffic with Quora is one of the TAO Jumpstart Workshops where you learn strategies to do this!

Success stories are published frequently on the Taking Action Online community feed.

You will see more success stories when you join.

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Taking Action Online 30 Day Guarantee

Philip does offer a money back guarantee.

You can try out the paid premium version for 30 days.

If you don’t like what you see, request a refund before the 30-day refund period is up.

He will refund your money, no questions asked.

So you have nothing to lose. And everything to gain!

Does Taking Action Online Have Affiliate Program?

Yes, Taking Action Online has an affiliate program.

However, it is a closed program by invite only.

Meaning not just anyone can join.

You have to meet specific requirements to then be asked to join the Taking Action Online affiliate program.

I am fortunate enough to have met the requirements and to be an Taking Action Online affiliate.

Learn more about what you have to do here.

Special AMI Bonus Pack for Taking Action Online

If you decide to upgrade to Taking Action Online 3.0 premium through our link here…

You will get instant access to our Special AMI Bonus Pack with our personal templates and checklists.

These will save you time and a lot of guessing because you’ll see exactly how we structure our content to rank on page 1 on Google, and in the top results on YouTube.

You will be able to use the templates and cheatsheets with confidence because you know they work!

(And you will NOT find this bonus pack anywhere else!)

AMI Bonus #1 – My 4 Figure Blog Post Template

my 4 figure blog post template bonus image

If you want to know how you should structure your review so that it provides the readers what they want, so you get what you want, then my personal Blog Post Product Review Template is for you.

This is the exact review structure I’ve used to make 4 figures from one product review.

AMI Bonus #2 – Our Personal On Page SEO Checklist

AMI On Page SEO Checklist Bonus Image

If you want to know how I get my blog posts ranked on the first page of Google search results (so you can copy my exact steps), then my personal Blog Post On Page SEO checklist is for you. 

These are the exact same steps I’ve used to create 4 figure product reviews, over and over again.

AMI Bonus #3 – Our Personal YouTube Ranking Guide

AMI Personal YouTube Video Ranking Guide Bonus Image

If you want to know how I get my videos ranked in the top results of YouTube search results (so you can copy my exact steps), then my personal YouTube video ranking cheatsheet is for you. 

These are the exact same steps we use to optimize every YouTube video we publish to our YouTube channel. This exact 25 page guide and checklist has helped our videos get 72,000 84,100 views (and growing everyday)!

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The Best Way to Buy Taking Action Online Today

If you haven’t heard of Taking Action Online before, here’s the best way to buy TAO 3.0

Buy Here Now

  • Check out the quality of Taking Action Online for yourself
  • Get instant access to the step by step action plan
  • Start setting up your affiliate business today
  • Get instant access to bite size micro-strategy courses with PLR rights
  • Monthly jumpstart workshops covering hot affiliate topics
  • The template vault to catapult your content game
  • Our personally used templates and cheatsheets
  • Enjoy new fresh content every month
  • Get it before the next price increase!

So don’t wait to decide whether this is right for you.

Or you may be too late.

Click Here For Immediate Access To 20 Step Action Plan, 100% Spam Free Community With Priority Support, 24/7 Live Chat Support For Immediate Guidance, Strategy Guides For Implementation Acceleration, A Community Of Marketers Who Cares, Interactive Checklists For Fast Implementation and Proven Success Stories & Proven Credibility

Got Questions?

Just comment below.

I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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