How to Join the Provely Affiliate Program

Would you like to join the Provely Affiliate Program?

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If you don’t know what Provely is, then read this first to learn more.

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What is Provely?

Before I get into the details of the affiliate program, let me tell you what Provely is.

Provely is a notification popup software that increases signup and sales conversions by adding social proof, urgency and credibility to a website page, blog post or landing page.

Essentially, these types of popup notifications leverage a known psychological trigger called FOMO or ‘Fear Of Missing Out’.

This is a a commonly used marketing tactic and strategy in efforts to boost trust, leads and sales.

Provely makes it easy to add 11 different notification types to any page you own, with just a few lines of code.

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Why Provely?

Provely is Pretty Good for Low Cost

The reason why you would want to become a Provely affiliate is this.

Provely is a pretty good software option for these types of notifications at a low cost investment, compared to other similar options.

Savings of up to hundreds of dollars per month in some cases.

And these types of notifications are proven over and over again to work.

Up to 4% to 23% increases in some cases. Source: Provely.

Provely is a good fit for any marketer, online business owner or agency that wants more leads and more sales.

This is a perfect fit for our audience. (Our loyal AMI fans and followers 🙂

We feel good about promoting it because:

  • a. we are using it ourselves on our own landing pages and capture forms
  • b. we feel it is a good solution and value for our audience who have websites and pages

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Why Join the Provely Affiliate Program?

There are benefits to joining the Provely Affiliate program.

You Earn a 50% Commission

Provely offers a generous 50 percent commission on every pricing package, across the entire funnel.

You Can Get Provely for Free

Sell any Provely package through your link, and earn 50 percent of the sale!

  • Sell two Basic plans, get your basic package for free
  • Sell two Ultimate plans, get your Ultimate plan for free

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How to Join the Provely Affiliate Program Steps

Watch my video here. I show you how to join the Provely Affiliate Program step by step.

1. Go to the Provely Affiliate Program Page

Click the join button links on this page.

This will take you to the affiliate program page for Provely.

2. Choose Request to Promote

Click the “Request to Promote” button on the page.

3. Log into PayKickStart

You will be promoted to log into PayKickStart.

If you do not already have an account, create one. (It’s free.)

4. Start promoting Provely as an Affiliate

Start promoting Provely with your affiliate links 🙂

You will get 50% of the sale, every time someone buys Provely through your affiliate links.

Ready to become a Provely Affiliate?

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Give the Provely Affiliate Program a Try

With all the benefits that you get from Provely, it is worth trying it out.

Simply click the button below to join.

Happy Affiliate Marketing!

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