In The Life of An Affiliate Marketer

February 12, 2019. In the Life of An Affiliate Marketer.

I recently had an idea. This idea stuck with me. So, here it is.

In the Life of an Affiliate Marketer.

I am sure I’m not the first affiliate marketer to think of this idea.

And hopefully, I will not be the last…

The idea is to capture what is like to be an affiliate marketer today.

Like in a journal, diary style format.

That is how blogging started in first place. #webloghistory

But, I haven’t written in a journal for years!

Now, I am going to give it a shot again. #hopefullyagoodthing?

I mean my early days of journaling were poems of what I was going through in my life.

In a real journal book.

Why can’t I do that now?! Ok, maybe not the poems….

And definitely not the book! (Absolutely no offense to real book journalers : )

So, this is my new journal. On a WordPress Website.

My oh my! How times have changed…

I will journal what is happening in the affiliate marketing industry.

I will write about who the big players are (aka success affiliate marketers).

What tools you should be using. What strategies work and don’t work.

You will gain insight into what I read.

What I learn. What challenges I face. What stumps me. What moves me.

Where I succeed. Where I fail.

You know, all the juicy stuff : ) #thedetailsbaby

I want to do this daily. But I’ll probably end up doing this weekly. #meh

The goal is for you to know what is going through my head on a daily basis.

To help you understand what you will go through as an affiliate marketer.

And help you figure out solutions to problems that you will face on a daily basis.

As an affiliate marketer, in today’s world.

With 7 billion people, 4 billion internet users and thousands, if not, millions of affiliate marketers. #reallycooldigitalmarketingreport

In a world that is filled with constant promotions, technologies, and strategies, ALL THE TIME!

Like 24 hours, 7 days a week. The average person sees 10,000 ads a day?!

So who will actually read this? I honestly don’t know…

But here I go anyway.


In the Life of an Affiliate Marketer

Click the link above to read more about my affiliate marketing life : )

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