How to Buy a Domain Name from
Name Mesh

If you want to have a website, you will need to buy a domain name.

A website builder, domain name and hosting are the 3 main functional components that contribute to your overall affiliate marketing website design.

Although there are many companies you can purchase domain names from, this guide will explain how to buy a domain name from Name Mesh.

BUT. Before you buy, you should do the first step which is to research a good name.

You want to find the right name for your business. The permanent name for your website that you can live with, forever.

You want to avoid making mistakes that could cost you more money than you need to spend.

How to Buy a Website Domain Name and What Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Before you make a purchase, learn how to do proper research for a good domain name with this how to buy a website domain name guide. This step by step guide will teach you how the website domain buying process works, what you need to know before you decide on that permanent name for your website and what costly mistakes to avoid.

How to Buy a Website Domain Name And Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Once you have done your research, the second step is to buy the domain name.

You need to know what is available for you to buy because , you will need to buy it from a specific company referred to as a domain name registrar.

The third step is to buy website hosting which can be also be purchased from most domain name registrars.

Name Mesh is Not a Domain Registrar

You should understand that Name Mesh is just a domain name generator. It is not an actual domain name registrar.

Name Mesh just gives you ideas. But you do not buy your domain names from They do not manage your website domains for you.

So, you use Name Mesh for your research and discovery. Only.

You buy your website domain from one of the 7 domain registrars that Name Mesh is connected to.

Or you can choose other companies not connected to Name Mesh, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

You will choose the registrar to purchase from and then be taken to their website to complete your purchase.

So with this in mind…

How to Buy a Domain Name from Name Mesh

You can download this as a PDF, located at the bottom of this content.

1. Go to Name Mesh website

In your web browser window, go to

2. Search for Name

Enter in the domain name or keywords you want into the search box, e.g. blenders life

Search For Domains on Name Mesh


  • You can enter in words separated by a space
  • You do not need to enter the extension.
    • Namemesh will do it for you based on what is available.

3. Click Generate

Click the blue Generate button. This will confirm if your domain name is available and provide other name alternatives within the Name Mesh categories.

4. Check the results

Your .com domain name will show up if it is available.

Domain Name Availablity on Name Mesh

5. Choose Domain Name Registrar

Choose which domain name registrar to buy domain name from. Just know, you will be attached this company for as long as you own your domain name.

Domain Registrars Available on Name Mesh

The 7 registrars you can choose from are:

  • GoDaddy
  • Blue Host
  • iwantmyname
  • 1and1
  • 101Domain
  • NameCheap

Choose Who To Buy The Domain From Such as GoDaddy

6. Choose Register Now

Register Domain Name on Name Mesh

7. Buy from Registrar

Depending on who you choose to purchase your domain name from, you will be taken to that company’s website.

e.g. If choose to buy from GoDaddy, you will go to to complete your purchase.

And that is it. A pretty simple process on how to buy a domain from Name Mesh.

Which Registrar Should You Choose?

For us, we buy our domain names from Wealthy Affiliate.

We save money by buying domain names from Wealthy Affiliate because they include private domain name registration and unlimited emails with every domain.

Most other registrars charge additional costs for these two features.

And they have easy to understand pricing. We know what we are going to pay every year. There is no “too cheap price your first year” and “really expensive price every year after” promotional offers.

Compare domain name prices and features.


Benefits of Buying Domains From Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an actual domain name registrar, website hosting provider and website builder all in one.

We can manage all of our domain names, websites and hosting from one place. This simplifies the website management process and gives us more time to spend on writing great content for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Domains

Download PDF

Use these instructions over and over again. Download this as a PDF:
How to Buy a Domain Name from Name Mesh PDF

How To Buy Domain Names Guide

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  1. choose the right name for your brand
  2. really understand the domain name buying process
  3. understand how this permanently affects your business brand going forward
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Got Questions?

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